(am - uh - thist)
Main Origins:
Brazil, South Korea, Russia, India, Zambia, Uruguay, and the U.S.A.

What is Amethyst?

Amethyst Crystal Heart on a table
Amethyst Crystal Heart

Tutankhamun, St. Valentine, and a long line of Catholic Bishops loved Amethysts, probably due to Amethyst’s purple color (the color of royalty), which owes its color to heating processes and iron impurities from 130 million years ago.

Known as the Gem of Fire and Purple Quartz, Amethyst was also once as pricey as diamonds. Ancient Egyptians, Hindus, Christians, and many other cultures used Amethyst amulets for protection. 

Amethyst Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Amethyst is a dual-chakra stone that awakens your sixth sense with the third eye chakra and spiritual connection using the crown chakra

The high vibration of Purple Quartz draws its powers from Saturn (the god of justice), Artemis (the Greek goddess of animals), Diana (the Greek goddess of hunt), the Air and the Water elements. 

Amethyst Healing Properties and Benefits

Anxiety, Anger, and Stress

  • Amethyst eliminates stress, fear, regret, guilt, worries, and tensions by pushing your life force energy into the higher chakras
  • Meditate by placing the Amethyst on your forehead, top of your head, or between your brows for a few minutes.

Wisdom and Knowledge

  • Amethyst benefits the crown chakra by attracting knowledge and accessing the Akashic records (the complete data since the universe’s birth). 
  • You can use Amethyst for wisdom and knowledge by wearing it as a ring on your dominant hand. 

Focus, Learning Abilities, and Clarity

  • Amethyst properties help to clear your mind chatter, broaden your perspective, and enhance learning abilities by tapping into the crown and third eye chakras
  • You can use Amethyst for mental clarity, patience, and calm by wearing Amethyst earrings or necklaces daily. 

Clears Negativity

  • Amethyst can clear negative energies, hexes, curses, and evil vibrations in chakras, auras, rooms, and people because of its high vibrations.
  • You can aim an Amethyst crystal wand at your forehead, a hexed object, or the four corners of a house to clear negativity from it.

Regulates the Mood

  • Purple quartz balances your mood, temper, and spirit by flushing out toxins clogging your crown and third eye chakras.
  • Make an Amethyst gem elixir by keeping it next to a glass of water overnight. Drink the water within two days for healing from within.

Amethyst Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A young woman practicing a yoga pose with different color spots on her back indicating chakra points


  • Amethyst works on intuition by powering the crown chakra with the kundalini energy. It fills you with insight, truth, and universal consciousness.
  • Wear Amethyst earrings, nose pins, tiaras, or jewelry close to your eyes, forehead, or nose to activate the intuitive side of your spirit.


  • As a high-vibration crystal, Amethyst can energize your intentions, thoughts, and desires by sending them straight to the universe’s heart.
  • Meditate with an Amethyst pyramid or Amethyst Orgonite pyramid in your palms at sunrise

Psychic Powers

  • By activating both third eye and crown chakras at once, Amethyst fuses both the chakras and their powers of inner vision, wisdom, sixth sense, perception, insight, and premonitions. 
  • The best way to awaken latent psychic abilities with Amethyst is by playing music, sounds, or singing bowls tuned to 720 Hz, 768 Hz, 852 Hz, or 963 Hz.

Spirit Communication

  • Amethyst crystals connect to chakras outside the body (minor chakras) to help you contact the spirit realm, guardian angels, and ancestors. 
  • To contact spirits, you can meditate with an Amethyst on Dark Moon, New Moon, or Full Moon nights. 


  • Purple Quartz is excellent for protection from psychic harm and financial losses. It clears the mind from negativity, intoxication, and influence.
  • You should charge the Amethyst crystal with positive affirmations before wearing, carrying, or using it for protection. 

Amethyst Side Effects

  • Intense physical release: You might feel sweaty, hot, chilly, or angry if your higher chakras are heavily clogged with negativity. 
  • Bad Luck: As Saturn rules Amethyst, it’s possible to invite its wrath if you aren’t doing good deeds.
  • Hardships and misfortune: Consult an astrologist to check whether Amethyst is compatible with your zodiac and birth chart. 
  • Amethyst headaches: These headaches happen when beginners sleep with high vibrations under their pillows without any cleansing or bonding.

Amethyst Meaning: What Does Amethyst Symbolize?

A person sitting on a wet sand near the shore

The meaning of Amethyst is enlightenment

The name Amethyst comes from the Greek word améthystos, or αμέθυστος, meaning not-intoxicated. 

Amethyst symbolizes purity, knowledge, and divine connection. But a Greek legend behind Amethyst is the most fascinating.

In the story, the god of wine, Bacchus, chased a maiden named Amethyste. The maiden prayed to the goddess Diana, who turned her into Clear Quartz crystals. 

After a while, Bacchus came to his senses, regretted his actions, and dropped his wine on the quartz, turning Amethyste into a Purple Amethyst. 

And that’s why Purple Quartz is the best antidote for drunkenness. 

