The world is full of good and bad energies, and new homes are filled with both. So, if you just moved into a new house (congrats!), it’s best to remove the negative energy of previous owners first. What are the best crystals for your new home? 

The best crystals for a new home are: 

  1. Shungite
  2. Yellow Jasper 
  3. Lapis Lazuli
  4. Aragonite
  5. Rose Quartz
  6. Black Obsidian
  7. Green Aventurine
  8. Pyrite
  9. Amethyst 
  10. Sardonyx
  11. Clear Quartz 
  12. Aquamarine 
  13. Smoky Quartz
  14. Selenite 
  15. Malachite
  16. Black Tourmaline 
  17. Scolecite 

Go ahead and check out how to use the best crystals for new homes, and where to keep them to attract love, harmony, happiness, peace, protection, luck, and prosperity!

Shungite Crystals for Cleansing Your New Home 

Shungite crystal on white background

Do you know Shungite is an antibacterial stone? Besides bacteria, it removes phenol, nitrates, iron, chlorine, and microorganisms from water. 

 If you sprinkle a few drops of Shungite gem elixir in a circular shape (inside or outside) around your new home, it’ll remove negative energies left by previous owners

Yellow Jasper Crystals for Front Door Protection

yellow jasper crystal on white background

Vedas (ancient Hindu scriptures originating from India) say fire energy purifies like no other. By charging Yellow Jasper near a candle fire, you can generate purifying energies that protect your home from toxic neighbors and curses. Once you’re done charging, place the crystal in a flower pot, or on the table at the front door.

Lapis Lazuli for Spiritually Charging Your Home 

lapis lazuli on a white background

I think Lapis Lazuli is one of the best crystals for housewarming gift because I received it a few years back, and it really was a wonderful crystal for my home. 

After charging them under sunlight, I kept three Lapis Lazuli stones in the center of my home (on the coffee table in the living room). 

The crystal intellectually stimulated our family conversations and made that corner the favorite hotspot of my husband, friends, family, and our cat (Zomboy). 

Aragonite Crystals for Happiness at Home 

Aragonite crystal on white background

Do you know Aragonite is a crystal found in Coral and Pearl too? Aragonite eliminates the tension and anxiety of your family to easily settle into your new home. For this, place an Aragonite cluster in the Eastern corner of your home.

Rose Quartz for Love and Harmony at Home 

Rose Quartz Crystal on white background

Rose Quartz is the ultimate crystal for adding good vibes to your new home. Being the best crystal for unconditional love, it also helps to keep harmony, peace, and patience at home. For this, you should place a 100g to 150g raw Rose Quartz stone in the center of your home. 

Black Obsidian Crystals for Moving to a New City 

3 Black Obsidian on white background

When I was shifting to a new place, a psychic friend gifted me a Black Obsidian crystal. Thank God, because it removed my FOMO, sadness, and other whelming feelings when shifting

So, keep a few Black Obsidian crystals in your bag to keep calm. Also, charge your Black Obsidian crystals with any three elements – earth, water, or fire, before placing them in your bag.

Green Aventurine Crystals for Plants in Your Garden 

Green Aventurine on white background

Do you have an indoor or outdoor garden in your new home? Even if you’re planning to get potted plants, it’s good to bury a few Green Aventurine stones in your garden for plant health.

Green Aventurine nourishes weak plants and sends positive energy into your home. That’s why it’s one of the best crystals to put on a window sill.

Pyrite Crystals for Attracting Abundance 

Pyrite Crystal on white background

Do you work from home? If work stress feels tenfold in your new home, get a Pyrite sphere and keep it in the left corner of your home. 

As per Feng Shui, this will balance energies in the new house to attract prosperity, wealth, and good luck. 

Amethyst Crystals for New Beginnings 

Amethyst Crystal on white background

I’ve realized lately why most crystal users love Amethyst so much. It works great for concentration, wisdom, psychic abilities, studies, and more. As it’s one of the best crystals for moving forward, Amethyst can help you adjust to your new house with great spirits.

I suggest keeping your amethyst crystal for home in the West to appease Saturn’s ruling energies. 

Sardonyx Crystals for Good Neighbors 

Sardonyx crystal on white background

Sardonyx is an aesthetic stone that goes well with most home decor. But it’s even better to attract good friendships around your home. 

I suggest placing a bowl of Sardonyx crystals outside the front door. This will spread good vibes to attract good neighbors.

Here’s a bonus tip – Mangano Calcite is a great stone to bury around the four corners of your home to deal with annoying neighbors. 

Clear Quartz Crystals for Clearing Hexes 

clear quartz tower isolated on a white background

Do you feel your new home is hexed or cursed? If the previous owners of the house or land had bad karma, it might’ve leached into the home. You may feel afraid or hear sounds if your home is hexed.

Before you get affected by the hex, smudge your house’s walls with a Clear Quartz wand. It’ll clear dangerous negative energies in your new house

Aquamarine Crystals for Tranquility at Home 

aquamarine polished stones on a white background

Aquamarine is perfect for peace, patience, and tranquility. It rejuvenates, heals, cools, and energizes your body during baths and showers when placed in the bathroom. Don’t forget to charge it by rinsing it daily for a few minutes in water. 

Smoky Quartz for Preventing Fights at Home 

Smoky quartz on white background

Does your new home feel irritating? It may be due to an imbalance of energies. Smoky Quartz is a powerful lower chakra stone to ground and stabilize the energies by clearing clutter, grudges, anger, and negativity.

All you need to do is charge it with sunlight before placing it in your office, or study, or prayer area. 

Selenite Crystals for Purifying Energies 

Selenite Crystals on white background

Selenite cleanses people, auras, chakras, and crystals. But it’s even better to filter the energies from people and thoughts entering your home. So, where to place selenite at home? It’s best to charge with moonlight and place Selenite crystals above the door.

Malachite for Good Sleep in Your New House 

malachite crystal on white background

New homes often disturb the sleep cycle. Moreover, it may even take weeks to fall asleep regularly in a new house. Instead of wasting time, place a Malachite under the pillow. You can charge it with positive affirmations to set a healthy sleep routine in your new house. 

Black Tourmaline for Protecting your New Home 

black tourmaline on a white background

After cleansing and spiritually charging your home, the final step is protection. 

By burying Black Tourmaline around the four corners of your home, you can create an energy shield around your new house. Moreover, you don’t need to dig out and cleanse Black Tourmaline stones, because they’re self-cleansing.

Scolecite Stones for Manifesting a New Home

Scolecite Stones on white background


If you know what house you want someday, try manifesting your Dream Home with a Scolecite cluster NOW!

Although it’s mostly used for meditation, Reiki, and occult rituals, Scolecite is perfect for manifesting a new home after burying it for a full moon cycle in the soil. 

Where to Place Crystals in Your Home by Feng Shui?

The following list outlines where to place different crystals in your new home based on Feng Shui. First, read how to find the different directions in your home using a compass.

Chart explaining the location where to place crystals inside house

Cleanse and Charge your New Home With Crystals!

Whether renting or buying a new house, crystals for cleansing, peace, prosperity, harmony, tranquility, and sleep are great for transforming it into a real home. 

We learned how to charge crystals and where to keep them for specific benefits. 

Here’s a quick summary of where to keep crystals in your new home:

Chart of best crystals for new home and its correct location inside the house

So, which crystals will you place in your new home? 


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