(doo - mawr - tee - uh - rahyt)
Main Origins:
India, France, Italy, Madagascar, Austria, Norway, Brazil, Peru, USA, France, Canada, Germany, Mozambique, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, and Russia.

What is Dumortierite?

A polished Dumortierite crystal on the soil

Did you know Dumortierite contains the same cleansing element (Boron) as diamonds? Dumortierite stands for harmony, peace, new beginnings, psychic vision, and creativity. 

Interestingly, Dumortierite doesn’t have a Latin or Sanskrit origin. It’s named after its discoverer, a French paleontologist named Eugène Dumortier. The crystal often appears in many shades of dark blue with white, red, pink, or brown inclusions. 

Not many people know this, but Dumortierite crystals are hundreds of millions of years old. The crystal is also super-rare and made of aluminum borosilicate with iron, manganese, titanium, or calcium impurities. 

While it doesn’t form geodes, Dumortierite forms clusters, towers, and massive crystals. These crystals are never opaque but always transparent or translucent. 

Did you know Dumortierite shows strong pleochroism? Dumortierite will change from red to blue or violet when viewed from different angles.

Dumortierite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Did you know some people believe Dumortierite is petrified water? It’s a South African legend because Dumortierite stones were only found near water.

Most Dumortierite crystals open the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. However, they can also open other chakras like the Crown, Heart, or  Root Chakra based on the colors of the inclusions. 

As a result, Dumortierite balances energies in the body and activates your higher powers. 

Blue Moon Quartz is ruled by the ruling planet Venus. Hence, it brings focus, relief, courage, patience, astral travel, and other Dumortierite benefits. 

The crystal Dumortierite is also ruled by the Greek Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, the Greek God of Sea, Poseidon, the Egyptian Goddess of the Sky, Nuit, and the Hindu God of Protection, Krishna

When it comes to elements, Dumortierite is ruled by the dual elements of water and air.

Dumortierite Healing Properties and Benefits

Stress Relief

  • Dumortierite relieves anxiety, worries, and overthinking. As a tranquilizing stone, it can help you experience and react to people or things with peace and calm. 
  • Dumortierite Reiki quickly eliminates tension from your mind. You can either go to a Reiki practitioner or meditate on your own after placing a Dumortierite between your brows. 

Confidence and Communication Skills

  • If you feel shy, introverted, or nervous when speaking your mind, Dumortierite can help you express yourself courageously. It’s excellent for students, professionals, and leaders.
  • The best way to use Dumortierite for communication skills is by making an indirect elixir and consuming it. If you’re not experienced with crystal elixirs, head to this post.


  • Are you feeling drained or out of ideas? It’s often a result of weak or clogged higher chakras. Dumortierite is famous for enhancing critical thinking skills via the Third Eye chakra.
  • Charge Dumortierite for creativity by holding it in your palms and meditating for a few minutes on Full Moon nights. Ensure to visualize your brain firing up.

Memory and Brain Power

  • Dumortierite enhances the mind by removing brain fog, mental chatter, and increasing memory retention. It’s great to use for focus, listening, and knowledge, besides doing magic for students.
  • Positive affirmations are the best way to boost your brain power with Dumortierite. Make sure to chant them into the Dumortierite crystal. Read more on how to set intentions.

Anger Management

  • Did you know Dumortierite resolves inner conflicts? That’s how it manages outbursts, rage, and aggression. If you regularly lose your temper, it’s time to carry a Dumortierite crystal with you.
  • Charge Dumortierite by burying it in three inches of soil for up to a week. Alternatively, rinse the crystals in a water bowl before carrying them for anger management.

Dumortierite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Tarot cards, crystal ball and a candle on the table


  • The indigo-blue colors in Dumortierite open the Third Eye chakra. It raises your vibrations to help you communicate with otherworldly beings like spirits and angels. 
  • Use Dumortierite for spirit contact or mediumship by keeping it in the center or as a focus stone on a crystal grid. Explore how to make crystal grids for manifestation.

Astral Travel

  • A step above angelic contact is multidimensional travel. Once you’ve fully bonded with Dumortierite, it can take you to new realities and different universes based on your intention or destiny. 
  • Fire charging is the best way to activate Dumortierite for astral travel. For this, light a candle and hold the crystal before the flame for a few seconds. Finally, place it under your pillow before sleep.

Spiritual Awakening

  • It’s common to get confused in life, especially in spirituality, because confusion precedes awareness. Dumortierite can help you find the purpose of your life and destiny. 
  • Charge Dumortierite with the smoke of sage, sandalwood, palo santo, lavender, or cedarwood to raise cosmic awareness.


  • The ability to move objects and things with mind power is called psychokinesis. Interestingly, psychics and shamans achieve this using high-vibration crystals like Dumortierite.
  • The best way to practice and do psychokinesis with Dumortierite is by activating it with the Seed Mantra of LAM. Try to chant the mantra into the crystal for a few minutes before bed.

Psychic Abilities

  • Dumortierite activates many dormant psychic abilities like clairvision, clairsentience, intuition, fortune-telling, and cosmic connection.
  • You can activate Dumortierite by charging it with the sound of a medium or large Tibetan Singing bowl. All you need to do is keep the crystal 5 to 20 cm close to the singing bowl while playing it.

Dumortierite Side Effects

  • Confusion: Dumortierite raises your vibration too high and sometimes confuses the mind between reality, fantasy, and past life records. 
  • Sleep disturbances: Dumortierite raises the higher chakras, so sleeping with it might cause lucid dreams, psychic visions, or spirit contact. You should take a break from using Dumortierite unless you’re ready for spirit contact.

Dumortierite Meaning: What Does Dumortierite Symbolize?

