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What is Angelite?

An angelite crystal on a beige background

Angelite is a soft, precious gemstone that was found in Peru in the late 1980s. It is known for its connection to the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, enhancing communication, self-expression, and angelic contact. 

Angelite is one of the few Angel Stones specifically intended to align with higher vibrations of the Universe. The Angelite benefits show a sensitive and nurturing crystal that can be used to help you find your inner voice.

Angelite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Angelite has many metaphysical associations, as it opens several charkas including Crown, Third Eye, and Throat. As these are the highest chakras, they stimulate the pineal gland to enhance psychic visions. So, Angelite creates a subtle energetic cord to the world around us.

Did you know Angelite is its own source of healing energy? It’s a healer’s crystal that opens balances the ether and air elements. Hence, you can charge it with incense, smudge sticks, positive affirmations, and seed mantras for the best results.

Angelite is ruled by the Greek Goddess of Vegetation, Ariadne, the Greek Goddess of Youth, Hebe, the Gamilaraayan Creator Spirit, Yhi, and the Celtic Goddess of fire, Brigid. It’s ruled by the planetary bodies of Moon and Uranus, where Moon brings perception and Uranus psychic vision.

A lot of wisdom and power is found in the ethereal and astral planes with Angelite. Some other Angelite benefits include mediumship with spirits and otherworldly beings.

Angelite Healing Properties and Benefits

Subtle Perception

  • All aspects of subtle perception are enhanced. Angelite “lights up” your higher mind and several higher mental and spiritual abilities that accompany it.
  • Honoring your sensitive and emotional nature is the best way to use Angelite, regardless of your gender. Try drinking more water while eating less dense foods.

Enhanced Creativity

  • The Angelite benefits include stimulating creative and artistic expression, including a genuine passion to express yourself creatively.
  • Use Angelite to help you with any art, craft, project, hobby, or vocation. Artistic gifts, and ingenious originality and innovation, are amplified and accessible!

Amplified Imagination

  • Due to the link to the ether and astral and subtle planes, Angelitie is a potent imagination sparker.
  • Meditate or work with Angelite alongside other Crown Chakra, imagination crystals, like Celestite and Selenite, or Blue Kyanite. These three are the perfect complementors, further bringing out Angelite’s best qualities.

Sparks Inner Guidance

  • Angelite activates your inner voice, confidence, and sense of self-empowerment while simultaneously aligning you with your intuition.
  • Through a combination of discernment and instincts, logic and intuition, and rationality and outside-the-box spiritual thinking/perception, you can make the best decisions for you and your loved ones.

Alleviates Internal Energy Blockages

  • All imbalances can be eased and relieved, including blockages on the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual planes.
  • Meditate with your Angelite for the best effect. “Speak” to your crystal, asking it for guidance and higher wisdom. Your body will then speak to you in turn, and you will know what ailment needs to be addressed.

Instills Peace and Tranquility

  • Inner peace, serenity, tranquility, mental clarity, emotional balance, and internal harmony are unique to the metaphysical and healing Angelite properties.

Research where Uranus is in your birth (natal chart). Astrology is a wonderful tool to use alongside crystal healing. You can find the best way to use Angelite, unique to you based on the meaning of what star sign Uranus falls under.

Angelite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

An angel statue in nature

Activates Psychic Abilities

  • Telepathy, potent instincts, advanced intuition, and psychic gifts and powers are part of the Angelite healing properties.
  • This is a powerful Third Eye Chakra and spiritual healing gemstone. Use it regularly in waking life, keeping it on you, near you, or by your side. Over time, psychic perception will come naturally to you.

Awakens Your Astral Body

  • Included in the Angelite meaning is awakening your astral body for astral travel, astral projection, and all matters of extrasensory phenomena.
  • Use it as a dream stone, first cleansing and charging it properly. Angelite is rare in that it perpetually charges itself as it is its own source and healing supply of subtle and spiritual energy.

Amplifies Angel Contact

  • Also known as the Angel Stone, Angelite is perfect for angelic contact.
  • Research the main archangels to see how their healing light and energy can help you. Make a mental note that Angelite is a conduit for higher consciousness, wisdom, energy, and insight to flow through.

Stimulates Subtle Communication

  • Spirit communication, angel contact and communication, and other advanced forms of communication, such as telepathy, are enhanced.
  • Engage in a conscious 3 day fast. If you can’t manage 3 days, commit to a one day water cleanse, and then tune into the auric field of your Angelite, asking for guidance.

Promotes Higher Truth

  • Angelite is ideal for higher truth, getting to the root of truths in your personal life, and discovering your authentic inner voice.
  • Incorporate the colors pale or light blue into your daily routines, using color therapy alongside your crystal healing activities. Color healing frequencies amplify your intentions and the Angelite metaphysical properties.

Clairvoyance and Mediumship

  • The Angelite benefits include being a rare stone for channeling, clairvoyance, and mediumship.
  • Create a sacred space and set the intention to tune into your higher self, the realm of the divine light angels and deities. Try to access your own channeling powers and gifts for practical wisdom.

