13 Best Crystals for Plants in Your Garden

  1. Green Calcite Crystals for Indoor Plants
  2. Rose Quartz Crystals for Dying Plants
  3. Citrine Crystals for Plants Growth
  4. Amber Crystals for Plants Healing
  5. Selenite: Is Selenite Good for Plants?
  6. Tiger’s Eye for Grounding Your Plants Properly 
  7. Malachite Crystals for Succulents 
  8. Moss Agate for Potted Plants
  9. Amethyst for Gardening Skills 
  10. Black Tourmaline Crystals for Snake Plants
  11. Green Aventurine for Plants and Herbs 
  12. Clear Quartz for Cleansing your Plants 
  13. Moonstone Crystals for Outdoor Plants
  14. FAQ: Crystals for Plants 
  15. Add these Crystals to Plants in Your Garden

DISCLAIMER: This article doesn’t contain any medical information. It must be strictly used for educational purposes. 

Plants and crystals both come from Mother Earth. Perhaps that’s why they are great for each other. Just like herbs can cleanse certain crystals, some crystals can clear diseases or restore health in plants. What are the best crystals for plants? How to bury crystals properly?

Read on to navigate easy and practical steps for using the best crystals for plants in your garden today. 

Green Calcite Crystals for Indoor Plants

green calcite on white background

Psychics say natural Green Calcites are excellent for communicating with plants and nurturing its spirit. That’s because the heart chakra that rules Green Calcite is a natural life booster. 

You should bury Green Calcite crystals on the night of a full moon, new moon, or supermoon  in your garden, to help your plants grow. That’s because the Moon rules Green Calcite. 

Rose Quartz Crystals for Dying Plants

rose quartz on a white background

My plants sometimes fall sick after intense weather changes. If your plant is dying, you should try using Rose Quartz for plants. 

Bury Rose Quartz a few inches deep in your flower pot or garden to remove all types of plant diseases. Doing this will help your plant recover quickly too.

After you bury the rose quartz crystal, add a few drops of water over the soil to set the intention for healing your plants.

Citrine Crystals for Plants Growth

citrine on a white background

What can Citrine, the good luck crystal, do for plants? A lot!

Just as Citrine is lucky for humans, it’s lucky for plants too. By placing Citrine crystals next to indoor plants, you’ll help them absorb more energy and grow vigorously.

It’s best to bury Citrine with plants at sunrise because it’s ruled by the Sun.

Amber Crystals for Plants Healing

amber on a white background

Do you know the Amber crystal is 30 to 50 million years old? As it’s one of the oldest organic materials, a touch of Amber per day is enough to restore the health of weak and diseased plants

Amber is a fossilized tree resin made by plants. That’s why it can absorb and clear the strongest curse or negativity affecting your plants. 

Selenite: Is Selenite Good for Plants?

selenite on a white background

Yes, Selenite is a good cleansing crystal for plants. Specifically, it’s a high-vibration crystal that protects plants from pests and seasonal diseases. 

Getting large crystals for garden, such as Selenite towers, candles, or charging plates, can cover a whole backyard of plants, rather than one or two plants. 

Tiger’s Eye for Grounding Your Plants Properly 

tigers eye on a white background

Stress isn’t unique to humans alone. Other animals and pets often become weak or die from environmental or physical conditions. Tiger’s Eye is especially good for helping new plants take strong roots. 

As Tiger’s Eye balances solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras, it’ll eject your plant’s stress by grounding it. Moreover, Tiger’s Eye stones also help small plants grow healthily. 

Malachite Crystals for Succulents 

malachite on a white background

One of the best crystals for succulents, Malachite crystals, can help your succulents tolerate climate change. 

To do so, fill a succulent plant pot with Malachite chips instead of burying the crystals to restore dying succulent plants. 

But before placing them in the pot, hold your palms over Malachite chips or tumbled stones for a few minutes. This will charge the crystals to heal your succulents and nourish them.

