(sel - uh - stahyt)
Main Origins:
Iran, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Spain, USA, UK, Peru, Egypt, and Mexico.

What is Celestite?

a woman holding celestite on the palm of her hands

Did you know Celestite crystals naturally occur inside geodes? Combined with its low MOHS, Celestites aren’t easy to cut, facet, or craft into jewelry. They’re commonly seen in blue color but exist in various colors. 

Celestite may be transparent or translucent instead of opaque, owing to its chemical composition – Strontium Sulfate. Celestite is mostly popular for being the chief source of Strontium, typically used in red fireworks. 

Although Celestite was only discovered in the late 18th century, many ancient cultures believed it was formed from parts of the fallen sky. Today, most psychics and spiritualists consider Celestite the stone of the New Age because it opens higher chakras.

Celestite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Most people associate Celestite with angels and the heavens but don’t know where its powers come from. The ancient Greeks believed Celestite came from the constellation of The Seven Sisters.  

The different colors of the Celestite crystals open the seven chakras and attract the planetary powers of Venus and Neptune. 

Associated with Venus, it attracts beauty, reputation, fame, and financial luck. With Neptune, Celestite represents higher consciousness. 

The Roman God of Sky, Caelus; the Roman Goddess of Springs, Juterna; the Greek Goddess of Vision, Theia; the Hindu Goddess of Sky, Ambar; and the Greek Cloud Goddess, Nephele, rules Celestite.

Celestite Healing Properties and Benefits

Stress and Anxiety

  • Whether pressure from work, family, or education is stressing you, Celestite can calm you instantly. It clears negative thoughts, vibrations, people, and situations.
  • Use Celestite for stress by holding the crystal in your palms and meditating for a few minutes before bed. This will activate Celestite and ground your anxiety. 

Confidence and Charisma

  • If you frequently feel low, Celestite can uplift your mood and self-esteem. Celestite will attract good opportunities and people toward you. 
  • Drinking Celestite gem water is a good way to open your higher chakras for self-confidence. Learn how to make crystal elixir in this post.

Motivation and Harmony

  • Did you know green, orange, red, and black crystals balance emotions? Celestite varieties in these colors are exceptionally good for emotional intelligence, inspiration, and positive thinking. 
  • I suggest using Celestite for motivation, innovation, and harmony by cleansing and charging it with a sage smudge stick. Read more on why and how to use sage for crystals, like Celestite, here. 

Detox and Fertility

  • Celestites ruled by the Heart, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakra are associated with eliminating toxins from the body. Green Celestite is great for improving your chance of conceiving. 
  • To use Celestite for healing and fertility, charge it with the energy of the Full or New Moon. Place the crystal overnight in your room’s open window or on a balcony. 

Love, Support, and Care

  • Pink and Purple Celestite crystals instill a sense of connection with people, nature, and the universe around you. If you’re called selfish too often, embracing Celestite will attract love and support. 
  • The best way to charge Celestite for love and care is by placing it in the southwest feng shui direction. Before you set the crystal, activate it by chanting your intentions or affirmations. 

Celestite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A guardian angel statue on the book

Cosmic Consciousness

  • Celestite crystals that rule the Crown and Third Eye Chakras open your mind to spiritual awareness and psychic abilities.
  • Charge Celestite crystals with meditation by holding them in your hand to activate psychic abilities, or meditate and place the crystal on the associated chakra for universal connection.

Angelic Contact

  • Did you know Celestite was used for calling guardian angels in ancient times? You can still use it to find spiritual guidance from angels and spirits. 
  • Combine crystal gazing and visualization for spirit contact. Sit down with the crystal in your palms. Gaze into the crystal or close your eyes and visualize your intention. 

Dream Therapy and Vision

  • One of the complex ways Celestite heals the mind and soul is by dreamwork. Engaging in dreamwork with Celestite helps you find your life’s purpose.
  • The best way to activate Celestite for dreamwork is by activating it for 20 minutes to an hour under the light of a Full Moon. Then place the crystal under your pillow. 


  • Celestite is a protection stone that shields you from negative energies and people. You can use Black, White, and Purple Celestite varieties for protection from psychic harm. 
  • The best way to protect your home and family with Celestite is by burying it in the four corners of your home. Before that, activate the crystal by chanting the mantra YAM into the stone.

Good Fortune

  • Did you know Honey-Yellow Celestite attracts financial luck? This type of Celestite also clears financial blockages and bad spending habits. 
  • I suggest setting an abundance or fortune grid with Celestite focus stones. Before setting the grid, activate your crystal by holding it before a lit candle for roughly a minute.

Celestite Side Effects

  • Disturbed Sleep: Because Celestites open higher chakras, it may disturb your sleep. If this happens to you, avoid keeping Celestite under the pillow. 
  • Astrological Misfortune: As Venus rules Celestite, it’s the enemy of all planets except Saturn and Mercury. Consult an astrologist if Celestite attracts more bad than good into your life.

Celestite Meaning: What Does Celestite Symbolize?

