The seven chakras are a system of energy wheels that control the mind, body, and soul. While there are 114 total chakras in the body, the major seven chakras are used to heal the complete body in energy healing. Can you heal them by placing crystals? Where to place crystals on body for chakras?

Placing specific crystals on the human body opens and spreads healing energy around the seven chakras. As a result, physical, emotional, and spiritual healing occurs. Crystal chakra placement is an excellent way to enhance psychic abilities, intuition, truth, love, creativity, power, and balance.

In this article, we’ll discuss where to place your crystals on your body that are best, and their benefits, so you can try them on your own.

Understanding Crystal Chakra Body Layouts: Where to Place which Crystals?

Reiki practitioners and healers often use body layouts for numerous healing purposes with crystals. Technically, crystal chakra body layouts mix two energy healing techniques- Reiki and Crystal Grids.

Once you learn how to do the same, you can manifest your intentions.

I’ll explain where and how to place crystals on the body using a step-by-step guide. Let’s get started! 

  • Step 1: Getting to Know Chakras 

Take a look at the table below to understand the location of the seven major chakras, associated crystals, and where to place them on the body.

Where to place crystals on body chart
  • Step Two: Set the Crystal Grid

Crystal grids are based on sacred symmetry, connected by crystal frequencies. They are then activated by a powerful crystal wand that manifests your intentions.

While they’re mostly set on wood, paper, or soil, setting up a crystal grid on the body is an advanced technique for physical healing. 

Find a pattern to arrange the crystals on your body, such as circles, triangles, or pyramids. It’s good to pick a pattern that rhymes with your intention, crystal, chakra, or location.

  • Step Three: Apply Reiki Placements for Crystals

Reiki is the way of channeling healing energies for cleansing, charging, and healing. They’re placed on the chakra locations, as shown in the table above. 

  • Step Four: Meditate on It 

After placing the crystals on your body, based on layouts and Reiki, you should visualize healing energies from your crystal opening the targeted chakra in the body. 

  • Step Five: Get Started 

You can lay,or sit, down based on where you plan to place the crystal on your body. 

Remember to place crystals directly on the skin for quicker results. 

Finally, chant your intention aloud, or as a mantra, to activate your crystal body grid.

Where to Place Clear Quartz on  Body?

clear quartz on a white background

Clear quartz is a crown chakra crystal. Hence, it’s best kept at the center of your forehead, while laying down for Reiki. You can also place it on top of your head while sitting down.

Where to Place Citrine Crystal on Body?

citrine chunk on a white background

Citrine is a crystal that attracts luck and powers up your kundalini, by awakening sacral and solar chakras. 

So, you should keep the citrine stone two inches below the belly button while laying down. Place the citrine in your lap, while sitting down, to activate the solar plexus chakra of inner power. 

Where to Place Amethyst on Body?

Amethyst chunk on a white background

Being a crown chakra crystal, it’s best to keep an amethyst stone at the center of your forehead while laying down to activate the crown chakra. If you want to work with an amethyst while sitting down, wear an amethyst tiara or place the crystal on top of the head.

Where to Place Carnelian on  Body?

Carnelian polished stones on a white background

Carnelian is associated with both the lower chakras – sacral and solar plexus. So, you can place it two inches below, or above, your belly button. When using carnelian and citrine crystals, set them in a circular design around the belly button.

Where to Place Green Aventurine on Body?

Polished aventurine chunk on a white background

Ruled by the heart chakra, green aventurine is better kept, or worn, at the center of your chest. You can set them in a circle or straight line, for physical health and unconditional love.

Where to Place Pyrite on  Body?

Pyrite chunk on a white background

When you place pyrite on your solar plexus chakra, located two inches above the belly button, it activates your inner sun. It’s a great crystal for courage, strength, and physical healing. 

A pyrite waist chain works well, if you want to wear crystals on your body to the office and going out with friends.

Where Should I Place Rose Quartz on My Body?

Polished Amethyst Rose on a white background

Unlike dumortierite or chrysocolla, rose quartz is famous as the queen of the heart chakra. To find love, health, strength, and peace, you should place rose quartz crystals in a circle, or heart shape over your chest, while laying down.

Where to Place Black Tourmaline on the Body?

black tourmaline on a white background

Black tourmaline crystals work with your root chakra – the first main chakra in your body. So, it’s best to place them between your legs for healing. They’re great for protection, grounding, support, and cleansing. 

Where to Place Crystals on Body for Meditation? 

Do you know, over 200 million people meditate daily? And most people like to meditate while sitting rather than lying down. 

The best meditation crystals, such as amethyst, clear quartz, howlite, selenite, labradorite, and lapis lazuli, can be placed on top of your head while sitting down in the lotus position. 

On the contrary, place citrine, smoky quartz, red jasper, and other lower-chakra crystals in your lap, while laying down.

In a Nutshell

Crystals are placed on your body, based on the sacred symmetry of chakras. When doing it on your own, aim for once a week, or month, to keep your mind, spirit, and body in check.

Do you know some people carry crystals in their pockets, and even bras? 

Placing crystals on the body correctly, quickens chakra cleansing and charging for manifestations. For instance, keep a heart chakra stone on your chest, and a crown chakra stone on top of your head.

If you feel like changing the order of certain crystals, or limiting the body crystal grid to certain crystals, listen to your intuition over facts. 

Lastly, cleanse your crystals before and after crystal body rituals. 


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