Main Origins:
Russia, China, Bulgaria, India, Portugal, DR Congo, Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, Brazil, China, Australia, Norway, Peru, Sweden, the United States, France, Denmark, and Austria.

What is Calcite?

Calcite held by tweezer over black stone

Calcite is a mineral that captures the imagination of enthusiasts and collectors alike. It comes in different colors, from see-through to solid, and has interesting shapes, like rhombohedral and scalenohedral. When touched, it feels smooth and looks cool under special lighting.

This rock is made from calcium carbonate (CaCO₃) and has a special shape in the trigonal system. It forms in spots with lots of calcium-rich water, showing up in different crystal shapes. You can discover it in rocks, like limestone and marble, and also in places where rocks change because of high pressure and heat.

What’s unique is that Calcite fizzes when it touches acids, making it stand out. It has been used for a long time in old civilizations. Significant architectural features, such as massive columns and sculptures by illustrious painters, make use of it.

For people who collect crystals, Calcite is like a hidden treasure. It comes in many colors and shapes, making it a great addition to any collection. People use it for different things, like meditation or as decoration. 

Did you know that Calcite might boost your brainpower? This rock sharpens your thinking and clears your mind. Its unique qualities sync with your thoughts, creating balance and harmony. 

Calcite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Calcite properties include various colors, each carrying its unique energy. White is all about purity and clarity, bringing a fresh start. The bright yellow and gold colors connect with the Solar Plexus Chakra, giving you confidence and personal power. And if it’s orange, that’s tied to the Sacral Chakra, spreading creativity and joy.

This gemstone also connects with the Root for grounding, the Crown for spiritual growth, the Heart for love, the Throat for communication, and the Third Eye for intuition. 

Calcite is connected to the Air element, helping clear your mind. Put it in the Northwest or West part of your home, and it brings clarity.

Mercury governs Calcite, helping with communication, thinking, and being adaptable. This connection makes this gem a valuable companion for those seeking mental agility and effective communication skills.

Various deities across cultures resonate with Calcite’s energy. Thoth, an Egyptian God, likes Calcite’s wisdom and clarity. Odin, Ganesha, Seshat, and Apollo all connect with its transformative and dazzling powers.

Calcite’s number is 8, bringing balance and never-ending vibes. People seeking mental and physical balance could profit from this particular number’s steadiness and harmony.

Calcite Healing Properties & Benefits

 Learning Abilities 

  • Boosting brain power, Calcite improves memory and concentration.
  • Grasp the crystal, ponder the information, and then place it on your forehead to boost your thinking.


  • Igniting the Throat Chakra, Calcite encourages clear and confident self-expression.
  • Wear it as a pendant, setting the intention for improved communication.

Emotional Stability 

  • Calcite’s benefits involve maintaining your emotions and bringing stability and inner peace.
  • Cradle the crystal gently over your heart, think about feeling calm, and put that idea into it.

Creativity and Motivation

  • Sparkling creativity, Calcite energizes the mind with innovative thoughts and enhances motivation.
  • Put it in your creative spot, imagine your ideas working out, and let the rock take in that good energy.

Stress Relief

  • Infusing tranquility, Calcite’s soothing impact lessens stress, fostering relaxation and overall well-being.
  • Hold it, visualize stress dissipating, and transfer that intention into the crystal.

Calcite Spiritual Properties & Benefits

Wealthy woman showing money


  • Elevate the power of other crystals as Calcite boosts their strength.
  • Embrace the crystal, along with another crystal, envisioning their strength increasing and desire-heightened vibes.

Awakening and Growth

  • Calcite makes your spirit grow and wake up inside you.
  • Reflect on your spiritual journey as you embrace this gem and aspire for your personal growth.


  • Enhance your instincts for spiritual understanding with Calcite.
  • Place it on your forehead, contemplating clear spiritual thoughts and desire-heightened intuition.

Astral Projection 

  • Soar through astral realms with Calcite’s energy lift.
  • Scatter Calcite crystals in the corners of your room to establish a protective and conducive space for astral projection.

Luck and Good Fortune

  • Invite positivity and good fortune as Calcite connects with upbeat vibes.
  • Keep the stone with you, think about attracting good vibes, and wish for good luck.

Side Effects of Calcite

  • Superiority: Sometimes, you might feel too sure. Use Calcite less or with other crystals to stay balanced and confident without going too far.
  • Isolation: Too much Calcite might make you feel alone. Do fun stuff and try different crystals to stay connected and avoid feeling lonely.
  • Disturbed Sleep: Calcite’s energy may impact sleep. Form a calm bedtime routine and place Calcite away from your sleep space for better rest.

Calcite Meaning: What Does Calcite Symbolize?

female meditating by the lake

Calcite symbolizes “clarity and amplification.”

This crystal is like a guide. It makes things clear and helps you understand better. As a result, you’ll have an easier time learning and concentrating. 

It’s also called “Clear Calcite” or “Optical Calcite” because it’s see-through. People in the past thought it helped with clear thinking, and now it’s known for balancing your mind and feelings.

