How to Make DIY Crystal-Infused Elixir Water Bottle

  1. What is a Crystal Elixir? What’s Crystal-Infused Water? 
  2. 5 Best DIY Crystal-Infused Water Bottles: How to Charge Crystal Water Bottles and Crystal Elixir Recipe 
  3. List of Safe Crystals for Elixirs and How to make Crystal Elixirs 
  4. Quartzes
  5. Citrine Crystal-Infused Water Bottle for Luck 
  6. Obsidian Crystal Water for Protection 
  7. Moonstone Gem Elixir for Manifestation 
  8. Carnelian Crystal Infusion Water Bottle for Fertility 
  9. Bloodstone Gem Elixir for Healing and Recovery 
  10. Amber Gem Water for Babies and Children 
  11. Aventurine Crystal Water Bottle for Abundance 
  12. Agate Gem Elixir for Communication Skills 
  13. Calcite Gem Water for Vitality and Vigor 
  14. Shungite for Clearing Blockages 
  15. 5 Tips to Remember When Making DIY Crystal-Infused Water Bottle 
  16. Start Drinking Gem Water in DIY Crystal-Infused Water Bottles 

Water anointed by priests, shamans, and seers, or from holy places, is called healing water. Crystal elixir is different and a hot trend nowadays. 

What’s a crystal elixir? How to make a DIY crystal-infused elixir water bottle? Which are the best crystal elixir recipes? 

A crystal elixir is water charged with a crystal’s energy. It’s made directly by soaking the stone in water, or indirectly by keeping the crystal close to the water. Water-safe crystals are used in direct infusions and water-unsafe crystals for indirect infusions. 

Read on to find out how to use these 12 crystals to make DIY crystal-infused water bottles with household things!

What is a Crystal Elixir? What’s Crystal-Infused Water? 

A person's hand holding a water bottle with an amethyst crystal inside it on a white background.

Gem Elixir, or crystal elixir, is water that is directly, or indirectly, charged with a crystal. They may be known as healing water, gem infusions, crystal water, and charged water. 

While it may sound like a new fad, Gem Elixir comes from the concept of holy water that dates back hundreds of thousands of years. 

According to ancient Christian scriptures, the priest blessed ordinary water to turn it into healing water. 

Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists used water even before Christianity for metaphysical healing. Even today, Hindus consider the water of the River Ganges sacred. 

Other than crystals, essential oils, herbs, and salt are used to make elixirs. 

While most cultures use shamans and seers to bless the water, Gem Water is naturally blessed by Mother Gaia and the cosmos. 

From yogis to gurus and celebrities, like Miranda Kerr, crystal-infused water bottles are all the rage these days. They’re excellent, with a crystal center to make Gem Elixirs quickly.

Since lots of crystal water bottles are affixed with crystals that are unsafe in water or used wrongly, let me tell you how to correctly make these and use them safely. 

5 Best DIY Crystal-Infused Water Bottles: How to Charge Crystal Water Bottles and Crystal Elixir Recipe 

water bottle in the middle with a crystal inside and surrounded by coaster with a crystal
image source:

Gem Elixirs, or Crystal Elixirs, are healing, nourishing, and easy to make on your own. It’s particularly good if you want a DIY alternative to expensive crystal infusion bottles.

There are two ways to infuse crystal in water to drink:

  • Direct: In this method, you add a water-safe crystal to drinking water and soak it for a few hours before consumption.
  • Indirect: In this method, you keep water-unsafe crystals near the drinking water rather than inside so they don’t touch each other directly. 

Next is how to make a Gem Elixir at home in five ways.

The Worst Way: How do people usually make DIY crystal water bottles? 

The popular and easiest way people make DIY crystal elixir bottles is by gluing their crystals to water bottles with super glue. 

IMPORTANT: I do not recommend this method. Many people recommend this method on YouTube because it’s easy. The following is just for information, and we don’t support or endorse it. 

  1. Get a glass bottle.
  2. Get a crystal with termination on one side and flat bottom on the other. 
  3. Add super glue to the base of the crystal. 
  4. Slide the crystal from the side of the bottle, into the bottle, or use a long tweezer to hold it upright for a few seconds.
  5. That’s it!

Why is this a really bad idea? Super glue is made of cyanoacrylate that degrades with exposure to water, salt, light, heat, and oil. You don’t know how the crystal may react to the glue.

While you can take the right steps while gluing to avoid contamination, it’s not good enough. 

There are other ways to make a food-safe super glue if you want to resort to gluing the crystal in your bottle.

DIY Gem Elixir with a Coaster (Indirect)

One way to infuse crystals into a jug or glass of water is by placing the crystal next to it for 12 to 24 hours. 

