(sel - eh - nahyt)
Main Origins:
Russia, Austria, Italy, Mexico, and the U.S.

What is Selenite?

An egg shaped selenite crystal on a birds nest

Selenite comes from a soft mineral called Gypsum, mostly white or clear. It is shiny and glassy and forms sheets, clusters, points, masses, and clusters. 

Selenite stands for purity, divination, wisdom, luck, and power in the new age. 

When did humans start using Selenite? Records say the earliest Selenite used goes back to 5000 B.C. in ancient Mesopotamia.

Ancient Greeks and Romans used Selenite for healing, and Native Americans for peace. In ancient Egypt, Selenite was used vastly to make protective amulets, and the ancient Chinese used Selenite in healing concoctions. 

In the Medieval Age, Islamic talismans were made from Selenite. Ancient Hindus used it for purification rituals. Even today, Selenite is seen in sacred areas of Hindu families and houses.

Did you know Selenite appears in many colors, like orange, peach, blue, green, black, brown, and pink? It is also interesting that Selenite breaks off like wood chips into sheets and slabs.

Selenite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

The primary chakra activated by most Selenites (white variety) is the Crown Chakra. It helps you focus, form ideas, think critically, and solve problems. 

Selenite’s secondary chakra in command is the Third Eye Chakra. It activates intuition and the sixth sense. 

If your Selenite contains other chakra colors, like red, orange, brown, green, and pink, it will open one or more of the 7 chakras.  

Selenite is named after the Goddesses of the Moon, Selene (Greek); Chang’e (Chinese); and Tsukuyomi (Japanese). It’s sometimes associated with the Navajo Goddess of Cycles, Estsanatlehi, and the Egyptian Goddess of Love, Isis.

You can activate Selenite with Wind and Ether by chanting positive affirmations/mantras, meditating, visualizing, or doing breathwork.

As the Moon rules it in astrology, Selenite also helps with manifestation, wisdom, spiritual consciousness, balance, and introspection.

Selenite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Being a self-cleansing crystal, Selenite cleanses other crystals, auras, chakras, people, and spaces. It’s excellent for transmuting negative into positive energy. 
  • You can circle a Selenite wand over anything you want to purify for this purpose.

Focus and Clarity

  • Selenite nullifies the effect of distractions on the brain by helping you focus effortlessly on the tasks at hand. It also improves brain power, including critical thinking skills.
  • Program Selenite for focus and clarity by charging it with the energy of sunlight. Hold the Selenite, facing the rising sun for 2 minutes to do this. 

Grief and Loss

  • Gypsum crystal Selenite is an incredible source of support and love. It helps with letting go and moving forward, especially after losses, traumas, and stressful events.
  • Charging Selenite by smudging it with a sacred herb, like Sage, is good for inner healing. 

Menstrual Problems

  • Did you know Selenite instantly calms anxiety? It has soothing energy perfect for pain and hormonal imbalance associated with menstruation. It heals the Crown Chakra.
  • Use Selenite during menstruation by lying down and placing it below your belly button. Lift your palms and place them over the Selenite and meditate. 

Inspiration and Success

  • Selenite is one of the support crystals used by healers. It uplifts you, renews your confidence, and motivates you to do more with your skills. Legends say it also attracts good opportunities. 
  • Activate Selenite by soaking it under the moon’s light to find inspiration.

Selenite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

a statue of a baby angel on a concrete

Angelic Communication

  • Did you know Selenite was once believed to be the broken part of an angel’s wing? Reiki practitioners say it connects your physical body with the other realm of angels and spirits. 
  • You can activate Selenite for mediumship and spirit contact by meditating and gazing into the crystal on moonlit nights

Reality Shifting

  • Selenite is a must-have crystal for beginners working on reality shifting. It prevents chakra loss and helps you focus and manifest with ease. 
  • To prevent chakra loss when shifting realities with Selenite, activate it by soaking it in healing sounds and vibrations. The best way to do this is by placing it next to a singing bowl while playing the bowl. 

Astral Travel

  • Did you know Selenite helps with astral projection? It helps your physical self connect to the subtle body and travel across the cosmos in a wink. 
  • Charge your Selenite through meditation, incense, and chanting before placing it under your pillow or on the bedside table. 

Psychic Protection

  • Are you an avid traveler? Whether you love or hate it, traveling exposes germs, negativity, and risks as much as it makes you happy. Use Selenite to prevent mistakes and accidents while traveling
  • You can charge Selenite with Fire energy before carrying it for travel protection.