Moss Agate for Potted Plants

moss agate on a white background

Do you know Moss Agate is known as the Gardener’s Stone? It’s also the perfect stone for burying broken and cracked crystals in your garden. Moreover, Moss Agate crystals rejuvenate, grow, and heal all plants.

Tree Agate is another choice for newly potted plants to find their roots, power, and purpose. 

Amethyst for Gardening Skills 

amethyst on a white background

If you’re new to gardening, carrying or wearing Amethyst crystals will prevent newbie mistakes. You can also bury Amethyst with edible plants and vegetables to protect them from common diseases and environmental stress.

It’s good to charge your Amethyst for a few minutes under the Sun before burying it in a pot or the garden. 

Black Tourmaline Crystals for Snake Plants

black tourmaline on a white background

Another protection and grounding crystal, Black Tourmaline is great for multiplying Snake Plants

For this, you can fully or partially bury the crystals in your Snake Plant pot. Some say Black Tourmaline may also strengthen weak plants because it connects living matter directly to Mother Gaia. 

Green Aventurine for Plants and Herbs 

green aventurine on a white background

Green Aventurine fills people, things, and plants with unconditional love. But do you know it’s a great stone for nurturing plants in the Spring? 

Making Green Aventurine elixirs in spring and adding it to your garden hydrates your plants like magic. If you bury these green crystals in the garden, it makes your plants stay alive. 

I’ve heard a few gardening aficionados say Green Aventurine is also a great pick-me-up stone for weak plants. 

Clear Quartz for Cleansing your Plants 

clear quartz on a white background

Whether climate change, or a pest, is bothering your plants, high-vibrational crystals can clear negativity in a stroke. Clear Quartz wands are great for clearing stubborn pests and diseases, or hexes, on your plant. 

Try burying Clear Quartz crystals with plants until the next Full Moon, if your plants are fighting a strong disease.

Moonstone Crystals for Outdoor Plants

moonstone on a white background

Putting crystals in soil is a great way to heal plants from their roots. 

But you don’t need to bury Moonstone crystals to nourish your plants. It can also be arranged aesthetically around your plants after you charge it under Full or New Moon energy. 

Moonstone is particularly good for succulents and herbs on window sills. 

FAQ: Crystals for Plants 

Before you start burying crystals for plants, it’s good to know the basics. Here are a few tips from my experience to start on the right foot:

Which Crystal is Good for Plants?

Heart chakra crystals like Jade, Green Aventurine, Rose Quartz, Malachite, and Moss Agate are the best for plants. 

However, different crystals affect plants differently. For instance, Selenite removes pests, and Amethyst works on diseases. 

Can You Put Crystals in Potted Plants?

Yes, you can bury or place crystals in potted plants. 

Although, remember not to disturb the root of the plant when burying crystals in potted plants. 

Why do People Put Crystals in Plants?

People put crystals in potted plants and gardens because crystals are good for healing and nurturing plants. 

Moreover, different crystals work differently on indoor/outdoor plants, herbs, trees, and succulents. For example, Moonstone crystals heal outdoor plants, and Green Calcite works on indoor plants. 

Can Crystals Help Plants Grow?

Yes, crystals like Green Calcite, Citrine, Amber, Tiger’s Eye, and Moss Agate are the best crystals for helping plants grow. You can bury them with plants for a week or two, to see visible changes. 

Can I Charge my Crystals in My Plants?

Yes, you can charge your crystals by burying them next to your plants. On top of it, large crystals are quicker to cleanse when buried under the soil. I suggest charging crystals for plants with sunlight, moonlight, water, fire, or positive affirmations before burial. 

Add these Crystals to Plants in Your Garden

The right crystals for plants are great for protection from dehydration, pests, malnutrition, diseases, and more. In short, there are crystals for root-to-shoots no matter what your plant is.

When burying crystals in your garden, bury them no more than three feet deep.

Learn how to make your own personalized crystal zen garden and soothe away stress with its delicate beauty.

Here’s a summary of what we learned today about crystals for plants:

13 best crystals for your garden

So, which crystals are you going to use with the plants in your garden?

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