Keep a coaster atop a glass of water to hold crystal clusters or tumbled stones when making my elixir. Once it’s all set up, you can charge the water by setting an intention by chanting it. 

DIY Floating Crystal Water Bottle (Direct)

If your crystals are water-safe, you don’t need to glue them. Instead, add crystals to your usual water bottle. They will settle at the bottom. Don’t forget to filter out the crystals before drinking. 

Use mason jars for making Floater Crystal Elixirs. They’re aesthetic and a good addition to boring countertops, tables, and shelves. 

DIY Gem Water Bottle with Vials (Indirect)

One of the best ways to make crystal water bottles is by getting small, leak-proof glass water bottles. 

I love them so much that I fill them with more than one of my favorite crystals to make a unique gem elixir. 

This works for crystals that aren’t safe in the water. 

DIY Gem Water Infusion Bottle

Do you use spice or tea infusers at home? They’re typically made with a mesh shape to keep the tea leaves from seeping into the drink. 

The same thing is perfect for separating crystals from the water during soaking. 

There’s also an even better way! You can get infuser water bottles from Walmart or Costco and make your own. I also like to make infuser bags made of cheesecloth for mixing different crystals for drinking water. 

List of Safe Crystals for Elixirs and How to make Crystal Elixirs 

Before you dive into DIY crystal-infused water bottles with your favorite crystals, have you checked the list of water-safe crystals? 

I’ll list all the gemstones you can use safely to make elixir by directly soaking them in water and why. 


Because Quartz crystals score generally higher on the MOHS scale (7 to 7.5), they’re safe for crystal infusions. 

Here’s how to use them:

Clear Quartz Gem Water for Purification 

clear quartz tower isolated on a white background

Because Clear Quartz absorbs negativity, you can infuse it in drinking water to clear negativity from your body, mind, and soul. 

Amethyst Crystals for Water Infusion

Isolated Amethyst crystal on a white background

Purple Quartz is good for infusion, especially when preparing for exams, interviews, and psychic rituals. Amethyst Gem Elixirs were once drunk for quickly getting sober.

Smoky Quartz Gem Water for Balance

smoky quartz isolated on a white background

If stress and uncertainty are draining your life force, drink from a Smoky Quartz crystal water bottle to unblock your root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras.

Rutilated Quartz Water for Personal Growth 

Isolated Rutilated Quartz on a white background

The Rutile Quartz crystal amplifies all seven chakras once it’s charged, giving you opportunities to grow personally and professionally. 

Rose Quartz Crystal-Infused Water for Love 

Two pcs Rose Quartz on a white background

This is the best Quartz Gem Elixir for enhancing feelings of connection, comfort, and love toward yourself, others, and nature. Rose Quartz gem works by healing the heart chakra.

Citrine Crystal-Infused Water Bottle for Luck 

citrine chunk on a white background

Luck is a mix of positive vibrations that aligns with several destinies, energies, and belief systems. Citrine quickly attracts energies of success, good fortune, and prosperity to the wearer when in the form of a Gem Elixir. 

You can infuse it directly in a bottle or glass of water after charging it for a few minutes under sunlight

Obsidian Crystal Water for Protection 

obsidian stone on a white background

A dark volcanic stone that’s seen in black, green, and gray colors, some varieties of Obsidian are safe in the water. 

Keep in mind that Obsidian can break in extreme temperature changes, so avoid adding icy-cold or boiling-hot water when making elixirs with it. 

The best way is to make a Black Obsidian Gem Elixir that you can drink, or sprinkle the charged water around your house to create an auric shield of positivity around your home. 

Moonstone Gem Elixir for Manifestation 

polished moonstone on a white background

As a durable stone with up to 6.5 on the MOHS hardness scale, Moonstone gem infusions are safe for 12 to 24 hours of soaking. They’re best charged with new, full, or supermoon energies. 

Moonstone is excellent for triggering your psychic abilities, spiritual destiny, calmness, support, and protection. 

Carnelian Crystal Infusion Water Bottle for Fertility 

Isolated Carnelian crystal on a white background

Often used for luck, success, and energy, Carnelian Gem Elixir accelerates healing in the reproductive system. It’s a manifestation and protection stone for expecting mothers because it clears issues and blockages in the physical body. 

You can make Carnelian crystal infusion after cleaning it well under a few minutes of early morning sunlight

Bloodstone Gem Elixir for Healing and Recovery 

polished bloodstone on a white background

Crystal elixirs are the best for removing negativity from the inside and accelerating body healing. If this is your intention, Bloodstone elixir is the best choice.

