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Who hates bad dreams? I know I do. You know, those restless nights when you startle awake with your heart racing, unable to get those unsettling images out of your head. Been there, done that. Like most people, I used to think nightmares were just something you had to deal with. But then I discovered crystals.

Now I know it sounds a little out there to be putting shiny rocks under your pillow, but crystals have been used for spiritual practices for thousands of years. Ancient civilizations were onto something when they started using crystals to protect against negative energy

When we sleep, our consciousness opens up, almost like leaving the physical world for a bit to travel the astral plane. But without protection, bad vibes can creep in from spirits or our own stressed minds, causing chaotic dreams. Crystals create an energy barrier around you while you snooze, guarding against disturbance. 

History and Meanings of Crystals for Dream Protection 

dreamcatcher and crystals on wooden background

The Sumerians were into bedecking themselves in blinged-out amulets and talismans made from gems and minerals like Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, and Quartz. They just knew these sparkly stones could protect them from nightmares and creepy demon attacks in their sleep.

The vibrations of crystals can majorly influence what happens when you dream. The Egyptians took it even further and would line their temple healing chambers with Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and other crystals to activate wild prophetic visions.

The priests there could guide people into dreaming. Even regular Egyptian folks carried around stones engraved with sacred symbols to avoid terror dreams or visions of the afterlife. Jade, Red Agate, and green stones were popular back then.

I let mine soak in salty water under the full moon to get ’em ready for action, then I put them right by my bed so we can journey the dreamworld together. 

13 Crystals for Dream Protection

Want guardians to keep things chill while you snooze? Crystals have got your back! The higher their vibration, the better they block shady energy so you can rest easily. The following crystals are my top defenders for safe astral adventures.


Amethyst on white background

Amethyst brings prophetic dreams. It calms that chatty mind, soothing worries pre-slumber so you slip off peacefully. Its spiritual vibes clear space of dense stuff interfering with your beauty rest. 

It basically sweeps your system squeaky clean! I ask my Amethyst to keep things cool in dreamland before I crash out. Find an Amethyst cluster to beam protective energy by your bed all night.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline on white background

Black Tourmaline patrols your dreamspace for creepers! If you’re plagued by monsters or dark forces while zonked out, this stone can help you. 

Just pass it through some incense first to amp its banishing abilities. Then tell the stone firmly to shield you from any psychic attack or nightmarish spirits messing with your mojo. Black Tourmaline will lock down the perimeter while you adventure inner worlds.


moonstone on white background

As the stone of the divine feminine and intuition, Moonstone opens a gateway between our world and the spirit realm. Sleeping with Moonstone facilitates prophetic visitations from ancestors, spirit guides, fae folk, and more while ensuring your complete emotional safety during these potent encounters. 

To boost Moonstone’s visionary vibration, place it directly on your Sacral Chakra an hour before bed while focusing on welcoming and enlightening dream communications. Charge monthly under moonbeams.


polished carnelian on white background

This stone empowers the second chakra, which oversees our sensuality and creative/emotional expression. For those plagued by sexual nightmares or incubus attacks, Carnelian prevents the drain of life force that can occur. 

Its solar energy also bolsters courage and initiative in the dreamscape, replacing vulnerability or paralysis in frightening situations with boldness and clarity on how to overcome challenges. 

Prior to sleep, hold Carnelian over the Sacral Chakra while envisioning it flooding your energetic field with warmth, safety, and power.

Tiger’s Eye

Tigers eye with white background

Tiger’s Eye brings golden solar energy to illuminate shadows, increase confidence, and impart discernment when visiting unfamiliar dreamscapes or communing with guides. Its signature chatoyant bands make it especially grounding, promoting lucidity, focus, and fearlessness if you suddenly become aware you are dreaming. 

To activate Tiger’s Eye’s properties, clutch it firmly in hand during a simple breathwork exercise before sleeping. Dedicate each inhale/exhale to magnifying self-possession and resolve.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper on white background

Red Jasper is one of the stones of endurance. It imparts determination and grit while deflecting draining psychic attack or interference. If you feel too fearful, scattered, or vulnerable when visiting the subconscious realms each night, Red Jasper will impart courage and tenacity so you can maintain focus. 

It also helps boost dream recall dramatically. Just clasp this stone tightly before sleeping, visualizing fiery light radiating outward through all dimensions as you drift off on stabilizing currents.


Fluorite crystal with white background

Fluorite brings subtle structure to the often chaotic and unruly landscape of the unconscious planes. Its formations create orderly pathways for spiritual travel/navigation, contain joyful visits from ancestors or star visitors, and prevent losing oneself to frightening distortions or residual trauma stuck between worlds. 

Plus, Fluorite dissipates troubling electromagnetic fog, which distorts signals from spirit guides. Simply admiring Fluorite’s sublime geometry for a few minutes before bed attunes consciousness to higher order.


Lepidolite on white background

Lepidolite calms an anxious, racing mind before sleep. Among lithium-bearing stones, Lepidolite specifically addresses repetitive dark thoughts, persistent trauma, or obsessiveness, which magnetizes nightmares. 

Meditating with Lepidolite infuses the mind’s eye with soothing sunset hues, empathy, optimism, and emotional illumination, gently releasing cyclical thought loops. Afterward, place an Amethyst geode nearby so Lepidolite’s graceful energies can continue repatterning consciousness throughout the night.


