(char - oh - ite)
Main Origins:
Russia, Canada, and, United States.

What is Charoite?

Raw charoite crystals

Charoite is a rare stone that consists of potassium, barium, calcium strontium, and hydrogen silicate. The stone is named after the Chara River in the Sakha Republic of Siberia. Charoite is named after the Russian word chary, which means magic or dreams.

When Charoite was discovered in the 1940s, founders thought it was a stone dyed purple due to its striking appearance and purple hues.

Charoite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Charoite has many benefits that should be used when undergoing a transformation, as it gives you the stability and awareness to face the unknown with wisdom. 

Part of Charoite’s metaphysical properties includes taking your negative, unproductive emotions and thoughts and transforming them into emotions that lead you to manifest your highest goals.

Charoite Healing Properties and Benefits

Studying and Learning

  • Charoite removes mental clutter, giving you the clarity and ability to focus on essential topics.
  • After charging your Charoite crystal, place it next to you while learning and studying for enhanced memory and focus.

Detox and Strength

  • By increasing your mental and physical vitality, Charoite gives you the strength to complete essential tasks and goals.
  • Wear a Charoite necklace daily to allow it to cleanse your aura.

Sleep Health

  • Charoite removes mental clutter, allowing you to have a peaceful mind state, conducive to a full night’s sleep.
  • Place a Charoite stone under your pillow to get a good night’s rest.

Pain Relief

  • Charoite can be used as a pain reliever, treating joint pain, fatigue, muscle cramps and spasms, and abdominal contractions.
  • Meditate with Charoite for 10 minutes daily to access its physical healing benefits.

Work and Career

  • Charoite gives you the mental clarity and awareness needed to navigate and overcome career or work challenges.
  • Keep a Charoite crystal in your pocket while at work to ensure you always make the right professional decisions.

Charoite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman standing and stretching her arms downward sideways in nature

Wisdom and Knowledge

  • By opening the third eye chakra, Charoite allows you to open your eyes to truths you were previously unaware of.
  • Meditate with Charoite on your forehead for 5 minutes daily to expand your mind and awareness. 

Spiritual Guidance and Awakening

  • By opening the third eye and crown chakra, Charoite awakens you to new realities that are usually not comprehensible. 
  • Place Charoite on the top of your head, or on your forehead, during meditation for spiritual awakening.

Clearing Hexes, Curses, and Evil

  • Charoite protects and guards you against the evil influences and intentions others might have toward you by removing anything toxic from your energy field.
  • Wear a Charoite bracelet, ring, or necklace daily to shield your aura.

Angelic Communication

  • Charoite connects you with your angels and spirit guides, allowing you to tap into their wisdom and guidance when navigating life’s challenges.
  • Hold Charoite in your hand during prayer and meditation to connect to your guides and ancestors.

Psychic Visions and Abilities

  • Through strengthening the crown chakra, Charoite allows you to see into alternate dimensions and access various psychic abilities, such as telepathy and foresight.
  • Hold Clear Quartz and Charoite in your palm during meditation to activate your psychic abilities. 

Subconscious Awakening

  • Charoite merges your conscious and subconscious mind, allowing you to understand why you have certain habits and reactions, and how you can improve and heal.
  • Keep a Charoite stone on your nightstand to become more awake and aware during your dreams.

Charoite Side Effects

  • May disturb sleep as it’s a higher chakra stone: The dreams and visions Charoite sends to you might interrupt your sleep, and its stimulating effects can make it difficult to fall asleep again.
  • Can cause isolation and alienation: Charoite makes you aware of elements within the reality that others do not know of, making it difficult to connect with others who are not spiritually aware and awakened.

Charoite Meaning: What Does Charoite Symbolize?

A woman standing on the top of the mountain

Charoite’s meaning is “The Stone of Deep Transformation and Love.”

Charoite connects you with your inner confidence, allowing you to make bold statements and move toward your ambitions. Charoite’s healing properties include transmuting negative emotions, allowing you to be more positive, productive, and determined. 

Charoite makes you fully aware and present in the here and now, removing influences that distract you from fully living in and embracing each moment. If you need a change in life, Charoite will facilitate the transformation you need.

