Best Crystals for Root Chakra Activation

  1. Root Chakra Explained 
  2. How Crystals Can Help Unblock Root chakra - 7 Activation Techniques 
  3. Red Jasper for Root Chakra Opening
  4. Black Obsidian for Root Chakra Activation
  5. Carnelian Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra
  6. Lava Stones for Root Chakra Healing
  7. Garnet Crystals for First Chakra Opening
  8. Black Tourmaline for Muladhara Chakra Activation 
  9. Red Aventurine Stones for Root Chakra Healing 
  10. Botswana Agate Crystals for Root Chakra Balance 
  11. Smoky Quartz for Overactive the Root Chakra 
  12. Hematite Root Chakra Crystals for Balance 
  13. Citrine Crystals for an Underactive Root Chakra 
  14. Bloodstone for Healing the First Chakra 
  15. Start Healing with Root Chakra Crystals NOW!

The root chakra brings balance to all the chakras from the kundalini center. If your root chakra is weak, you’ll feel afraid, hasty, or tired.. So, what is the root chakra crystals list?

I will simplify the best root chakra crystals and how to use them in 12 unique ways. 

Here’s a motivating quote about the root chakra to get you started:

“It was when I stopped searching for home within others and lifted the foundations of home within myself I found there were no roots more intimate than those between a mind and body that have decided to be whole.”  – Rupi Kaur

Root Chakra Explained 

The first chakra in the seven-chakra system is your umbilical cord to Mother Gaia or tether to Earth. Your tensions and stressvanish when your first chakra is grounded.  That’s why the root chakra meaning is grounding. 

The Sanskrit name of the first chakra, mūlādhāra, means support, base, or core. This chakra is located at the first three vertebras or the tailbone

Sanskrit Name Muladhara 
Color Red 
Location The base of your spine 
Element Earth 
Planet Mars 
Day of the Week Tuesday 

How Crystals Can Help Unblock Root chakra – 7 Activation Techniques 

The root chakra develops from ages 1 to 7, when you begin to walk, talk, understand, think, and express. If your root chakra foundation is weak, you need a lot of positive energy to cleanse, unblock, open, or balance it. That’s where healing stones come in.

I will explain 12 specific rituals to cleanse and charge the first chakra.

Root Chakra Soil Charging 

several polished lava stones situated in yellow sand

You can charge root chakra crystals with their ruling element, Earth, by burying them for up to a month under three feet of soil. You can bury soil-safe crystals in your garden or flower pots for a few days to cleanse and charge them with the energy of Mother Gaia.

2. Root Seed Mantra 

Earth is the Muladhara’s ruling element, and you can activate it with the seed mantra LAM. Hold any root chakra crystal and chant LAM repeatedly while focusing on your Muladhara energy center for a few minutes. 

Root chakra Positive Affirmations 

word safe printed in a piece of paper

You can also chant positive affirmations to activate the Muladhara, like you did with seed mantras. After a few minutes of chanting, the blockages in your first chakra will clear up.

Here are the best positive affirmations to charge crystals for root chakra healing:

  • I am grounded.
  • I trust in myself.
  • I am grateful for everything.
  • I feel safe.
  • I am rooted in my reality. 

Root Chakra Meditation and Symbol 

root chakra logo on black background

The root chakra is symbolized by a red lotus with four petals. You can visualize this lotus in a square over a circle and charge each petal with the root chakra symbol.

According to ancient Hindu scriptures, each petal represents a part of your psyche, such as the mind (Manas), knowledge (Buddhi), consciousness (Chitta), and ego (Ahamkara).

Root Chakra Color Therapy 

group of red objects on a red plate

Represented by the blood red color, the root chakra can be purified by wearing red or surrounding yourself with red objects. That’s why red is common in Hindu weddings, births, and religious rituals, as it prevents stress and instability on Tuesdays

Root Chakra Singing Bowl

Tibetan Singing Bowl together with chakra gemstones placed on top of table

Beside the mantras, you can also open the root chakra with the healing sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. 

The natural resting frequency of the root chakra is 432 Hz. Soaking crystals in music or sounds of this frequency supercharges them with the root chakra energies.

