(tur - kwoyz)
Main Origins:
Iran, Sinai, and The United States.

What is Turquoise?

A raw turquoise crystal on the table

Turquoise is an opaque, green, and blue crystal that consists of copper and aluminum. This crystal was one of the first mined, and many sites containing Turquoise have been depleted. There are still small deposits that are mined, but it is one of the rarest gems in the world today.  

Turquoise is well known for its spiritual properties. Ancient Egyptians and Aztecs placed a high value on this crystal, viewing it as the embodiment of fire. They used Turquoise in masks, shields, and knives, intending to protect them in battle and give the wearer endless strength.

Turquoise Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Turquoise has many spiritual and metaphysical benefits and properties. It is a stone most effective in balancing the throat chakra but can also heal the heart and third eye chakras. This stone facilitates attunement between the physical and higher planes of existence.

By enhancing your communication skills, helping you to share and express your emotions, Turquoise inspires you with creativity and wisdom, enabling you to act with love in all your actions.

Turquoise Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Turquoise helps you connect with and process your emotions, healing you from trauma and negative emotional patterns.
  • Hold Turquoise in your hand to heal the heart and calm the mind when you feel sad or angry.


  • By helping you remain grounded during deep meditations, Turquoise keeps you connected with your conscious mind. 
  • Hold Turquoise in your palm during meditation to avoid slipping away from reality.

Spiritual Attunement

  • Turquoise connects you with your spirit guides and increases the chance of astral travel.
  • Meditate with Turquoise before bedtime for spiritual awareness and connection to the ethereal.


  • Turquoise helps calm anxiety and brings peace of mind by providing soothing energy.
  • Meditate with Turquoise for 5 minutes in the morning to remove any stressful thoughts.

Turquoise Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman enjoying the rain outside


  • Why it’s good for intuition – By guiding you through the unknown, Turquoise instills confidence and enables you to make the right decisions.
  • How to use it for intuition – Wear a Turquoise necklace, bracelet, or ring daily for increased intuition.


  • Why it’s good for wisdom – Turquoise balances your character’s male and female aspects, allowing you to possess spiritual and mental clarity.
  • How to use it for wisdom – Meditate with Turquoise on your forehead (the third eye chakra) for 30 minutes to gain insight into a situation.

Psychic Powers

  • Why it’s good for psychic powers – By connecting you with your spirit guides, Turquoise allows you to receive critical information and messages that lead and guide you.
  • How to use it for psychic powers – Keep Turquoise in your pocket for enhanced psychic abilities.


  • Why it’s good for protection – Turquoise protects you from harmful influences in the physical and spiritual realm, and it often changes color to warn of impending danger.
  • How to use it for protection – Wear a Turquoise pendant daily for protection.

Higher Powers

  • Why it’s good for higher powers – Native American shamans use Turquoise to bring on rain, and it allows you to work with energy and nature.
  • How to use it for higher powers – Meditate with Turquoise on your third eye chakra (forehead) to access your higher powers.

Turquoise Side Effects

Turquoise is one of the few gemstones with no adverse side effects and is one of the safest for everyone to wear. Although it has no negative impact, it can be overstimulating to the mind, making it difficult to sleep when kept in your room.

Turquoise Meaning: What Does Turquoise Symbolize?

A woman reading a book in nature

The meaning of Turquoise is “Great Wisdom.”

Turquoise is a gift from the Earth. This stone brings the blue of Father Sky to Earth and melds together the energy of the heavens with the heart of Mother Earth.

 The word Turquoise goes back to the 17th century and comes from the French word, Turquoise, which means “Turkish,” from where it was brought to Europe by the Ottoman Empire (the Turkish Empire).

  • The Aztecs saw Turquoise as more valuable than gold due to its ability to instill wisdom and higher powers.
  • The Aztecs buried their chiefs with fragments of Turquoise in their mouth to help them find their path to the heavens in the afterlife.
  • Amulets, pendants, and beads were carved from Turquoise by the Apache shamans as protective talismans.
  • There is a myth that, if you find the end of a rainbow after a storm, you will locate a Turquoise deposit.
  • The Navajo and other Native Americans used Turquoise to summon rain.
  • Finding a Turquoise is meant to symbolize hope and prosperity for the future.

