(pruh - zee - oh - lite)
Main Origins:
India, the UK, the US, Brazil, Bolivia, Canada, and Poland

What is Prasiolite?

A polished Prasiolite crystal on a black background

Prasiolite crystals are misnamed Green Amethyst. Technically, it’s actually Green Quartz, and Amethyst is Purple Quartz. Prasiolite is excellent for universal connection, focus, good fortune, protection, psychic abilities, and health. 

Is Amegreen the same as Prasiolite? No, Amegreen is a mix of Amethyst and Prasiolite rather than Prasiolite/ Green Quartz alone.

Prasiolite is called Greened Quartz because it’s a naturally-greened Quartz. Did you know Prasiolite is a rare crystal? Most of the Green Quartz on the market comes from heating and irradiating Amethyst and Citrine crystals. 

Natural Green Quartz crystals may be transparent, translucent, or opaque. Green Quartz is a dichroic crystal that shows both blue-green and olive-green shades from different angles. 

Known throughout history as Prazeolite and Prasiolita, irradiated Greened Quartz shows red flashes under incandescent, as opposed to the green of heat-treated Greened Quartz. 

Prasiolite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Prasiolite is not well known among beginners. Most experts say it’s best for health, fertility, and good fortune, as the earth element rules Prasiolite. 

The Prasiolite benefits of amplifying energies make this a great stone for crystal altars and crystal grids.

Many Earth gods and goddesses like Dione, Gaia, Bhumi, Prithvi, and Osiris rule Prasiolite. It’s also ruled by the Mountain God Apu and the Goddess of Fertility, Brigit.

Astrologically, Prasiolite is ruled by the planet Venus. It attracts positivity, beauty, abundance, intuition, protection, and wisdom. That’s why you should wear Prasiolite jewelry on Friday or Venus’s day of the week. 

The perfect amalgam of planetary, elemental, and godly powers in Prasiolite makes it ideal for opening the higher chakras, which are the Crown, Third Eye, Heart, and Solar Plexus

Fun Fact: The secondary birthstone of February is Prasiolite or Green Quartz. The primary February crystal is Purple Quartz or Amethyst.

Prasiolite Healing Properties and Benefits

Health and Fertility

  • As a balancing crystal, Prasiolite removes chakra blockages from the primary organs in the upper body. This stone is good for enhancing fertility and the chances of conception. 
  • The best way to use Prasiolite for fertility is by charging for the 28 days of a moon cycle in soil. If you don’t have a garden, bury it in your flower pot. Afterward, keep it on your bedside table.


  • Did you know Prasiolite crystals can correct bad lifestyle habits? Green Quartz achieves this by matching your circadian rhythm and attracting positive people and opportunities. 
  • To charge Prasiolite for positivity, charge it for three minutes under sunlight while holding it in your palms. 


  • Whether your career or life lacks good fortune, Green Quartz can attract abundance in many ways. This stone is good for luck in your career, romance, and everyday life. 
  • To attract abundance with Prasiolite into your house, charge it by chanting the seed mantra ‘LAM’ into the crystal. Finally, place the crystal in the center or southeast corner of your house.

Focus and Calm

  • If you’re always battling against distractions, Prasiolite can help you stay on track by improving your focus. This stone is excellent for students, professionals, and seniors to help them enhance tolerance and diplomacy. 
  • Chanting positive affirmations into your Green Quartz crystal is best for charging this crystal to help with focus and calm. Here’s our list of articles with positive affirmations to inspire you. 

Empathy and Wisdom

  • Did you know the earth element connects you to other people and the cosmos? You’ll learn to be grateful, appreciative, and mindful of the cosmos and other people with Prasiolite by your side. 
  • To charge Prasiolite for empathy and universal connection, smudge it with a sacred herb like sage. Read more on how to use sage for crystals here.

Prasiolite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman sitting on a wooden pathway in nature

Energy Amplifier

  • Not many crystal lovers know this, but Prasiolite geodes, druzies, or clusters amplify the energies of other crystals. This stone attracts psychic abilities to grounded people.
  • The best way to use Prasiolite for amplifying other crystals is in crystal grids. Depending on your intentions, you can use it as a focus or way stone.  

Clears Negativity and Evil

  • Whether you’ve moved to a new home or feel bad vibes in a place, it’s good to clear remnant vibrations with a Prasiolite healing crystal.
  • Get a Prasiolite shard or wand that’s translucent or transparent. Next, aim it at the four corners of every room or around the house for a few seconds. 

Spiritual Destiny

  • Green Quartz is great for exploring spiritual destiny and harnessing dormant psychic abilities. Legends say, psychics, shamans, and seers use Prasiolite for communicating with otherworldly beings. 
  • To explore your spiritual side, charge a Prasiolite crystal with meditation. Cup the crystal in your palms, shut your eyes, and visualize the opening of your inner eye.


  • Apart from psychic powers, Prasiolite improves your foresight, intuition, and universal connection. You’ll feel intuitive about people, situations, and places with this crystal.
  • To improve your intuition with Prasiolite, charge it by placing it next to a metal or crystal singing bowl. Play the Tibetan bowl for a few minutes by rimming or tapping it to charge the Prasiolite. 

Protection from Psychic Harm

  • Most spiritualists carry a Prasiolite crystal or two in their pockets or bags to prevent negative energy from affecting them. This is especially good if you come into contact with many people every day. 
  • To charge your Prasiolite before wear, waft a lit incense thrice over the crystal in a clockwise direction.

