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Main Origins:
Russia, Brazil, Greenland, Romania, Namibia, the United States, Italy, Canada, India, Tanzania, Chile, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Norway, and Afghanistan.

What is Sodalite?

a polished sodalite crystal on a black granite

Sodalite is a tetrahedral silicate mineral that’s mostly opaque or translucent clarities but occasionally transparent. It’s seen in shades of blue-gray with white, gray, green, yellow, black, pink, or purple streaks. 

Did you know Native American legends say Sodalite was made by mixing the blood of buffalo with Mother Earth? That’s why it’s a popular healing crystal for health. 

While it was discovered in the early 19th century, Sodalites were formed over 3 billion years ago. 

Metaphysically, Sodalite is a higher chakra stone, representing the Throat or Third Eye Chakras in chakra wands, bracelets, and jewelry. 

Sodalite was also used extensively for architectural uses for decorating public buildings and monuments throughout human history.

Sodalite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Sodalite generally shows blue and white colors, but it can also show all the other colors of the rainbow. It opens the primary chakras – Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root – and the secondary chakra of the higher heart.

Sodalite is ruled by the Air or Wind element, and that’s why it’s great for calmness, forgiveness, and hope. This blue-white crystal is primarily ruled by the planet of luck and good fortune – Jupiter.

Sodalite is ruled by Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom; Shiva, the Hindu God of Destruction (and Recreation); Kuan Yin, the Chinese Goddess of Mercy; Horus, the Egyptian God of Sky; Tlaloc, the Aztec God of Fertility; Chaac, the Mayan God of Rain; and Poseidon, the Greek God of the Sea and Storms.

Sodalite Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Sodalite, with bluer than white, brown, or yellow colors, enhances your communication skills. It does so by enhancing understanding and self-expression via the Vishuddha. 
  • The best way to charge Sodalite for communication skills is by holding the crystal and chanting mantras or positive affirmations. 


  • Sodalite varieties with white and yellow enhance creativity. It’s good for students and professionals looking for motivation and original ideas. 
  • The best way to activate Sodalite for creativity is by holding the crystal and meditating for a few minutes. 

Deep Peace and Harmony

  • Sodalite crystals with pink, white, purple, and green colors are considered best for inner peace. They stabilize your hormones and clear toxic energies from around you. 
  • I suggest wafting the smoke of a lit incense or smudge stick to clear the chaos, negativity, and evil vibration. 


  • Due to the white colors in Sodalite, it opens the Crown Chakra and fills you with wisdom. You’ll also find it good for understanding complex topics and mechanisms easily.
  • The best way to attract knowledge with Sodalite is by always carrying it in your right-side pocket. Before you carry it, however, it’s good to charge it by soaking it overnight under the moonlight.

Trust and Self-Esteem

  • Do you have problems with trusting others? It must be because your Heart Chakra is blocked. By bonding with Sodalite, you’ll find renewed respect for yourself, family, friends, or others.
  • To improve trust and self-esteem with Sodalite, carry it with you after charging it under the Sun.

Sodalite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A man close eyes is touching the sides of his head with his two fingers

Psychic Vision

  • Did you know Sodalite can open your mind’s eye to other realms and spiritual beings? Shamans and seers often use it for conversing with other worlds via visionary messages. 
  • To use Sodalite for psychic vision, let it soak overnight under the light of the full moon or the new moon. Afterward, keep the activated Sodalite under your pillow.


  • Besides showing psychic visions, Sodalite also activates dormant centers in your spirit. As a result, you’ll feel intuitive, wise, and connected to the universe.
  • Activate Sodalite by holding it in your palms and gazing into it for a few minutes. You can then carry the stone on your dominant side.

Astral Projection

  • Sodalite with purple, white, and indigo colors enhances your grounding and stability when doing out-of-body experiences (OBE). It can help you have vivid experiences. 
  • Activating Sodalite for OBE is best done with a ritual consisting of singing bowls, candles, and herb sticks (sage). 

