(uh - ven - chuh - reen)
Main Origins:
India, China, USA, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Slovakia, Germany, Japan, and South Africa.

What is Aventurine?

Aventurine bracelet on a wood

Did you know Aventurine is a type of Quartz? Aventurine is the translucent type of Green Quartz (not Prasiolite) with a glassy appearance. 

The most interesting thing about Aventurine is the plate-like inclusions inside it, responsible for its glitter effect called aventurescence

Aventurine is called Sparkling Quartz and its varieties show all the colors of the rainbow. 

The inclusions in Aventurine give it colors like orange, red, or brown from Hematite or Goethite, blue from Dumortierite, purple from Lepidolite, and white, yellow, or peach from Pyrite or Mica. The rest of the colors come from Quartz.

Apart from its intriguing geology, Aventurine is a popular crystal in the crystal community. Ever heard of the Stone of Opportunity? It’s Green Aventurine!

Fun Fact: Aventurine got its name from the Italian word “all’avventura” or “Aventura.” This word means by chance, and it was chosen for its sparkling resemblance due to an Italian industrial glass of the same name invented by chance.

Aventurine Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Aventurine varieties open all seven chakras and elements. 

Did you know Aventurine was once called the fairy treasure stone? Once upon a time, people placed Green Aventurine pebbles in their gardens with gnome statues to attract good luck. 

To attract good fortune and luck, look for yellow in Aventurine, as it’s associated with Solar Plexus Chakra and success

Because it opens the Sacral and Heart chakra, Aventurine was also used for fertility rituals. One legend says digging a hole and keeping the Aventurine on the shell of a broken egg near your ovulation increases the chance of conception. 

Aventurine draws the powers of goddesses of fertility Brigit (Irish) and Cupra (Etruscan). They open the Crown chakra to bring enlightenment, Third Eye for wisdom, the Throat for communication skills, and the Root chakra for grounding.

Aventurine benefits from Mercury include intelligence and expression, while Mars brings patience and psychic powers. 

While Aventurine is associated with planets Mercury and Mars, it also deifies Venus. As a result, this crystal may attract beauty, self-love, and empathy

Apart from Venus, Aventurine draws the powers of Kuan-Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion, Flidais, the Celtic goddess of food; Tara, the Buddhist goddess of miracles; Dione, the Phoenician goddess of Earth, and Persephone, the Greek goddess of spring. 

Aventurine Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Did you know Green Aventurine is a traditional remedy for acne, eczema, and rosacea? Green Aventurine facial rollers are widely used in skincare regimens to cleanse and add glow.
  • Before rolling Green Aventurine on the skin, it’s better to charge it by soaking it under sunlight for five minutes. 


  • Aventurine in orange, purple, white, and blue is excellent for broadening the mind and improving critical thinking skills. It’s excellent for artists and professionals who want to be more creative
  • You can hold your Aventurine for a few minutes in your palms and visualize your brain centers lighting up. 


  • Did you know Aventurine spreads harmony wherever it’s kept? That’s why it’s a great stone for tolerance, anger management issues, and calmness for people, pets, and plants (Zen Gardening). 
  • Take a couple of Aventurine crystals and place them in your bedroom’s northwest or east corner. Don’t forget to charge the Aventurine.

Manifest Money

  • Aventurine varieties with yellow and green are powerful for manifesting wealth and financial luck. Get a yellow, orange, or brown Aventurine for manifesting money into your life.
  • Create a crystal grid with different colors of Aventurine or keep one Aventurine as a focus stone in the center. 

Leadership Skills

  • As Aventurine brings creativity and quick thinking skills, leading becomes a natural skill. Wearing Aventurine chakra pendants encourage you to innovate and lead. 
  • You can light incense in the morning and waft the smoke over your Aventurine chakra pendant for a few minutes.

Aventurine Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Lottery balls on a wooden surface

Psychic Protection

  • Did you know Aventurine crystals were once used to clear psychic harm and dangerous spirits? Using Aventurine crystals with white and black streaks will create an auric shield to protect you from evil. 
  • Charge your Aventurine crystals or crystal jewelry for protection by chanting positive affirmations, prayers, or mantras into the crystal. Finally, carry it wherever you go.

Lottery and Luck

  • Luck is one of the popular Aventurine benefits, as many people have won lotteries, jackpots, and prize money with Aventurine by their side. Go for a Green Aventurine with yellow streaks to attract good luck and fortune.
  • Most psychics and shamans recommend charging Aventurine with soil for luck. Bury the crystal overnight or for a week before carrying it in your left pocket while buying a lottery ticket.

Reinvention and Transformation

  • Change can be positive or negative. If it’s taking a negative toll on you, keep an Aventurine by your side to promote favorable opportunities.
  • Charge Aventurine crystals with positive affirmations to set intentions for transformation. After this, you can keep the stone in your pocket and touch it during tough changes.

Kundalini Awakening

  • Activating the Kundalini center in the body is easy with Red and Orange Aventurine crystals. As a result, your inner fire awakens. 
  • To charge Aventurine for kundalini awakening, you can lie down and keep the stone on your pelvic region. Once you’re done, visualize the kundalini point lighting up in orange color.

Aventurine Side Effects

  • Go the wrong way: Overusing Aventurine can lead to an increased interest in others or nature instead of yourself. For some people, this might lead them astray.
  • Astrological repercussions: Not all Aventurine varieties might benefit the 12 zodiac signs. Consult an astrologist if you think Aventurine is causing problems.

