Pink Opal

(pingk oh - puhl)
Main Origins:
Peru, Australia, Mexico, the USA, and France.

What is Pink Opal?

A pink opal on a black background

Did you know Pink Opal was identified in 2011? It doesn’t boast a long history like most Opals, used since 4,000 B.C. With many gemstones confused for others in the past, Pink Opal was mistaken for other pink crystals like Rose Quartz. 

Did you know Opals were once the most expensive stones in the world? 

While precious Opals with flame or fire are still costly, the pink variety of Opal is a common Opal or Potch that shows a range of pink to coral hues. 

Pink Opal is a silicate mineral that derives its pink hue from Quinones (Peruvian and Mexican Pink Opals) or Manganese (Australian and American Pink Opals). In appearance, Pink Opals may be translucent or opaque. 

Varieties of Pink Opal may or may not show white banding with inclusions in yellow, black, orange, gray, or blue. If you’re a collector, note that Peruvian Pink Opals are the most sought-after among all Pink Opal varieties.

Pink Opal Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Pink Opal isn’t like any other stone because it simultaneously connects you to the Earth and the Higher Realm. In the bigger picture, it helps you find the missing pieces in your life to find satisfaction and joy.

Metaphysically, Pink Opal opens the Crown, Heart, and Galactic Chakras. 

You’ll notice clearer thoughts that align with your life’s purpose and greater good once you connect with this crystal. The Galactic Chakra connects you to the celestial energies of guardian angels and spirits.

Most of the healing properties of Pink Opal come from its chakras, ruling planet Venus, and elemental rulers, water, and earth. Venus brings balance, harmony, peace, and foresight while the elemental rulers of the crystal enhance these Pink Opal benefits

Pink Opal appeases Gods like Pashamama, the Incan Earth Goddess; Ops, the Greek Fertility deity; Aphrodite, the Greek God of Love; and Venus, the Roman God of Love.

Pink Opal Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Pink Opal is known for its universal connection. It’s great for those who find it hard to share their feelings with family or friends. Moreover, this stone will open your mind and teach you the basics of human connections.
  • Bury Pink Opal under three inches of soil to charge it. Afterward, you can carry it in your pocket, purse, or bag to enhance empathy. 


  • Calmness comes from respect, knowledge, and composure. By embracing the powers of Pink Opal, you’ll find it easier to deal with stress, grief, loss, and heartbreak. 
  • Meditate with a Pink Opal at sunrise to increase your tolerance, strength, and resistance to stress.

Emotional Balance

  • Pink Opal benefits like stress relief and composure come from enhanced emotional intelligence. It teaches you how to think, act, and react with maturity, empathy, and positivity. 
  • You can use Pink Opal for emotional balance by chanting positive affirmations relevant to your intention. Learn how to set intentions with crystals next. 


  • Compassion and kindness are the after-effects of newbies bonding with Pink Opal. It opens your eyes to the needs of others and your capability of being part of the greater good. 
  • To use Pink Opal for kindness, charge it by soaking it under the Full Moon’s light. The Full Moon enhances the fundamental energies of crystals. Learn more about Full Moon Rituals here.

Letting Go

  • Is guilt or hurt gnawing at your inner peace? Get a Pink Opal because it’s good for mind chatter, forgiveness, and freedom. Dendritic Pink Opals are especially good for moving on after heartbreaks.
  • You can charge Pink Opals for letting go with incense or smudge sticks. Try to hold your crystal in the right palm and meditate on your thoughts after lighting jasmine or sandalwood incense close to you.

Pink Opal Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A silhouette of an angel during the sunset


  • Did you know Pink Opal protects you from negativity? Pink Opal repels evil vibrations of envy, pain, or karma by strengthening your auric shield.
  • Get a Pink Opal in dark or deep pink and charge it by chanting the seed mantra VAM (water) or LAM (earth) into the crystal. 


  • Whitish Pink Opal often activates dormant psychic abilities like intuition, fortune telling, and prophecy. It’s often used by seers and psychics for clarity in psychic visions.
  • Charge your Pink Opal with the sound of a Tibetan singing bowl for psychic visions. You can place the crystal near the bowl while playing it.


  • When you’re connected to the Galactic Chakra (11th Chakra), your mind’s eye opens. This is common when using Magenta Opals as it gives you access to Akashic Records.
  • To find wisdom and knowledge with Pink Opal, it’s good to rinse it for 10 to 15 seconds under tap water. Afterward, pat it dry with a soft cloth and meditate while visualizing your higher chakra opening.

Reveals Destiny

  • Pink Opal can help you discover your spiritual destiny when used with 7 chakra stones. This way, you can use it to channel answers via psychic visions. Explore 7 chakra crystals here.
  • The best way to use Pink Opal to reveal destiny is by setting it as a focus stone on a crystal grid. You can use seven chakra crystals in the grid for way and energizing stones. Learn how to make a Pink Opal Crystal Grid here

Angelic Guidance

  • Did you know Pink Opal can open the Crown Chakra? Most crystal users don’t know this, but if you have a Pink Opal with many white bands, you can seek spirit contact.
  • The best way to achieve mediumship and angelic guidance with Pink Opal is through crystal gazing. All you have to do is hold the crystal in front of your eyes and gaze into it for a few minutes.

Pink Opal Side Effects

  • Maybe Exhausting: Because Pink Opal is all about selfless love, compassion, and generosity, you may be too invested in charitable services. Keeping a reality-check crystal like Clear Quartz close in such cases might be good.

Pink Opal Meaning: What Does Pink Opal symbolize?

A man helping a woman to get on top of the rock

Compassion is the meaning of Pink Opal. 

