Dreaming is the result of a healthy body, mind, and spirit. As crystals can heal insomnia, bad dreams, and sleep disorders, they can help encourage good dreams, lucid dreams, astral travel, and even help with dream therapy. What are the best crystals for dreams? 

The Best Crystals for Dreams are:

Read on to discover the benefits of the 14 best crystals for dreams with me. 

Pink Calcite Crystals for Bad Dreams 

block of pink calcite for bad dreams on a white background

Do you think your lack of peace comes from poor sleep or bad dreams? Keep a Pink Calcite crystal on your bedside table, as it will help you release repressed memories so they don’t disturb your sleep, mind, or spirit. 

Also called Mangano Calcite, Pink Calcite clears the negativity and terror from your mind when rinsed under tap water for a few seconds. 

Lodolite Crystals for Lucid Dreams

a piece of lodolite crystal for lucid dreams on a white background

Do you know that Lodolite is the shamanic dream crystal? That’s why it’s one of the best lucid dream crystals. 

Lodolite has been used for ages for vision questions, astral travel, and lucid dreaming. This stone helps you control your subconscious mind when charged with transcendental meditation before going to bed.

Hematite Crystals for Better Sleep

a chunk of hematite for better sleep on a white background

Hematite is a great grounding stone for eliminating mind chatter at the end of the day. You get more deep sleep with Hematite crystals by your bedside. As a base chakra stone, Hematite grounds your body so you can sleep without waking up throughout the night.

Hold a Hematite crystal at your pelvic level for a few minutes to charge it before heading to bed. 

Epidote Crystals for Dream Protection

a chunk of epidote crystal for dream protections on a white background

Dreaming opens a portal to other worlds, dimensions, and universes, and you must always carry a protection stone like Epidote when psychic traveling for safety. 

Epidote is a unique crystal that creates several rings of protective energy around your aura while you sleep. This crystal will balance your chakras to keep you safe no matter where you go your in dreams. 

Lapis Lazuli Crystals for Dreams and Visions

lapis lazuli on a white background

Do you know dreams are often used as a medium to convey God’s intent in most religions? 

While highly spiritual people like shamans and psychics find visions independently, crystals like Lapis Lazuli can raise your spiritual awareness and help you see premonitions and visions of the future. 

If you want to know more about your spiritual purpose and destiny, keep a Lapis Lazuli crystal under your pillow. Be aware that Lapis Lazuli is a higher chakra crystal, so it may not be good for every zodiac sign. 

Clear Quartz Crystals for Vivid Dreams

a piece of clear quartz for vivid dreams on a white background

Most crystal users class Clear Quartz as the ultimate crystal for cleansing and charging people, chakras, and crystals. 

Do you know Clear Quartz stimulates all your senses to vividly see and feel your dreams? Clear Quartz opens your outer-body chakras to connect you with different worlds or realities when you meditate with it at night or after dusk. 

Amethyst Crystals for Good Dreams

a chunk of amethyst for good dreams on a white background

Did you know Amethyst is not recommended as a crystal to sleep with? The reason for this is because it’s a high-vibration crystal, so it may unnerve some zodiac signs or people new to crystals. 

If you don’t dream, place an Amethyst in your bedroom for a few nights.  Meditate with Amethyst on your forehead before sleeping. 

Doing this will cleanse your mind while sleeping and let you have pleasant dreams. Meditating with Amethyst is also good for sleep health if you drink wine or whiskey before sleep.

Prehnite Crystals for Remembering Dreams

large piece of prehnite crystal for remembering dreams on a white background

As a crystal for forgiveness and abundance, Prehnite works in mysterious ways to prevent nightmares when kept on your bedside table. 

Most experts say Prehnite is excellent for sleep because it lowers blood pressure, but how does it help with dream recall?

Prehnite helps you recall your dreams by awakening your dormant senses that are usually shut off during sleep. To make sure you remember dreams, charge your Prehnite stone with moonlight for a few minutes before bed.

You can also wake up and write down your dreams easily after meditating with Prehnite.

Shungite Crystals for Insomnia 

a block of shungite crystal for insomia on a white background

Are you a night owl? If you want to fight insomnia and have a good night’s sleep, Shungite is your crystal. 

I use Shungite tumbled stones to purify drinking water and I drink it before bed to stop feeling jittery, sleepless, or excited. You can put the Shungite stones you have in a bowl near your bedside table after charging it with positive affirmations for the same effect.

