Black Onyx

(blak on - iks)
Main Origins:
India and South America.

What is Black Onyx?

A black onyx crystal on a black granite

Black Onyx is a variety of Chalcedony and part of the Agate family. This stone is black with white and gray bands. Black Onyx is formed from silica deposits at low temperatures through silica-rich water moving through rock cracks.

Black Onyx is one of the most powerful protective stones you can find. Victorians would wear Black Onyx jewelry during mourning to soak up and end their sadness.

Black Onyx Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Black Onyx has many metaphysical healing properties and benefits. Black Onyx deters from bad experiences and is a talisman that attracts good fortune. 

All black stones offer a shield of protection, but Black Onyx goes the extra mile by protecting you from your toxic thoughts and emotions. This stone inspires you to face danger or difficult situations with confidence and wisdom. 

Black Onyx Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Black Onyx lets you realize when something does not serve you anymore and helps you find healthy ways to release it. This stone works wonders for getting through difficult breakups or divorces.
  • Meditate with Black Onyx in your palm for 20 minutes for guidance on how to let go of negative influences in your life.


  • This stone helps you suppress and lessen harmful thoughts, sensations, and desires. Black Onyx can help calm those who have an overactive sex drive or who tend to respond to negative experiences with aggression.
  • Keep Black Onyx in your pocket to manage any extreme impulses you might experience throughout the day.

Root Chakra Healing

  • Black Onyx balances and heals the Root Chakra, the chakra in charge of your confidence, self-esteem, and independence. This stone helps you be more secure with standing on your own two feet.
  • Meditate with Black Onyx on your Root Chakra for 20 minutes to clear any blockages and allow it to heal.


  • Wearing or using Black Onyx prevents irrational or intrusive thoughts that can confuse you. This stone grounds you in reality, letting you see things for what they are.
  • Hold a Black Onyx stone in your palm when your thoughts are becoming confusing for clarity and wisdom.


  • If you lack patience or give up easily, Black Onyx can give you the determination to see a task through. Black Onyx benefits athletes, as it removes any sense of wanting to give up before reaching your goal.
  • Meditate with Black Onyx on your Root Chakra for 10 minutes to receive the strength and motivation needed to endure anything. 


  • Black Onyx is useful for those who avoid commitment or responsibilities. This stone lets you realize your inner potential and gives you the drive to want to succeed and show others what you can accomplish.
  • Wear a Black Onyx ring on the middle finger of your left hand daily to remain dedicated to your duties and responsibilities. 


Black Onyx Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Woman wearing a yellow skirt and a white top, happily enjoying a boat ride

Memory Access

  • Black Onyx acts as a memory bank, holding onto the wearer’s memories and experiences. You can then use this stone to access specific memories and process them during meditation, which helps with trauma and emotional release.
  • Wear a Black Onyx pendant daily to allow it to store your memories. Hold it in your palm during meditation to access your memories during meditation.

Past Life Regression

  • By allowing you to access the memories deeply ingrained in your soul, Black Onyx lets you see who you were in your past lives. This stone also enables you to work through and solve negative Karma associated with previous lives. 
  • Place Black Onyx on your Root Chakra during past life regression sessions or meditation to unlock the secrets of who you previously were.

Capturing Abilities

  • Black Onyx can capture and store malevolent entities and demons. This stone is used during exorcisms to clear out evil spirits.  
  • Hold Black Onyx in your palm during meditation or channeling and focus on the intent of letting the evil spirit or entity enter the stone and be locked in there securely. Keep this stone in a secure container to keep it safe. If it breaks, it will release the spirit held captive in it.

Stress Relief

  • By letting you see the best routes of action, Black Onyx removes nervous tension and worry associated with making decisions about what is to come in the future.
  • Carry Black Onyx in your pocket when you feel stressed to access its calming abilities. Avoid wearing this stone for longer than three days without cleansing it.

Self Awareness

  • Black Onyx grounds and roots you within yourself and connects you with your authentic expression. This stone makes it easy to speak from the heart and to say what is on your mind.
  • Wear an Onyx pendant daily to always speak your truth.

Good Fortune

  • This stone lets you make wiser decisions, which leads to positive outcomes, abundance, and increased fortune. Black Onyx is a crystal for good vibes. By enhancing your intuition, this stone enables you to follow the best path.
  • Sleep with Black Onyx under your pillow to allow it to absorb and trap your negative thoughts and to invite in ideas that result in positive manifestations.