Prasiolite Side Effects

  • Overwhelming: Prasiolite can feel overwhelming, just like Moldavite does for some people. Using this stone might even lead to uncomfortable emotional releases. In such a case, use a balancing stone like Aquamarine with Prasiolite. 
  • Conflict with Horoscope: As Venus rules Green Quartz, it can pose problems for zodiac signs ruled by its enemy planets (Sun and Moon).

Prasiolite Meaning: What Does Prasiolite symbolize?

A person raised two hands in the air in front of the sun

The meaning of Prasiolite is divine attunement. 

Prasiolite comes from the Greek words prason and lithos, meaning scallion-green stone. That’s why natural Prasiolite has been associated with abundance, protection, and healing for hundreds of thousands of years. 

Prasiolite was discovered in the late 19th century. Today, this stone represents inner connection, focus, growth, wisdom, patience, and fertility. 

Green Quartz was worn as a talisman to prevent psychic harm in some parts of the world and fertility rituals in others. It’s often called the stone of originality. So, prepare for rebirth and regeneration when you embrace Prasiolite.

Varieties of Prasiolite

  • Green Quartz or Prasiolite: The most common form of Prasiolite occurs in pale green and is ideal for peace, abundance, fertility, and protection. Prasiolite activates the Crown and Heart chakras. 
  • Chevron Prasiolite: This variety has chevron banding around it like Amethyst but in an olive-green color instead of purple. Chevron Prasiolite is a great stone for focus and wisdom. 
  • Vermarine: A popular type of Prasiolite often seen in ancient legends, Vermarine exhibits blue-green shades. This stone is one of the best crystals for positivity, confidence, and truth. 
  • Druzy Prasiolite: Some varieties of Prasiolite exist in clusters with druzy formations. You might also find Prasiolite geodes filled with druzy insides. 
  • Shard Prasiolite: The natural form of Prasiolite is shard with rugged edges with double terminations. Shard Prasiolite works great as a focus stone for Reiki, crystal grids, and altars. 
  • Lemon Yellow Prasiolite: A greenish-yellow variety of Prasiolite, Lemon Yellow Prasiolite is excellent for health and vitality. 
  • Clear Prasiolite: Clear Prasiolite is like Clear Quartz in appearance, and colorless Prasiolite usually forms in shards. This Prasiolite variety works well as an amplifying stone for opening the Crown chakra.  
  • Prasiolite Stalactite Cluster: This Uruguayan variety shows green, gray, black, white, and green shades. Prasiolite Stalactite Clusters are best for overcoming hurdles and finding balance in chaos. 
  • Aura Prasiolite: When a Prasiolite crystal is coated with metals like Titanium, it glows with iridescent flashes. Aura Prasiolite is great for multi-chakra alignment. 
  • Agate Prasiolite: From red to orange, gray, blue, black, and red banding, Agate Prasiolite exists with Agate to form several types of crystals. This Prasiolite variety is excellent for healing the lower chakra.

How To Cleanse Prasiolite?

A singing bowl with different kinds of crystals beside it.

  • Soil: Bury your Prasiolite under three inches of soil overnight or for up to seven days to cleanse it inside-out. 
  • Singing Bowls: You can play singing bowls of any size around Prasiolite crystals to cleanse negativity stuck in them with healing sounds. 
  • Wands: Wands made of self-cleansing crystals like Selenite and Clear Quartz easily clear negativity in Prasiolite. To do this, circle the wand thrice over the Green Quartz in a clockwise direction.

Questions and Answers

Is Prasiolite safe in the water?

Yes, Prasiolite is safe to rinse or wash quickly with water. However, soaking it for over an hour can cause permanent damage. If you’re thinking of making a DIY crystal elixir, use indirect infusion with Prasiolite for consumption.

Can Prasiolite go in the Sun?

Yes, Prasiolite can go in the Sun for under three minutes. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight for short or long periods. Otherwise, Prasiolite will lose all its color and become clearer.

Why is my Prasiolite changing color?

Overexposure to sunlight is the most common cause of color changes in Prasiolite. Green Quartz can also fade when overexposed to artificial lights for a long time.

Who shouldn’t wear Prasiolite?

Leo and Cancer should avoid wearing Prasiolite or Green Quartz crystals. This is mainly because they’re ruled by the enemy planets of Venus, which are the Sun and the Moon.

Where to keep Prasiolite in your house?

The best feng shui direction for Prasiolite is the center of the house, balcony, office, garden, or bedroom.

How to identify fake Prasiolite?

You can scratch Prasiolite with a knife or glass to do a scratch test to distinguish real Prasiolites from fakes. Real Prasiolites are hard and cold to the touch.

Which hand to wear Prasiolite?

As the planet Venus rules Prasiolite in astrology, it’s good to wear it on the thumb of your dominant hand. As a result, Prasiolite will attract wisdom, good fortune, and wealth toward you. 

Fun Fact: Prasiolite is excellent for daily wear as it scores high on the Mohs hardness scale. Plus, Prasiolite has zero cleavage!

Is Prasiolite the same as Prasolite?

No, Prasolite is the green variety in the Chlorite group of minerals. On the other hand, Prasiolite is a green variety of Quartz. Did you know the green cordierite variety is called Praseolite?

Is Prasiolite expensive?

Prasiolite costs $2.5 to $5 per carat when purchased from India, but ones from Poland, Brazil, and the US, fetch higher prices. Natural Prasiolite is quite rarely available in the market.

How to take care of Prasiolite?

Prasiolite scores high on the Mohs hardness scale but can lose color or crack when overexposed to heat, light, water, hot water, salt, or salt water. Washing Prasiolite in cold water and drying it after is crucial. You should also avoid keeping it on windowsills.

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