Best Crystals for Third Eye Chakra Activation

  1. Third Eye Chakra Explained 
  2. How can Crystals help Unblock The Third Eye Chakra? 7 Techniques 
  3. Lapis Lazuli Crystals for Third Eye Opening 
  4. Amethyst Crystals for Intuition and Third Eye 
  5. Azurite for Activating Psychic Powers of the Third Eye 
  6. Iolite Crystals for Clarity and Vision 
  7. Labradorite crystals for Pineal Gland Activation
  8. Celestite Crystals for Higher Consciousness with Third Eye
  9. Fluorite Crystals for Hexes and Curses 
  10. Sodalite Stones Third Eye Chakra Healing 
  11. Covellite Crystals for Manifesting with the Ajna Chakra
  12. Moonstone Crystals for Third Eye Chakra Activation 
  13. Dumortierite Crystals for Creativity with the Sixth Chakra 
  14. Blue Apatite Healing Crystals for Psychic Protection
  15. Activate Your Third Eye Chakra with Crystals Today!

Our mind, body, and spirit work together with the seven primary chakras. The third eye is the sixth chakra in the chakra system, and it is responsible for intuition. Can stones help aid in activating the third eye chakra? What stones help open the third eye? How to use crystals to open the third eye chakra?

You can use these crystals to activate the third eye with meditation, chants, affirmations, yoga, foods, and other techniques. 

I’ll teach you how to use the third eye chakra crystals so you can activate intuition, inner vision, wisdom, and psychic abilities. 

Before we get started, here’s some motivation:

We have two eyes to see two sides of things, but there must be a third eye which will see everything at the same time and yet not see anything. That is to understand Zen. 

D.T Suzuki

Third Eye Chakra Explained 

The third eye chakra governs intuition and represents perception, inner vision, clairvoyance, spiritual destiny, psychic abilities, and universal connection. It’s located between your brows, but more precisely, the third eye chakra resides in the pineal gland.

When you unblock the sixth chakra, you’ll discover how to communicate with angels, spirits, lucid dream, astral travel, and activate psychic abilities.

third eye chakra explained chart

How can Crystals help Unblock The Third Eye Chakra? 7 Techniques 

Ajna is a Sanskrit word meaning command. While the Ajna chakra naturally develops after you turn 36, crystals can speed up or enhance the timeline. 

I’ll share my seven go-to ways to activate the indigo chakra below.

Third Eye Chakra Meditation with Crystals 

Woman Doing Yoga Laying Down on the Floor

Higher chakras like the throat, third eye, and crown are physically close to your brain, so meditation is the best technique to activate the chakras with crystals.  

Where to keep the crystal when meditating? You can keep 3rd eye chakra crystals on your forehead during meditation to charge it. All you need to do is lay down on your yoga mat, place the crystal, close your eyes, and meditate. 

You can visualize an Indigo Lotus with two petals and an inverted triangle (the symbol of the third eye chakra).

Crystal Gazing, Scrying, and Light Therapy 

asian woman holding a crystal ball

Crystal gazing and scrying are ancient techniques to discover your past, present, future, hidden luck, or enemies.

  • Gaze or stare into the third eye chakra crystal by holding the crystal at eye level while focusing on your breath. 
  • To achieve third eye chakra visions with scrying, crystal mirrors are used similarly. 
  • To charge the Ajna chakra crystals with light therapy, you can surround yourself with indigo light. 

You can also combine all three methods to receive third eye chakra visions.

Third Eye Seed Mantra

The seed syllable or mantra associated with the Ajna chakra is OM. It’s a popular word used for meditation in Hinduism and Buddhism before prayer and worship. 

This NCBI paper states that “the mental repetition of Om results in physiological alertness, and increased sensitivity to sensory transmission.”

Moreover, Hindus believe the universe started with a big resounding Om in the beginning. Reciting ‘Om’ repeatedly while holding a third eye chakra crystal will activate your Ajna chakra.

Third Eye Chakra Affirmations with Crystals

manifest word written on a blank paper

Positive affirmations are holistic tools you can use to rewire the brain against negative self-talk, overthinking, OCD, and self-destructive thoughts. 

You tap into your highest energies when you chant positive affirmations while holding third-eye chakra crystals that also awaken the throat chakra

Doing the above fuses your breath, thoughts, and space with crystal energies, which helps you to manifest intentions like a good luck charm.

Here are a Few 3rd Eye Chakra Affirmations:

  • I trust my instincts.
  • I am connected to the universe.
  • I can manifest my intentions. 

Third Eye Chakra Frequency

man holding a tibetan singing bowl

Every chakra resonates to two specific frequencies which are natural resonant and solfeggio frequencies. 