The rays of light of the sun pass through the clouds

The meaning of Celestite is heavenly

Did you know Celestite derives its name from the Latin word Caelesti? It means celestial, angelic, and heavenly, referring to its mix of white and blue colors. 

It was renamed a few times from Ceolestis to Caelestis, Zoelestin, and Celestine, until it became Celestite in the late 18th century. 

Besides heaven and blessings, Celestite also represents clairvoyance, clairvision, and psychic abilities by connecting your chakra to the higher powers. 

While Celestite represented heaven in ancient cultures, we know today that it enhances your psychic abilities for communicating with angels and finding your spiritual destiny. 

Varieties of Celestite

  • Blue Celestite: This is the Celestite variety that most of us know as Celestite. It appears in white and sky-blue colors and works well for calmness, clairvoyance, and spirituality. 
  • White Celestite: Resembling Scolecite, this type of Celestite shows no other hues than white. It’s one of the best crystals for opening the Crown Chakra and psychic abilities. 
  • Yellow Celestite: Popular as Strontium Sulfate, this type of Celestite forms with Sulfur and exhibits lime-yellow, white, and beige colors. This Celestite is best for improving physical healing and recovery. 
  • Golden Celestite: This is the pale-yellow or beige variety of Celestite that also shows colors like white, gray, and black. Golden Celestites aren’t vibrant but attract harmony, health, and peace. 
  • Honey Yellow Celestite: Brighter than the above variety of Celestite, this crystal opens the Solar Plexus Chakra. Bonding with it attracts confidence, courage, and luck. 
  • Pink Celestite: The type of Celestite exists with Pink Tourmaline Rubellite and shows pink, purple, blue, green, and greenish-blue colors. It’s ideal for wisdom, self-love, and empathy. 
  • Purple Celestite: When Fluorite forms with Celestite, it creates purple shades atop a white matrix. These are excellent for spiritual rituals like dreamwork and protection. 
  • Brown Celestite: Some varieties of Fluorite exist with Celestite to form translucent brown crystals on a druzy matrix. This Celestite variety is exceptionally good for grounding, courage, and anxiety.
  • Orange Celestite: If you have a Celestite in a deep orange color like the Carnelian crystal, they’ll open your kundalini center. Use them for power, sex drive, and reproductive disorders. 
  • Peach Celestite: The Celestite variety rich in Barium shows up in pale peach shades and is also named Barian Celestine. It’s good for clearing negativity and attracting abundance.
  • Green Celestite: Technically popular as Calcio-Celestine, this Celestite variety shows olive green. It’s a protective stone often recommended for expectant mothers, kids, and empaths.

How To Cleanse Celestite?

A woman smudging a celestite crystal in front of a tray of crystals

  • Smudging – You can cleanse Celestite crystals by circling them in front of sacred smoke from incense or smudge a few times.
  • Mantras – Because the Wind or Air element rules Celestite, you can cleanse it by chanting the seed mantra YAM into it. You can repeat the mantra for a few minutes. 
  • Moonlight – You can place Celestite overnight on New Moon nights to cleanse the negativity stuck to the crystal. 

Questions and Answers

Is Celestite a Quartz?

No, Celestite is not a Quartz. Both are chemically different because Celestite is a form of Sulfate Strontium, while Quartz is a Silicate.

Can Celestite go in the water?

No, Celestite should not go in the water. While you can quickly rinse the crystals with water, Celestite crystals may dissolve when soaked, even for a few minutes.

Can Celestite go in the sun?

Yes, Celestite can go in the sun for 2 to 3 minutes. Leaving Celestite crystals in the sun for too long may permanently fade their colors. 

Is your Celestite changing colors? Then overexposure to sunlight may be why.

How can you tell if Celestite is real?

There are ways to determine if you have a real Celestite with two tests – scratch test and flame test. 

Scratch Selenite or Calcite on a Celestite to check for its MOHS, or burn the dust off the crystal and look for red flames.

Who shouldn’t wear Celestite?

As Neptune and Venus rule Celestites, zodiac signs ruled by planetary bodies like Mars, Jupiter, Sun, and Moon will attract misfortune. You should consult an astrologist before wearing Celestite if you’re Leo, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarius, Scorpio, or Aries.

Where should Celestite be placed in the house?

Feng Shui experts say Celestite is associated with the elements of Wind and Water, so keeping it in the southeast or the bedroom is good for attracting fortune and knowledge.

Which hand to wear Celestite?

You should wear Celestite on your right side for a creative boost. You can also wear it on the left if that’s your dominant side.

Is Celestine expensive?

Yes and no. You can find Celestite for $2 to $1000+ per piece. The cost of Celestite is dramatically different based on its colors and traits.

How to take care of Celestite?

You should take good care of Celestite crystals because they have a low MOHS. Using it daily isn’t recommended. Instead, you can set the Celestite on a crystal altar

It’s good to save your Celestite from damage from Quartz dust in the air by keeping it in an airtight box. You can also wrap it in safe packaging when traveling with Celestite.

Don’t forget to clean the crystal with a damp cloth every couple of weeks and pat it dry. Keep it away from dark light and humidity.

Interactions with Celestite

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