Varieties of Turquoise

  • Ajax Turquoise: A bi-colored variety of Turquoise that consists of patches of green and blue. Ajax Turquoise is an excellent stone to use for creative visualization and manifestation.
  • Bisbee Turquoise: A variety of Turquoise with brown, black, and blue patches. This variety increases spiritual attunement and communication skills.
  • Blue Diamond Turquoise: This variety is a blue stone with gray patches and patterns. Blue Diamond Turquoise brings you luck, protection, and peace.
  • Blue Gem Turquoise: A baby blue variety of Turquoise with tiny white specks and impurities that connects your spirit with the heavens and the Earth.
  • Carico Lake Turquoise: This variety contains zinc and copper, which gives it a green hue. Carico Lake Turquoise invites unconditional love into your heart, allowing you to love yourself and others immensely.
  • Castle Dome: A variety of Turquoise with an almost plastic-like shine and texture. This variety transmutes and shields against negative energy.
  • Cerrillos Turquoise: A rare variety of Turquoise with ocean blue, white and gold patterns and specks. This stone helps with past life regression and clears karma passed on to you from past lives.
  • Cripple Creek Turquoise: A baby blue variety of Turquoise with brown and yellow patterns and specks. This stone strengthens connections and bonds in romance and friendship. 
  • Dry Creek Turquoise: A pale blue variety of Turquoise with black lines and specks. This stone brings the wearer luck and an increased chance of success.
  • Fox Turquoise: This variety of Turquoise occurs in light and dark blue to green shades and contains yellow and white crystal inclusions meant to increase stamina, strength, and health.
  • Godber Turquoise: A sky blue variety of Turquoise with black lines and patches that heals negative emotions linked to the past and grounds and roots you in the present.
  • Golden Hills Turquoise: A light blue variety of Turquoise with lavender hues that makes you aware of your spiritual purpose.
  • King’s Manassa Turquoise: A blue-green to green variety of Turquoise with golden or brown webs that almost look like rust. This stone increases your self-esteem and gives you the confidence of a king. 
  • Kingman Turquoise: A light blue variety of Turquoise with white, dark brown, and yellow webs and patches. This variety makes you feel whole and complete within yourself without needing any assurance or validation.
  • Lander Blue: This variety of Turquoise has a black base tone with light blue patches. This variety works wonders for reducing stress and stabilizing mood swings.
  • Lone Mountain Turquoise: This variety of Turquoise occurs in many shades of blue and has clear or yellow webs that never fade in color. Wearing this variety clears and charges all your energy midpoints.
  • Morenci Turquoise: A variety of Turquoise with Pyrite inclusions. This stone keeps you faithful and truthful in your relationships.
  • New Lander Turquoise: This stone is found in green, blue, black, and yellow shades and has a complex brown or black spider web matrix. New Lander Turquoise invites more abundance and fortune into your life.
  • Pilot Mountain Turquoise: A Turquoise variety that occurs in blue and green colors with golden or brown webs and patches. This stone can have many shades of green and blue in one stone and increases focus and mental function.
  • Royston Turquoise: This Turquoise variety has a base of white and brown to golden patches and webs with blue and green patches scattered on the crystal. Use this variety to rid yourself of fears.
  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise: A sky blue Turquoise stone with a few white or black patches that promotes inner peace.
  • Sonoran Gold Turquoise: This variety of Turquoise consists of green and blue shades with yellow and gold matrices. Sonoran Gold Turquoise purifies the heart and spirit.
  • Spider Web Turquoise: This variety of Turquoise has a black base with sky-blue webs and patches. Spider Web Turquoise creates a web of protection around you that catches and traps anything harmful. 
  • Stormy Mountain Turquoise: A dark blue variety of Turquoise with black flakes meant to calm anger and hostility.
  • Valley Blue Turquoise: This stone almost looks silver with blue patches and flakes. Valley Blue Turquoise prevents low energy and stagnance.

How To Cleanse Turquoise

A burning sage smudge stick in the bowl with two other sage smudge sticks

  • Smudging – You can use sage, Palo Santo, or incense to cleanse your crystal. Light one end of your chosen item then wave the smoke over your crystal using your hand or a feather. Ensure the smoke fully covers the crystal and that your doors and windows are open to allow any negative energy to escape.
  • Moonlight – Leave Turquoise on your windowsill, patio, or balcony overnight on the night of the full moon.
  • Sound – You can use a Tibetan singing bowl or tuning forks to cleanse your crystal with sound. Play the singing bowl or use the tuning forks for 2 minutes for a thorough cleanse.

Questions and Answers

Can Turquoise be worn every day?

Turquoise is a safe stone to wear daily if you cleanse and charge it regularly.

Can I sleep with Turquoise stone?

Turquoise can be overstimulating, so it is best to avoid sleeping with it.

Where should you place Turquoise in your house?

Place Turquoise in your office to benefit from its mentally stimulating effects.

Who should wear Turquoise?

Scorpios, Sagittarians, Aquarians, and Pisceans will benefit significantly from wearing Turquoise.

How do you activate Turquoise stone?

Activate Turquoise by stating your intentions out loud. Then you place it in the moonlight overnight. The following day, your crystal will be attuned to your intentions.

Interactions with Turquoise

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