Karmic Therapy

  • Have you ever felt karmic debts weighing on your conscience? Because Sodalite reveals past life karma, you can use it to find out how to do penance for your karmic debts. 
  • Waft the scent of a lit incense over your Sodalite for a few minutes and meditate to reveal your past life karma. 

Dream Work

  • Did you know Sodalite helps in lucid dreaming? It’s also good for dream recall and observing dreams from past incarnations. 
  • The best way to activate Sodalite for dream therapy is by charging it in front of a candle. You should also place the charged crystal under your pillow before sleep.

Sodalite Side Effects

  • Sleep Disturbances: As Sodalite opens your mind’s eye and connects it to spiritual beings who want to guide you, your sleep might be disturbed by psychic visions. This may be overwhelming, especially if you’re new to it.

Sodalite Meaning: What Does Sodalite Symbolize?

A stack of rocks that is balanced on a wooden plank

Inner Peace is the meaning of the Sodalite healing crystal.

Ancient Egyptians wore amulets of Sodalite for auric protection. Even in Europe, there are interesting legends about its use in Wiccan magic and spells. 

Did you know Native American shamans and seers often used Sodalite to connect with the divine realm?

Traditionally, Sodalite is associated with intuition, psychic protection, spirit communication, and dreamwork. 

In the new age, Sodalite finds its place in healing emotions, calming down, managing anger, focusing easily, and enhancing confidence.

Varieties of Sodalite

  • True Sodalite: Real Sodalites show bright royal blue with inclusions of white, gray, brown, or peach. They’re good for Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras. 
  • White Sodalite: Sodalites with more white than blue form this variety, usually pink. They’re great for wisdom, inner peace, and emotional healing.
  • Yellow Sodalite: This type of Sodalite boasts gold, brown, and yellow hues with muted blue shades. It’s excellent for attracting success, luck, health, and happiness.
  • Lapis Lazuli, or Lazurstein: Some types of Lapis Lazuli contain Sodalite, apart from Lazurite, Pyrite, and Calcite. Use this type of Sodalite to improve charm, knowledge, and communication skills.
  • Black Sodalite, or Pahasapaite: This type of Sodalite forms with Aegirine to shape black crystals with white or gray veins. It’s usually found with Natrolite, Feldspar, or Cancrinite and works well for psychic protection.
  • Green Sodalite: The Sodalite variety, with Chlorite, Serpentine, Mica, Epidote, and Albite, this crystal shows pale to dark green hues with inclusions of white, gray, black, and brown colors. Use it for prosperity and health. 
  • Litchfieldite: This crystal contains Sodalite and shows white with green, pink, white, yellow, green, or blue inclusions. It’s good for healing multiple chakras.
  • Purple Sodalite: With gray and black streaks on purple crystals, this variety of Sodalite is sometimes called Lusenite or Royal Sodalite. It’s generally used for spiritual awakening and discovering destiny.
  • Glauconite: A rare variety of Sodalite, Glauconite shows blue, gray, and green shades with a greasy appearance. It’s good for grounding, support, and inner healing. 
  • Rappoldite: Also popular as Nepheline Syenite or Sodalite with Phonolite, this variety shows a turquoise blue color. It helps with spiritual guidance, manifestation, and creativity.
  • Lindin: Tiny or huge translucent variety, consisting of Sodalite and Calcite, Lindin is a good crystal for enlightenment and inner healing. 
  • Hauyne-Sodalite: Showing colors black, gray, and blue, this Sodalite variety forms when with Hauyune with bright cores. They’re great for psychic abilities and self-discovery. 
  • Mangano Sodalite: The Sodalite variety, which shows hues of pink, red, and reddish-brown with blue, attracts self-love, care, and support.
  • Rainbow Aura Sodalite: This type of Sodalite is a manmade crystal with titanium and niobium. It shows many colors and is usually used as a wand for manifesting intentions.
  • Hackmanite: This type of Sodalite displays different colors under UV light due to tenebrescence. It’s seen in lavender, violet, white, and gray colors. It’s great for balance, stability, and success. 
  • Sodalite with Scapolite or Vlasovite: Sodalite forms grains and veins in Scapolite in colors, such as gray, white, blue, yellow, brown, and olive-green. They’re great for multi-chakra balance. 
  • Sodalite with Barite: Varying between blue and blue-gray colors, Sodalite forms with Barite as veiny inclusions in this rock formation. The natural combination of crystals is good for grounding and courage.
  • Sodalite with Fluorite: This is a Sodalite variety with Purple Fluorite and shows purple and blue colors. Use it for spiritual awakening, wisdom, and psychic abilities.
  • Sodalite with Tugtupite: Also known as Fantasy Rock, this type of Sodalite formation shows red, blue, and pink colors. Use it for confidence, creativity, and universal connection.
  • Sodalite with Sphene: Sodalite shows in green, brown, blue, and yellow colors with Titanite or Sphene. It’s recommended for attracting luck, besides healing emotional scars.
  • Sodalite with Apatite: When Apatite forms with Sodalite, it creates green and blue patterns. Healers recommend it for inner healing and peace.
  • Sodalite with Arfvedsonite: Displaying blue and dark green colors, this type of Sodalite may contain Syenite and Nepheline Syenites. It’s excellent for charm, creativity, and luck in love.
  • Sodalite with Quartz: Sodalite forms with white, blue, clear, and milky Quartz. Depending on its color, it can purify, boost confidence, open the mind, and calm you down. 
  • Sodalite with Serpentine: Sodalite may occur in Kimberlite with Olivine and Serpentine, showing olive-green, blue, gray, or green colors with a mottled pattern. They’re great for psychic vision and abilities.
  • Sodalite with Peridotite: In this Sodalite color variety, the crystal shows blue, olive-green, and dark green shades. It opens the Solar Plexus, Heart, and Thymus Chakra.