Other crystals complement Calcite nicely. Pair it with Aragonite for feelings, Selenite for thoughts, or Carnelian for creativity. 

A long time ago, people believed Calcite protected against bad vibes. They believed Calcite provided luck and positivity, making it more than a crystal but a mental and emotional tool.

Types of Calcite Crystals

  • White Calcite: Clear like fresh snow, it makes your mind sharp.
  • Orange Calcite: Warm and vibrant as a sunset, it sparks creativity and brings energy.
  • Honey Calcite: Golden like honey, this type boosts confidence and helps overcome challenges. It’s like a courage booster, radiating nurturing vibes.
  • Angel’s Wing Calcite: Elegant and gentle, this crystal links with angelic realms, guiding intuition and awareness. Its soft, pastel colors bring serenity to your spiritual journey.
  • Argentine Calcite: Glistening silver brings serenity and balance. Linked to the Third Eye Chakra, it makes inner peace and intuition better.
  • Baricalcite: Gentle pink like a blush, it opens the Heart Chakra, promoting love and compassion.
  • Barleycorn: With a pattern like barleycorn, this crystal brings stability and grounding. Aligned with the Root Chakra, it acts as a secure anchor, offering a sense of safety. Its earthy tones, including browns and greens, enhance its grounding effect. 
  • Calcite Satin Spar: Serenely calming in its soft hues, this crystal enhances meditation with its radiant glow. Acting as a gentle purifier, it centers the mind in a soothing blend of whites and pastel tones.
  • Mangano Calcite: Soft pink, like a sunrise, it heals emotions and encourages self-love. It’s like a comforter, bringing inner peace.
  • Black Calcite: Dark and mysterious, it shields against negativity. It’s like an emotional ally, aiding in resilience and overcoming challenges. 
  • Golden Calcite: Radiates warmth with its shimmering golden hue, like a sunlit glow. It fosters positivity, boosting confidence and strength.
  • Red Calcite: Rich in a vibrant red, offering a surge of energy. Similar to a reliable companion, it anchors and stabilizes. 
  • Capreite: With pretty colors, like blues, greens, and purples, and fancy patterns, it makes you think of creative and new ideas.
  • Cobalt-Bearing Calcite: Calms with a soothing cobalt-blue shade. Ideal for relaxation, bringing a sense of peace.
  • Crazy Calcite: Bursting with vibrant hues, such as reds, blues, and greens, it brings a sense of joy and uplifts emotional well-being. A dynamic companion for enhancing your emotional state. 
  • Dog-Tooth Spar: Shaped like teeth, it helps you concentrate and stay steady. With colors in browns and grays, it’s excellent for clear thinking.
  • Dolomitic Calcite: Mixing colors like pinks, greens, and grays helps you feel balanced and relaxed. It makes things calm and easy.
  • Fetid Calcite: Smells special and connects to the Earth, making things stable. With colors like earthy browns and subtle grays, it keeps things grounded and steady. 
  • Fibrous Calcite: Featuring subtle shades, such as whites and light browns, it promotes clear and easy thinking.
  • Gennoishi: With cool patterns and colors like browns, greens, and grays, it makes you focus better and decide things easily.
  • Glendonite: Wrapped in earthy browns, it gets strong energy from the Earth, making things steady. It helps us keep balance. 
  • Hematoconite Calcite: Covered in warm reds with cool textures, it is full of energy and bravery.
  • Iceland Spar: As clear as glass, it helps us think clearly and stay focused. People use it for quiet thinking and to feel peaceful.
  • Iron-bearing Calcite: Infused with hues of rust and brown, touched by iron, it promotes stability and strength.
  • Kanonenspat Calcite: Full of cool blues, greens, and fancy patterns, it helps us think creatively. It’s like a canvas for art and new ideas.
  • Kolloid-Calcite: With its special pale yellow and beige colors and unique feel, it cleans and balances energy, bringing a calm vibe. It’s gentle but strong.
  • Lead-Bearing Calcite: Wearing special lead-gray colors keeps us steady and strong. It gives us power during hard times.
  • Limestone Onyx: With its protective black and white colors and cool patterns, it is like a shield against bad feelings.
  • Lublinite Calcite: Calm in blues and gentle greens, this type soothes and heals. It brings peace and tranquility to our feelings.
  • Lvwen Stone: Featuring calming shades of green and unique textures, it aids concentration and clear thinking.
  • Manganese-Bearing Calcite: Wrapped in warm earthy browns, it brings grounding vibes, providing stability and strength.
  • Magnesium-Rich Calcite: Wearing soft white and calm blue colors, this variety is famous for its calming effect.
  • Nailhead Spar: Showing off captivating patterns and earthy brown colors, reminiscent of wood, this rock is tied to creativity. It sparks fresh ideas and helps you express yourself freely. 
  • Nickel-Bearing Calcite: With striking colors, like silver-gray and green influenced by nickel, this type feels grounding and stable.
  • Mexican Jade Calcite: In vibrant green colors, it brings lively energy. It encourages growth and connects you to nature.
  • Papierspat: Showing gentle patterns and soft beige colors, it has a calming energy. It makes you feel peaceful and boosts your emotions. 
  • Patagosite: With serene shades of green and gray, and intriguing textures, this special type helps you focus and think clearly. 
  • Poker Chip Calcite: With patterns resembling poker chips in warm, earthy colors, like brown and beige, this variety brings a playful energy. It fills you with a sense of joy and positivity.
  • Prasochrome Calcite: Showing different colors, like red, blue, and green, it boosts creativity.
  • Prunnerite Calcite: With deep earthy browns and textured patterns, it feels grounding and resilient. It gives you strength during tough times.
  • Pseudogaylussite Calcite: With soft earthy colors, it brings calmness in beige and brown. This type helps with stress and emotions.
  • Sand-Calcite: Showing warm, sandy colors, it is about grounding and stability in tan and brown. It creates a safe and stable feeling. 
  • Slat Spar Calcite: Full of unique patterns and earthy hues, it sparks creativity in browns and grays.
  • Stinkkalk Calcite: Featuring distinct colors for grounding, it stabilizes emotions, possibly in earthy browns and greens.
  • Strontium-Rich Calcite: Colored with calming hues influenced by Strontium, this type soothes in gentle pinks and whites. It creates a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Tartuffite Calcite: With unique colors, it helps focus, possibly in browns and grays. It aids in concentration and clear thinking.
  • Usolite Calcite: Calming in light blues and greens, it brings tranquility and peace. This variety is linked with emotional healing. 
  • Zinc-Bearing Calcite: Wearing special silver and gray colors helps you feel grounded. It gives you strength during tough times, acting as a reliable source of support and stability.
  • Calcite-Quartz: This crystal pair creates harmony with soothing whites and clear hues. It helps you feel balanced, bringing a sense of calm and peace. 
  • Calcite-Fluorite: Blending calm cream with lively purples and greens, this crystal mix helps clear your mind. It brings a balanced feel with its soothing yet vibrant colors.
  • Calcite-Pyrite: Mixing bright gold with grounding energy brings wealth and stability. It helps you achieve more and feel secure.
  • Calcite-Sphalerite: With earthy browns and cool patterns, it sparks creativity. This type helps you think of new ideas and express yourself.
  • Calcite-Chalcopyrite: Shining with warm, coppery colors, it gives courage and strength.
  • Calcite-Dolomite: Displaying calming pinks and gentle textures, it helps with feelings. It brings calmness and peace inside.
  • Calcite-Baryte: Showing a mix of calm blues, greens, and pretty patterns, it helps you think clearly. It makes your thoughts focused and clear. 
  • Calcite-Galena: Shining with a metallic glow and calming grays, it brings stability and strength, providing support during tough times.
  • Calcite-Hematite: Earthy and grounding, this crystal, with colors inspired by Hematite, nurtures emotional well-being in shades of silvery gray and warm tones.
  • Calcite-Siderite: In rich browns and cozy earthy colors, it’s linked to grounding and nurturing feelings. It gives support and stability in life.

