12 Best Crystals for Communication and Confidence

  1. Aspirations, Hopes, and Dreams
  2. Amethyst
  3. Sodalite
  4. Citrine
  5. Ambition and Courage
  6. Pyrite
  7. Sunstone
  8. Tiger’s Eye
  9. Amazonite
  10. Blue Kyanite
  11. Carnelian
  12. Transparent and Honest Communication
  13. Aquamarine
  14. Blue Lace Agate
  15. Chrysocolla
  16. Conclusion

Crystals for communication are the perfect healing tool to overcome your fear of public speaking, shining, or speaking your truth. Crystals that help with communication ease blockages in self-expression, in addition to eliminating fears and doubts surrounding higher truth. 

Truth and wisdom are closely tied into communication, as well as confidence, using your voice, and integrity, diplomacy, humility, modesty, and having high hopes and aspirations.

Three main chakras that are responsible for communication and confidence are the Sacral, Throat, and Third Eye chakras. 

Aspirations, Hopes, and Dreams


polished amethyst on white background
  • Amethyst boosts confidence by increasing higher self abilities, such as intuition, vision, psychic gifts, clairvoyance, spiritual perception, and subconscious wisdom. Yin and yang energies flow effortlessly, so you can access both the conscious and subconscious minds. 
  • Amethyst is one of the best crystals for persuasion because it allows you to see clearly, without confusion, further free from judgment and illusion, coupled with developing a pure mind. Through a commitment to purity, you develop impeccable listening and speaking skills.
  • The associated chakra is the Third Eye, which means you can work with the colors purple and indigo to stimulate confidence in self-expression. 

How to use: Charge Amethyst in sunlight or place it in a Clear Quartz geode or cluster. Use Amethyst at night to stimulate your ability to dream and to access ancient wisdom and powerful insights from the dream space. 


polished sodalite on white background
  • Sodalite enhances intelligence, truth, clarity of perception, logic, intuition, and communication. It inspires confidence in public speaking in addition to sharing your truth, making it one of the best gemstones for going after your goals. 
  • This crystal brings calmness, order, and peace to your mind and thoughts. It enhances self-esteem, courage, and trust in yourself. You’re able to follow your hopes and aspirations through the advanced level of intuition and self-honesty it brings.
  • Sodalite is for the Throat and Third Eye chakras. You can work with various shades of blue, as well as indigo and purple to aid in communication. 

How to use: Gently massage a Sodalite gemstone on your throat to relieve tension. Do so for up to 10 minutes, projecting positive thoughts combined with loving healing intentions of clarity, self-awareness, and intuitive guidance.  


polished citrine on white background
  • Citrine amplifies happiness, confidence, joy, self-empowerment, self-esteem, pleasure, creativity, success, and comfort, in addition to generosity, sociability, and communication. It connects to the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, making it perfect for moving energy up from your lower chakras into your higher chakras of truth and awareness. 
  • Citrine encourages you to enjoy life to the fullest, further making the most of your dreams and aspirations. Long-term goals can be achieved, because Citrine provides the passion, zest, and strength to achieve them. There’s a protective quality in it combined with a strong sense of inspiration and self-expression. 
  • The colors to work with are orange and yellow, as well as golden-yellow. These will relieve tension around using your voice, while inspiring comfort and warmth coupled with stability. 

How to use: Meditate with Citrine on a sunny day, when the Sun is shining and you feel optimistic. Think about all you have to be positive for. Count your blessings while tuning into the energy of Citrine. You can visualize yourself sitting in a giant Citrine crystal as you do so for greater effect. 

Ambition and Courage


pyrite on white background
  • Pyrite is one of the best crystals for communication due to its healing properties of learning, perception, memory, logic, creativity, mental stability, intelligence, and psychic development. It expands insight and gives both practical vision and psychic gifts, so you can tune into any frequency for the best outcomes.
  • Pyrite enhances channeling abilities, communication, and optimism, while protecting you from negative energies. This provides inner strength and supreme courage to speak your truth, share your wisdom, and shine your inner light! 
  • Pyrite is excellent for intellectual,spiritual, or divinatory pursuits. It connects to the Solar Plexus chakra and is sometimes referred to as Fool’s Gold, which makes you gold in the business world. Professional pursuits get a midas touch coupled with a strong dose of ambition when using this crystal. 

