The Complete Guide to Crystal Shapes and Formations with Their Meanings

  1. Crystal Wands and Points Shapes
  2. Egg-Shaped Crystals
  3. Tower Shape Crystals 
  4. What’s the Meaning of Palm Stones? 
  5. Thumb Stones Meanings 
  6. What’s the Meaning of Touch Stones?
  7. Tumbled Stone Shape Explained 
  8. What’s the Meaning of Gallet Crystal Shape?
  9. Meaning of Bead Crystal Shape 
  10. What is the Meaning of Crystal Slab Formation?
  11. 7 Sacred Geometry Crystal Shapes Explained 
  12. Stair-Stepped Crystal Formations Explained 
  13. Orthorhombic Formation in Crystals Explained
  14. What’s the Meaning of Crystal Spray Formation?
  15. Tabular Crystal Shape Explained 
  16. What’s the Meaning of Rosette Crystal Formation?
  17. Botryoidal Crystal Shape Explained
  18. What are Crystal Clusters?
  19. Teardrop Crystal Shape Explained
  20. What’s the Pendulum Crystal Shape?
  21. Meaning of Heart-Shaped Crystals Explained
  22. What’s the Meaning of the Elestial Crystal Shape?
  23. Meaning of Record Keeper Crystal
  24. Orgonite Crystal Shape and Meaning
  25. What are Druzy Crystals? 
  26. Geode Crystal Formations Explained
  27. Nodule Crystal Formations Explained
  28. What are Thunder Egg Formations?
  29. What is a Pentagram Crystal Shape?
  30. Vogel Shape Crystals 
  31. What are Crystal Chips?
  32. Meaning of Cathedral Shape Crystals
  33. What’s the Meaning of Spiral Crystal Shape?
  34. Crystal Shapes in Jewelry 
  35. What are Chakra Generators
  36. Crystal Obelisk Shape Meaning
  37. What are Magic Mirror Crystals?
  38. Facial Roller Crystals?
  39. Crescent Moon Crystal Shape Explained
  40. What’s the Meaning of Gua Sha Stone?
  41. Crystal Coasters Meaning
  42. What do Twin Crystals Mean?
  43. Meaning of the Bullet Shape Crystal
  44. What do Seer Stones Mean?
  45. Flame Crystal Shape Explained
  46. What are Phantom Crystals?
  47. What’s the Meaning of Crystal Figurines?
  48. 7 Chakra Crystal Formation Explained
  49. What are the Shapes of Raw Stones?
  50. What are Crystal Singing Bowls?
  51. What are Freeform Crystals?
  52. Use Crystals by Their Shapes and Formations Today!

Crystals exist in numerous shapes, sizes, and formations naturally and artificially. Some look like pyramids, while others may resemble eggs, obelisks, wands, towers, flames, and stars, to name a few. But what do different crystal shapes mean? 

Crystal shapes may mean strength, harmony, purity, calmness, or stability, depending on the shape. Some shapes are natural, while others are man-made. Both have unique metaphysical benefits and properties.

I’ll describe how to identify 51 crystal shapes with their meanings and uses. 

Crystal Wands and Points Shapes

wand shape rose quartz on a white background
Image Source: | Юкатан

Wands aren’t another new fad. History says hippopotamus tusks were commonly used to make wands in 2,000 B.C. These days, there are natural and polished crystal wands, sometimes glued or strung with other crystals using copper, metal, and wood. 

Wands and crystal points are great for focusing energy. You can find crystal wands (man-made) or points (natural) for most crystals in this shape. 

Crystal wands are cylindrically shaped single-crystal or composites of multiple crystals with one or more pointed ends. They may be naturally or artificially molded into single, double, or multiple terminations. 

Examples of crystal wands are chakra, yoni, and massage wands. 

Egg-Shaped Crystals

Jade crystal on a white background

Crystal eggs are usually made by polishing crystals into the oval shape of eggs. They may be used for feng shui, healing, gridding, and decor. 

The most popular crystal eggs are yoni eggs. They’re used for fertility, vitality, libido, and pelvic floor exercises. 

