How to Cleanse Amethyst Crystals

  1. Cleansing Amethyst with Soil
  2. Cleansing Amethyst with Fire
  3. Cleansing Amethyst with Water
  4. Cleansing Amethyst with Sage
  5. Cleansing Amethyst with Moonlight
  6. Cleansing Amethyst with Other Crystals

Amethyst is a calming stone and is perfect for those who suffer from anxiety, sleeplessness, and a restless mind. Like most crystals, you must cleanse Amethyst at least once a month to remove any lingering negativity. 

Do you want to know how to cleanse Amethyst? If you have noticed that your Amethyst no longer helps calm your mind, lets you get better sleep, and your anxiety is still bothering you, it is probably time to cleanse your Amethyst. Crystals work like batteries, so when they are not charged by the elements (earth, fire, water, and air), they cannot perform at their best or will not have any impact.

Luckily, Amethyst is a hardy stone that can be cleansed and charged through different methods. So, let’s explore the best ways to cleanse Amethyst.

Cleansing Amethyst with Soil

Amethyst crystal placed on top of a natural wood with a gray blurred background

The best way to connect your Amethyst to the earth element for cleansing and charging is to bury it in soil. How to cleanse Amethyst when you first get it is to keep it buried in the earth for a week to remove any lingering energy in your crystal. 

How To Cleanse Amethyst Crystals with Soil:

  • Wrap your Amethyst in a natural cotton cloth or place it in a natural fiber bag to protect it from dirt. 
  • Go for a walk in your favorite spot in nature and find a place to dig a hole. 
  • Natural, undisturbed soil works best for this cleansing method. You can also bury your stone at the beach. 
  • Leave your crystal buried for at least 24 hours. A week is recommended if it is a new crystal. 
  • Dig your crystal out, remove it from the cloth, and run it under water to remove any dirt or debris.

Cleansing Amethyst with Fire

Woman holding an Amethyst crystal and cleansing it using fire and palo santo stick

There are many ways to cleanse and charge your Amethyst with fire. This method works great if you want to know how to cleanse rough Amethyst without causing damage to your crystal.

How To Cleanse Amethyst Crystals with Fire:

  • Light a candle, and then place your Amethyst next to the candle for 1-2 hours to cleanse your crystal. 
  • You can also place your Amethyst next to a bonfire or campfire for a few hours to get a powerful cleanse and charge. 
  • When using fire to cleanse Amethyst, make sure you see the fire reflected in your crystal.
  • You can repeat Amethyst affirmations to charge your crystal while it is being cleansed by fire.
  • Ensure your crystal stays cool when placing it next to a fire.
  • Make sure to follow safety precautions for dealing with fire when cleansing your Amethyst with these methods.

Cleansing Amethyst with Water

Beautiful and shiny amethyst crystal placed on top of marble surface with a black background

Can you put Amethyst in water or salt water? Yes, Amethyst is a water-safe crystal that can be cleansed and charged by connecting it to the water element. 

How To Cleanse Amethyst Crystals with Water:

  • You can clean Amethyst with salt but avoid soaking it in saltwater for more than 24 hours. 
  • It is best to use fresh water to cleanse Amethyst.
  • You can place your Amethyst under a stream of running water for a few minutes for a fast cleanse.
  • Place your Amethyst in a river or ocean for a powerful natural cleanse.
  • You can also place your Amethyst in a bowl of water outside in the moonlight overnight. 

Cleansing Amethyst with Sage

Cleansing sage smudge stick with 3 Amethyst crystals on the background

Can you cleanse Amethyst with incense, and how do you do it? One of the best methods how to cleanse an Amethyst geode is to use sage. Geodes come in different shapes and sizes, so it can be tricky to transport them or use methods like water, as water might get stuck in the crystal pockets and corners. 

How To Cleanse Amethyst Crystals with Sage: 

  • Using a sage bundle, palo santo stick, or incense stick, light one end with a candle, matches, or lighter and place it in a heatproof plate, bowl, or container.
  • Use your hand or a feather to fan the smoke toward your crystal. 
  • Ensure that the smoke completely covers your crystal to achieve the best cleanse.
  • While fanning the smoke over your crystal, focus on the intention of the smoke cleansing your crystal. You can also say aloud, “I wish for this smoke to cleanse and burn away any residual energy present within my crystal.”
  • Afterward, open the windows and doors to let the smoke leave the room. 
  • As the smoke leaves, visualize the negativity leaving the crystal and dispersing with the smoke. 
  • It might be best to avoid this method if you have adverse respiratory reactions to smoke or suffer from asthma, as smoke inhalation can potentially cause worsening breathing problems.

Cleansing Amethyst with Moonlight

Shiny Amethyst crystal with a reflection on bottom left part on a black background

Using moonlight to cleanse your Amethyst crystals is one of the best methods to ensure your crystals undergo no damage. Moonlight is the best option if you want to know how to cleanse an Amethyst necklace.

How To Cleanse Amethyst Crystals with Moonlight:

  • You can cleanse your crystals with moonlight on any night that moonlight is visible, but the best time to do it is during the full moon. 
  • Place your Amethyst on your windowsill or outside on the balcony or patio overnight to cleanse it in the moonlight. 
  • If you have a piece of Selenite or a Selenite slab handy, you can place the Amethyst on the slab or have it touch a part of Selenite for an extra powerful cleanse. 
  • The best time to place your Amethyst outside is right before sunset so that it can benefit from the light of the Sun and the Moon.

Cleansing Amethyst with Other Crystals

Cleansing 7 chakra crystals placed on a wood surface with an Abalone Shell

Crystals, like Selenite or Clear Quartz, can cleanse your Amethyst. These crystals are powerful enough to cleanse negative energy from people, places, and crystals. They are some of the best to keep handy in your crystal kit.

How To Cleanse Amethyst Crystals with Other Crystals:

  • Using either Selenite or Clear Quartz crystal, place your Amethyst outside in the sunlight, touching your crystal of choice for 30 minutes. 
  • Let your Amethyst touch your Selenite or Clear Quartz for 24 hours indoors for a powerful cleanse. 
  • You can also use selenite slabs, bowls, or wands to cleanse your Amethyst crystals. 
  • A Selenite lamp is handy, as you can switch it on, keeping your crystals next to it, for easy, effortless cleansing. 


  • How do you cleanse and charge Amethyst at the same time?

Most cleansing methods charge a crystal, as well. The best way to cleanse and charge your Amethyst simultaneously is by placing it in water, putting it next to fire, or using Selenite.

  • Can Amethyst go in the water?

Amethyst has a 7 rating on the Mohs hardness scale, so unless it is damaged or cracked, you can submerge it in water.

  • Can Amethyst go in salt?

Amethyst can be cleansed in a bowl of salt for 24 hours. However, avoid submerging Amethyst in saltwater for longer than 24 hours, as it can erode your crystal. 

  • Is cleansing raw Amethyst different?

It would be best if you did not cleanse some pieces of raw Amethyst, including Amethyst geodes and clusters, with water or soil. Not because it will damage your crystal but because water or soil can get stuck in the crystal pockets and corners, making it difficult to remove. 

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