How to use: Work with Pyrite when you need to recall information when speaking or communicating at and outside of work. It can be used to harmonize your emotional and psychological bodies for the best communication style, approach, and presentation.  


polished sunstone on white background
  • Sunstone is a stone for communication and courage that represents physical vigor, vitality, stamina, inner strength, independence, originality, freedom, and luck. It enhances libido in addition to life force energy, and promotes a sunny and optimistic disposition.
  • Sunstone can shift your mindset toward positivity, leaving behind depression, self-doubt, worries, stresses, and anxieties. It enhances good fortune while expanding ambition, confidence, charisma, and self-esteem. 
  • Sunstone connects to the Sacral and Solar Plexus chakras, which helps you achieve emotional harmony and self-empowerment. Communication is coupled with potent self-expression birthed from a strong desire to accomplish your long-term ambitions.

How to use: Keep a selection of Sunstone crystals in your kitchen, preferably by your kitchen window. This crystal promotes the positive healing powers of any kitchen herbs you might have growing, coupled with raising the vibration of your kitchen so you make healthy dietary choices. A healthy gut results in a healthy mind. 

Tiger’s Eye

tiger's eye on white background
  • Tiger’s Eye is one of the most powerful crystals for enhancing strength and courage, in addition to self-protection, personal empowerment, and grounding. It infuses you with vital life force energy, inspirational qualities, and clear, logical, thinking.
  • Tiger’s Eye is one of the best communication crystals, as it moves energy up from your Solar Plexus chakra to your higher energy pathways, and stimulates self-expression. Wisdom and strength are coupled with passion and self-assertion to speak your truth.
  • If you have blocks in your lower chakras that are preventing healthy and harmonious communication, including fears surrounding intimacy, self-expression, and projecting your voice, Tiger’s Eye is the ideal gemstone to try. 
  • This crystal connects to the Solar Plexus chakra and balances your emotional body with intellect, further dispelling fear, anxiety, negativity, tension, and a lack of motivation and courage. It supercharges zest, inspiration, and life force, while releasing clouded judgment.

How to use: Keep some Tiger’s Eye next to your desk or in your work office space. Remind yourself of its healing qualities as frequently as you wish, regularly tuning in to its energy as you energize your goals and ambitions. 

Speaking Skills


amazonite on white background
  • Amazonite is one of the best crystals for confidence in speaking because it inspires truth, honesty, sincerity, integrity, eloquence, dignity, charm, grace, empathy, harmony, and self-expression. 
  • Amazonite promotes trust in yourself and in your vocal abilities, which contributes to how you present your choice of words, your speaking style, and the confidence in which you speak them. Everything to do with communication is enhanced and smoothed out. 
  • Connected to the Heart and Throat chakra, Amazonite amplifies both clairvoyance and prophecy, psychic visions, self-love, kindness, and patience. It increases inner harmony so that you can find outer harmony in your relationships. It further balances the nervous system, so you can think with clarity, intuition, self-awareness, and accurate perception before you act or speak. 

How to use: Meditate with Amazonite every morning in preparation for a speech, exam, or presentation. If you are very extroverted or have a very social work or educational life, Amazonite is the ideal crystal to hold, keep in your pocket, or wear as an amulet of protection. 

Blue Kyanite

kyanite chunk on a white background
  • Blue Kyanite is an excellent communication stone and one of the most recognizable crystals for spirit communication. This gemstone produces vivid dreams, altered states of consciousness, serenity, and psychic abilities while enhancing visualization and meditation.
  • Blue Kyanite amplifies your connection to the subconscious, spiritual, and subtle realms, which, in turn, expands your ability to perceive, observe, and think logically and intuitively. Imagination and psychic gifts are expanded, which help with intellect. It’s a great stone for speakers, teachers, presenters, managers, students, singers, entertainers, coaches, or anyone who needs to use their voice on a regular basis. 
  • Additional properties include loyalty, honesty, and integrity. It clears throat imbalances and disorders, enhances tranquility and calmness, and is excellent for thyroid conditions.