Crystals like Rose Quartz, Jade, Carnelian, Obsidian, Onyx, and Aventurine are mostly shaped into healing crystal eggs.

Tower Shape Crystals 

selenite tower shape on a white background

Different from crystal wands, crystal towers may be natural or man-made. It shows a tapered end and works great for clearing negativity in large spacesSelenite, Quartz, Amethyst, and Citrine are popular crystals in the tower shape these days.

What’s the Meaning of Palm Stones? 

selenite crystal held in a human palm on a white background

While you can get palm stones in varied sizes, they’re mostly 1 to 2 inches in size and shaped round or oval. Most crystal users have palm stones because they’re easy to carry in purses, pockets, and wallets. 

Palm stones are good for healing, chakra cleansing, strength, and support.

A palm stone is typically placed in the center of the palm with your fingers wrapped around it. Another way to use palm-sized crystals is by sandwiching them between your palms and meditating on your intention.

Thumb Stones Meanings 

thumb stone on a white background
Image Source: | Sergey Krasilnikov

Thumb stones are smaller than palm stones but have a concave inside. I usually activate palm stones by rubbing the curved part with my thumb. 

Did you know they’re made palm-sized for easy holding while meditating, praying, visualizing, and chanting?

What’s the Meaning of Touch Stones?

convex selenite held by a hand picture with a white background

Larger than palm stones and usually the size of an adult hand, these have a flat or convex surface. 

Did you know touchstones are called worry stones and stress stones? They help you calm down during sorrow, stress, and sadness. You can charge them under sunlight and carry them in your pockets.

Tumbled Stone Shape Explained 

polished amethyst on a white background

Tumbling is a way of polishing and sanding healing crystals. Tumbled stones are usually small and rounded into varying shapes and sizes using a rock tumbler. 

Can you tumble all crystals? No, only crystals with Mohs higher than 7 can be tumbled. 

Because of their size, tumbled stones are versatile and used in Reiki, feng shui, crystal grids, altars, and cleansing/charging rituals. 

If you’re planning to get a rock tumbler, remember that some crystals lose color, inclusion, texture, and natural terminations during the tumbling process. 

What’s the Meaning of Gallet Crystal Shape?

polished clear quartz crystal on a white background

When Tumbled stones are hand polished to highlight crystals’ colors, shapes, or properties, they’re called crystal gallets. They often have an elongated, flat, and super-smooth appearance.

Gallet crystals are good for enhancing energy healing rituals. Thanks to their small size, they’re great to take everywhere with you.

Most crystal gallets are made from Clear Quartz, Red Jasper, Moss Agate, Rose Quartz, Blue Lace Agate, Picture Jasper, Blue Aventurine, Smoky Quartz, Dalmatian Jasper, Amethyst, Botswana Agate, and Ocean Jasper.

Meaning of Bead Crystal Shape 

carnelian beaded bracelet on white background

Commonly used as filler crystals in bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, the bead shape is typically small and rounded, although it’s easy to find crystal beads in large sizes. 

Did you know human beings have been making beads for 75,000 years? Spiritually, the meanings of beaded crystals are stability, harmony, luck, protection, and strength.

What is the Meaning of Crystal Slab Formation?

crystal slab chrysoprase on a white background

Crystal slabs are solid crystals polished to create smooth, elongated, and flat surfaces. They’re sometimes called plates, too.

I love keeping my smaller crystals on Selenite and Clear Quartz crystal slabs. They’re great for cleansing, charging, and programming other stones. 

You can also use crystal slabs to base your grid, altar, or crystal collection for metaphysical benefits, not to mention aesthetics.

7 Sacred Geometry Crystal Shapes Explained 

Crystals cut and polished into geometrical shapes are called sacred geometry stones. They may be polished into the following shapes and sold as sacred geometry sets. 

Pyramidal Crystal Shape Meaning

shungite pyramid on a white background

Pyramidal crystals have a pointed tip and a flat base, like a pyramid or triangle. 

