(gahr - nit)
Main Origins:
South Africa, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, China, India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Brazil, and the USA.

What is Garnet?

A garnet crystal on a black granite

A Garnet is a crystal group of great variety and beauty. There are various Garnet crystals that share similarities and differences. Garnet is typically known as a red stone, but there is a range of totally natural colors of Garnet crystal.

The energy of each type of Garnet is nuanced but, in general, Garnet properties are purifying and stimulating. This crystal family invokes passion, creation, and manifestation.

Garnet has been a well-loved crystal since ancient times. It is mentioned in texts and stories of ancient cultures. Garnet crystal can be used within precious artifacts, including the jewels of Egyptian pharaohs and Roman signet rings.

Fun Fact: Garnet is the birthstone of January, and it is the crystal that is a great gift for a 2nd wedding anniversary.

Garnet Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Garnet metaphysical properties include deepening our connection to the physical realm – the Earth, our physical health, and our strength. The main chakra activated by Garnet is the Root, tying in with the theme of surviving and thriving on a physical level. 

The numerical vibration of Garnet is master number 11. In numerology, 11 resonates with and aligns Garnet with the energy of synchronization, alignment, wisdom, strength, charisma, manifestation, and divine support.

The ruling element of Garnet is Fire. Charge this stone with its metaphysical energy of purification, transformation, energy, and passion. This crystal can bring greater connection and passion into relationships.

Saturn is the ruling planet of Garnet, this crystal energy is aligning us with taking care of responsibilities, helping us gain wisdom and value from any difficulties, and assisting us with manifesting our goals.

The ruling deities of Garnet imbue this crystal with their energies. Sekhmet, the Egyptian Goddess of war and healing, contributes to the warrior energy of this crystal, which includes physical vitality, focus, leadership, endurance, and instincts.

Persephone, the Goddess of Spring and the Underworld, and Hades, the God of the Underworld, are also associated with Garnet. They resonate with Garnet benefits of increasing love and passion, as well as bringing death to old patterns and fears.

Garnet Healing Properties and Benefits


  • Garnet is a stone of purification, as it encourages us to let go of old patterns, beliefs, and inhibitions that affect us on mental, subtle energetic, and physical levels.
  • Intentionally tune with your Garnet stone for the benefit of purification while engaging in practices for health and transformation, such as meditation breathwork, or fasting.

Healing and Deepening Relationships

  • Garnet crystal vibration is deeply loving. It is connective and clarifies, inspires, and refreshes relationships. It is also a crystal that can help reignite or deepen passion and intimacy.
  • Actively work with Garnet Crystal to deepen your relationship by acquiring two pieces of jewelry that include Garnet for you and your partner to wear daily.

Activated Creative Expression

  • Garnet can inspire creative energy in many forms. Its energy can purify us of our fears, inhibitors, and limitations, which allows for creative expression to flow.
  • Place Garnets within the space where you intentionally pursue creative expressions, such as your art or music studio, bedroom, or business.

Physical Vitality and Wellness

  • Garnet energy is deeply revitalizing for the physical body. It is a stone that brings to light how we can improve our health and energetically supports us.
  • Infuse or imprint the energy of your crystals by making an intentional Garnet crystal water. Drink this water after stating some affirmations for perfect wellness.

Sharp Natural Instincts

  • Garnet energy is both grounding and invigorating. It can help us to deepen our connection to our physical body and surroundings, activating our natural instinct to survive and thrive.
  • Tune into Garnet energy to sharpen your instinct by meditating in silent presence daily while holding your Garnet crystal.

Garnet Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A woman is meditating at the beach

Kundalini Awakening

  • Garnet is an activating and energizing stone for the Root Chakra. It is the base that connects us to the energy of the Earth, moving and energizing all 7 chakras to merge with the cosmic element.
  • Place a piece of Garnet at the base of your spine while practicing meditation and breathwork to activate this stone for Kundalini Awakening.

Physical Manifestation

  • Garnet is great for grounding and energizing manifestations so that they manifest physically with speed and ease.
  • Charge your Garnet crystal for ease and power in manifestation by holding the stone and visualizing the physical and emotional sensations you will experience receiving the manifestation.


  • Garnet is a stone of purification, which is something that comes linked to transformation. As we are made aware of and release the old, there is space for newness.
  • Activate Garnet for transformation by holding or wearing your Garnet while writing or contemplating a detailed gratitude list.


  • This stone has been used since ancient times during battles. It was believed to have protective effects. Today, Garnet is still known as a stone for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual protection.
  • Activate your Garnet as a protective amulet by meditating with it and envisioning the fiery energy of the crystal enveloping your entire body as a protective shield.

Strengthen-Enhancing Crystal

  • Garnet forms with perfect cubic symmetry, and they are very strong and compact crystals. They are of the island silicate class, which gives them great strength and enhancing properties.
  • Hold your Garnet and practice intentional breathwork for strengthening focus. Breathe out the old and breathe in fresh and strong energy, tuning to the life-enhancing properties of Garnet.

