(schun - ​gite)
Main Origins:
Russia, Austria, India, Kazakhstan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

What is Shungite?

Shungite stone on a black granite

Shungite is a black mineraloid that is said to have been around for two billion years. It is mainly found near Lake Onega in Shunga, which is a small village in Northwestern Russia. 

Nobody really knows how Shungite was formed, but there is a range of theories. Most interestingly, some believe it came from a large meteorite. 

This stone has been used for years for its cleansing qualities. According to the legend, Peter the Great of Russia used it to purify water. Scientists have also worked with Shungite to develop treatments for inflammation and oxidative stress.

Shungite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Shungite has a huge variety of metaphysical and spiritual healing benefits. It is connected to the Root Chakra, so you can work with it to the ground and center yourself.  

Did you know that you can use Shungite to block EMF radiation? It is an incredibly powerful stone that protects you in so many different ways, from negative energy to electrical disturbances. 

Shungite gets a lot of its power from the element of Earth. This means its energy can be used to manifest abundance and material growth. It is also governed by the planet Mercury, which brings forth the energy of wisdom and understanding. 

Meditating with Shungite and appealing to the power of Mercury can help you see things clearly, allowing you to make the right decision.

Shungite Healing Properties and Benefits

Promotes Self-Love

  • The cleansing and purifying energy of Shungite stones allow you to connect with yourself and love who you are.
  • Meditate with your Shungite stone and repeat positive self-love affirmations.

Eases Insomnia

  • If you have trouble sleeping at night, with worries and stress taking hold, add Shungite into your routine.
  • Place a Shungite stone near your bed at night to help you overcome insomnia.

Balances Emotions

  • Shungite is a fantastic crystal to work with if you have trouble keeping your emotions in check.
  • If you feel overwhelmed by your emotions, hold your Shungite stone in your hand. Inhale and exhale deeply with your eyes closed, focusing on the feel of the stone in your hand.

Helps With Fatigue

  • Because of its powerful vibrational energy and its ability to detox the mind and body, Shungite can be used to relieve fatigue.
  • Place a Shungite stone at your desk at work to help you overcome tiredness and fatigue.

Inspires Understanding

  • Shungite is a fantastic stone to work with if you need to gain clarity in a situation. It allows us to let go of beliefs that do not serve us and embrace the truth.
  • In order to gain understanding, hold a Shungite stone in your hands while exploring the situation at hand. Allow its energy to flow through you and unblock the truth.

Promotes Self-Care

  • People have been using Shungite for centuries because of its ability to detox and purify energy. If you need to kick bad habits or practice more self-care, turning to this stone can give you the boost you need.
  • If you are using Shungite for detox, hold it in your hands when you feel the urge to slip back into bad habits. As you do so, repeat positive affirmations of self-care and self-love.

Shungite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A Father adjusting his son helmet

Psychic Protection


  • Shungite is a fantastic grounding stone. Its energy connects you with the physical world, providing peace and security.
  • If you feel uneasy, sit on the floor with a Shungite stone. Hold it in your hands and pay attention to your physical sensations.

Aura Purification

  • The cleansing quality of Shungite means that it purifies your aura, releasing unwanted energy and creating harmony.
  • Keep a Shungite stone on your altar or spiritual space to allow its energy to purify your aura and enhance your spiritual work.

Shields You From EMF

Aligns Your Chakra

  • Connected to the Root Chakra, Shungite has impressive grounding qualities. It also works with every chakra to align and harmonize them.
  • Meditate with your Shungite crystal while going through your chakras one by one, repeating affirmations associated with each one.

Universal Connection

  • As Shungite is governed by the element of Earth, you can use it to connect with mother nature. This allows you to live in harmony with the world around you and honor the living world.
  • Go out in nature with your Shungite stone. Find a spot in a park or a forest and sit down, holding the stone in your hand and meditating on what mother nature provides you with.

Shungite Side Effects

  • Wearing a Shungite for a long time may be draining. Shungite works to absorb and deflect negative energy, so you should cleanse it regularly. Without cleansing, any negative energy it has absorbed will start to have an effect on you. 
  • Despite its ability to ease insomnia, Shungite may cause sleep disturbances. This is because of its powerful energy connecting with your subconsciousness. If you wish to have a Shungite in your bedroom, make sure it is cleansed and charged.

Shungite Meaning: What does Shungite Symbolize?

A young boy puts a crystal on his forehead in nature

Did you know that the name “Shungite” was first used in 1879? It was used to describe mineraloids that are made up of more than 98% carbon. Since then, the term Shungite has been used to describe a range of these rocks that contain carbon. 

There are three distinct types of Shungite, ranging from dark black to gray. These different types are classified by their percentage of carbon. 

For centuries, cultures have turned to Shungite for its healing qualities. This stone was originally used to treat skin diseases, allergies, and many other illnesses. Its amazing antibacterial and antioxidant properties have been studied and confirmed. 

We can also use Shungite for protection and stress relief, with its healing energies working to unblock energy and promote positivity.

Types of Shungite

  • Elite Shungite: This name refers to a Shungite stone that is made up of 98% carbon. It is extremely rare and has a shiny, silvery glow to it. This variety is perfect for protecting against negative energy and EMFs.
  • Petrovsky Shungite: This variety of Shungite is made up of 50 to 70% carbon and appears in a deep black color. It is stronger than Elite Shungite, so you are able to use it in jewelry. Petrovsky Shungite is great for protection and stress relief. 
  • Regular Shungite: Regular Shungite is the most common variety and is made up of 30 to 50% carbon. It is easily polished and shaped. This variety of Shungite is perfect for unblocking energy and balancing your emotions. 
  • Brown Shungite: Some Shungite appear brown and brassy. This variety is the best for grounding energy and connecting to the natural world.

How to Cleanse Shungite?

A person holding a burning dried sage

  • Smudging: Burn sage outdoors or inside with an open window. Slowly move your crystal through the smoke, allowing it to be fully immersed.
  • Moonlight: Place your Shungite stone outside or on your windowsill overnight. The night of the full moon is best for this form of cleansing. 
  • Crystal Grid: Place a number of Clear Quartzes around your Shungite. Leave it for a few hours.

Questions and Answers

Is there another name for Shungite?

No, there are no other names for Shungite but its called Carbon Black and Shungite Natural Black in pigment-form.

How do you pronounce Shungite?

Shungite is pronounced shung-ite.

Is Shungite found in the USA?

No, Shungite is not found in the USA. It is mainly found in Northwest Russia, with other small deposits of the crystal found in Austria, India, Kazakhstan, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Are there different types of Shungite?

Yes, there are three main types of Shungite. These are Elite Shungite, Petrovsky Shungite, and Regular Shungite. They are classified according to the percentage of carbon found in them.

Is Shungite graphene?

Yes, Shungite is a natural form of graphene.

Can Shungite be scratched?

Yes, Shungite can be scratched. It has a fairly low hardness rating of 3.5-4 on the MOHS hardness scale.

Does Shungite go well with Smokey Quartz?

Yes. Shungite is ruled by the planet Mercury, with Earth, Saturn, and the Sun associated with Smokey Quartz. Mercury is friendly with the Sun and neutral with Saturn, so these two crystals can be used together.

Can Shungite be used with Hematite?

No. Hematite and Shungite are often associated with each other because of the stone’s connection with the Root Chakra and the element of Earth. However, their ruling planets are considered enemies, with Mars finding it difficult to connect with Mercury. Because of this, you should not use these two stones together.

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