The sand is falling down to the bottom part of the hourglass

The meaning of Dumortierite is “patience.” 

Traditionally, Dumortierite represents peace, joy, and discipline. It enhances your commitment, vision, and enthusiasm toward real goals. In the New Age, Dumortierite is recognized for its psychic connections. 

Healers and psychics often recommend Dumortierite to teens, students, and young people struggling with anger management. It’s also great for creativity, enthusiasm, expression, and open-mindedness.

Did you know Dumortierite taps into divine guidance from its ruling planet, the Moon? Hence, it’s also called the Blue Moon Quartz. Spiritualists often use Dumortierite for focus, clarity, meditation, and energy in divination.

Varieties of Dumortierites

  • Bahia Blue Dumortierite: Named after the Brazilian mine of Bahia, this Dumortierite variety shows a translucent blue or white tone with visible color zoning. It is great for mediumship and spiritual guidance. 
  • Sunset Dumortierite: As a tranquilizing crystal, this type of Dumortierite shows a mix of muddy yellow and red colors with its iconic indigo blue. It’s excellent for psychic vision and mental clarity.
  • Pink Dumortierite: Resembling faded Rose Quartz and Pink Opal, this Dumortierite variety shows a mix of pink, indigo, peach, and red colors. Pink Dumortierite is good for balancing your lower chakras.
  • Magnesio-Dumortierite: When Dumortierite forms with a higher presence of Magnesium, it shows red, white, silver, yellow, or black inclusions. Magnesio-Dumortierite is great for willpower and communication skills.
  • Black Dumortierite: This dark blue variety of Dumortierite may show up with black tips or heavy weights. Black Dumortierite is great for cleansing, grounding, and introspection. 
  • Nevada Rose Dumortierite: A mix of purple and pink, this Dumortierite variety shows a lavender shade on a yellow matrix. Nevada Rose Dumortierite is great for self-care, empathy, and universal connection.
  • Green Dumortierite: Showing green veins on a white or beige matrix, this kind of Dumortierite in Quartz unblocks the heart chakra. Green Dumortierite is a great stone for peace, good fortune, and success.
  • Gray Dumortierite: Often originating from Virginia, this type of Dumortierite shows black, white, or blue specks on an indigo or gray backdrop. Gray Dumortierite is good for harmony and detox.
  • Acicular Dumortierite: This is when you see indigo-blue sprays of Dumortierite in a clear matrix. Use Acicular Dumortierite for divination and psychic powers like mediumship, clairvision, or clairsentience.
  • Dumortierite Hair or Rutilated Dumortierite: Often called Hair Dumortierite, this type of Blue Denim Stones is rare and gorgeous. When programmed, these stones can guide you on the spiritual path too.

How To Cleanse Dumortierite?

The moonlight shines over the dock in the lake

  • Smudging: Smoke a sacred herb like cedar, sage, or sandalwood by lighting its tip and wafting the smoke over your crystal. Read more about using herbs like sage for cleansing crystals
  • Positive Affirmations: Using affirmations, you can cleanse crystals like Dumortierite by combining your breath, thoughts, and sound energies. You only need to chant them into the crystal for a few minutes.
  • Moonlight: Another easy and comprehensive way to cleanse Dumortierite is by soaking it in the Full Moon light. To do this, leave your crystals on a table or cloth inside the house with a window open.

Questions and Answers

Is Dumortierite rare?

Yes, Dumortierite is one of the Quartz varieties’ rarest and most unique blue color stones. In fact, Dumortierite is a gemstone aggregate of Quartz.

Can Dumortierite go in the Sun?

Yes, Dumortierite is safe in the Sun. Moreover, cleansing for a few minutes under the sunlight is great for removing negative energies stuck to it. Sunlight is also good for charging Dumortierite for creativity and courage.

Is Dumortierite safe in the water?

Yes, Dumortierite is safe to cleanse and charge with water due to its high Mohs hardness. However, it’s not good to soak any crystal directly in water for prolonged hours. So, mind the same with Dumortierite.

Is Dumortierite the same as Blue Aventurine?

No, Dumortierite is not the same crystal as Blue Aventurine. However, the blue color in the Blue Aventurine crystal comes from the presence of Dumortierite in the crystal.

Is Dumortierite the same as Blue Quartz?

Yes, Dumortierite is the same as Blue Quartz.

Is Dumortierite UV-reactive?

Yes, Dumortierite is reactive in shortwave UV light. Hence, Blue Denim Stone will show a vivid fluorescence in blue to white hues.

How can you tell Dumortierite?

You can tell if a crystal is real Dumortierite or fake by doing the scratch test with a knife or glass. Real Dumortierite is cold to the touch and has a glassy luster. 

Sometimes, Lapis Lazuli is sold off as Dumortierite, and you can avoid it by ensuring your crystal doesn’t have any golden flecks.

Who shouldn’t wear Dumortierite?

If Venus, Saturn, or Mercury don’t rule your zodiac sign, you shouldn’t wear Dumortierite crystals. Zodiacs who should wear Dumortierite are Taurus, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, Capricorn, Virgo, and Gemini.

What is Dumortierite worth?

The lowest quality of Dumortierite sells for $10 to $15 per carat, and rough ones for $8 to $11 per carat. Faceted and high-quality Dumortierite pieces sell for $25 to $100 per carat.

How to take care of Dumortierite crystal?

Dumortierite is a strong crystal, so you don’t have to worry about chipping, cracking, or breaking them during wear like Selenite, Calcite, or other soft crystals.

However, cleaning Dumortierite once a month with lukewarm water is mandatory. You should also cleanse it before and after using it. Never leave Dumortierite in water, the Sun, or salt for prolonged hours.

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