List of Crystals that May Bring Misfortune to You

  1. Opal
  2. Hematite
  3. Pearl 
  4. Black Diamond
  5. Moldavite 
  6. Lava Stone
  7. Petrified Wood
  8. Black Tourmaline 
  9. Malachite 
  10. Auralite 23
  11. Do Bad Crystals Really Exist?
  12. FAQs

Gemstones have been used for centuries for health, healing, and spiritual growth. Crystal healing is a fantastic way of enhancing your life, but some stones often come with a warning. 

Certain unlucky crystals are famous around the world because of their history, with superstitions and folklore surrounding the stone. Other bad luck stones may bring you misfortune because they are used incorrectly or not cleansed properly. 

Let’s find out why these unlucky crystals get their reputation and what you can do if you have one of these stones. 


opal crystal on a white background

Opals have long been associated with bad luck, with an Opal curse dating back to the 1800s. During the third pandemic of 1894, Opals were associated with the Black Death. According to the legend, Opals would lose their color when worn on someone who is suffering or dying from the illness. 

This may have been down to a novel published earlier in the century. In Anne of Geuerstein by Walter Scott, the protagonist wears an Opal in her hair. When it was splashed with holy water, the woman died. 

The connection between Opals and death heightened with an Opal curse linked to the deaths of four individuals in the Spanish royal family. King Alfonso XII gave an Opal ring to his grandmother, who died soon after. This ring was then given to two others shortly before their death. After these deaths, the king decided to wear it himself, only to suffer the same fate. 


polished hematite on white background

Despite being a fantastic protective stone, Hematite has reportedly brought bad luck to those wearing it. Hematite works to dissolve negative energy, acting as a shield against psychic attacks. 

However, Hematite jewelry breaking has been associated with bad luck. One theory suggests that a Hematite ring breaking on an odd-numbered day is a warning from the universe that bad luck is coming your way. 

But does a Hematite stone bring bad luck? Not really, though this stone may cause issues if it is not cleansed properly. As Hematite works to protect you from negative energy, it may hold on to any bad vibes that come your way. This means that it may cause you to feel drained, upset, and unwell. Negative energy may also be the cause of Hematite jewelry breaking. 

If you have a Hematite crystal, make sure you regularly cleanse it to avoid any bad luck. 


pearl on white background

Pearls are not actually crystals, but many of us wear or use these amazing stones to heal and uplift our lives. They are found in the shell of mollusks and have been used for jewelry since around 400 BC. 

Because of their origin and long history, there are many superstitions regarding pearls and bad luck. According to legend, it is bad luck to give people pearls as gifts. This is because of their connection with crying, with their silvery, watery appearance reminding us of tears. Pearls were often worn in the Victorian era as a sign of mourning. 

Black Diamond

black diamond on white background

Over the years, many stories surrounding Black Diamonds have emerged. Legends claim that the Black Diamond brings bad luck to those who wear it, with infamous stones causing this superstition to persist. 

One famous Black Diamond curse is the Black Orlov. Originating from India, the Black Orlov Diamond was stolen in the early 19th Century. Since the theft, the stone has been linked to a range of deaths. After taking the Diamond to America, the gemstone dealer J. W. Paris jumped from a skyscraper in New York to end his life. 

Two more owners of the Black Orlov have taken their own lives until the diamond was broken up into three pieces in an attempt to break the curse.


raw Moldavite on a white background

When it comes to unlucky crystals, there is one stone that has garnered a lot of attention recently. Moldavite is a fascinating stone that was formed 14 million years ago due to a meteorite’s impact on Earth. Because of this, it can only be found in a certain area of Europe. 

Moldavite is a powerful stone of transformation, but wearers of the crystal have claimed that the change that occurred when wearing this stone was pretty negative. Job losses, breakups, and even deaths have been reported by those who started working with this crystal. 

This is caused by the intense energy that vibrates from the stone. When working with Moldavite, you are allowing its power to change your life. Because of this, you should never purchase a Moldavite stone if you are new to crystal healing. 

