Sometimes life can really get you down, and you may feel aggravated, stressed, frustrated and aggressive at the cards you’re being dealt with. There are many ways for dealing with these emotions like meditation and yoga.

Luckily, there is also a very practical method to deal with stress and that’s through the use of crystals. Are you wondering what crystals are good for anger? 

The following 10 calming crystals for anger are those that you need when you reach your boiling point and need to calm down:

1. Rose Quartz Crystals for Stress and Anger

rose quartz chunk on a white background

Rose Quartz is the perfect crystal for stress, as it symbolizes unconditional love and allows you to feel joy in your heart, when your whole world is collapsing. Keep a Rose Quartz lamp in your house to release positive and loving vibes in your home and all around you. It is also one of the best crystals for jealousy.

This crystal resonates to the Heart chakra and is the zodiac stone of Taurus. Rose Quartz works especially well for Taureans that lose their temper and erupt in the heat of the moment. It can be called a Rose Quartz anger stone, as it is also a stone to control anger. Wear it around your wrists and as a necklace. 

2. Pink Opal to Prevent Triggers from Upsetting You

raw pink opal isolated on a white

Pink Opal is a wonderful crystal for times that feel like everything is caving in and your boiling point is rising. It soothes the soul and is also wonderful for not letting emotional triggers bother you. This is one of the best crystals for releasing resentment. 

Pink Opal activates the heart chakra, so you can use it by wearing a pendant that lies close to the heart. It’s a crystal that connects well with Air signs Gemini and Aquarius, making it the perfect crystal to keep near by during big social situations that may upset you.

3. Blue Apatite for Self Expression

Blue Apatite on a white background

It’s very common to bottle up emotions when angered and not express them due to fear of what others might think. Blue Apatite is a gorgeous healing crystal for anger that helps you express your words and feelings when angered. It is one of the best crystals to calm emotions.

It connects with the Throat and Third Eye chakras and the zodiac signs Gemini and Libra. Keep it in your non-dominant hand to receive its power and keep a diary close by, writing down all those words you want to express. 

4. Kyanite to Think Clearly

kyanite chunk on a white background

Often, when losing our temper, we don’t think and just say what our hearts feel; we’re not rational at all. Kyanite is a gorgeous stone that allows you to think clearly through all the frustration and also bring you love as well as compassion.

Kyanite connects with the Third Eye chakra and the zodiac signs Aries, Taurus and Libra. Meditate with it, close by, early in the morning when the sun rises, and concentrating on reacting rationally to situations.

5. Howlite to Bring Peaceful Energy

polished howlite stone isolated on a white background

When there’s anger and frustration in the air, Howlite is the perfect stone to use to counter toxic energy and bring in peaceful vibes. It’s the perfect stone to carry on or take with you when entering a space where there is toxic energy that may upset and anger you. Howlite is one of the top crystals for anger and patience.

It helps align all the chakras and is connected to the zodiac sign Virgo, the hardest working zodiac sign that perfects everything and offers much service and hard work. Keep this stone in your purse or pocket when needing to use it.

6. Tiger’s Eye Crystals for Anger and Patience

polished tiger's eye on a white background

Tiger’s Eye is an amazing crystal that brings you confidence and patience when angered. You need patience when dealing with others, as they are all operating on their own vibes and you never know quite what to expect.

It connects with the Root and Sacral chakras. Tiger’s Eye is Gemini’s birthstone. If you are wondering what signs should not wear Tiger’s Eye are Taureans, Librans, Capricorn and Aquarians.

7. Chrysocolla for Listening

Chrysocolla on a white background

Sometimes you get so mad, you don’t let the other person talk. Chrysocolla is a great gemstone for anger, and actually listening to what the other person has to say. Often many fights can reach a happy conclusion just by listening and not verbally attacking the other person. Chrysocolla is one of the best crystals for conflict resolution.

Chrysocolla is a special stone that re-energizes and cleanses all the chakras. Taurus, Virgo, Gemini and Cancer are the zodiac signs that relate to it best. Place a few Chrysocolla on your chakra points at night while doing a sleep meditation.

8. Smoky Quartz to Stay Grounded 

smoky quartz isolated on a white background

When getting into a fight, or feeling frustrated and stressed, you need to stay grounded. When you feel centered you are able to evaluate the situation and react with purpose. Smoky Quartz is the perfect crystal for this. Smoky Quartz is also good for taking away thoughts of suicide. It is one of the most amazing crystals for anger and depression as these two often go together. 

It connects with the Root chakra and the zodiac signs Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. These signs all deal with other people, higher education and the public. Carry this stone with you when leaving the house to deal with the public and big social situations.

9. Black Tourmaline for Toxic Protection

black tourmaline on a white background

When you are in the middle of a stressful situation that may infuriate, there is toxic energy at play. Black Tourmaline is one of the most powerful crystals that exists, which protects you against negative energy, psychic attacks and toxic people.

This crystal connects with the Root chakra. Black Tourmaline connects to the Zodiac sign, Libra, which is all about bringing love, balance and harmony to situations. Hold Black Tourmaline in your left hand while in situations that stress you out.

10. Hematite to Transform Frustration

hematite chunk on a white background

Is Hematite good for anger? Yes, Hematite is a wonderful stone for transforming frustration into positive and productive energy. It really helps you do something with your anger so that you can calm down and feel good about the results. It is one of the best crystals for anger and frustration.

Hematite connects with the Root chakra and the zodiac sign Aries. Wear a Hematite anger management bracelet on the wrist of your non-dominant hand to reap most of its benefits. You can also keep Hematite in your pocket or purse. 


  1. Does Carnelian help with anger?

Carnelian is one of the best crystals for calming anger. It is one of the top crystals for anger and rage, fear, as well as envy.

  1. What can you not pair with Carnelian?

Although Carnelian is one of those crystals for angry children, don’t let them wear it with Amethyst as they have opposite effects on your chakras. 

  1. Is Hematite good for anger?

Hematite is one of the most amazing crystals good for anger combat and transforming frustration into positive action.

  1. What is the best stone to wear everyday?

Rose Quartz is one of the best stones to wear everyday as it combats any form of anger through its power of unconditional love. 

  1. How do you release anger energy?

Blue Apatite is a great stone for releasing anger energy. It helps you express those feelings that may be suppressed. 


Leah Goldberg is a psychic, tarot card reader, and professional astrologer. She wrote the monthly Horoscope column for Glamour Magazine for 7 years and has been on the radio. She has studied Astrology for almost 30 years, modern, medieval and evolutionary, and tries to help people connect with their soul's journey in this lifetime. Her specialty is relationship astrology, and she is quite an expert at it, having written over 30 eBooks on the subject as a ghostwriter. Leah is busy working on her own Astrology book at the moment!

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