How To Cleanse Sodalite?

A monk sitting on wooden planks in nature

  • Open-Air Meditation: Because the Air element rules Sodalite, it’s good to cleanse it with your thoughts in the open air, especially during windy mornings or evenings. 
  • Positive Affirmations: The quickest way to cleanse Sodalite is chanting purification affirmations into it for a few minutes. 
  • Aroma Diffuser: Soaking Sodalite in diffused aromas of essential oil, like sandalwood, sage, lavender, cedarwood, jasmine, and mandarin orange, is good for cleansing Sodalite.

Questions and Answers

Is Sodalite safe in the water?

Yes, Sodalite is safe in the water, but soaking it for a long period may crack or disintegrate it. 

The aluminum in Sodalite makes it a bad choice for direct infusions for making Sodalite crystal elixir.

Can Sodalite go in the sun?

Yes, Sodalite is safe in the sun for a few minutes, but prolonged exposure to sunlight may discolor the stone.

Who shouldn’t wear Sodalite?

Zodiac signs ruled by Mars, Jupiter, Sun, and Moon are enemies of Sodalite’s ruling planet Venus. Hence, Aries, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius, Leo, and Cancer shouldn’t wear Sodalite unless your astrologist advises it.

How to take care of Sodalite?

The best way to take care of Sodalite is by cleaning it regularly and keeping it safe from falling or hitting things. Make a schedule for cleaning, packing, and storing Sodalite regularly.

Where should I keep my Sodalite crystal at home?

According to Feng Shui, the northeast corner of your home is the best place for Sodalite. Alternatively, keeping Sodalite in quiet, cool spaces is good, especially where you meditate or do yoga.

Does Sodalite glow in the dark?

Yes, blue inclusions in Sodalite glow orange in the dark or under UV light of 365 nm. For this reason, many people hunt for Sodalite at night.

How can you tell if Sodalite is real?

Real Sodalites are heavy, fluorescent (orange), cold to the touch, scratch easily, and may be translucent or opaque.

Which hand to wear Sodalite?

You should wear Sodalite on your left hand, regardless of your dominant hand.

What to pair with Sodalite?

Blue Moonstone and Lapis Lazuli are excellent crystals for pairing with Sodalite for spiritual awakening, communication, and guidance.

Is Sodalite expensive?

No, Sodalite isn’t expensive and often costs lower than other blue color stones, like Lapis Lazuli. On average, Sodalite costs $10 per carat.

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