Do Crystals Vibrate? What are High-Vibration Crystals?

  1. How Do Crystals Work? Scientific and Metaphysical Reasons 
  2. Chakra Frequencies: How To Identify Crystal Vibrations and Frequencies? 
  3. What Are High Vibration Crystals? How to Identify High Vibration Crystals? 
  4. Top 10 High Vibration Crystals to Use 
  5. In a Nutshell

Yes, everything in this universe, including crystals, vibrates. But how do crystals vibrate? Do crystals emit frequency? What is the highest vibrational crystal? How to make a crystal vibrate? Which are the crystals that raise your vibration? 

Crystal vibrations are based on their natural resonant frequencies and metaphysical properties.  Their metaphysical properties include vibrational numbers, sizes, shapes, and optical illusions. 

I’ll simplify how crystals work scientifically and metaphysically with chakra frequencies. You’ll also learn about eight high-vibrational crystals today.

How Do Crystals Work? Scientific and Metaphysical Reasons 

Do crystals have vibrations? Most of us have learned that everything in the universe is constantly in motion.  It only makes sense then, that crystals are in motion too – they vibrate. 

So, do crystals vibrate on their own? How do crystals vibrate?

If you combine science and metaphysics, crystals vibrate using the energy from our chakras. Besides that, they also use thoughts, touch, sound, natural light, water, fire, wind, stars, and gravity.

So, do crystals have specific frequencies? Do crystals emit frequency? Yes, everything in the universe, including crystals, has a natural resonant frequency. They differ by chakra, structure, composition, size, color, shape, and density of the crystal

What’s the science behind healing crystal vibrations? How do gemstones work scientifically? Piezoelectricity is the scientific term that explains how we can create and accumulate electrical energies by simply touching a crystal. 

What do crystal vibrations do? Crystal vibrations can clear, absorb, emit, and charge other energies besides their own

Chakra Frequencies: How To Identify Crystal Vibrations and Frequencies? 

You now know that crystals vibrate and create healing energies. Then, where does this energy come from? In spiritual terms, it’s from the chakras, or wheels of energy in the body and universe.

Here’s a chart with chakra frequencies and their associated crystals.

a chart showing chakra frequencies and their associated crystals

What Are High Vibration Crystals? How to Identify High Vibration Crystals? 

High-vibration stones have a higher concentration of physical, optical, and metaphysical properties. They can often absorb and amplify energies, clear spaces,  and activate manifestation grids. 

The following describes the complete list of traits used to identify high-vibration crystals. 

a chart with a list of traits used to identify high-vibration crystals

Top 10 High Vibration Crystals to Use 

From scientific to physical and metaphysical traits, a lot goes into powering a high vibration crystal. 

I’ll tell you about the top ten high-vibration crystals and why you should use them. 

Super Seven High-Vibration Crystal 

super seven stone on a white background

Super Seven crystal is made of seven high-vibration stones. It’s great for telekinesis to spirit communication, channeling, telepathy, clairvoyance, and astral projection.

Clear Quartz Crystal Vibration 

clear quartz on a white background

Clear quartz has a high natural resonant frequency that can clear negativity and amplify energies. So, do quartz crystals vibrate? Yes, all quartz crystals vibrate high. For instance, the rose quartz vibration number is high at 7.

Amethyst Vibration Frequency 

a chunk of amethyst on a white background

Being a seventh chakra stone isn’t the only reason why amethyst is a high-vibration crystal. Just like most quartzes, the amethyst vibration number is 7. It’s the best crystal to use for finding wisdom, spiritual guidance, and enlightenment in life. 

Celestite Higher Metaphysical Properties 

a chunk of celestite on a white background

Considered gentle yet impetuous, celestite accesses your third eye and crown chakras, to open the doors of universal consciousness. Celestite is so powerful that you can feel its energy right from the first touch. 

Vibrations of Watermelon Tourmaline 

a piece of watermelon tourmaline on a white background

Watermelon tourmaline is the master activator stone because it can fuse kundalini energy with higher chakras. It’s great for meditation, Reiki, yoga, and manifestation rituals. 

Selenite Higher Powers 

polished selenite on a white background

One of the common cleansing crystals, selenite has a high numerical vibration of 8. So, you can use selenite towers and wands for psychic protection, spirit communication, and manifestation. Selenite connects with the Moon, as it is named after Selene, the Moon goddess.

Elestial Quartz High Vibration Powers 

a piece of elestial quartz on a white background

Some say elestial quartz can imprint on you from the moment you look at it. This type of quartz empowers chakras outside the body. It raises auric vibrations, to set the wearer on their spiritual path.

High Vibration of Aura Quartz Crystals 

Also called mystic quartz, aura quartz is a high vibration crystal that connects the wearer with their guardian angel. It’s especially good to relieve curses, hexes, or evil eyes.

In a Nutshell

Now you know how and why crystals vibrate, and what high-vibration crystals mean. Most of it concerns crystals and frequencies of chakras.

Can you feel crystals vibrate? People feel overwhelmed, excited, dizzy, warm, cold, or euphoric when around high vibration crystals. 

Start with a beginner-friendly stone like clear quartz if you’re ready to tap into the powers of high-vibration crystals. Aura quartz, amethyst, celestite, super seven, and elestial quartz are high-vibrational crystals that can cleanse people, spaces, and energies. 

Always respect and welcome the crystal when you’re working with high-vibration crystals. 

Which high-vibrational crystal will you use? 

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