Lava Stone

lava stone on white background

The Lava Stone bad luck superstition serves as a warning for those who wish to take natural lava from the Hawaiian Islands. It is not the stone that brings you bad luck. Rather, it is the act of taking something that doesn’t belong to you.

Every year, the Hawaii Volcano National Park receives hundreds of letters from tourists who have taken Lava Stones from the area. In these letters, the writer apologizes for taking the rock and wishes to return it because of the bad luck that has taken over their life. 

This bad luck is known as Pele’s Curse. Pele is the island’s protector and considers Lava Stones to be her children. If a stone is taken from the islands, Pele will send the person bad luck. 

Petrified Wood

petrified wood stone on white background

Similar to the Lava Stone, Petrified Wood can cause harm to those who work with it if it has been taken from the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona. Petrified Wood is both a crystal and a fossil and has incredible transformational properties. Incorporating it into your healing routine provides you with security and strength. 

However, many people have experienced bad luck when using Petrified Wood that comes from the national park in Arizona. Since the 1930s, people who have taken Petrified Wood from this area have fallen on bad times. 

The Petrified Wood curse has become a big part of the national park. If you visit the museum in the Petrified Forest National Park, you will find a room full of letters from people who have chosen to send their Petrified Wood back because of misfortune. Around the park are piles of “conscience rocks,” sent back from around the globe. Plus, it is actually illegal to take Petrified Wood from the national park!

Black Tourmaline 

black tourmaline on a white background

Black Tourmaline is the perfect stone to protect yourself from negative energy. It acts like a sponge, absorbing the bad vibes around you. This means that it is an amazing protective stone. However, it may cause bad luck if it is not properly cleansed. 

Black Tourmaline takes the negative energy from the world so you don’t have to deal with it. It will usually digest and transform negative energy, yet it may sometimes become blocked and cling to negativity.

If your Black Tourmaline is holding on to negative energy, this may start to impact your life. Make sure you cleanse your crystal properly. Black Tourmaline can be cleansed in a range of ways, from under the full moon to charged in soil. 


polished malachite on white background

Despite being an incredibly popular stone, certain crystal healers have found that Malachite can bring them misfortune and bad luck. 

Malachite is a protective crystal that promotes transformation and self-awareness. Using this stone can trigger unwanted life events, such as job losses or breakups. If this makes it an unlucky crystal, that is up for debate. 

The changes that Malachite triggers may seem negative at the time, but in the long-run they are what you need. 

Auralite 23

auralite 23 suspected as unlucky crystal
image source: Flickr | opal in the rough

Auralite 23 is a unique variety of Amethyst that can only be found near Lake Superior in Canada. It is an incredibly powerful crystal, and you can feel its intense energy when holding it in your hands. 

Using this crystal kick-starts spiritual transformation and enhances psychic abilities. Many people who have used this stone have said that it is perfect for connecting with spirit guides and angels. However, the intensity of this crystal means that many people suffer from using it. This may be because they are not ready for their spiritual awakening and find it incredibly overwhelming. 

If you are new to crystal healing, avoid Auralite 23. It is only suitable for those who have already developed their spiritual awareness. 

Do Bad Crystals Really Exist?

These ten crystals have all been defined as bad or unlucky at one point or another. However, we can see that it is not the actual stone that is negative. There are so many things that influence the energy of a crystal. There may be a history of curses because of the place where the stone comes from, or it may be an intense stone that is hard to work with if you are a beginner. 

To protect yourself from crystals that may bring harm, make sure you always cleanse your stones. You should also always research the stone you wish to buy to understand its effects and possible dangers. 


  • Is Opal a bad luck stone?

No. Certain Opals have been associated with curses, but they do not always bring you bad luck. 

  • Are Pearls bad luck?

No. Old folktales have linked Pearls to bad luck, yet there is no evidence that they bring bad luck to those who wear them. 

  • Can gemstones have negative effects?

Yes, some gemstones have negative effects. This is usually because of their intense vibrations, or if they have absorbed negative energy. 

  • Do gemstones lose their power?

Yes, gemstones can lose their power. Their power can be regained if they are charged. 

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