While some crystals occur naturally in the pyramidal shape, most are polished or smoothed into it. They amplify energies and manifest intentions.

Pyramidal crystals represent the Solar Plexus Chakra and the Fire element. 

While most are polished, Fluorite, Quartz, and Pyrite crystals form this shape naturally. 

Dipyramidal Crystal Shape Meaning

dipyramidal black quartz on a white background
Image Source: | Robert Lavinsky

Dipyramidal crystals have a second pyramid joined at the flat base of a pyramidal crystal. Depending on their crystal habits, these crystal shapes may be smooth, sharp, or rounded edges. They’re great for balance and stability.

Dipyramidal crystals are polished into octahedral shapes. They represent the Throat Chakra and the Air element.

Sphere Shape of Crystals Explained 

A pink quartz sphere crystal on a white background

Most people know crystal balls, but did you know crystal balls were common in ancient Roman, Middle Eastern, Celtic, Chinese, Egyptian, Italian, Grecian, and Native American cultures? 

The meaning of the sphere shape is divination. In earlier times, fortune tellers would gaze into rounded orbs, balls, or spheres to receive psychic visions about the seeker’s past, present, and future. 

The spherical shape also represents unity, intuition, and psychic abilities

Sphere-shaped crystals open the Crown Chakra and four basic elements (Air, Water, Earth, and Fire).

Crystal Cube Shape Explained

Pyrite cube shape on a white background

The cube shape of crystals stands for courage, balance, grounding, support, discipline, and stability. Geometrically, it’s a hexahedron crystal shape in the isometric system that opens the Root Chakra. 

There are many naturally occurring cubic-shaped crystals, such as Pyrite, Diamond, Halite, Spinel, Garnet, and Fluorite.

Hexagonal Crystal Shape Meaning

Hexagonal emerald on a white background

A six-sided shape that may be natural or polished, hexagonal crystals have 4 faces. It’s used for clairvoyance. This shape is naturally seen in crystals like Emerald, Aquamarine, Apatite, Sugilite, and Morganite. 

Dodecahedron Shape of Crystal 

Dodecahedron Shape Garnet on a white background

The symbol of the Ether element, the Dodecahedron, is a geometric shape with 12 faces. It opens the Third Eye Chakra and enhances your intuition, universal connection, and strength

Crystals that naturally occur in this shape are Spinel, Lapis Lazuli, Pyrite, and Garnet. 

Star Crystal Shape Meaning

black obsidian merkaba on white background
Image source: Flickr | red_jasper_box

Commonly available in sacred geometry stones set as the Merkaba Star, it’s sometimes called the Star of David. Star-shaped crystals are responsible for astral travel, empathy, love, divination, self-care, and emotional healing. 

The Merkaba star shape is a star tetrahedron. Some naturally occurring crystals in the Merkaba star shape are Herkimer Diamonds, Danburite, and Blue Kyanite. 

Stair-Stepped Crystal Formations Explained 

Stair-Stepped bismuth on a white background

The geometric structure of the stair-step crystals is described as a rhombohedral, trigonal, or zig-zag pattern. 

Crystals that occur naturally in this shape are also called hopper crystals. They’re excellent for karmic therapy, psychic powers, dream work, and spiritual guidance.

Some naturally occurring crystals in stair-step structure are Wulfenite, Azurite, Bismuth, Vanadinite, Smithsonite, Rhodochrosite, Dioptase, Hemimorphite, Selenite, Celestite, and Malachite.

Orthorhombic Formation in Crystals Explained

Aragonite orthorhombic system on white background

The orthorhombic system is a popular crystal system in crystallography. In this system, crystals have a rectangular prism shape. They empower, support, and strengthen on all levels.

Some crystals with naturally occurring orthorhombic shapes are Tanzanite, Aragonite, Zoisite, Olivine, Blue Topaz, Azurite, Kyanite, Barite, and Andalusite.

What’s the Meaning of Crystal Spray Formation?

Spray Shape Stibnite on a white background

When crystals grow from a central point in a fan-like pattern, they’re called crystal sprays. Crystal spray formations are great for enlightenment, psychic visions, and intuition. 