Root Chakra Feng Shui 

fengshui compass with chinese letters

Where to keep root chakra crystals at home? According to the root chakra color, Muladhara crystals should be placed in the southern corner of your home for courage, balance, and success. If you keep them in the southwest corner, they’ll attract luck

Root Chakra Meditation 

You can meditate on the root chakra vision to open the first chakra. 

There are two symbols associated with the Muladhara chakra. 

Firstly, you can imagine the red lotus with four petals where the last four alphabets of the Sanskrit language (va, csha, sha, and sa) are engraved on each petal.

Alternatively, the root chakra is also represented by a yellow square. Visualizing either of these two symbols while holding a root chakra crystal during solo or group meditation will help you open the first chakra.

Root Chakra Foods 

If your first chakra is blocked, you must eat root chakra veggies, fruits, meats, and herbs to purify it from within. 

Alternatively, you can circle a root chakra crystal over your food before consumption to empower the Muladhara energies in the food.

Here’s a list of root chakra foods:

chakra food list for root chakra healing

Root Chakra Essential Oils and Herbs

Scents from essential oils, incense, and smudge sticks for the root chakra act like singing bowls and herbs for opening the first chakra. They work well with topical application and aromatherapy to activate root chakra crystals. 

cinnamon oil bottle with dropper and cinnamon stick

To enhance their powers, you can burn or diffuse scents like Vetiver, Cinnamon, Myrrh, Cedar, Patchouli, and Frankincense around root chakra crystals. 

Root Chakra Yoga Pose 

Just the root chakra symbol, color, sounds, and seed mantra, there are yoga poses that target the base of your spine. Practicing these poses improves your balance, health, courage, and grounding. 

Try any of the yoga poses to open the root chakra: Easy Pose (Sukhasana), Garland Pose (Malasana), Child’s Pose (Balasana), and Forward Fold (Uttanasana). 

Root Chakra Crystals Jewelry

red jasper stone bracelet on dry wood

Wearing root chakra crystals near its physical location (base of the spine) is ideal for tuning the lower chakra to full throttle.

Wearing jewelry such as waist chains, rings, bracelets, low pendants, and anklets with root chakra crystals in them keep your Muladhara charged. Wearing root chakra crystals on Mars Day (Tuesday) attracts benefits for lower body healing.

Here are the crystals that can open the root chakra with guides on how to use them: 

Red Jasper for Root Chakra Opening

red jasper on a white background

Considered the best root chakra healing crystal, Red Jasper is ruled by Mars. These metaphysical properties make it an excellent crystal for balance, courage, calmness, confidence, energy, health, and grounding.

I suggest wearing Red Jasper rings, bracelets, or waist chains on Tuesdays to appease the Mars god and gain emotional balance. You can charge Red Jasper and root chakra crystal jewelry with the seed mantra or positive affirmations.

Black Obsidian for Root Chakra Activation

3 Black Obsidian isolated on a white background

Black Obsidian is a powerful healing crystal to tap into your subconscious with Mother Gaia by your side. Keep Black Obsidian in your right pocket to activate your root chakra. 

Obsidian crystals keep you calm, patient, wise, grounded, and creative, especially when charged with singing bowls in the morning. I suggest wearing Black Obsidian rings after charging them with root chakra frequency music if you don’t have singing bowls.

Carnelian Root Chakra and Sacral Chakra

polished carnerlian stones on a white background

The root chakra is a mix of the sacral (orange) and solar plexus (yellow) chakras, crystals like Aragonite, Orange Aventurine, Amber, and Carnelian balance multiple lower chakras, along with the root chakra. Carnelian is one of the best crystals for root and sacral chakra healing.

In the same way, Carnelian eggs charged by practicing five minutes of morning yoga or Kegel exercises helps you tap into fertility using the root and sacral chakra energies. 

Based on Feng Shui, Carnelian is excellent for passion, self-confidence, creativity, and balance when placed in your home.

Lava Stones for Root Chakra Healing

lava stone on a white background

Like how Black Obsidian calms your core, Lava Stone grounds you. Lava Stones tether your physical body to Mother Earth to remove negative thoughts, self-talk, and energies in your aura. 

All you need to do is carry one or more Lava Stone in your purse, wallet, or pocket to let it naturally purify your Muladhara. I suggest charging Lava stones by burying them overnight or for a week in soil. 