Varieties of Charoite

  • Black Charoite: Aegirine in the crystal causes it to blacken. This stone wards off negative thoughts and energy vampires.  
  • Aegirine-Augite: With black and white shades, this crystal gives you inner strength when you feel you have no one or nothing to lean on.
  • Golden Charoite: Purple bands reflecting a golden hue when held under light, this crystal is known to boost fertility. 
  • Spotted Charoite: With black and brown spots, this crystal helps you adapt to life’s changes and transformations.
  • Charoite Eyes: Containing eye-like structures, this is perfect for drowning out the physical world and connecting with your inner self.
  • Steacyite: A purple, white, and black variety, with yellow rays, this works best for finding your purpose and path in life.
  • Galena: Purple, golden, and black, this Charoite is known to connect you with angels and spirit guides.
  • Fedorite: A pale green stone that enhances astral travel.
  • Pectolite: This Charoite variety has a pearly gloss finish and enhances your ability to enter a meditative state.
  • Tokkoite: A wood-like appearance with bands of orange, lilac, red, white, and black, this crystal is known to enhance your vitality and give you a long life.
  • Microcline: A beautiful stone with shades of lavender, gray, yellow, white, and black, this variety will instill unbreakable confidence and self-awareness in you.
  • Tree Charoite: A stone with a metal frame of a tree around it, this is often used in divination during rituals and astral travel.
  • Paw Print Charoite: Appearing to have a paw print of a cat or dog, this variety is known to connect you with your spirit animal.
  • Purple Rain Charoite: Rain drop spots are visible in this Charoite variety that helps heal heartache and painful emotions.
  • Green Charoite: Olive green with white spirals and stripes, is an excellent stone for emotional strength and wisdom.
  • Peach Charoite: Peach-colored, this Charoite variety provides the inner peace and connects you with your inner beauty.
  • Frankamenite: This variety occurs in violet and gray shades, has a waxy texture and is used to create productive energy within a room.
  • Canasite: With calcium and alcohol in its structure, this Charoite gives you the power to overcome addictions and obsessions.
  • Pink Charoite: A pink variety that connects you with the frequency of unconditional love.
  • Russian Charoite: A deep purple stone with visible spirals and swirls, known to enhance spiritual awareness and esoteric wisdom.

How To Cleanse Charoite?

Different kinds of crystal on the table

  • Running Water – Hold Charoite under a stream of running water for 2 minutes or place it next to a river or waterfall for 2 hours.
  • Smudging – Light a sage bundle, incense, or Palo Santo stick then wave the smoke over the Charoite crystal for 5 minutes.
  • Natural light– Place Charoite on a windowsill, patio, or balcony overnight to soak up the moonlight, or leave it in the sunlight for 30 minutes.

Questions and Answers

Can Charoite go in the water?

Charoite should not be submerged in water but can be held under a stream of water for 2 minutes.

Can Charoite go in the Sun?

Do not put Charoite in the Sun, as it can cause it to fade and crack.

Why is my Charoite changing color?

Charoite can appear to have different shades of color under various light sources. It can also fade when exposed to sunlight for long periods.

What's the difference between fake Charoite and real Charoite?

Fake Charoite will lack the characteristic swirly patterns present in authentic Charoite.

Who shouldn't wear Charoite?

Taurus and Gemini zodiac signs might find Charoite’s effects overwhelming and unsettling if they are not grounded.

Where to keep Charoite in your house?

Charoite is best kept in areas where you use your mind a lot, such as the study or office.

Which hand to wear Charoite?

Wear Charoite on your right wrist during the day to align your chakras and release negative energies, and on your left wrist at night to have more vivid dreams.

Which finger to wear Charoite?

Wear Charoite on your index finger for spiritual awareness and to connect with your higher self.

Which day to wear Charoite? When to wear Charoite?

You can wear Charoite every day of the week, but the best day to wear gemstones connected to the moon is on Monday.

What's the cost of Charoite? Is Charoite expensive?

Charoite costs around $1.10 – $3 per carat. Small pieces cost a few dollars, while bigger specimens can cost hundreds of dollars.

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