Some crystals that naturally occur as sprays and needles are Scolecite, Calcite, Aragonite, Apophyllite, Celestite, and Stibnite. 

Tabular Crystal Shape Explained 

tabular shape barite crystal on a white background
Image Source: | Carlesmillan

The radial growth in some crystals leads to a disk-like formation. Some crystals that naturally occur in the tabular shape are Muscovite, Fluorite, Selenite, Hematite, and Barite. They’re great for purifying and amplifying healing energies. 

What’s the Meaning of Rosette Crystal Formation?

rosette shape desert rose selenite crystal on a white background

Yet another interesting growth of radial crystals is in the shape of the rose flower petals. They’re excellent for personal growth, success, good fortune, and balance

Desert Rose Selenite, Rose Chalcedony, Hemimorphite, Wavellite, Stibnite, and Rhodochrosite are some examples of crystals with natural rosette shapes.

Botryoidal Crystal Shape Explained

Botryoidal Shape Hematite Crystal on a white background

This is a crystal shape with bulbous, rounded, and smooth formations resembling bunches of grapes. They’re high-vibration crystals that are good for connecting with the universe. 

Some crystals that naturally occur in the botryoidal shape are Malachite, Prehnite, Azurite, Cacoxenite, Hematite, Chrysocolla, Goethite, Rhodochrosite, Serpentine, and Rhodonite.

What are Crystal Clusters?

A cluster of citrine crystal on white background

When several crystals grow with several terminations from a single base, they’re called crystal clusters. Many of them are called amplifier crystals because they bring the energies of several crystals into one. 

Crystals naturally occurring in clusters are Celestite, Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz, Green Apophyllite, Pyrite, Hematite, Malachite, Azurite, and Selenite. 

Teardrop Crystal Shape Explained

Teardrop shape agate crystal on a white background
Image Source:

Pointed and broad on either side, the teardrop shape is usually polished into a pear shape. It’s used in jewelry making as the shape is believed to spread positive energies.

What’s the Pendulum Crystal Shape?

pendum crystal on white background

Crystals polished or naturally terminated on one end are used to find answers in a ritual called pendulum dowsingGeometrically, the pendulum is a teardrop shape with sharper sides and a pointed end

New to pendulum dowsing? Learn more about it in my article on how to use pendulum crystals.

Meaning of Heart-Shaped Crystals Explained

Heart shape citrine crystal on a white background

A man-made shape, Heart Chakra crystals are often polished into the heart shape with a pointed bottom and curved arches on the top sides. They represent love, care, support, guidance, protection, healing, and transformation. 

You can use crystals polished in the heart shape after charging them with the seed mantra of the Heart Chakra – YAM. 

What’s the Meaning of the Elestial Crystal Shape?

elestial smoky quartz crystal on a white background
Image Source: | Kotomi_

Did you know the name “elestial” comes from the Greek word elestia, meaning angels and heavens?

Elestial crystals have etched lines and stair-step structures with a multilayered formation on one of their sides, like the back of an alligator. 

Elestial crystals are exclusive to Quartz and form naturally in Amethysts, Smoky Quartz, Calcite, and Clear Quartz. Elestials are my go-to crystals for difficult times of change and transformation.

Meaning of Record Keeper Crystal

trigon diamond crystal on a white background
Image Source: | James St. John

If your crystal naturally has several triangle-like etched or raised patterns on multiple sides, they’re called Record Keepers or Trigon crystals. 

Record keeper crystals are high-vibration stones for dream therapy, mediumship, wisdom, and universal connectionPyrites, Calcites, Fluorites, Ruby, Quartz, and Spodumene are a few naturally occurring record keeper crystals.

Orgonite Crystal Shape and Meaning

Orgonite Crystal x no credit needed

Orgonites are pyramidal resin structures composed of layered metal chippings and crystals. They were invented in the ’90s to channel universal life force energy into healing rituals. No crystals occur naturally in the Orgonite formation.

