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Lou Siday is a writer, Tarot reader, and jewelry maker. She loves spreading positivity and light through her work. Her main aim is to create spiritual content that connects with beginners, allowing them to develop their practices in a fulfilling way. Spirituality is for everyone, and can really change lives! When she isn’t writing, she is either hanging out with her cat or making crystal healing jewelry.
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Singing bowls and Crystals spheres are displayed on a hanging shelf
Crystal spheres are a fantastic way to enhance your spiritual growth and connect with the universe.  The shape of a sphere brings forth the energy of harmony and unity. It represents wholeness and the earth, allowing us to connect with the world around us. The feeling of a crystal sphere in your hands brings a...
A bottle of essential oil beside crystals and crystals in a bowl on a wooden set
Combining crystals and essential oils boosts the spiritual power of both and provide you with incredible healing and growth. Both crystals and essential oils use the earth’s natural power to enhance your life. They all have their unique properties that, when paired correctly, further their power. You may be a bit confused about where to...
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