Danburite on white background

Danburite is a powerful aid for dissolving recurrent nightmares, releasing stuck emotional trauma looping endlessly, and clearing your field of psychic debris picked up during the day. 

Holding this crystal while getting into a relaxed state enables you to consciously program your dreams by visualizing Danburite deleting files of repetitive anxieties, past trauma, or obsessive patterns. 

Place on the Third Eye as you sleep so Danburite can continue replacing chaotic patterns with divine order.


Angelite on white background

If the need is to feel protected by divine nurturing energy, Angelite infuses the aura with the comforting essence of guardian angels and ascended masters. It suffuses your being with trust that angelic forces are watching closely over your somnolent form.

Whisper a prayer, asking Angelite to cloak you in wings of light during vulnerable sleeping hours. Continually focusing on the stone awakens innate spiritual protection mechanisms, allowing you to process intense dreams without terror by knowing heavenly help is near.


aquamarine on a white background

Aquamarine is a stone that I love to use to help soothe trauma caused by external experiences that leads to stressful dreams and fearful reactions. This stone counters inflation, hot tempers when your dreams get a bit too much, and intense emotions that might pull you out of a deep sleep.

As I hold the stone, I imagine ocean waves gently moving over my feet as I breathe. This lets me find new ways to handle whatever comes up and arises in my dreams as I sleep. I can then meet each dream with patience, awareness, and calmness. I keep Aquamarine close while I sleep, because it gives me a soothing feeling while I sleep.


Celestite on white background

If you want to create a stronger connection with the angels via your dreams, Celestite is a great stone to use. This stone creates a pathway to ascendant masters, star beings, and universal entities in the spiritual realm.

Pray or meditate while you hold the stone to open doorways in your dreamscape while you rest. Speak the intention of wanting heightened intuition into the stone before bedtime, so that even the smallest messages from your subconscious goes remembered.


Shungite on white background

Shungite is thought to help purify energy that builds up during the day, preventing nightmares caused by disruptive frequencies or repetitive thoughts. Meditating with raw Shungite before bed can absorb these energies and align your consciousness for peaceful dreams.

Leaving Shungite stones nearby as you sleep may help continuously transform chaotic energies overnight, allowing your dreams to focus on uplifting themes meaningful to your soul.


How Can I Protect My Bad Dreams?

To protect your bad dreams, place stones like Amethyst, Tourmaline, or Clear Quartz on your night stand or bedside. These stones can create a protective shield. Before use, ensure that you cleanse the crystals with saltwater, sound, or sunlight.

What Crystals are Good for Dreams Coming True?

Crystals that can help dreams come true include Amethyst for prophecy, Herkimer Diamonds for dream recall and clarity, Blue Lace Agate for soothing sleep, and Citrine for transforming negative energy into positive realization.

Use Crystals for Dream Protection!

I always keep a few trusty crystals close by when I hit the hay. Amethyst is my top recommendation for chilling you out and making sure any kooky ideas or worries don’t follow you into dreamland. Good thing, too, because those dark thoughts can manifest as full-blown nightmares!

If you wake up a lot or already deal with disturbances, like sleep paralysis, definitely call on the protection of Black Tourmaline. This stone is great for tossing any negative energy out so you can rest peacefully!

There’s such a range of dream crystals to explore. Once you tap into their ancient power, though, you’ll sleep like a baby all through the night!

NameBenefitsHow to Use
AmethystBrings prophetic dreams, calms the mind, soothes worries, and clears space of dense energy.Place an Amethyst cluster by your bed to beam protective energy all night.
Black TourmalineProtects against psychic attack and nightmares.Pass it through incense to enhance its abilities, then tell the stone to shield you from psychic attacks. Place it nearby while you sleep.
MoonstoneFacilitates prophetic visitations and ensures emotional safety.Place directly on the Sacral Chakra before bed and charge under moonlight monthly.
CarnelianPrevents sexual nightmares and empowers dreams with courage and initiative.Hold over the Sacral Chakra before sleep, envisioning it flooding your energetic field with warmth and power.
Tiger’s EyeIlluminates shadows, increases confidence, and promotes lucidity in dreams.Hold firmly during breathwork before sleep, focusing on self-possession and resolve.
Red JasperImparts courage and boosts dream recall.Clasp tightly before sleeping, visualizing fiery light radiating outward.
FluoriteCreates orderly pathways for spiritual navigation and prevents losing oneself in dreams.Admire its geometry for a few minutes before bed to attune to higher order.
LepidoliteCalms the mind and addresses repetitive dark thoughts.Meditate with Lepidolite before sleep and place an Amethyst geode nearby for continued effects.
DanburiteDissolves nightmares and clears psychic debris.Hold while relaxing before bed and place on the Third Eye during sleep.
AngeliteInfuses aura with divine nurturing energy and protection.Whisper a prayer to Angelite before sleeping and focus on the stone to awaken spiritual protection mechanisms.
AquamarineSoothes traumatic patterns and reactions to nightmares.Hold while imagining gentle waves before sleep, and keep it close through the night.
CelestiteFacilitates communication with higher realms in dreams.Hold while praying or meditating before bed, and ask it to magnify clairsentience.
ShungitePurifies adverse electromagnetic energy and prevents nightmares.Meditate with it before sleep and place Shungite formations nearby to continue transmuting energies through the night.

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