Here’s a video that will help you make Shungite water. 

Celestite Stones for Dreams and Astral Travel 

a chunk of celestite crystal for dreams and astral travel on a white background

Celestite is like a celestial Hippogriff to me. While it may be too overwhelming for some people to sleep with, Celestite is the best stone to use when traveling the cosmic dimension in sleep. 

All you need to do to astral travel is keep a Celestite under your pillow after charging it with the five senses as shown below:

  • Blow your breath into the crystal to activate the element of Air. 
  • Keep Celestite next to the flame of a candle for activating the Fire element.
  • Rinse the crystal under tap water for a few minutes to activate the Water element. 
  • Keep Celestite under moonlight, sunlight, or a lightbulb to activate the element of Light. 
  • Sprinkle soil or bury the crystal in a flower pot or in your garden to activate the Earth element.

After charging, go to bed and imagine the country, world, or planet you want to astral travel to. Celestite is also good for shifting reality.

Lithium Quartz Crystals for Interpreting dreams

a piece of lithium quartz for interpreting dreams on a white background

Two months ago, I saw a purple rose with endless petals flowering in my dreams. I learnt what it meant a few weeks ago after I had a self-Reiki session with a Lithium Quartz placed between my brows. 

Lithium Quartz helped me realize the hidden meanings in the dream is about my newfound love for a sacred dance form (Mohiniyattam) I’d given up in childhood. 

Get a Lithium Quartz and meditate with it by your side before sleep and after waking up, and it will help you understand what your dreams mean.

Azurite Crystals for Night Terrors 

raw azurite crystal for night terrors on a white background

One of my friends described her night terrors as her mind being on fire (not the good kind). After trying endless home remedies, she found relief with an Azurite cluster and lavender essential oil.

Interestingly, Azurite isn’t great for bedrooms because it disturbs sleep. For my friend, Azurite brought angelic help, guidance, and support when used in combination with lavender incense. As a result, she didn’t feel numb or paralyzed when waking up.

The best way to charge your Azurite crystal for night terrors is by using lavender for smudging. 

Howlite Crystals for Sweet Dreams

a piece of howlite stone for sweet dreams on a white background

White Howlite stones are so soothing for exhausted minds and bodies that they bring you dreams full of sweet memories, fantasies, and desires. 

I charge a Howlite in the morning and keep it next to the bed at night for pleasant and sweet dreams.

Much like Azurite, Howlite isn’t great for bedrooms and sleep. However, these stones are great if you’re experienced with crystals or have a piece of Howlite you’ve used for years. 

Labradorite Crystals for Enhancing Dreams

labradorite crystals for enhancing dreams on a white background

Labradorite spheres were once used for fortune telling and premonitions. Today, Labradorite is widely used for making elixirs, enhancing cosmetics, and reading tarot cards. 

As one of the less known crystals for enhancing dream therapies, Labradorite spheres are excellent for stimulating a deep sleep state. As a result, you’ll experience long and vivid dreams. 

All you need to do is gaze into the Labradorite for as long as you can without blinking before heading to bed. While gazing into the crystal, try to visualize your body transforming into the color of the Labradorite stone. 

Covellite Crystals for Dream Work

a chunk of covellite for dream work on a white background

No matter what dream therapy you’re doing, keeping a Covellite near your bed is good for extra imagination, awareness, and mental acuity. 

Covellite enhances your psychic skills to help you remember dreams from past lives and incarnations. This stone is warm and welcoming to people who are new to crystals. 

I’ve often found several angels and spirit guides who have helped me with Karmic therapy whenever I sleep with a Covellite crystal under my pillow. 

You can even make a crystal grid with a Covellite stone in the center to activate it for dream work. 

Unlock Sweet Dreams, Lucid Dreaming, and Dream Therapy

Dreaming is a basic manifestation activity using thoughts and energy. 

Lucid dreaming, astral travel, and dream work help you unlock different worlds and universes. Although it takes years of meditation and altering your mindset to do these dream rituals on your own, certain crystals can help you get there faster. 

If you’re hooked on dream therapy, you must also charge your crystals correctly, as we discussed. 

The following summarizes what we learned today about the best crystals for dreams and how to use them: 

15 best crystals for dreams table

Which crystal will you pick for good dreams and sleep? 


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