How to Cleanse Calcite?

Sunlight above the clouds

  • Sunlight: Put Calcite in the Sun for a bit. The Sun’s energy will make it clear and strong, bringing out its natural powers.
  • Sage: Use sage smoke on Calcite to make it clean and strong. Sage’s power removes bad energy and brings a fresh, strong vibe to the crystal.
  • Clear Quartz Wand: Use a Clear Quartz wand on Calcite. Gently sweep it to remove impurities, bringing back strong, clear energy for better clarity and purity.

Questions and Answers

How is Calcite Formed?

Calcite forms when water that has calcium dissolved in it gets into cracks in rocks. Over time, as the water evaporates, it leaves behind the calcium, which slowly builds up into Calcite. This can happen in caves, creating sparkly formations like stalactites and stalagmites.

Can Calcite Get Wet?

Yes, Calcite can get wet. Calcite doesn’t dissolve quickly in plain water, so it can stay wet without losing its shape. Over a very long time, if the water has certain chemicals in it, it can wear the Calcite away—a process called dissolution.

How Do You Take Care of Calcite?

You should handle Calcite gently to avoid scratches. Keep it away from acids, even mild ones like vinegar, because acid can dissolve or damage Calcite. Use a soft, dry cloth or a little water to clean it, but dry it immediately to avoid wet marks or damage.

Can Calcite Glow in the Dark?

Calcite itself doesn’t glow in the dark on its own. However, some forms of Calcite can fluoresce under ultraviolet (UV) light, glowing brightly when illuminated. This happens because the UV light’s energy gets absorbed by the Calcite then released as visible light, creating a glow.

How Can You Tell if Calcite is Real?

Carefully put a drop of weak acid, like white vinegar, on the Calcite. If it’s real, it will fizz or bubble a bit because the acid reacts with the calcium carbonate in the Calcite to release carbon dioxide gas. Also, real Calcite is relatively soft and can be scratched with a copper coin. 

Interactions with Calcite

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