All you need to do is soak the Bloodstone crystal in a glass of water for 6 to 12 hours. You can then drink the water to heal your lower body chakras. Bloodstone works well because it aligns the root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart chakras at once.  

Amber Gem Water for Babies and Children 

amber on a white background

Did you know Amber transmutes negative energies? It’s an excellent crystal for spiritual guidance during their early years of growth. 

If your kid doesn’t want to wear Amber, you can make an Amber Elixir by soaking Amber in a glass of water from morning until afternoon. Feed the elixir to your baby via food or drink. 

Aventurine Crystal Water Bottle for Abundance 

Isolated green aventurine crystal on a white background

Aventurine crystals typically score 6.5 to 7 on the MOHS scale, so they’re safe to soak for gem infusions that take up to 24 hours. Green Aventurine gem water is exceptionally good for attracting harmony, good fortune, and wealth

Charge the Aventurine crystal by repeatedly chanting positive affirmations or intentions before soaking it in your water bottle. 

Agate Gem Elixir for Communication Skills 

Isolated blue lace agate crystal on a white background

Agate crystals are safe for making healing water with diverse healing benefits when charged with moonlight. Most experts recommend soaking Agate in drinking water overnight to infuse the crystal’s energies. 

From experience, however, I say don’t do it. 

While Agate crystals are safe for rinsing, soaking them for hours on end cracks them. You can charge the crystal indirectly by placing them next to the water.

Apart from Agate, most raw crystals may expand and crack while soaking. It’s generally a good idea to avoid using them for direct crystal infusions. 

Calcite Gem Water for Vitality and Vigor 

Isolated blue calcite crystal on a white background

While Calcite is a water-safe crystal, it’s best to avoid Calcite crystals in water. They’re great when charged indirectly by keeping them on a coaster atop your water bottle or in a leak-proof bottle inside the water bottle. 

Drinking it regularly increases your strength, stamina, and endurance to changes, harsh weather, and physical issues. Charge it during twilight or after sunset.

Shungite for Clearing Blockages 

shungite chunk on a white background

Did you know Shungite has been used for purifying water in Russia since the 18th century? Although it’s used for water treatment globally today, Shungite gem water is particularly good for removing multi-chakra blockages. 

Shungite crystals are cleaned and soaked in water for 2 to 4 days in this process. 

5 Tips to Remember When Making DIY Crystal-Infused Water Bottle 

Lighted candle at the back left of the picture, and a coaster filled with crystals in the middle
image source:

Gem Elixirs don’t just sound fancy in cosmetics and artisanal waters, They’re also great for unblocking chakras, clearing auras, charging energies, and healing the body holistically. 

If you’re smitten with crystal-infused water bottles, note the following.

  • What are the best bottles for a DIY crystal water bottle? 

Choosing clear glass bottles works best if you’re making crystal elixir for the first time. Clear glass helps you keep track of the water during the soaking process. 

Once you’re a pro, you can get colored glass bottles for different chakras or metaphysical benefits.

  • How do you clean crystals before adding them to gem water bottles?

If you’re using a water-safe crystal, it’s good to give them a thorough scrub with lukewarm water, using coconut husk or an organic scrubber. You can use organic or fragrance-free soaps if the crystal is particularly dirty. 

  • How long do you soak crystals to make gem water or elixir? 

Ideally, you should soak crystals in drinking water for 6 to 12 or even 24 hours. Some crystals may be safe to soak up to 4 days or a week. 

You should soak crystals in water from morning to night or overnight to make strong Gem Elixirs. 

  • How many days before gem water expires? 

You should consume Gem Elixirs within two days of making them. 

  • Where to store gem water? 

It’s good to store gem water on the countertop with a lid if you live in a place with pleasant weather. If you live in a hot or humid place, it’s better to store crystal-infused water bottles in your fridge. 

Start Drinking Gem Water in DIY Crystal-Infused Water Bottles 

Crystal elixirs are a holistic way of infusing the metaphysical properties of a crystal into drinking water. 

The safest way to make a DIY gem-infused water bottle is by adding clean and water-safe gemstones to a clear water bottle for 6 to 24 hours. You should drink the crystal elixirs within 2 days of making them. 

Besides drinking it for physical, emotional, spiritual, and chakra healing, you can sprinkle it on or around spaces, people, plants, and objects (like pillows). 

I love gem infusions so much that, nowadays, I keep my eyes peeled for leak-proof and small glass bottles that perfectly fit inside my glass water bottles. 

My absolute favorite is infusing 7 chakra crystals, like red jasper, carnelian, Citrine, rose quartz, turquoise, celestite, and amethyst. 

You have now finished the course on how to make healing water. My favorite crystal for making Gem Elixir is Rose Quartz. Which is yours?

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