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Lou Siday is a writer, Tarot reader, and jewelry maker. She loves spreading positivity and light through her work. Her main aim is to create spiritual content that connects with beginners, allowing them to develop their practices in a fulfilling way. Spirituality is for everyone, and can really change lives! When she isn’t writing, she is either hanging out with her cat or making crystal healing jewelry.
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hair products laid on healthy hair
You can’t scroll your feed nowadays without seeing crystals popping up in beauty routines. Using crystals is the hot new ritual, thanks to their purported healing energies bestowing vibes and power.  From crystal face rollers to semiprecious hair clips, there’s a crystal craze going on. Spirituality being so in vogue, crystals have become the perfect...
crystal roller and face cream with dried flowers on cream background
We often turn to healing crystals for spiritual and emotional well-being, but did you know these powerful stones can also help with your physical health? Yup, your favorite crystals are perfect additions to your beauty and self-care routines and can even help you with anti-aging and wrinkles! How do we use crystals in cosmetics for...
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