Varieties of Amethyst

  • Ametrine: A mix of Citrine and Amethyst, this variety simultaneously balances higher and lower chakras. It’s seen in yellow and purple colors.
  • Brandberg Amethyst: A vibrant mix of Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst, this is also called “Auralite 23” and ranges from pale to dark violet colors.
  • Vera Cruz Amethyst: A rare variety of Amethyst from Mexico, for ascension, transition, and personal growth. This type of Amethyst is seen in lavender colors.
  • Chevron Amethyst: A combination of Quartz and Amethyst, this variety shows Amethyst properties of the third eye and crown chakras. It has the iconic chevron mark.
  • Green Amethyst: Green Quartz, also known as Prasiolite. 
  • Red Cap Amethyst: Tipped with red from Hematite, this is Thor’s Stone.
  • Rutile Amethyst: Made of Goethite, this variety appears in mauve and lilac colors. It is good for balance.
  • Black Amethyst: A type of Amethyst with a high inclusion of Hematite and is dark purple inside. It’s great for protection.
  • Elestial Amethyst: Commonly known as Dragon-Tooth Amethyst and Cathedral Points, this type of Amethyst has natural terminations. It’s perfect for charging. 
  • Cape Amethyst: A variety of Amethyst crystals with milky white Quartz lines through it. This stone is great for cleansing and purification. 
  • Moss Amethyst: A pale type of Amethyst with orange, black, or brown inclusions (rutiles). It’s great for immunity and physical healing. 
  • Amegreen: A mix of Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) and Purple Amethyst, this crystal shows white and green hues. It’s excellent for tapping into the heart chakra.
  • Amethyst Spirit Quartz: A mix of Citrine, Smoky Quartz, and Amethyst with a druzy appearance. Also called Cactus Spirit Quartz, it works well for dream work.
  • Pink Amethyst: An Amethyst variety ranging in colors from peach to pink, this type is best for unconditional love. 
  • Geode: A hollow stone with druzy Amethyst crystals lining the cavity inside. They’re great for cleansing, charging, and activation.

How To Cleanse Amethyst?

A hanging Amethyst Pendulum on a blurred backgroud

  1. SunlightHold your crystal for five minutes in the early morning sun. 
  2. WaterRinse Amethyst with tap water or lake water for quick cleansings. 
  3. Clear Quartz You can touch, aim, or circle a Clear Quartz crystal over the Amethyst stone to eliminate negative vibes.

Questions and Answers

Can Amethyst go in Water?

Yes, Amethyst is a water-safe stone. You can rinse or soak Amethyst crystals in water without damaging the color or integrity of the stone.

Can Amethyst go in the sun?

Yes and No. Amethyst is safe to cleanse and charge under sunlight for no more than five minutes. Exposing it to scorching sunlight for longer periods can fade its color permanently. 

Why is my Amethyst turning white?

Being a quartz crystal, Amethyst can turn white due to 

  • Overexposure to sunlight or heat 
  • Stain and rust
  • Body oils 
  • Blocked third eye or crown chakra 
  • Overbrimming with negativity (needs a cleanse!)
What’s the difference between fake Amethyst and real Amethyst?

Real Amethysts are cold to the touch, have color zoning with veiny fibers, and don’t scratch or burn easily. Fake Amethysts, such as glass, don’t stay cold, have a single color, and scratch or burn easily.

Who shouldn’t wear Amethyst?

Amethyst is bad for zodiac signs ruled by the Sun, Moon, and Mars because they’re enemy planets of Saturn. Avoid Amethyst or check with an astrologist before wearing if you’re a Leo, Aries, or Cancer.

When to wear Amethyst?

As Saturn rules Amethyst, it’s best to wear it on Saturn’s Day, or Saturday. 

Which hand to wear Amethyst?

You can wear Amethyst on your right hand, or the dominant hand.

Which finger to wear Amethyst?

As Saturn connects your chakras via the middle finger, it’s good to wear Amethyst on it.

Where to keep Amethyst?

North is the ideal direction to keep Amethyst by Feng Shui rules of balance.

How much does a real Amethyst cost?

On average, an Amethyst gemstone costs $20 to $30 per carat, but stones with particular colors may fetch between $40 to $50 per carat.

What’s the rarest color of Amethyst?

Siberian Color is the rarest color of Amethyst. Its color is compared to Concord grapes with red, rose, or blue flashes under incandescent light. Siberian Color Amethyst mixes all seven chakra colors.

What’s the most valuable Amethyst?  Natural AAAA Amethyst is the most valuable and often called the crown jewel for its eye-clean clarity and color. It may cost $50 and above per carat. 

Is Amethyst good for engagement rings?

Yes, in some cultures, Amethyst has been used for wedding rings since it is associated with passion and marital bliss. Adding a high-rated Amethyst to your engagement ring will attract fidelity, commitment, wisdom, and open-mindedness.

What’s Amethyst crystal-infused water good for?

Amethyst crystal infusions are excellent for sobriety, learning, memory, enlightenment, and psychic abilities. Did you know Amethyst crystal elixirs were once drunk to quickly remove drunkenness? 

How to use Amethyst with Singing Bowls?

As Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra, you will open it when charged with singing bowls. Chant the crown chakra mantra OM or choose a bowl tuned to the crown chakra frequency of 748 Hz. 

What’s the Amethyst birthstone month?

February has been the birthstone month of Amethyst for hundreds of years, throughout different cultures, traditions, and folklore. Wearing or working with Amethyst in February attracts love, luck, and enlightenment.

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