(ur - a - guh - nite)
Main Origins:
Spain, Morocco, Austria, France, Italy, Namibia, UK, Mexico, and USA.

What is Aragonite?

An Aragonite crystal cluster on a blue background

Aragonite is a crystal that consists of carbonate and is formed from precipitation in marine and freshwater environments. This crystal mainly occurs in deposits around hot springs and lining the shells of mollusks. You can also find Aragonite in the shape of star clusters. 

Aragonite was first discovered in the Aragon river in Spain, where it received its name, from Abraham Gottlob Werner. It has been found in many locations worldwide since. This stone will eventually turn into Calcite, as it loses many of its minerals over time. Many ancient fossils have been found preserved in Aragonite specimens.

You can find this stone in colorless, blue, brown, pink, and yellow shades. Aragonite is a great stone for the air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius). It removes excessive, overactive thoughts and brings rationality to mind. This stone also lets you see the truth in the information you are exposed to at all times.

Aragonite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Spiritual exploration can be confusing, as the world can present many concepts that perplex you. Not every bit of advice and information is good for you, and it is crucial to stay guarded and aware of facts and logic when exploring spiritual truths.

Aragonite grounds your mind and fills your brain with logic during spiritual exploration, allowing you to stay on the right path and access truths and information that will help you grow. 

Aragonite has many useful metaphysical healing properties and benefits. This stone is one of the best for those who struggle to stay rooted in reality while expanding their mind and consciousness.

This stone lets you realize that spirituality is not some altered state; it’s not experiencing visions, hallucinations, or losing touch with reality. Spirituality is complete awareness of and presence in the here and now. 

Aragonite is a master of helping you find concrete, practical answers that serve your physical experience and spiritual expansion. Using this stone builds inner strength and turns you into an unbreakable force.

Aragonite Healing Properties and Benefits

Relief for Anxiety and Stress

  • Aragonite removes emotional and physical tension, allowing for better sleep and less stress and anxiety. This stone releases any cold feelings of loneliness and will enable you to feel happy and content by yourself.
  • Sleep with Aragonite under your pillow to clear your subconscious of negative thoughts and emotions.

Mental Clarity and Focus

  • This stone encourages flexibility of the mind and removes any inclination to be one or close-minded. In addition, Aragonite clears your mental pathways, allowing you to easily take in, process, and focus on new information.
  • Meditate with Aragonite in your palm for 15 minutes when your thoughts overwhelm you. 

Strength and Willpower

  • Aragonite tempers extreme, hostile, and volatile moods, giving you the inner strength and willpower needed to control your negative and angry emotions. By letting you release inner anger, you find the courage needed to be noble and honorable.
  • Wear an Aragonite pendant around the neck to balance and control extreme emotions and to help build inner strength.

Passion and Libido

  • By balancing your hormones and emotions, Aragonite removes emotional and physical tiredness, giving you endless vitality and energy. This newfound spark can also reignite your sexual desire and increase your sexual performance.
  • Keep Aragonite on your bedside table to balance your hormones and increase the sexual energy in the room.

Improved Judgment and Intuition

  • Aragonite removes the fear and negative emotions that can cloud your judgment. This stone gives you the intuition needed to navigate life challenges by making you more aware of energies and by giving you extra sensory abilities.
  • Wear Aragonite jewelry daily to improve your judgment and increase the power of your intuition.

Aragonite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman raised two hands in the air near the beach

Higher Consciousness and Wisdom

  • By allowing you to have an unclouded view of reality and giving you spiritual awareness and expanded consciousness, Aragonite instills you with higher wisdom to help you navigate life much more easily.
  • Place Aragonite on a crystal grid with Selenite and Clear Quartz for at least 30 days to activate the crystal to attain higher knowledge.

Universal Connection and Peace

  • By releasing feelings of entrapment and giving you access to endless freedom, Aragonite allows you to go on journeys that connect you with others and invite peace and contentment into your life.
  • Bathe with Aragonite next to your bath to release toxic, stagnant energies from your aura that prevents you from extending yourself and creating connections.

Guidance and Support

  • By helping you form good habits, Aragonite lets you develop good practices and avoid procrastination. This stone makes you feel secure and confident in your choices.
  • Hold Aragonite in your hand while practicing automatic writing with a question in mind, and the answers you seek will naturally come to you.

Spiritual Grounding

  • This stone teaches you the patience and acceptance needed to accept spiritual truths. Aragonite prevents you from overextending yourself and protects you from energy vampires and toxic influences.
  • Carry an Aragonite crystal in your pocket every day for spiritual guidance and grounding.

Inner Child Healing

  • Aragonite reawakens childhood memories to allow you to find the root of unresolved emotions as an adult. This stone connects you with your playful inner side, allowing you to live happily and carefree.
  • Place Aragonite on your Root Chakra when doing inner child meditations.