Spiritual Deaddiction

  • Addiction is a disease of the spirit that Selenite can help you heal. This crystal will help you unblock the underlying causes, like karmic debts, possessiveness, and cravings.
  • The best way to find freedom from addictions to food, people, things, emotions, and thoughts is by circling each chakra location in your body with a Selenite wand.

Selenite Side Effects

  • Weakness: Mental drainage is a common symptom of newbies who use Selenite because it uses energy to go lightyears and lightyears ahead.

Selenite Meaning: What Does Selenite Symbolize?

A focus shot on a white plumeria flower

The meaning of Selenite is purity.

Did you know Selenite is a self-cleansing crystal? It also converts negative energies and evil vibrations to ward off bad spirits, energies, hexes, and psychic harms. 

Due to its vast history with humanity, Selenite has many legends, myths, and stories around it. 

Have you heard Selenite is named after Selene, the Greek Moon Goddess? She is mostly represented with a crescent moon in one hand and a torch in the other. 

According to legends, Selenite formed from the divine light that shattered across the earth when God breathed into the divine light. Other stories say it was born from the frozen rays of the sun. 

Selenite stands for spiritual awakening, psychic powers, wisdom, intuition, manifestation, emotional problems, and clarity.

Varieties of Selenite

  • Common Selenite: Selenite is a white transparent or translucent crystal with a glassy appearance. It’s good for purification, wisdom, clarity, and manifestation. 
  • Satin Spar: Satin Spar is when Selenite shows a silky or fibrous appearance instead of its usual glassy appearance because fibers are tightly packed in. It’s great for amplifying energies, protection, and spiritual communication. 
  • Orange Selenite: Showing a vibrant orange hue, this type of Selenite occurs in nodules and masses with higher opacity than common Selenite crystals. Use it to awaken your inner fire.
  • Red Selenite: This is a Satin Spar variety of Selenite, sometimes called Red Satin Spar, due to its dark red fibers. It’s great for passion, power, and courage.
  • Peach Selenite: With a Salmon shade of peach, this type of Selenite may be glassy or silky textures with color zoning. Use it for problems related to fertility and fatigue. 
  • Pink Selenite: Showing white to dark pink colors, this Selenite variety shows a glassy appearance and forms mostly as clusters. It’s excellent for self-love and discipline. 
  • Purple Selenite: This type of Selenite is known for connecting the physical body with the subtle body by opening the Crown and Third Eye Chakras. It’s a glassy variety that forms long rods or towers with pale or deep shades of purple. 
  • Green Selenite: Seen as clusters, rods, and towers, this type of Selenite is glassy with white and green colors. Use it for spiritual and universal connection.
  • Blue Selenite: Selenite in this variety appears in various crystal shapes formations. It gets the blue shade from Blue Kyanite, which is great for mediumship, clairvoyance, and clarity. 
  •  Clear Selenite: When your Selenite is transparent and clear, it’s also called Maria Glass or Selenite Sheet. Use it for psychic protection or as a charge plate for amplifying other energies.
  •  Black Selenite: Showing black, green, gray, or yellow color, this Selenite variety immediately calms you down in stressful situations. 
  •  Brown Selenite: This type of Selenite shows ranges of brown from chocolate brown to yellowish brown and white colors. It’s great for finding mental clarity and freedom to voice your thoughts.
  •  Golden Selenite: One of the varieties of Selenite that looks pale yellow to deep gold hues, this crystal is good for luck, abundance, and manifestation.
  •  Starburst Selenite: This unique type of Selenite shows star-like clusters with five, six, or multiple legs. It’s good for astral travel, spiritual guidance, and angelic contact. 
  •  Duckbill Selenite: Selenite crystals appear in yellow or golden hues, with two crystals growing like a duck’s bill in this type. These are good for confidence, creativity, charisma, and self-expression.
  •  Desert Rose: Also called Gypsum flower, this Selenite variety grows with rosette-shaped crystals in white, brown, and pale yellow shades. Use it for universal connection, deaddiction, and karmic therapy. 
  •  Fishtail Selenite: This is when Selenite grows like a fishtail on one end. It’s considered good for strength, perseverance, and growth. 
  •  Angelwing Selenite: Selenite variety with a feather-like pattern resembling the zigzag spikes on angel wings form this variety. It’s excellent for psychic protection and spiritual guidance.
  •  Vortex Selenite: If your Selenite crystal shows a spiral vortex inside it, this is the Selenite variety you’re looking for. Most Vortex Selenites aren’t natural but great for unblocking chakras and amplifying the energy of other crystals.
  •  Elestial Selenite: The type of Selenite has several tiny pyramid-like etchings on one side. Use them for charging, manifestation, protection, and intuition.
  •  Golden Phantom: Also called Phantom Selenite and Butterfly Selenite, this Selenite variety shows a crystal within a crystal. It’s good for self-discovery, purity, and growth. 
  •  Selenite Towers: Often used as Selenite Lamps, this shape recedes into a towered shape on end and works like magic by manifesting your intentions. It’s commonly found in white, purple, pink, orange, and golden Selenites.
  •  Twinning Selenite: When two Selenite crystals grow from the same base in a parallel or cyclic manner, they’re called twin crystals. Use this unique and natural shape of Selenite to enhance awareness, clarity, or power.
  •  Selenite on Calcite: If you notice overgrowths with your Selenite in white, yellow, red, and pink colors, it’s most definitely a formation with Calcite. Use this natural crystal pairing for spiritual awakening and inner power.
  •  Fluorite on Selenite: Selenite forms with Purple Fluorite points as phantom stones and clusters in this variety. It’s great to attract luck, wisdom, and spiritual consciousness.
  •  Aragonite with Selenite: White Aragonite co-exists with Calcite and Selenite to form shapes similar to coral reefs. Use this natural crystal pairing for abundance and prosperity.
  •  Barite and Selenite: Typically forming rods, slabs, and rosettes, Barite appears in Selenite with yellow, brown, and white color energies. If you have this crystal, use it for letting go, forgiveness, and growth. 
  •  Rosasite and Dolomite with Selenite: Showing greenish-blue crystals on yellow, red, brown, or white matrices, this Selenite crystal forms clusters. It’s great for grounding, luck, health, and decision-making skills.
  •  Malachite with Selenite: Another green variety of Selenite, Malachite forms dark green to blue-green crystals on brown, white, gray, and red matrices in this variety. Use it for support, success, confidence, and guidance.
  •  Marcasite in Selenite: Forming a unique shape where White Selenite is pierced through Golden Marcasite, this type of Selenite appears in masses, clusters, and tabular shapes. It’s a perfect crystal for higher and lower chakra balance.
  •  Azurite on Selenite: Showing deep or dark indigo blue with white, brown, beige, and yellow shades, this Selenite formation with Azurite is a heavenly stone. Use it for communication with the spirit realm.
  •  Goethite and Selenite: Also called Black and White Selenite, this variety is a luck crystal that increases auric vibration and positive aura energies. 
  •  Chrysocolla inside Selenite: This gorgeous variety shows blue-green Chrysocolla crystals settled on one side inside the translucent Selenite. Use this Selenite variety for opening the Heart and Throat chakras. 
  •  Selenite with Halite: Another bicolor Selenite, this variety shows vivid yellow to brown Selenite joined with White Halite stones. Use it for cleansing chakra blockages and connecting to your subtle body. 

