Healing crystals, for specific chakras, can help with grief, stability, and love. Similarly, the best crystals for social anxiety can help you with confidence, shyness, and mental clarity. So, which chakras are associated with these? What are the best crystals for social anxiety, and how do they help? 

Rose quartz, hematite, sodalite, citrine, apatite, amethyst, and blue lace agate crystals are good for social anxiety. They help you with courage, confidence, communication skills, intuition, wisdom, and protection. 

Read on, to discover the best ten crystals that help with social anxiety, introversion, shyness, and antisocial behavior.

Rose Quartz Crystals to Make You More Outgoing

Rose Quartz on a white background

Rose quartz has been used since ancient times by Assyrians, Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians for unconditional love.

When going out on a date, wearing it on your heart, as a pendant or necklace, helps you be your best. It helps with anxiety and social phobia by attracting kindness, beauty, and love.

Amethyst Crystals for Anxiety and Depression

Amethyst crystal on a white background

Amethyst is often recommended for matters of the mind, because it rules the crown chakra. When your crown chakra is open, knowledge and wisdom overflow. 

That’s why an amethyst crystal is good for OCD and depression. Wear amethyst earrings, pendants, or tiaras when going out, to calm the nerves.

Sodalite Crystals for Being Social

Sodalite rock on a white background

One of the best crystals that help with uneasiness in public, sodalite, gets its power from the throat chakra. So, wearing it anywhere on your body can help you find your voice and confidence. Sodalite stones are wonderful for making good friends, because the third eye chakra rules it. 

Black Tourmaline Crystals for Confidence and Anxiety 

black tourmaline on a white background

Parties are fun, but can also be quite dreadful if you’re an introvert. As a protection crystal ruled by the root chakra, black tourmaline cleanses energies from people, places, and things around you. 

Wear it as a necklace, or carry it in your purse, to make it work for you.

Citrine Crystals for Shyness 

Citrine on a white background

When you’re searching for the best crystals for social anxiety, citrine isn’t often recommended, because people mostly go for heart chakra crystals. 

However,  citrine opens your kundalini, or life force energy, to fill you with courage, confidence, and plain old charm. 

Wear a citrine ring, or bracelet, to keep your lower chakras open on your next outing.

Hematite Crystals to Make You More Outgoing

Hematite on a white background

Once worn by soldiers before going into battle, hematite palm stone is one of the best shields against negativity. 

Besides, this root chakra crystal is best for those who feel cold, shaky, or sweaty when meeting new people. It helps you feel confident and bold, especially in professional spaces.

Apatite Crystals for Mental Clarity 

apatite on a white background

A high-vibration crystal that works to open the throat and third-eye chakras, apatite is good for stopping negative self-talk. It’ll also help you find truth and mental clarity when dealing with strangers. I suggest carrying it in your pocket or wallet when meeting new, and old, friends or family.

Blue Lace Agate Crystals for Communication and Overthinking 

Blue Lace Agate on a white background

Recommended for positivity and peace, blue lace agate is the crystal you should take for feeling good when hanging out with your friends. 

The multi-chakra stone enhances calmness, wisdom, intuition, self-expression, and good luck. You can wear it as a bracelet, ring, or earring to charge the crown, third-eye, throat, and heart chakras. 

Orange Calcite Crystals for Being Social

orange calcite on a white background

Getting social is difficult, unless you have a powerful crystal for charisma, charm, and confidence. Orange calcite is one such crystal that works by opening the solar plexus and sacral chakras. It’s the best crystal to wear in the office. 

Angelite Crystals for Love and Support 

Angelite Stones on a white background

For people looking for that extra bit of luck with their dates, partners, or friends, angelite works well. It grounds and comforts you like a mother,making these crystals good for social anxiety.

Like blue lace agate, angelite also awakens the third eye, crown, and throat chakras. So, wear it as an earring, necklace, or tiara, to keep your higher chakras tuned. 

How to Pick Crystals for Social Anxiety by Chakra? 

It’s not difficult to pick the best crystals for social anxiety once you know your mental, spiritual, or physical blockages. That’s why I added a table, to help you understand different types of anxiety, and the crystals used for coping with these. 

Crystal for social anxiety chart chart and guide

In a Nutshell 

Anxiety is an involuntary action that roots from chronic stress, underlying disorders, and fear.

Certain crystals like sodalite, amethyst, orange, calcite, and angelite can help you open your heart and have great conversations with friends, family, colleagues, and dates

If you’re an introvert, the best crystals for social anxiety can help you socialize easily, minus the mental drain. On top of it all, crystals can help you with self-confidence, positivity, peace, calmness, good luck, and courage. 

For instance, pick an amethyst if you’re in a professional setting, rose quartz in a romantic one, and apatite when you’re with family. 

But, how do you physically use these crystals best for social anxiety? You can wear crystals for social anxiety as jewelry, keep them around different parts of the house for feng shui, or carry them in your pocket or purse when going out. 

In any case, cleanse and charge your crystals before, and after, wearing them with a positive affirmation, to ease social anxiety.

Here are a few examples:

  • I believe in my spirit.
  • I am connected to the universe.
  • Everything is significant in the universe.
  • I can accept and give love.
  • I am grounded. 

Hiya, I am Ceida Uilyc, JewelryTalk’s in-house crystal expert, metaphysics junkie, an avid nature enthusiast, and a jewelry maven. I believe crystals are the fruits of Mother Earth and there’s nothing that makes me happier than sharing my experiences, and knowledge about them. When not making spells and potions, I love wandering around my garden or tripping on trendy new necklaces and rings.

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