The natural resonant frequency of the third eye is 720 Hz, and solfeggio frequencies are 852 Hz. 

Go to YouTube and listen to music or songs with this frequency to charge your third eye chakra crystals. Singing bowls that resonate at these frequencies or the musical note A are also perfect for activating your third eye chakra with sound. 

Third Eye Chakra Yoga Pose 

Third-eye chakra crystals can be combined with postures, gestures, and yoga asanas for cleansing and charging.

The ideal yoga poses to open the third eye chakra are Plow Pose, Child’s Pose, Downward Dog, Bow Pose, or the Dolphin Pose. 

To enhance your yoga session with crystal energies, keep your third eye crystal on the yoga mat or meditate with it before doing yoga. 

Try this 7-minute third eye chakra yoga session with the yogi Nessa Stark

Third Eye Chakra Foods 

You can charge your Ajna chakra with food associated with the chakra. Do you know you can place healing crystals close to third eye chakra food to cleanse, charge, and enhance their nutrients? 

I sometimes use my third eye chakra wands made of crystals like Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, Moonstone, or Iolite to circle my food. 

Herbal teas and water are also perfect to use to open the third eye chakra with food and crystals. 

Here is a list of vegetables, fruits, meats, and herbs associated with the third eye chakra:

third eye chakra foods table

Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils and Scents 

frankincense oil bottle together with small chunks of frankincense on a wooden table

Just like how certain colors, frequencies, foods, and yoga poses target the sixth chakra, there are essential oils associated with it too. 

You can apply a few drops of the essential oil to your third eye crystal and place the crystal on your Ajna chakra location in the morning. 

The Best Third Eye Chakra Essential Oils: 

  • Clary Sage
  • Lavender
  • Frankincense
  • Juniper
  • Marjoram
  • Cypress
  • Cedarwood 

Now that you know the techniques to open the Ajna chakra, let’s look at crystals to heighten your intuition, psychic abilities, and other third-eye benefits: 

Lapis Lazuli Crystals for Third Eye Opening 

lapis lazuli on a white background

Lapis Lazuli is the first choice for activating the third eye chakra for most crystal users, psychics, shamans, and Reiki practitioners. 

You can use Lapis Lazuli for clairvoyance, spiritual awareness, intuition, dream work, learning disabilities, and success. Activating this crystal by breathing mantras or positive affirmations into the stone is best for the Ajna chakra. 

Amethyst Crystals for Intuition and Third Eye 

amethyst crystal on a white background

Most Reiki practitioners use Amethyst for the third eye. However, Amethyst opens the crown chakra as well. 

Amethyst is the ultimate crystal for attracting knowledge, protection, intuition, wisdom, courage, foresight, and manifestation.

I suggest using Amethyst with yoga or meditation rituals. You can place it on the third eye chakra location before the session. 

If you are looking for metaphysical meanings, truths, and answers in life, an Amethyst pendulum will help you the most.

Azurite for Activating Psychic Powers of the Third Eye 

azurite crystal on a white background

Egyptians believed Azurite crystals could transform people into spiritual mediums. 

Today we know Azurite opens the third eye chakra to nurture psychic abilities like clairvoyance, premonitions, spirit communication, and visions

The Ajna chakra activates the best when you charge this stone under the moonlight with meditation. Wearing Azurite on your upper body tunes the third eye chakra throughout the time of wear. 

I like to set up third eye chakra grids with Azurite under moonlit nights to enhance my psychic abilities. 

Iolite Crystals for Clarity and Vision 

iolite on a white background

Iolite is a high-vibration crystal like Amethyst that opens your crown chakra along with the Ajna chakra. This purple crystal is most famous for clarifying your inner vision, but it’s also good for beginners to heighten their spiritual skills.

Do you know Vikings once used Iolite to guard them on their sea adventures? 

Today you can use Iolite crystal bracelets, rings, and pendants to pave the path to good karma and your spiritual destiny. 

You can charge Iolite wands with meditation or jewelry with sunlight for five minutes.

Labradorite crystals for Pineal Gland Activation

labradorite stones on a white background

The Inuit believe Labradorite crystals fell from the icy fires of the Northern Lights. Labradorite taps into your psychic powers, intuition, foresight, and intelligence by opening the third eye, throat, and crown chakras

Labradorite balls are best for scrying and fortune-telling through crystal gazing. You can also charge Labradorite spheres for a few minutes under the sun for psychic powers.

Celestite Crystals for Higher Consciousness with Third Eye

a chunk of celestite crystal on a white background

Celestite clusters are excellent to include in your regimen if you like meditation, yoga, or visualization. This stone is excellent for mindfulness, spiritual awareness, wisdom, acceptance, angelic guidance, and intuitive abilities.