How to use: Gently massage Blue Kyanite around your entire neck region, or perform a lying down meditation with a gemstone placed in the center of your Throat chakra. Any blocks, tension, and distortions will be automatically relieved. 


polished carnelian on white background
  • Carnelian is one of the best crystals for public speaking, as it increases self-confidence, courage, charisma, charm, creativity, individuality, self-expression, joy, happiness, sociability, emotional warmth, and self-empowerment. 
  • Carnelian promotes a sunny and upbeat disposition. It helps you remain positive and optimistic even in challenging or testing circumstances. It sparks vitality, passion, a warrior-like confidence, ambition, and speaking skills. 
  • This crystal is ideal for public speaking, performing, entertaining, motivational coaching, and any musical, artistic, or public facing career. It stimulates energy flow while removing vulnerabilities and fears surrounding speaking your truth and sharing your light and talents. The associated chakra is the Sacral.

How to use: Carry Carnelian around with you somewhere close to your body, such as in a pocket or even in your bra! Carnelian helps to dispel apathy, idleness, anxiety, anger, sadness, melancholy, envy, and negativity, enhancing harmonious and supportive connections. 

Transparent and Honest Communication


polished aquamarine on white background
  • Aquamarine is an excellent serene and tranquil stone for communication. It promotes cleansing, meditation, prophecy, truth, inspiration, calmness, peace and courage. It inspires you to speak your truth and use your voice for justice and wisdom sharing. 
  • Aquamarine is powerful for sensitive or empathic people and those who feel things deeply. It can sharpen your mind, allowing you to develop strong will and wit, without losing touch of your gracious and compassionate qualities. 
  • This crystal is one of the best communication crystals and one of the most powerful crystals for spirit communication. Imaginative, ethereal, astral, and spiritual insights and knowledge are available to you, which enhance your communication skills tenfold. 

How to use: Meditate with Aquamarine when you want to shield your aura and protect yourself from negative and harmful external influences. You can use the massage technique mentioned above for a range of thyroid or throat problems. 

Blue Lace Agate

polished blue lace agate on white background
  • Blue Lace Agate is one of the final crystals that help with communication. Connected to the Throat chakra, it cleanses, purifies, brings optimism and joy, promotes truth, aids in protection, and smooths disharmonious energy flow in the subtle bodies.
  • It is an amazing gemstone for speaking, communication, and sharing your feelings. This stone helps you be open about your emotions as well as your internal needs. It has a calming and energizing effect, allowing you to follow a path of passion and pleasure while retaining intuition and peace. 
  • Blue Lace Agate inspires hope, unity, and a sense of community, which are the perfect attributes for healthy communication! It can be used to neutralize anger, chaotic feelings, and conflicting emotions and thoughts. It’s a supportive stone for mindful self-expression. 

How to use: Blue Lace Agate measures 7 on the Mohs scale, which means you can take a relaxing bath with it. Place some crystals in your bath or as a part of a foot bath, and let the metaphysical healing properties work their magic. You might want to use lavender, rose petals, or soothing essential oils to accompany this ritual. (Note: Aquamarine is also an excellent stone for a bath!)


polished Chrysocolla on white background
  • Chrysocolla enhances serenity, peace, subconscious wisdom, intuition, patience, meditation, nurturance, and acceptance. It also amplifies tolerance, unconditional love, gentleness, sensitivity, hope, honesty, and self-intimacy.
  • Chrysocolla opens you up to the subconscious realms and mind where astral insights and patent instinctual and intuitive wisdom are rich. You can see through the veil of illusion, gaining many imaginative and psychic abilities in the process.
  • This crystal calms communication and helps you release anger while alleviating guilt and past pains. It further alleviates mental confusion and tension. 
  • Primarily for the Throat but also for the Heart chakra, you experience inner sensations of harmony, surrender, and honesty when using Chrysocolla. It aligns your subconscious mind with your conscious mind, so you can live in a harmonious flow of yin and yang, which is essential for wholeness. 

How to use: As one of the best crystals for persuasion, self-expression, and imaginative thinking, work with Chrysocolla when you have an important educational or professional assignment. It can equally be used to strengthen family and romantic bonds. Consider purchasing an eloquent necklace, where the gem is close to your Heart and Throat chakras. 


Communication crystals are the ideal way to enhance your speaking skills, empathic mindfulness, conscious relating, imagination, self-confidence, self-worth, and the way you listen to others and engage in information and knowledge exchange.

Whether you’re looking to use crystals for persuasion as a boss or in the workplace, or to simply find deeper connection and understanding with friends and peers, crystals that help with communication are gems to unblock your Throat chakra.

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