10 Crystals That Can Go in Moonlight in Different Phases

  1. Moonstone
  2. Selenite
  3. Labradorite
  4. Clear Quartz
  5. Rutilated Quartz
  6. Lapis Lazuli
  7. Opal
  8. Celestite
  9. Fluorite
  10. Turquoise
  11. FAQ
  12. Conclusion

Moonlight is a powerful celestial energy that we can work with to care for our crystals. You may be familiar with the practice of placing your crystals under the full moon but you can utilize both the new moon and full moon to charge up crystals for different purposes. 

Specific crystals for the moon are more suited to being set out under different phases of the moon depending on the energy of the crystal and your intentions. This article will focus on the following stones associated with the moon.

To comprehend how crystals are connected to the moon we can learn more about the spiritual nature of the moon phases. The full moon is a period of heightened intuition, spiritual connection, and fruition. 

The waning moon phases that precede this can bring our awareness to the subconscious to excavate and cleanse nonresonant energies. The new moon or dark moon is all about new beginnings, hope, renewal, and intention setting for the cycle ahead. 


moonstone on a white background

As evident in its name this crystal is deeply connected to lunar energy. Moonstone is a powerful crystal for moon phases as it serves to connect us to the inner and outer natural cycles of life. This is a crystal that can be used to deeply connect to the energy of the moon during any time of the moon cycle.

Moonstones can be charged and cleansed under the full moon or the new moon. The full moon is a more suitable time for cleansing and the new moon is the time for charging moonstone crystals. Alternatively, Moonstone can be cleansed using water or smudging. 


polished selenite on a white background

Named after the Greek goddess of the moon, Selene, this crystal resonates with the moon. Selenite is an excellent crystal for the full moon, it helps us to deepen the spiritual channeling state which is already heightened around a full moon. It also helps with stabilizing emotions which is much needed around a full moon. 

Selenite itself is used to cleanse other crystals but if you do feel called to cleanse this stone the best time to both cleanse and recharge selenite is the full moon. We can also greatly benefit by working with this crystal in the rest of the moon cycle leading up to the new moon.

Selenite is a delicate crystal so it should be handled with care. As mentioned, it is self-cleansing but you can choose to use smudging, singing bowl vibrations, intention, and visualization to cleanse and charge up selenite crystal.


labradorite crystal on white background

Labradorite can be used beautifully during the entire moon cycle, from the new moon right to the full moon. This crystal is known to allow us to delve deeper into the unseen, subconscious, and magical realms. The energy of 

Labradorite can encourage us to express and embody our deeper knowing. We can use Labradorite energy during our intention setting around the new moon period.

This powerful stone can be cleansed and recharged under both the light of the full moon and the energy of the new moon. You can use the moon cycle to cleanse and charge labradorite stones or to sit with this crystal in deeper meditation which will strengthen the crystal’s vibration and your vibration.

If you seek a different way to cleanse your labradorite you can turn to the use of water, smudge smoke, sunlight, sound vibrations, intention, or visualization.

Clear Quartz

clear quartz on white background

Clear Quartz is such a versatile crystal largely because of its ability to amplify energy and intent. Clear quartz is a master healer crystal for moon phases. It can be cleansed, energized, and utilized at any stage of the moon cycle.

During the full moon, you can set your clear quartz on a naturally grounded surface under the moon to cleanse and recharge. It is also a great crystal to wear during the full moon for spiritual healing and alignment or during the new moon to amplify the intentions set during this time.

If you wish to wear your crystal during a specific moon phase instead of setting it down to bathe in moon energy, you can use other forms of crystal cleansing such as water, salt, sunlight, smudge smoke, sound vibrations, visualization, or intention setting.

Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz on white background

This crystal offers all the benefits of Clear Quartz with an added nuanced vibration that is known to absorb negative energy from situations and surroundings. For this reason, Rutilated Quartz should be cleansed regularly and moonlight is perfect for this.

Rutilated Quartz is a crystal for moon phases that can be used throughout the cycle. It has the power of bringing greater clarity and insight that can be harnessed to dive deeper into our spiritual practices such as meditation, shadow work, and intention setting for manifestation according to the energy of the moon.

You can also cleanse and charge your Rutilated Quartz using the same alternative methods of cleansing mentioned in the Clear Quartz section above. 