I suggest charging Celestite with breathwork, seed mantras, prayer, verses, or positive affirmations to tap into your higher being. Celestite helps you stay calm, especially during rituals involving dreams, karma, and inner vision.

Fluorite Crystals for Hexes and Curses 

fluorite crystal on a white background

Do you constantly feel agitated, angry, guilty, regretful, or unlucky for no reason? It may not be your fault, as it might be a hex or curse cast on you, your things, or your home. 

In such a case, first, you should test with a glass of water, plants, eggs, or other conventional ways to detect mal de ojo (the evil eye curse). 

But one quick way to remove low-level and high-level curses is with a Purple Fluorite Wand. Circle the wand over your third eye, the corners of your house, or over hexed objects to cleanse it.

You can also aim your Purple Fluorite wand between your brows (with the terminated end facing your body) to charge the 3rd eye chakra. 

Sodalite Stones Third Eye Chakra Healing 

sodalite on a white background

Often recommended for throat chakra healing, Sodalite pushes your Kundalini energy from the fifth to the sixth chakra. This stone can cleanse mind chatter, enhance focus, and raise your auric vibrations if you chant positive affirmations while holding the crystal.

Sodalite brings rationality, insight, truth, and guidance to your spiritual rituals when you charge it with running water from a brook, stream, or tap. 

After it’s charged, keep your Sodalite crystal on your third eye for a few minutes while you meditate or play singing bowls.

Covellite Crystals for Manifesting with the Ajna Chakra

covelite crystal on a white background

A Guru once said, “Covellite is the gem of miracles for your soul.” 

When you bond with this third eye chakra stone, you’ll see how it reveals the good and bad in your subconscious, life, and spirit. 

Covellite is often recommended for accessing the Akashic Records and you can manifest things in your past, present, and future by tapping into this universal energy. 

Simply hold a Covellite sphere at your eye level and focus on your intentions with meditation or chants to achieve this. 

Bonus tip: Covellite is especially great for Sagittarians to wear as a ring (I should know because I am one!)

Moonstone Crystals for Third Eye Chakra Activation 

moonstone on a white background

Moonstone is not only gorgeous to look at from every side, but it’s also a crystal for wisdom, knowledge, universal connection, support, grounding, and success. Moonstone activates your crown chakra as well as the 3rd eye chakra. 

You can place it on your mat before yoga, next to a singing bowl, or in the kitchen to charge your food. Moonstone is good for setting a sleep routine. I keep Moonstone crystals under my pillow after vacations. 

The best way to charge Moonstone crystals is with the moon’s energy. You can do a moonlight cleansing or charging ritual during new moons, full moons, supermoons, and eclipses.

Dumortierite Crystals for Creativity with the Sixth Chakra 

Dumortierite stone on a white background

The third eye chakra governs intuition, psychic abilities, and higher powers. Most people don’t know the Ajna chakra is a powerhouse of creativity, patience, stability, enthusiasm, positivity, intuition, and confidence.

You can tap into the Ajna chakra’s creative energies by wearing a Dumortierite earring. If you want to charge your third eye even more, get a Dumortierite cluster and keep it in the north or northeast feng shui directions

Bonus tip: Some naturally formed Dumortierite also powers the crown chakra, making this stone excellent for crystal grids.

Blue Apatite Healing Crystals for Psychic Protection

blue apatite on a white background

The third eye is one of the highest chakras, and that’s why it’s responsible for protecting you from psychic harm. Wearing a Blue Apatite protection bracelet will prevent hexes, curses, evil eyes, and negativity from affecting you.

Blue Apatite also prevents toxic people, negative influences, and environmental radiation from penetrating your aura and chakras

I suggest activating Blue Apatite jewelry for protection by charging it with positive affirmations or setting up a crystal grid.

Activate Your Third Eye Chakra with Crystals Today!

The third eye is called the Ajna chakra because that’s where our intuition resides. Physically, it’s located in between the brows or in the pineal gland. 

Activating the third eye paves the path to your spiritual destiny. Meditation with a third eye chakra crystal like Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, or Celestite is the best way to activate and enhance the Ajna chakra. 

You can also charge third eye chakra crystals with Reiki, group meditation, guided meditation, singing bowls, yoga, and crystal grids.

How to use Third Eye Chakra Crystals and Their Benefits:

how to use third eye chakra crystals and their benefits table

Here’s a fun fact before you leave:

Like us, Earth also has a third eye chakra. 

Its location changes with every astrological or zodiac age. Currently, in the Age of Aquarius (from the 2000s to the 3500s), it’s at Glastonbury, England. 

The Earth’s third eye will change to Brazil during the Age of Capricorn (3500s to the 4000s).

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