What Happens When a Crystal Breaks?

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Crystals are powerful. So, are broken crystals a bad omen? What’s the meaning of broken crystals? Crystals break due to pressure, force, heat, chemicals, etc. It signifies hexes, bad luck, evil eyes, betrayal, weakness, or transformation.

Read on to discover the meaning of crystals cracking, shattering, and breaking into halves for 15 different crystals.

Broken Crystal Meanings Explained 

Even the hardest gemstone, diamond, can break when hit at the right place. 

Other healing crystals may break due to falling, hitting, heat, sunlight, sound baths, chakra blockages, bad luck, or after powerful energy rituals. 

Sometimes, crystals even break when they’re done with their purpose. And at other times, it could be an indication of your spiritual change.

But one thing to remember, is that a broken crystal isn’t any less powerful, evil, or negative. In my opinion, a broken crystal offers ways to make the most out of a single crystal. 

What Does it Mean When an Amethyst Crystal Breaks?

Amethyst Geode chunk on a white background

If your amethyst crystal splits into two, it may be a sign of toxic people or dangers around. In such a case, cleanse the broken pieces with salt water first. Then, bury it one foot deep in the soil. Doing so will help you ground away the evil vibrations. 

What Does it Mean When a Rose Quartz Crystal Breaks?

Rose Quartz crystal on a white background

Rose quartz stone may break when you’re going through loss, grief, or trauma. It can also crack after cleansing blocked heart chakra energies. I suggest using other high vibration crystals, like clear quartz, to avoid this.

What Does it Mean When a Selenite Crystal Breaks?

selenite cube on a white background

Selenite is a soft crystal that dissolves in water when soaked for a long time. Moreover, selenite towers and wands crack when exposed to light, or heat. for an extended time period. If your selenite is chipping off, it may be because your crown chakra connection is fading. 

What Does it Mean When Black Obsidian Breaks?

Polished Black Obsidian chunk on a white background

Are you suffering from medical conditions or ailments? Black obsidian generally breaks during pain, disease, or suffering. It may also indicate the influence of bad spirits if it broke when you were wearing black obsidian jewelry.

What Does it Mean When Moldavite Breaks?

Moldavite chunk on a white background

Unlike most crystals that break due to negativity, moldavite breaks when it releases absorbed energy. Simply put, moldavite breaking means there is a process of transitioning. Gift your broken moldavite to someone else, or bury it if this happens. 

What Does it Mean When a Clear Quartz Crystal Breaks?

clear quartz on a white background

Shamans and psychics say that clear quartz wands break after they cleanse evil spirits from people and spaces.

 Do you know that clear quartz was a common crystal for spirit rituals among Native American tribes? If yours  broke, it means the work is done. 

What Does it Mean When a Fluorite Crystal Breaks?

Depending on the color of the fluorite, a broken crystal suggests a blocked chakra symptom. 

Fluorite chunk on a white background

For instance, broken purple fluorite indicates your guardian angel renounced you. In such a case, bonding with the broken fluorite crystals with meditation will reconnect you with your guardian. 

What Does it Mean When a Hematite Crystal Breaks?

hematite chunk on a white background

Broken hematite suggests your tether with Mother Earth might be severed, as it’s a grounding stone. 

If you committed a crime against humanity, nature, or morality, your hematite could break into a thousand pieces. In such a case, bury the broken hematite crystals in your garden.

What Does it Mean When a Jade Crystal Breaks?

Clean chunk on jade on a white background

Our ancestors believed jade talismans broke during terrible pain or terminal illnesses that the wearer was experiencing. Broken jade also indicates financial and physical dangers if it breaks when kept in a bowl.

What Does it Mean When a Lapis Lazuli Crystal Breaks?

lapis lazuli on a white background

The stone that helps you reveal your spiritual purpose, lapis lazuli , may break when the wearer has found their purpose. 

My lapis lazuli wand broke into two when I bought my first house, indicating a sign of success. You can reuse them in crystal grids when broken. 

What Does it Mean When a Malachite Crystal Breaks?

malachite on a white background

This heart chakra crystal brings love, support, and warmth when worn on your person. So, if your malachite jewelry or palm stone broke while on you, it may not be the right crystal for you. The next best thing is to gift the broken crystal to someone else.

What Does it Mean When a Labradorite Crystal Breaks?

labradorite chunk on a white background

Much like lapis lazuli, labradorite also opens higher chakras. If it breaks, Mother Earth is asking for the crystal back. 

I buried the broken parts in my family garden when it happened with my labradorite ball. Fortunately, the crystal revealed itself to my nephew when he was taking a walk in the garden.

What Does it Mean When an Opalite Crystal Breaks?

opalite on a white background

Crystal lovers who’ve had opalite crystals know how fragile they are. It commonly develops as cracks over time and breaks apart. As this is natural and mostly unavoidable, you can reuse them by adding them to your bowl of feng shui crystals. 

What Does It Mean When Carnelian breaks?

Polished Carnelian on a white background

If your carnelian crystal shattered, it might suggest your aura is draining, or your spirit is under attack. As it’s a root chakra stone, it’s best to bury the broken pieces. Carnelian shards in your flower pots help plants rejuvenate. 

What Does it Mean When a Pyrite Crystal Breaks?

Pyrite chunk on a white background

When pyrite has done everything it has meant for you, it can break into two or three parts.. You can keep broken pyrite crystals around your home, or gift them to someone else. 

FAQ on Healing Crystals Breaking 

What happens when a crystal breaks? Unlike a gadget or a tool, a broken crystal can be reused. You can keep the broken parts in cleansing, charging, or healing bowls around the home. 

Is It Okay to Break Crystals into Smaller Pieces? 

Cutting raw crystals into different shapes and forms is common in jewelry making. So, while manufactured smaller pieces are okay, bigger pieces are more impactful. 

What Does It Mean When You Touch a Crystal, and it Breaks?

Crystals are typically used to open, cleanse, charge, and balance energies. So, if a crystal broke when you touched it for no reason, you might be hexed, weak, or possessed.

I Dropped My Crystal, and It Broke in Half. What to do Next? 

Fixing broken healing crystals with glue isn’t an option, because it does more damage than good. I consider broken crystals the universe’s way of telling me to bond with a new crystal. 

In a Nutshell 

Your favorite crystal wand, pyramid, or jewelry breaking into two, three, or a hundred pieces isn’t a happy occasion. 

But it shouldn’t be a terrifying one either. 

Crystals cracking may mean it’s time to move on, that you need another crystal, or it’s time to use more little crystals than a big one. You can also use broken crystals for feng shui, gifting, and making new crystal jewelry. 

If your crystal is broken beyond repair, bury it in your garden or flower pot. 

Share more about your broken crystals, and I’ll tell you what to do next!

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