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Creating an anti-anxiety spell jar by intentionally combining the energies of various ingredients can be a powerful ritual and a lasting spell that can be kept and used repeatedly to dissipate and keep away the experience of anxiety.

So, let’s deepen our understanding of precisely what is an anti-anxiety spell jar and how to make a spell jar for anti-anxiety with crystals.

An anti-anxiety spell jar is a physical representation of a spell designed to ease anxiety or protect you from anxiety. It can be crafted with elements that have general anti-anxiety effects or effects specific to your needs and intent.

The ceremonious process of gathering the ingredients and crafting your spell jar can ease and uplift your energy. You will also have this tangible object, especially for you, that is attuned to and radiates the vibration of freedom from anxiety.

Stepwise Guide to Make a Spell Jar

Although making a spell jar is easy and fun, this is a really potent magical object that you create yourself. It ultimately holds the power of your intentions and brings together the appropriate elements to support and empower your spells for anxiety.

Tools and Ingredients for an Anti-Anxiety Spell Jar

  • Jar: Any small jar made from glass, preferably with a cork or wooden closing. You can use a smaller ceramic vessel with a suitable closing. 
  • Incense: A natural incense stick, sacred wood, aromatic resin, or a smudge bundle can be used to energetically cleanse your aura, space, jar, or other ingredients at the start of your ritual.
  • Salt or Soil: These are powerful cleansing and grounding elements. Ensure the salt or soil is dry so it doesn’t easily affect other ingredients in your jar.
  • Crystals: Different crystals can be included, and each has a specific anti-anxiety or relieving benefit. Some of the best crystals for dealing with anxiety are detailed later in this article.
  • Herbs or Flowers: Source your chosen anti-anxiety herb in dried or essential oil form. Later in the article, we will discuss which herbs to pair with each anti-anxiety crystal.
  • Stationary: Pens, markers, and paper for noting your intention. You can also draw symbols or write a word on your jar or an object inside it. 
  • Candle: A candle for sealing your sleep spell jar with wax. You can use a white candle for clarity, black for protection, or other colors depending on the details of your anti-anxiety spell.
  • Symbols: You could include the semi-colon (symbolizing the change and continuation in your story), a healing reiki symbol to energize your spell, or any other symbol of your choice relevant to recovering from and keeping away anxiety.

How to Make a Spell Jar for Anti-Anxiety with Crystals 

  1. Get clear on your intention and write it down as an affirmation. For example, “I am free from anxiety” or “I am fully and joyously present.”
  2. Roll your written affirmation up. You will add it to your jar later. You can add an appropriate symbol on the back of the paper if you feel called to do so.
  3. Ensure your jar is completely physically clean, and then energetically clean it with incense smoke.
  4. For a base layer within your jar, add about 1cm of salt or soil.
  5. Add your chosen anxiety-relieving or protective botanicals in dried, essential oil, or tinctured essence form.
  6. Add in your chosen crystal for anxiety.
  7. Add your affirmation.
  8. Close your anti-anxiety spell jar and seal it by dripping plenty of hot wax on the lid.

How to Activate or Use an Anti-Anxiety Spell Jar

A happy woman basking under the sun.

Your spell is active as soon as you seal the jar, but you can continuously attune to the vibration of your spell by holding your spell jar or meditating with it. You can also repeat your intentional affirmation out loud.

If you make a tiny spell jar, you can attach it to a necklace or key ring to keep with you. If your spell jar is bigger, you can keep it on your altar or simply place it somewhere safe in your home or workspace.

One of the cool things about a spell jar is that it is portable, so you can take your anti-anxiety magic with you wherever you go and whenever you need its support. You can also create an anti-anxiety spell jar to gift to someone who can benefit from it.

Anti-Anxiety Crystals to Use in a Spell Jar

Crystals are powerful additions to any spell jar. There are plenty of crystals that have energetic healing and aligning benefits that can directly assist you with different types of anxiety or any specific anxiety-related needs.

Below, we will explore 12 crystals, how they are specifically suited for an anxiety spell, the benefits they offer for the experience of anxiety, and what other anti-anxiety spell ingredients to pair each crystal with.


polished Lepidolite on white background

Lepidolite has an absolutely peaceful energy. Its vibration is resonant with higher spiritual awareness, love, and wisdom. This is an excellent crystal to include with your anti-anxiety spell jar to encourage peace and harmony on all levels. 

Add this crystal to your spell jar and work with its energy for support and relief on emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical levels. Pair Lepidolite with a base layer of soil and herbs, such as lavender, tulsi, blue lotus, or any other plants that have a peaceful effect. 

Additionally, inscribe a small symbol or image of a lotus in or on your jar.


Labradorite on a white background

Labradorite can be included in an anti-anxiety spell for clarifying your wisdom of self and for auric protection. This crystal increases inner strength, as well as connection and trust in your intuition, which can be a big step away from anxiety.