Aragonite Side Effects

  • Respiratory Distress: Inhaling Aragonite powder can irritate the respiratory tract.
  • Skin Irritation: Some people can have allergic reactions to calcium bicarbonate. Skin contact with Aragonite powder can cause dermatitis in some people.

Aragonite Meaning: What Does Aragonite symbolize?

The word "Truth" is highlighted by a marker

The meaning of Aragonite is “Stone of Truth.”

This stone is best for young adults, children, and teens, as it stabilizes emotions and prevents irrational decisions.

Many Ammonite shells contain Aragonite. There is a legend that Aragonite is composed of a Spanish girl’s tears who was separated from her beloved. Her tears fell to the ground when she broke up with her fiancé and formed Aragonite spikes.

Wizards in the Middle Ages believed hexagonal Aragonite to resemble a magical symbol, The Seal of Solomon. It is believed that this seal gave Solomon the power to speak to animals and command genies.

Aragonite has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties and was ground into a powder that was placed on wounds in the Middle Ages. Many springs in the Czech Republic and Germany contain this mineral, and swimming in them helps with constipation and indigestion.

Varieties of Aragonite

  • Brown Aragonite: A variety of Aragonite consisting of brown, yellow, and white patterns and shades, Brown Aragonite helps you stay rooted and calm during times of great upheaval.
  • Blue Aragonite: A blue variety of Aragonite is used for emotional healing and stability.
  • Pink Aragonite: This variety of Aragonite occurs in a light pink shade and is often mistaken for Rose Quartz. Pink Aragonite is a wonderful stone to heal wounded relationships and attract love into your life.
  • White Aragonite: This variety of Aragonite occurs in white or clear shades and connects to the Root and Crown Chakra. White Aragonite works well for those who refuse to take responsibility.
  • Sputnik Aragonite: The most commonly occurring form of Aragonite, Sputnik Aragonite comes from Morocco and has potent mentally stabilizing effects. This variety usually occurs in a golden hue but can also be clear. 
  • Green Aragonite: A green variety of Aragonite that can glow in the dark, Green Aragonite connects you to the energy of Mother Earth, making you aware of how to improve and benefit from nature and your physical environment. 
  • Yellow Aragonite: This variety of Aragnote occurs in yellow and has powerful Root and Solar Plexus stabilizing abilities. Wearing a Yellow Aragonite pendant can remove negative self-esteem and instill unbeatable confidence.

How To Cleanse Aragonite?

A burning white sage smudge stick in the bowl

  • Soil – Wrap your Aragonite in a natural fiber cloth, dig a hole in natural, undisturbed soil, and bury your stone in it for at least a week. 
  • Clear Quartz – Place your Aragonite next to a Clear Quartz crystal with points and let it touch your Aragonite for at least 24 hours. The Clear Quartz will cleanse and charge your crystal naturally.
  • Smudging – Light one end of a sage bundle, incense, or palo santo stick with a match, candle, or lighter, and fan the smoke over your crystal for 2 minutes with your hand or a feather. Always practice fire safety when cleansing crystals with smoke and avoid this method if you suffer from respiratory disease.

Questions and Answers

Is Aragonite safe in the water?

No, Aragonite’s structure consists of calcium carbonate, and this crystal can dissolve when placed in water.

Can Aragonite go in the sun?

No, Aragonite is a brittle, fragile crystal, and extreme heat and light conditions can cause it to crack, dissolve, or it’s color to fade.

Why is my Aragonite Changing Color?

When exposed to heat, Aragonite will change to Calcite, which can cause its colors to fade or disappear.

What’s the difference between fake Aragonite and real Aragonite?

Many Calcite specimens are often sold as Aragonite. Aragonite is less brittle than Calcite, and when running a needle down it, it will not scratch as easily as Calcite. 

Who shouldn’t wear Aragonite?

Anyone who suffers from allergic reactions to calcium carbonate should avoid working with or wearing Aragonite.

Where to keep Aragonite in your house?

Keep Aragonite in your office or study to increase mental focus, patience, and productivity. Place it on your desk to help categorize your thoughts.

Which hand to wear Aragonite?

Wear Aragonite on your left hand to increase mental function, confidence, and concentration.

Which finger to wear Aragonite?

Wear Aragonite on your pinky finger to resolve self-esteem issues and connect with unconditional self-love within yourself.

When to wear Aragonite?

You can wear Aragonite daily to benefit from its healing properties, but the best day to wear it is on a Monday when your week is just starting and you need additional mental focus and physical energy.

What’s the cost of Aragonite?

Rough pieces sell for around $0.03 to $0.30 per carat. Faceted Aragonite sells for about $26 to $260 per carat.

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