What are Druzy Crystals? 

Amethyst Druzy Crystal on a white background

Druzy crystal formations are shimmering crystals found on the surface of some rocks and minerals. They’re a few millimeters thick and exist on many crystals. In spiritual communities, druzy crystals are believed to attract luck and good fortune.

Druzy crystals may be dyed or heated to enhance their appearance. They’re naturally seen in Quartz, Azurite, Celestite, Pyrite, Hematite, Calcite, and Agates.

Geode Crystal Formations Explained

Geode on a white background

Geodes are hollow concretions with cavities lined with crystals. They may have different formations, like clusters, druzy, botryoidal, tower, and tabular crystals inside the cavity. Here’s how to identify a Geode.

I often recommend crystals by keeping them inside geodes, but they’re also good for charging and amplifying energies. 

Some crystals that naturally occur as geodes are Quartz, Celestite, Agate, Chalcedony, Pyrite, Dolomite, and Fluorite. Explore the complete 30 types of Geodes here.

Nodule Crystal Formations Explained

agate nodule crystal on a white background
Image Source: | James St. John

When concretions are filled with solid crystals instead of hollow cavities, crystals are called a nodule. Nodules are good for positivity, balance, focus, moving on, and spiritual awakening

If you’ve seen geode hunting videos, you know most find nodules more than geodes. Crystals like Agate, Jasper, Calcite, Pyrite, Septarian, and Chalcedony usually appear in nodules.

What are Thunder Egg Formations?

thunder egg quartz crystal on a white background
Image Source: | James St. John

When the cavity in concretion contains Agate and shows an egg-like rounded exterior, it’s called a Thunder Egg. It’s seen in Quartz, Calcite, Carnelian, and Agate crystals. Metaphysically, Thunder Egg crystals are excellent for renewal, fertility, vitality, and safety.

What is a Pentagram Crystal Shape?

Pentagram Crystal Shape on a white background

Some crystals are shaped into flat five-legged stars called pentagrams, with each point representing one of the five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. 

Legends say crystals in this shape are good for balancing. Wearing crystals in the pentagram shape is good for protection, harmony, power, and luck.

Vogel Shape Crystals 

Vogel shape quartz crystal on a white background

Vogel is a man-made shape named after its creator, Marcel Vogel. 

Vogels are cut into 8 facets, each at an angle of 51 degrees, 51 minutes, and 51 seconds with double terminations. The precise angle of a Vogel crystal creates a spiraling movement of energy flow that manifests desires.

Did you know Vogel crystals follow the same geometry as the Pyramid of Giza? 

What are Crystal Chips?

crystal chips on white background

Crystal chips are chipped or leftover lapidary crystals in irregular shapes. Most are small-sized, flat, and versatile. They can be used in everything from Reiki to crystal grids, altars, and feng shui bowls, to name a few. 

Meaning of Cathedral Shape Crystals

Cathedral Shape Amethyst Crystals on a white background
Image Source: | James St. John

Crystals that form in an elongated shape with several terminations on one end are Cathedral crystals. They’re sometimes called harmonizers because they enhance spiritual consciousness, psychic abilities, fortune, and growth. 

Quartz crystal varieties like Amethyst, Citrine, and Clear Quartz naturally form the cathedral shape.

What’s the Meaning of Spiral Crystal Shape?

Spiral Ammonite Crystals x no credit needed

When crystals are cut or polished into a twisted shape, like a screw, with curved or pointed ends, they’re called helical or spiral shape crystals. 

Crystals in the spiral shape activate dormant psychic powers in the user because the spiraling shape amplifies healing energies at every turn.

While most crystals can be polished into a spiral form, crystals like Ammonite and Tourmaline occur naturally in spiral shapes.

Crystal Shapes in Jewelry 

crystal studded pendant necklace on white background

Crystals have been cut into jewelry for thousands of years to make necklaces, crowns, earrings, rings, anklets, broaches, pins, bracelets, etcetera. Every season, jewelry designers add many new cuts! 