To get to know and protect your higher self-awareness, and free from anxiety, start with a base layer of dry salt, add in your Labradorite crystal and a little sage, cannabis, lemon balm, or tulsi in dried or essence form, along with your written intention.


Amethyst crystal on a white background

Amethyst is a helpful crystal for calming, gaining a higher perspective, and integrating the lessons from your experience of anxiety. Add this crystal to your spell jar to relieve anxiety and fear, stress, guilt, or tension associated with it.

This crystal’s energetic effects within an anti-anxiety spell jar can be amplified by adding in the essential oil, tincture essence, or well-dried lavender, passiflora, ginkgo, or cannabis as well as the other relevant spell jar ingredients.

Clear Quartz

A polished clear quartz crystal on a white background

A master healer crystal that is especially receptive to specific energetic programming, program a piece of Clear Quartz for healing and living an anxiety-free life, and place this stone into your spell jar.

Within your spell jar for freedom from anxiety include Clear Quartz with some lavender, rose, hibiscus, lemon balm, or pine needles. Of course add other spell ingredients, too, such as salt, soil, symbols, or writing.


Polished blue kyanite crystal on a white background

Kyanite can be added to your anti-anxiety jar to foster mental clarity, understanding, and psychic protection that can help ease the multifaceted experience of anxiety.

Kyanite pairs well with gotu kola, ginkgo, lemon balm, jasmine, calendula, and saffron. Add one of these or any other plant for mental clarity, protection, or other anxiety-relieving benefits


polished sodalite on white background

With a frequency resonant with inner peace, healing emotions, calming, improving focus and self-esteem, it’s easy to feel why Sodalite can assist one with anxiety. Add this crystal to your spell jar to embody living free from anxiety.

Herbs like St. John’s wort, witch hazel, calendula, and sunflower petals in dry or tincture essence form will bolster the energy of your Sodalite crystal and spell jar for complete freedom from anxiety.


raw shungite on a white background

A profoundly grounding stone, Shungite helps us root into and accept the nurturing and abundant energy of Mother Earth and is energetically supportive, and protective during any level of anxiety, especially anxiety caused by environmental stress or physical causes.

Shungite is paired well with dried plantain herbs or flowers, dandelion, rosemary, sage, or activated charcoal added to your anti-anxiety spell jar. 


Citrine crystal on a white background.

Joyful, playful, lighthearted, and utterly abundant energy radiates from Citrine crystals, making this a wise choice to add to a spell jar for moving from anxiety to confidence.

Citrine can be included together with sunflower, calendula, St. John’s wort, marigold, turmeric, chamomile, yellow dock, or saffron in an uplifting and light spell to rise above anxiety.

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate on a white background

Blue Lace Agate has a deeply relaxing and peaceful energy. It is a stone of ease, pure expression, and positive emotions. Add a piece of Blue Lace Agate to your anti-anxiety spell jar to help you release and regulate emotionally.

Add it to a spell jar with clear intention, salt, and plants such as lavender, passiflora, dandelion, or tulsi in dried, essential oil, or essence form.


fluorite on a white background

Fluorite is great in a spell jar for clearing mental and emotional chaos. This stone is known to foster mental clarity and emotional stability. It is also a crystal of divine spiritual support and guidance.

Fluorite pairs well with lemon balm, ginkgo, gotu kola, and rosemary, so add any of these herbs to your anti-anxiety spell jar. 


An Angelite crystal on a white background

Angelite can be added to your spell jar for healing mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual stagnation that contributes to anxiety. It is a stone known for its soothing angelic support and guidance that helps us to work through removing blockages on all levels.

Combine Angelite with mint, thyme, rosemary, ginger, or dandelion within your spell to welcome divine energy into your life and allow this energy to remove blockages and align you to a higher vibrational clear state free from anxiety. 


Sunstone gemstone on a white background

Sunstone helps us to remember and access an abundance of energy. It strengthens our connection to creative life force energy. This is powerful for an anti-anxiety spell jar. It encourages energy to move through and rise above anxious experiences.

In your anti-anxiety spell jar with Sunstone, you can include sage, tulsi, ginseng, ashwagandha, or sunflower in dried or tincture essence form, along with your other spell jar elements.

Set and Activate Your Anti-Anxiety Spell Jar Today!

Making spell jars is not a strict process, but we have shared with you some of our essential guidelines. Take this information, combined with your intuition, creativity, and your own knowledge to create your spell jar suited to support you in releasing and keeping away anxiety.

Be sure to keep your spell jar safely away from little kids, especially because it is glass and may contain some herbs that are not child-friendly. Also, refrain from using ingredients that can quickly decompose and spoil your jar.

Either way, take time to connect with this spell regularly, and once you feel that you have fully integrated the spell’s energy, return most of the ingredients to the earth. Wash and energetically cleanse your jar and crystals to keep.

A graphic table showing a list of crystals for creating anti-anxiety spell jar.

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