How To Cleanse Selenite?

White sage smudge sticks in a box with a selenite crystal on the table

Selenite doesn’t need cleansing as it’s a self-cleansing crystal, but you can try the following if your intuition suggests you cleanse Selenite.

  • Smudging: Wafting a lit smudge stick of Sage or Palo Santo over Selenite cleanses it. 
  • Singing Bowls: Place your Selenite near a singing bowl and play it gently for a few minutes. 
  • Moonlight: You can reset Selenite benefits and energies by placing it overnight under the moonlight.

Questions and Answers

Is Selenite a crystal?

Yes, Selenite is a crystal and mineral, but not a rock.

Is Selenite safe in the water?

No, Selenite dissolves in water.

Can Selenite go in the sun?

Yes, Selenite can be in the sun for short periods. Avoid leaving it out in the sun for more than 5 minutes. Note: overexposure to sunlight can crack or break Selenite crystals.

How to identify real Selenite?

Real Selenites are soft, easily scratched, translucent/transparent, and lightweight. The best way to identify real Selenite is orange fluorescence under UV light.

What crystal to pair with Selenite?

Selenite goes well with Moonstone because the same planet rules both crystals.

How to take care of Selenite?

You should keep Selenite safe to prevent mishaps because it’s a soft crystal that can crack easily. Make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight, too.

Are Selenite crystals worth anything?

Yes, Selenite crystals can cost good rates. Depending on the size, color, and appearance of the crystal, Selenite costs $5 to $50 per piece.

How old is Selenite?

Selenite crystals are 500,000 years old.

Does Selenite grow?

Yes, Selenite crystals can grow into massive sizes when left undisturbed in their host rocks.

What does it mean when Selenite breaks?

If your Selenite breaks, it means the crystal is done manifesting your intention or helping you. You can bury it or gift broken parts to your friends or family.

Interactions with Selenite

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