Some popular crystal shapes in jewelry are round, pear, oval, marquis, heart, princess, cushion, teardrop, cabochon, briolette, and step cut

Pro Tip: I love cleansing crystals with sage, especially when they’re set as jewelry. 

What are Chakra Generators

7 chakra crystals

Chakra generators are generally used for amplifying chakra energies and come in several shapes, though most chakra generators are circularly lined with seven chakra crystals connected to a central crystal. Chakra generators are for multi-chakra balance.

You can charge chakra generators with your intentions and set them in your bedroom, garnered, or feng shui locations. 

Crystal Obelisk Shape Meaning

Obelisk Shape Chalcedony Crystal on a white background

The obelisk shape is an ancient symbol used for spiritual and architectural reasons. It’s an elongated crystal shape with four sides, a flat base, and a pointed end. 

The obelisk shape of crystals amplifies and focuses healing energies into chakra locations like wands do.

What are Magic Mirror Crystals?

Magic Mirror Black Obsidian Crystal on a white background

Also called black mirrors, these are used for scrying and fortune-telling. 

Did you know scrying mirrors were used in ancient Greece, Mayans, Romans, and Aztec cultures? They’re used for psychic visions and activated by gazing into the flattened mirror-like surface. 

Black Obsidian is the most famous crystal used for making scrying mirrors. 

Fun Fact: Did you know the occultist, writer, and magician Aleister Crowley used the Black Obsidian mirror in his ceremonies?

Facial Roller Crystals?

jade facial roller crystal on a white background

Facial rollers are crystals cut into oval or cylindrical shapes with curved and narrowing ends on both sides

Did you know facial rollers reduce skin damage and increase the glow? They’re typically fitted with metal components on the ends to easily roll over the cheeks, forehead, under-eyes, or chakra locations for improving skin health. 

Crystals like Jade, Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz are most commonly used in facial rollers.

Crescent Moon Crystal Shape Explained

crescent shape crystal on a white background

Crystals cut or polished into the shape of the crescent moon work well with crystals and zodiac signs associated with the moon. 

Once these crystals are cleansed and charged with full moon rituals, they help with transformation, success, wisdom, intuition, growth, and inner peace.

What’s the Meaning of Gua Sha Stone?

guasha stone crystal on a white background

Gua Sha is an ancient Chinese skincare technique for youthfulness. It’s a flat, handheld healing crystal stone with rounded edges used by gently scraping the facial skin. Legends say they enhance the beauty of the user.

Gua Sha stones are usually made out of crystals for skincare, like Jade, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Black Obsidian, and Sodalite. Depending on the crystal, metaphysical benefits vary.

Crystal Coasters Meaning

crystals coaster on a white background

Slices of large crystals are called crystal coasters. These work as plates for purifying, amplifying, and programming crystals and objects. 

Crystal coasters are typically made from Agate, Quartz, Selenite, Jasper, and Amethyst.

What do Twin Crystals Mean?

twin quartz crystal on a white background
Image Source: | Robert M. Lavinsky

When two crystals grow together from the same base and create double terminations, they’re called twin crystals. Twin crystals are treasure houses of power. They’re also good for commitment, harmony, universal connection, and spiritual guidance.

Calcites, Quartzes, Pyrites, Fluorites, and Tourmalines naturally grow as twin crystals. 

Meaning of the Bullet Shape Crystal

bullet shape crystal on a white background

An elongated shape of crystals designed with a bullet-like tapered end and a rounded base constitutes the bullet shape of crystals. They’re excellent for setting intentions and programming chakras energy centers in the body.

What do Seer Stones Mean?

Naturally smoothed crystals in a round or oval shape with markings called portals and windows are seer crystals. They enhance psychic vision, so the window crystal’s meaning is spiritual awakening.

I love activating seer stones by gazing into the stone and meditating under the Full Moon or the New Moon. Agate, Fluorite, Quartz, Jasper, and Obsidian crystals are the most common seer stones.