Garnet Crystals for First Chakra Opening

garnet chunks on a white background

One of the best root chakra crystals to harness red energy, Garnet, opens the kundalini life force to awaken your inner power. Keep a Garnet stone on your bedside  after charging it with smudge sticks or incense. The red color of garnet is one of the root chakra crystals colors.

If you want to harness the healing root chakra energies of Feng Shui, set a Garnet root chakra crystal grid in a square shape in the south or southwestern corner of your home. You can activate the grid with a wand.

Black Tourmaline for Muladhara Chakra Activation 

black tourmaline on a white background

Root chakra energies are naturally heightened with selfless acts and offerings to the Earth. You can bury Black Tourmaline crystals around the four corners of your home or under three feet of soil for protection. Black Tourmaline is one of the root chakra crystals for Gemini.

Incense and meditation are excellent to use with Black Tourmaline stones to protect against toxic neighbors, bad house karma, evil energies, hexes, negativity, and bad fortune.

Red Aventurine Stones for Root Chakra Healing 

Red aventurine on a white background

It is easy to feel weary or overwhelmed in this racing world. If you need a permanent pick-me-up crystal, get a Red Aventurine bracelet. It’ll help you feel supported, calm, wise, and strong mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Red Aventurine is best charged with fire, meditation, or sun salutation yoga poses. You can place the crystal on your yoga mat to relieve tension and find comfort, stability, and hope

Botswana Agate Crystals for Root Chakra Balance 

polished botswana agate stones on a white background

I love Botswana Agate for its bands and how it instills warmth and support when you meditate with it. Botswana Agate is ideal for emotional and spiritual balance, especially after life-changing events and traumatic situations. 

You can charge Botswana Agate for emotional strength with the sound of a singing bowl. Any metal singing bowl will do, as they help you enter a meditative state easily. 

All you need to do is place the stone next to the bowl before you start playing the bowl.

Smoky Quartz for Overactive the Root Chakra 

smoky quartz isolated on a white background

When your root chakra is overactive, you may feel afraid, lost, tired, or out of ideas. Typically, Smoky Quartz and root chakra foods clear emotions of stress, loss, and negativity.

Simply circle a Smoky Quartz wand over your food before eating. Eat more red color root chakra foods like apples, strawberries, plums, and lean meats.

Hematite Root Chakra Crystals for Balance 

hematite chunk on a white background

Hematite is a luck magnet that also helps with sleep health. I find it to be one of the gentlest root chakra crystals to peacefully wind down at the end of the day. This stone is one of the best root chakra crystals for sleep.

You can charge Hematite crystals for sleep by repeating positive affirmations and mantras for a few minutes before keeping them under your pillow. As a result, Hematite will comfort your spirit, mind, and body.

Citrine Crystals for an Underactive Root Chakra 

citrine chunk on a white background

Citrine is the crystal of luck because it targets all the lower chakras at once. 

Activate your root chakra by arranging Citrine tumbled stones in a square shape in the center of your home. This crystal grid helps to ground the spirit of your family and attracts success, luck, good fortune, and peace into your home. Citrine is one of the best root chakra crystals to keep in the home.

A grounding grid with Citrine also awakens the kundalini energy of the people around it. Placing Citrine based on root chakra Feng Shui will build an atmosphere of stability, love, support, and confidence at home and attract root chakra benefits naturally. 

Bloodstone for Healing the First Chakra 

polished bloodstone on a white background

Another one of the celebrated root chakra stones, Bloodstone, is one of the lower chakra stones that also awakens the heart chakra. I find it excellent for emotional balance, physical healing, and universal connection.

Wearing a Bloodstone pendant or ring will help you make the right decisions by tapping into the wisdom and strength of Mother Gaia. 

My husband is an Aries who carries a Bloodstone palm stone in his wallet to transmute negativity by cleansing it with the seed mantra LAM.

Start Healing with Root Chakra Crystals NOW!

We recently learned about the throat chakra crystals and stones like, Aquamarine and Amazonite, and the crown chakra powers of Amethyst. In the same way, the purpose of root chakra crystals is to balance the overflowing physical, spiritual, and emotional energies by grounding you to Mother Earth.

Here’s a quick summary of 12 crystals for the root chakra and ways to use them to activate the first chakra:

list of best crystals for root chakra

What’s your favorite root chakra stone? How do you use it? Share it with our community!

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