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli on a white background

Lapis Lazuli is a crystal for the moon that deepens our spiritual connection, awareness, and expression. It can also help us to release emotional repression and blocks, for this reason, it should be cleansed and recharged.

When the moon is at its brightest this is a most potent time of spiritual connection when we can choose to cleanse and charge up our Lapis Lazuli. As the moon wanes we naturally descend into a time of self-reflection and emotional excavation, using Lapis Lazuli during this waning period can be supportive. Be aware that when we reach the new moon our crystal may need a cleanse and charge with the fresh energy of the new moon

It is optimal to choose moonlight for your crystal cleansing ritual as it should not be in sunlight, as it can cause fading of the color of this crystal. You can use other techniques such as water cleansing, salt, sound vibration, visualization, and intentions.


opal on white background

Opal is a very protective crystal, it shields us from negative energy and helps us to avoid dangerous situations. It is also something that can be used for deep healing of our emotional bodies and the energetic grid of planet earth. Because Opal is such a protective stone it should be ritually cleansed. 

The energy of this stone associated with the moon responds well to both cleansing and charging under a full moon. It can be used during the new moon to set healing intentions for the collective and individual needs and then used to stay aligned with this energy through the waxing moon period and fully channel the healing vibrations around the full moon

You can choose to cleanse your Opal by using water or a very gentle and quick smoke smudge. It is not recommended to cleanse and charge Opals in sunlight as this can damage them.


Celestite crystal on a white background

Celestite is a stone of peace that can help us connect with spiritual realms and celestial bodies such as the moon. This crystal can help us to tap into our intuitive and clairvoyant abilities. We can work with this crystal associated with the moon throughout the moon phase to enhance intuition, emotional intelligence, and spiritual awareness.

Celestite is one of the suitable moon crystals that doesn’t need to be cleaned often. If you do feel called to cleanse and recharge your Celestite then the energy of a full or new moon will be effective.

This crystal is fairly delicate and should not be immersed in water or left in sunlight for a long period. Other cleansing options that would suit Celestite are smudge smoke, sound vibration, and visualization.


fluorite on white background

This luminous crystal is known for its cleansing abilities as it clears negative energy from within a space. Fluorite can also absorb and transmute the energies of trauma, addiction, anxiety, fear, and lower vibrational emotions. As this crystal has a powerful cleansing action, it too needs to be regularly cleaned. 

Moonlight is a perfect way to cleanse Fluorite crystal, preferably the full moon as it is a potent energetic time that deeply cleanses and recharges your Fluorite. This crystal needs to be kept away from both water and sunlight as these are damaging to the coloration and structure. So other options for cleansing Fluorite would include grounding, sound vibration, smudge smoke, and visualization.


A polished Turquoise crystal on a white background

Turquoise crystal is often used as a protective amulet. It can work as an energetic shield against both spiritual and physical attacks, negative energy, and even electromagnetic frequency pollution. It is because of this purpose that turquoise should be properly cleansed and charged.

Both cleansing and charging of turquoise can take place under the moon because this crystal deals with protecting us from very dense energies. The full moon is the best time to thoroughly cleanse and energize turquoise, this stone associated with the moon can also be purified and re-energized by the fresh energy of a new moon.

Other ways of cleansing turquoise include grounding, sunlight, smudge smoke, sound vibrations, and visualization.


What gemstone is associated with the moon?

The stones associated with the moon are Moonstone, Selenite, Labradorite, Opal, and Celestite. These stones have lustrous moon-like qualities that are reflected in the physical appearance and energetic properties of these moon crystals.

How do you connect to the moon?

The best way to connect with the moon is to be aware of the phases of the moon, and the energies that each phase is associated with and intentionally work with these energies within your spiritual practices throughout the moon cycle. You can also use specific crystals for the moon phases to tune your energy to connect to the celestial lunar energy.

What crystals go with moonstones?

The crystals that work well with moonstones are Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Labradorite, Clear Quartz, and Selenite. These crystals complement and amplify the energy of Moonstone.


The crystals discussed here are some of the main crystals that can go in the moonlight in different phases. We can make use of the energy of the moon to cleanse and charge these crystals and many other stones. The stones associated with the moon can also be used to connect deeply and work with the natural processes that we go through related to each phase of the moon cycle.

This is a summary of the 10 crystals discussed in this article:

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