Flame Crystal Shape Explained

flame shape carnelian crystal on a white background
Image Source: | TownsendJET

Another elongated shape with a broad and narrow end resembling the flame shape, Flame crystals are smoothened on all sides. They’re always cut into these shapes and used for activating the Fire element energy during spiritual rituals. 

What are Phantom Crystals?

phantom quartz crystal on a white background
Image Source: | Hgrobe

When crystals show one or more shadowy, ghost-like inclusions inside, they’re called phantom crystals. 

Phantom crystals usually look like a crystal within a crystal. They’re great for finding how to clear karmic debts. Crystals that naturally occur with one or more phantoms are Citrine, Smoky Quartz, Clear Quartz, Lepidocrocite, Epidote, Tourmaline, and Fluorite. 

What’s the Meaning of Crystal Figurines?

eagle crystal figurine on a white background
Image Source:

Many crystals are sculpted in the shape of angels, Buddhas, mushrooms, wings, skulls, lotuses, humans, fictional characters, and religious symbols. 

Depending on the crystal and the sacred geometry associated with the shape, these figurines may heal, protect, empower, help, support, or awaken innate qualities. 

For instance, crystals in the shape of Angels are great for manifesting angelic guidance.

7 Chakra Crystal Formation Explained

7 chakras pendulum on a white background

Did you know 7 chakra colors exist erratically in single crystals like Indigo Gabbro? But seven different crystals neatly layered into a single piece is most definitely a man-made formation. 

In these, you’ll see red, orange, yellow, green/pink, blue, indigo, and purple/white crystals glued or strung together with copper, fabric, and metal. They’re usually popular as 7 chakra crystal wands, pyramids, spheres, orgonites, and pendulums.

While 7 chakra crystals are man-made, they have the strength to balance multiple chakras simultaneously. Explore the meanings of seven chakra crystals.

What are the Shapes of Raw Stones?

raw azurite crystal on a white background

Raw stones are crystals sold in their natural states. They’re seen in a wide range of sizes and shapes and cost cheaper than polished alternatives. Raw or rough stones bring pure positivity

In some spiritual circles, rough crystals are considered more powerful than their tumbled or polished counterparts because raw stones are unaltered and sold as such. There’s no such thing as that because every stone has unique metaphysical benefits. 

Raw stones are good for manifesting the benefits of feng shui placements, crystal altars, and crystal grids

One concern with raw stones is that you should never handle them before cleaning them. Also, avoid handling dusty or powdery rough stones without proper safety. 

WARNING: If you just got a dusty new rough crystal, avoid inhaling or ingesting its powders. 

Take a look at this list of the 105 most dangerous healing crystals with how to handle them first.

What are Crystal Singing Bowls?

tibetan singing bowl on white background

Shaped like a Tibetan metal singing bowl, crystal singing bowls are made by heating and molding Quartz crystals. They’re played like metal singing bowls and work by putting you quickly in a meditative state with healing sounds.

Crystal singing bowls have a deep, resonant sound and are generally used to reduce stress, increase relaxation, and focus on tasks.

What are Freeform Crystals?

freeform amethyst crystals on a white background

Natural and polished crystals that don’t resemble any geometric shape are called amorphous or freeform crystals. Each freedom crystal has a unique shape and helps users break free and find their most authentic selves.

Some naturally occurring freeform stones are Ammolite, Fluorite, Quartz, Amber, Malachite, and Obsidian. While Moldavite isn’t a freeform stone, its tektite shape has led to Freeform Moldavite as a trade name. 

Use Crystals by Their Shapes and Formations Today!

You might’ve noticed Quartz exists in most shapes on the above list. Crystals are seen in many shapes and sizes by age, chemical structure origin, and traits. We also learned how the shape of a crystal enhances its metaphysical properties.

For instance, most types of crystal points target the energy of a single point, while mirror crystals help you see the past, present, and future. 

Here’s a glance at the different crystal shapes and their meanings before you go:

graphic table containing crystal shape formation and their uses

There are many more crystal shapes with uncommon names. If you know any, write to us. We’d love to know!

Which is your favorite shape from the list above? Here’s mine: Rosette!

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