As a 21st-century stone, Pink Opal is a New Age crystal that opens your mind to let in love from others, nature, and the cosmos. That’s why it represents universal connection and empathy.

Pink Opal crystals help you discover more about the world around you while protecting you from negativity and psychic harm. Pink Opal stands for universal connection, gratitude, generosity, emotional maturity, kindness, and openness.

Varieties of Pink Opals

  • Peruvian Pink Opal: This Pink Opal variety originates from Peru and shows a mix of peach and light pink hues. It’s good for emotional balance, courage, and strength. Shamans also use tumbled Pink Opals for protection. 
  • Bubblegum Pink Opal: A vibrant stone in neon Pink, Bubblegum Pink Opal is good for gratitude and open-mindedness. This color variant exists in precious Opals and may show up with some iridescence. 
  • Oregon Pink Opal: By mixing pink, orange, yellow, and brown to create a flesh-like hue, this Pink Opal variety comes from Oregon. It’s good for revealing your destiny, purpose, and fate.
  • Andean Pink Opal: A popular variety of Pink Opals, Andean Pink Opal comes from the Andes and mixes a lot of white over pink. It’s a good stone for wisdom, self-realization, and moving on from grief or loss. 
  • Pink Mookaite Opal: This variety of Pink Opal from Mooka Creek displays white bands over deep pink hues. They are made into towers, palm stones, and jewelry. It’s one of the best stones for universal connection.
  • Milky Pink Opal: A faded variety of Pink Opal, this high-vibration stone awakens wisdom and knowledge. By bonding with Milky Pink Opal, you’ll feel one with the cosmos and receive spiritual guidance.
  • Dendritic Pink Opal: Showing black, white, brown, and gray dendrites, Dendritic Pink Opal is an energy generator stone. It can attract true love, good friends, and work opportunities.
  • Botryoidal Pink Opal: Showing a pale pink with bulbous crystals, Botryoidal Pink Opal is mostly found in Peruvian mines. It’s excellent for forgiveness, guilt, letting go, and peace. 
  • Pink Bacon Opal: A specific type of Pink Opal, Pink Bacon Opal mixes pink, white, and brown colors to naturally form an Opal representing bacon slices. Some varieties show intense red or rose tones, signifying their root chakra links. 
  • Magenta Opal: A darker and more vibrant variety, Magenta Opal makes you feel wiser by opening the Galactic Chakra (a Secondary Chakra). This crystal is excellent for manifesting intentions and affirmations
  • Pink Opal Eyes: Another Peruvian variety of Pink Opals that form thundereggs, Pink Opal Eyes show pink banding with a gray/ white center. It’s excellent for patience and calmness during stress and nervous breakdowns.
  • Hot Pink Opal: Another type of vibrant Pink Opal, like Magenta Opal, Hot Pink Opal often forms nodules. It’s great for grounding, protection, and spirit communication.
  • Cat Eye Pink Opal: Pink Opals with chatoyancy or vertical white flashes are called Cat Eye Pink Opals. They’re often used for fortune-telling, intuition, and prophecies.
  • Angel Aura Pink Opal: A high-vibration variety of Pink Opal, Angel Aura Pink Opal is an enhanced stone that shows golden flashes. It’s excellent for spirit contact and guidance.
  • Myrickite: Pink Opal exists with Cinnabar showing a red, yellow, orange, pink, and brown mottled exterior called Myrickite. This stone is great for emotional balance and grounding.

How To Cleanse Pink Opal?

2 pieces of white sage smudge stick on a wood

  • Water: As the ruling element of Pink Opal is Water, it’s ideal for cleansing quickly under tap water. 
  • Smudging: If you just received a new Pink Opal, smudge it with a sacred herb like Sage to remove the negativity stuck onto it. Here’s how to use Sage for cleansing crystals.
  • Singing Bowls: Sound healing by mantras and healing frequencies are great for cleansing Pink Opal. To do this, place your crystal next to a singing bowl before playing it.


Questions and Answers

Is Pink Opal safe in the water?

Yes, Pink Opals are safe in the water, thanks to their Mohs score. However, you shouldn’t soak your Pink Opal in water if it’s cracked or broken.

Can you charge Pink Opal in the Sun?

Yes, you can charge Pink Opal in the Sun for short periods, between 1 to 5 minutes. However, leaving Pink Opals in the Sun may crack the stone because heat can dehydrate Opals.

Why is my Pink Opal turning Black?

If your Pink Opal has turned black, it might be because of heat, light, sweat, or natural oils from your surroundings or skin.

What’s the difference between Pink Opal and Pink Fire Opal?

Pink Opal is a common Opal without any play of fire, but Pink Fire Opal is a precious crystal that shows a flash of color.

Where to keep Pink Opal in your house?

The best place to keep Pink Opal in the house is by feng shui direction. For harmony, go East, and for health, place it in the center of the house.

How do you take care of a Pink Opal?

Pink Opal doesn’t score very high on the hardness scale, so it can crack or break with overexposure to heat and water. Avoid wearing Pink Opal rings, bracelets, and pendants daily.

What month is Pink Opal?

October is the month of Pink Opal. It is not a primary stone for October, but one of the Opals to wear in October.

How can you tell if a Pink Opal is real?

Solid Opals like Pink Opal don’t have layers, such as with fake Pink Opals. You should also do a scratch, flame, or touch test to ensure you have a real Pink Opal.

Is Pink Opal expensive?

Yes, Pink Opals with higher amounts of iron and silica are highly valuable. They may cost over $100 per carat.

Should I sleep with Pink Opal?

Yes, you should sleep with Pink Opal under your pillow or by the bedside table to protect your dreams from negative energies. Additionally, sleeping with Pink Opal speeds up the healing of emotional scars and traumatic pasts.

Interactions with Pink Opal

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