50 Amethyst Affirmations

  1. Spiritual Affirmations for Anxiety
  2. Affirmations for Restful Sleep 
  3. How to use Amethyst for Affirmations

Your mind is extremely powerful, and anything is possible when you achieve the right amount of focus and determination. Affirmations are short sentences and statements that help put your mind into a positive space.

By using affirmations, you use the “mind over matter concept,” which is the belief that if you tell yourself something, you can manifest what you are believing. Therefore, using affirmations can help you think certain things that make you act differently, thus rewiring your brain toward a more positive and productive state. 

By using Amethyst for affirmations, you strengthen and amplify the healing powers present within the crystal, thus increasing the impact it has in your life. Amethyst is a powerful stone that increases your spiritual awareness by transmuting higher thoughts into lower levels.

By transforming your perception, Amethyst makes you more conscious and puts you on your destined spiritual path. Amethyst mantras and affirmations are an excellent way to bring calm and peacefulness into your life, as Amethyst is a wonderful stone to ease anxiety. Known to help you sleep better, Amethyst can be used to bring tranquility to an overactive mind and soothe a nervous energetic system. 

Spiritual Affirmations for Anxiety

  1. Every step I take takes me toward my destiny.
  1. I am unique and worth being loved.
  1. I have unique talents and qualities that make me special.
  1. I will only allow positive, loving energy to move through my body.
  1. The only person who limits me is myself.
  1. I have the awareness and insight to make decisions that are good for me.
  1. I can create happiness and joy all around me.
  1. The universe guides me in every step I take.
  1. I will not worry about things I have no control over.
  1. I am blessed in all aspects of life. 
  1. Peace is within and around me.
  1. The more grateful I am, the more I am blessed. 
  1. I open my heart to others, but shall not let their energy impact my inner tranquility.
  1. My intuition is powerful and takes me where I need to be.
  1. The more I open my eyes to enlightenment, the more I see and learn.
  1. Nothing I need comes from without; all I need exists within. 
  1. I radiate kindness and empathy in all my actions.
  1. I remain true to myself in all that I do and say.
  1. I choose to be happy every minute of the day.
  1. I will always focus on the good in life, and work to improve the bad.
  1. I will look after and heal my body and mind.
  1. I can overcome that which limits me.
  1. My vision and choices will guide me toward my highest good.
  1. I shall always think through my higher mind.
  1. Love and light shine through me.

Affirmations for Restful Sleep 

  1. I shall not fear the future and what it holds in store.
  1. I am prepared for whatever experiences the universe sends to me.
  1. Fear does not have any power over me.
  1. What I have failed at today, I can succeed at tomorrow. 
  1. No one, and nothing, can take away my inner peace. 
  1. Everything happens as it should. 
  1. I do not need to hold on to that which causes me to feel discontent.
  1. I am one with the world and all that exists within it.
  1. I have the power to overcome anything that stops me from achieving my goals.
  1. I release thoughts about the past and future, and choose to focus on the present.
  1. I have the power and strength to fix my mistakes and do better next time. 
  1. When I choose peace, nothing else has power over me. 
  1. I am perfectly in alignment with myself.
  1. I am loved and appreciated by those I care about.
  1. I grow and learn from every experience.
  1. My pain guides me to what I need to focus on to heal.
  1. I forgive myself for the times I have failed.
  1. I love myself and my life no matter what challenges lay before and behind me.
  1. Change is not to be feared; it invites growth and wisdom.
  1. I will make time and space to heal that which harms my inner peace.
  1. My actions have a significant impact on those around me.
  1. I trust where the universe takes me. 
  1. Tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities.
  1. I am connected to, and in tune with, all that exists around me. 
  1. Everything is exactly as it should be; there is no need to control or interfere.

How to use Amethyst for Affirmations

It is essential to cleanse and prepare your Amethyst before you begin practicing your daily affirmations for Amethyst. Using a freshly cleared and charged crystal is the best way to get the most out of what it offers, and there will be a more noticeable impact when practicing daily affirmations and mantras. 

In addition, by preparing your Amethyst, there will be a more positive and noticeable effect of increasing your spiritual awareness and lessening anxiety and tension in your energetic field.  

  1. Cleanse Your Amethyst

Amethyst is a crystal that holds onto the energy present within the environment and wearer. Therefore, regularly charging and clearing your Amethyst is crucial if you wish to practice spiritual affirmations for anxiety and sleep.

Amethyst cleaning towards the sun

There are many ways to cleanse a crystal, but one of the quickest and most efficient ways is to leave your crystal in a bowl of saltwater overnight, provided it is not a Full Moon. Unfortunately, not all crystals react well to water, so the best way to charge them is to place them in the light of the Full Moonovernight. 

  1. Set Your Intention

Just like all crystals, Amethyst has many different uses and properties. When practicing Amethyst affirmation for sleep and Amethyst affirmation for anxiety, it is essential to set your intention. Working with Amethyst is much more effective when you know exactly what you wish to gain from your practice. 

woman studying on floor

Find a pen and piece of paper, and write down precisely what you wish to achieve with your Amethyst and Amethyst affirmations. Then, stick this goal onto your mirror, and it will remind you every day of what you have set out to accomplish. 

  1. Perform an Amethyst Meditation

After establishing your intention and what you wish to manifest and accomplish with your Amethyst affirmations, set time aside when meditating with Amethyst. You can do an Amethyst meditation when starting your mantras or every day, to increase the power of your Amethyst.

woman meditation outdoor facing towards to the sunlight

Find a quiet space with no distractions. The best time to perform an Amethyst meditation is early morning, to calm your mind for the day, but you can practice this meditation any time that suits you. 

Place the Amethyst on your crown chakra (top of your head) for the duration of this mediation. Visualize all the thoughts that cause and increase your anxiety leaving your mind space, leaving clear space for awareness. Every time a negative thought pops up, fill it with purple light until your mind space is completely clear and free.

  1. Create a Daily Manifestation Ritual 

The more you practice something, the more power you give it, and the greater impact it will have in your life. Creating a daily manifestation ritual for your Amethyst affirmations increases the power and potential of what your Amethyst can do.

crystal cleansing preparation

A daily manifestation ritual can be any ritual that allows you to practice your affirmations and perform a short meditation. You can set time aside as soon as you have woken up for this to get your mind into the right space for the day. 

You can also make time at the end of the day, to unwind all your nervous energy. Daily practice will ensure you remain connected with your Amethyst and its ability to bring serenity and peace to your life. 

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