Black Onyx Side Effects

  • Discomfort: Black Onyx facilitates many changes in your life, some of which you may be uncomfortable with. This stone can set you on the right path, but you might experience resistance toward change during this process.
  • Negative Moods: If Black Onyx is not charged or cleansed regularly, it will hold on to negative energy and accumulate it. Using or wearing an uncleaned Black Onyx can result in you drawing out and taking in its negative energy.

What Does Black Onyx Symbolize?

sad long curly- haired woman sitting on an outside location

In Arabic, Black Onyx means el jaza, meaning “sadness.”

In 1875, Chinese servants and enslaved people mined Black Onyx. It was regarded as an “evil” stone, as no one would touch it or have it near them due to the fear of misfortune. Chinese merchants would bring Black Onyx to the West and sell it to those ignorant of its ill effects.

The name Black Onyx comes from the greek word onux, which means “claw” or “nail .” The more negative energy a Black Onyx absorbs, the darker and less shiny the crystal becomes. 

In ancient times, this stone was believed to house a demon that would create chaos at night. It was believed to be a powerful protector against evil and harmful forces. Black Onyx is also regarded as a witch’s stone, as you can use it to capture entities and bad energy, and then release them upon another.

Varieties of Black Onyx

  • Agate Onyx: This variety has clear white and blue bands in the stone. Agate Onyx helps the wearer achieve work-life balance and reduces stress and tension associated with traumatic experiences.
  • Nicolo Onyx: This stone has carved images engraved into the Onyx that are added to jewelry. A Nicolo Onyx talisman is a powerful protection shield that guards you against harmful physical and spiritual forces.
  • Sardonyx (Sard): A brown, red, and yellow variety of Onyx with distinct white, red, or brown bands, Sardonyx removes negative emotions and thoughts in your relationships, allowing for happy and stable partnerships.
  • Carnelian Onyx: This variety of Onyx has a red base tone with a white top layer. Carnelian Onyx heals the Sacral Chakra and instills the user with courage and endless strength.

How To Cleanse Black Onyx?

Woman cleansing her hand using water flowing through a bamboo stick

  • Water – Place Black Onyx in a bowl of water for 24 hours, or in a river or stream for natural water cleanse.
  • Selenite or Quartz – Place your Black Onyx on a Selenite slab, in a Selenite bowl, or have it touch a piece of Selenite for 24 hours. You can also place Black Onyx next to Clear Quartz for 24 hours to cleanse it. 
  • Moonlight – Place Black Onyx on a windowsill, balcony, or patio overnight on the night of the full moon to cleanse it.

Question and Answers

Is Black Onyx expensive?

Black Onyx can be affordable or expensive, depending on the size, cut, grade, and quality. This stone ranges from $1 to $500 per carat.

Can Black Onyx be worn every day?

Black Onyx is a durable, hard stone that can handle daily wear and tear. This stone offers protection from people with bad intentions, and if it is cleansed and charged, you can benefit greatly from wearing it daily.

Can Black Onyx go in the sun?

Avoid placing Black Onyx in the sun for prolonged periods, as it can cause the color to lighten or fade. Black Onyx is safe in the sun for up to 6 hours, but more prolonged sun exposure can damage your crystal.

What are the legends and myths associated with Black Onyx?

Cleopatra used to wear Black Onyx daily as a talisman to protect her from evil and harmful forces. The crystal would vibrate when there was danger nearby, alerting her to be on guard.

In their dwellings, the Bghai tribes of Myanmar displayed stone figurines of spirits made of Black Onyx. To appease these spirits and prevent them from preying on their families, they fed them offerings of blood.

My Black Onyx broke; what does this mean?

Black Onyx draws in and holds negative energy present in your physical and emotional space. If you do not cleanse this stone frequently, it can become overloaded, and this can cause it to break. This stone can also crack or break when you are in a dangerous situation or area.

Who should not wear Black Onyx?

Geminis should avoid wearing Black Onyx. Black Onyx dampens a Gemini’s spirit by grounding them too much. This stone causes them to change their core personality and to lose touch with their bright, happy, and spontaneous side.

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