Angelite Side Effects

  • Not good for peaceful sleep: As Angelite is a high vibration crystal, keeping it next to your bedside table can lead to disturbed sleep.

Angelite Meaning: What Does Angelite Symbolize?

An Angel Statue on a pedestal

Angelic Communication is the meaning of Angelite.

The name Angelite comes from a direct Greek translation of anhydrous, meaning “without water”. 

Due to its recent rediscovery, ancient Peruvian cultures must’ve called Angelite by other names.

Technically, Angelite stands for mediumship or contact with spirits, angels, and other energy beings in the cosmos. 

However, Angelite holds a sacred level among New Age crystal users because represents subtle perception, creativity, courage, confidence, and spirit contact. 

Did you know Angelite is a great stone for astral travel, dream work, angelic contact, and multidimensional travel? It raises the vibrations in your body by unblocking higher chakras. 

That’s why Psychics often suggest Angelite for opening the doors to inner truth, spiritual destiny, knowledge, divination, confidence, telepathy, power, and mediumship.

Varieties of Angelite

  • Colorless: Colorless Angelite is ideal for spirit and angel contact. It enhances divine and spiritual awareness, perception, and subtle forms of communication. 
  • Semi-transparent: Like colorless Angelite, this type of Angelite amplifies your connection to the subconscious, astral, and dream worlds, aligning you with the spirit and subtle energies. Intuition is enhanced considerably. 
  • White-gray: White-Gray Angelite helps you to look past illusions and activate intuitive guidance, including your inner voice. This one’s ideal for developing faith and trust in the Universe. 
  • White-blue: This Angelite variety instills deep peace, contemplation, and higher spiritual awareness. It can activate creativity and imagination. White-Blue and Pale Blue Angelite best represent the Angelite meaning
  • Pale blue: Communication, trusting your inner voice, speaking your truth, connecting to the higher realms, angel communication, and healing are all symbolic of the Pale Blue Angelite properties
  • Blue-gray: Blue-gray Angelite is a great alternative if you want to find inspiration and wisdom in the angelic and light realms that aren’t that spiritually open. This type opens your Third Eye and sparks psychic gifts, without taking you “all the way there.” 
  • Light violet: Perfect for higher self activation and spiritual union with the Divine, Light Violet Angelite stimulates your Third Eye. Expression and communication channels flow.
  • Pinkish or rose: This Angelite is good for beginners wanting to delve a little without going too deep, similar to Blue-Gray Angelite. The Angelite benefits of this variety also includes activating your Heart Chakra, romance, self-love, and emotional intelligence. 
  • Reddish (murky blue): Murky Blue Angelite, with a reddish tint, can spark creativity, imagination, and a desire to speak your truth. You want to use your voice more and share openly with others. Passion is enhanced. 
  • Brown-blue: The Brown-Blue Angelite meaning symbolizes standing strong in your truth. Confidence, mental clarity, and inner strength are developed and increased in a way that allows you to speak and communicate without fear or apprehension.

How To Cleanse Angelite?

A person placing his hand on top of the crystals

  • Smoke/smudging – Wafting the smoke of sage, palo santo, frankincense resin, or any herbal smudge stick over Angelite cleanses it. 
  • Seed Mantra– Sound is a great way to cleanse your sensitive Angelite, as it links to the air and ether. You can cleanse Angelite by chanting the mantra OM into the crystal.
  • SunlightSunlight is effective for cleansing Angelite because it is a highly psychic stone. Sunlight removes psychic impurities and negative energies while instilling it with new power. Hence, hold it under the early morning sun for a few minutes before use.

Questions and Answers

Is Angelite the same as Anhydrite?

Yes and no; Angelite is a version of Anhydrite. 

The Lilac, Light Violet, and Pale Blue Angelites are the only type known to be real Anhydrite. All other variations are considered Angelite (i.e. not pure Anhydrite).

How can you tell if Angelite is real?

The best way to tell if you have an authentic Angelite is by checking it’s shimmer. You can also hold the crystal to feel the spiritual vibrations being emitted.

Can I go swimming, shower, or bathe with Angelite?

No, you should never swim, shower, or bathe with Angelite. Angelite gemstone must be removed before water activities because it turns into Gypsum in water.

Can I wear Angelite if I’m not an Aquarius?

Yes, you can wear Angelite if you were born under the Aquarius sign. 

Angelite links to the elements Air and Water, so all Air and Water signs benefit the most from the Angelite metaphysical properties

Are Celestite and Angelite the same?

No, Celestite and Angelite aren’t the same crystals. 

Celestite is similar to Angelite because it’s one of the few Angel Stones. They are not identical, but you can use Celestite as an alternative for angel contact, higher self-awareness, spiritual union, and subtle and subconscious perception.

Which stones should not be worn together with Angelite?

Crystals that offer a deeply grounding, stabilizing, and rooting energy, particularly those for the Root Chakra, shouldn’t be worn with Angelite. These include: Garnet, Hematite, and Black Obsidian. Their effects can overpower the Angelite healing properties.

Interactions with Angelite

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