Aventurine Meaning: What Does Aventurine symbolize?

A person holding a four leaf clover covering the sun

Luck is the meaning of Aventurine. 

Luck is not the only meaning. From Chinese to Tibetan, Indian, Russian, and Native American cultures, there are different meanings for Aventurine. 

Aventurine represents prosperity, abundance, fortune, peace, health, and harmony in most of these cultures. 

Did you know ancient Tibetans used Aventurine when making statues? They did so to increase the psychic powers of the statue. In Tibetan culture, Aventurine is also the stone of creativity and intuition. 

In Greek culture, Aventurine is the stone of Amazonians because it was used as talismans by a group of warrior women called the Amazonians

Further west, Aventurine found its place in prayers, offerings, and magic rituals, including protection, prosperity, and peace. 

Aventurine was a popular crystal used in Sacred Hoops or Medicine Wheels by Native American tribes. It was popularly used for healing and mediumship.

Varieties of Aventurine

  • Green Aventurine: The most popular variety of Aventurine, Green Aventurine shows a Jade-like green color. It’s known as Indian Jade and works for harmony, peace, and love
  • Orange or Peach Aventurine: This is an Aventurine variety that ranges from deep to pale orange hues. Orange or Peach Aventurine is excellent for opening the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras to invite more strength, inner power, and self-confidence. 
  • Red Aventurine: The dark variety of Aventurine, this crystal shows muddy orange, brown, and white streaks resembling Carnelian. Red Aventurine is best for the Root Chakra. Carry it for good health. 
  • Yellow Aventurine: One of the rare Aventurine varieties, this crystal is a luck magnet. Yellow Aventurine looks like opaque-Citrine with white streaks. 
  • Blue Aventurine: Another rare variety of Aventurine, you should use this crystal for communication skills and self-esteem. Blue Aventurine resembles Sodalite, often with white or indigo streaks. Most Blue Aventurines aren’t real. 
  • Brown Aventurine: With black, gray, or white streaks on a brown backdrop, this crystal doesn’t have the bright shine of Aventurine. Although, Brown Aventurine works wonders on grounding, patience, and peace.
  • Pink Aventurine: Showing a pinkish-red hue, like Garnet crystals, this type of Aventurine also has white, brown, orange, and peach inclusions. Pink Aventurine is excellent for unconditional love and self-care.
  • White Aventurine: A gray-black type of Aventurine on a white backdrop, this Aventurine is often confused with Quartz, Jasper, and Howlite. White Aventurine is excellent for enlightenment by opening your mind’s eyes. 
  • Gray Aventurine: This type of Aventurine has a dark shade of gray, black, and white with off-white streaks. Gray Aventurine is excellent for mental clarity, focus, and critical thinking skills
  • Dusty Purple Aventurine: With white or black speckles on a violet or purple backdrop, Dusty Purple Aventurine is one of the best Aventurine varieties for higher powers. 
  • Aventurine Mica: This is the sparkling variety of Aventurine that may or may not show white/black inclusions on a green backdrop. Aventurine Mica is an excellent stone for new beginnings, innovation, manifestation, and transformation.

How To Cleanse Aventurine?

a smudge stick that is burning on the table

  • Soil: You can bury your Aventurine for a fortnight under three inches of soil to cleanse the strongest negativity from it. 
  • Singing Bowls: Place the Aventurine within 10 cm of your Tibetan bowl and play it for a few minutes. This will cleanse Aventurine crystals with strong sound vibrations.
  • Smudging: You can cleanse Aventurine with the air and fire elements by wafting the smoke of a sacred herb like Sage, Sandalwood, or Rose over it.

Questions and Answers

Is Aventurine safe in the water?

Yes, you can put Aventurine varieties in the water. However, you should avoid it because prolonged exposure to water may remove the color or shimmer of the crystal.

Can Aventurine go in the Sun?

Yes, Aventurine crystals are safe to charge in the Sun for a short time. Avoid leaving them in the Sun for over 10 minutes. Otherwise, Aventurine may lose its color, shine, or durability.

Is Sunstone an Aventurine?

No, Sunstone is not an Aventurine variety. You might’ve heard of Sunstone’s alternative name- Aventurine Feldspar. It’s a plagioclase feldspar mineral, while Aventurine is a Quartz.

Where to keep Aventurine in your house?

Keep Aventurine in the northeast corner of your house to attract abundance and prosperity. On the flip side, keeping Aventurine in the center of the home attracts harmony.

How do I know if my Aventurine is real?

Real Aventurine crystals don’t get scratched by glass materials or steel knives. They’re cold to the touch and show plate-like shimmers under bright light.

Where do you wear Aventurine?

Depending on the color of your Aventurine, wear it close to the heart (as a pendant) or pulse point (as a bracelet).

Is Aventurine expensive?

No, you can get Green Aventurine for $3 to $30 per carat and rough stones for about $10 per pound.

How do you recharge Aventurine?

The best way to recharge Aventurine crystals is by soaking them overnight in the New Moon’s or Full Moon’s light.

What pairs well with Green Aventurine?

You can pair Heart Chakra stones like Rose Quartz, Jade, and Green Tourmaline, or Smoky Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Amethyst, and Selenite.

How to take care of Aventurine?

Aventurine is a popular and durable crystal. So, you can rinse it with water and charge it with sunlight. However, you shouldn’t leave it in the Sun, water, or rain for long. Also, cleanse and charge the crystal before every use.

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