Garnet Side Effects

  • Overactive Sex Drive: Garnet increases libido, and overuse of this crystal can result in an overactive sex drive.
  • Hyperactivity: This stone is energizing and fiery, so you may experience the side effect of hyperactivity when working with Garnet too much.

Garnet Meaning: What Does Garnet Symbolize?

a woman jogging outside with trees around her

The meaning of Garnet is Vitality.

Garnet is often associated with pomegranates, which are a symbol of fertility. This is due to one origin of its name being from the Medieval Latin word “granatum,” which also translates to pomegranate

This stone was also linked to pomegranates in the Greek story of Persephone and Hades. It is because of this story that Garnet also became symbolic as a stone to give a loved one, especially to ensure their safe return from travels.

Garnet, especially Red Pyrope and the True Garnet common in ancient times, also symbolizes blood and death. It is a stone connected to war, as it was used inlaid in ancient armor, worn by warriors, and even used as bullets by Asiatic tribes.

Garnet was believed by some to have great protective effects, as well as enhancing and strengthening warrior traits. As mentioned, this crystal is also associated with the Egyptian deity Sekhmet, who is the goddess of war and healing.

Garnet also symbolizes death. It can be a supportive and energizing stone to have when grieving or when going through an ego death, detox, or radical transformation on a physical or spiritual level.

Types of Garnet

  • True Garnet: A deep red to red-brown, Almandine Garnet is the most common form of Garnet. It usually forms with a matrix as beautifully symmetrical crystals. The benefits of True Garnet include protection, love, and strength.
  • Pyrope Garnet: A well-known dark blood red Garnet that displays transparency, it is also found in indigo, violet, and scarlet. The effect of Pyrope is revitalizing and inspiring. 
  • Almandine Garnet: This type of Garnet stone can be red, red-brown, or purple-red. This crystal has an energizing and loving effect.
  • Star Garnet:  A type of Almandine Garnet cabochon that displays asterism (star-shaped light reflection) when polished, Star Garnet can be dark red, red-brown, or red-purple to black. It is a stone of spiritual wisdom and intuition.
  • Andradite Garnet: Formed in earthy shades of dark green, yellow, and black, this is a grounding Garnet stone that increases connection and strength.
  • Melanite Garnet: This is a variety of Andradite Garnet that is black in color. Melanite Garnet has a strong protective and strengthening energy. 
  • Demantoid Garnet: A rarer type of Andradite Garnet that forms in a variety of greens from light green, vivid green, forest green, to deep green. This crystal has a loving energy that alleviates fears and insecurities
  • Topazolite Garnet: This is a yellow, golden-yellow, green-yellow, or brown-yellow form of Andradite Garnet. It is a beneficial stone for cleansing your aura and boosting willpower and self-confidence.
  • Spessartite Garnet: Also known as Spessartine Garnet, this reddish-brown to orange stone is great for boosting creativity, fertility, and healing any sexual shame.
  • Uvarovite Garnet: A rare type of emerald green Garnet that forms as a collection of small, uniform crystals covering the surface of another rock, it is a stone that opens the heart and awareness to abundance.
  • Andalusite Garnet: An earthy-colored Garnet that forms in oranges, yellow, gold, green, and brown, Andalusite is an energizing and balancing stone that is beneficial to the health of your physical body.
  • Grossular Garnet: This type of Garnet is available in many colors, including green, yellow, orange, red, pink, and even colorless varieties. Grossular Garnet is a stone of renewal, growth, and abundance. 
  • Hessonite Garnet: This is an orange, dark orange-brown, or a red-brown variety of Grossular Garnet. It is also referred to as Cinnamon Stone and is a powerful stone for activating the Sacral Chakra.
  • Leuco Garnet: A translucent, colorless variety of Grossular Garnet, Leuco Garnet is a purifying and energizing crystal.
  • Hydrogrossular Garnet: With milky to opaque transparency and available in blue, blue-green, pink, white, and gray, it is a supportive stone for recovering from trauma or illness.
  • Merelani Mint Garnet: A light minty green and translucent form of Grossular Garnet found in Tanzania, this crystal has a refreshing positive energy. It is also a stone to work with for success in the physical aspects of life.
  • Mali Garnet: A blend of Grossular and Andradite Garnet that forms golden-yellow, brown-gold, and light greens, it is a beneficial stone for boosting self-confidence and willpower.
  • Tsavorite Garnet: This is a vivid green type of Grossular Garnet that is a great stone to supercharge manifestation, especially surrounding abundance.
  • Rhodolite Garnet: It is a type of Pyrope-Almandine blend of Garnet that forms in red, rose pink, and purple shades. The energy of this crystal is loving, compassionate, and can deepen connections in relationships.
  • Ant Hill Garnet: A bright red variety of Pyrope Garnet that is found near ant hills in Arizona, this crystal’s energy can be beneficial to your physical wellness.
  • Malaya Garnet: This is a pink, red-orange, or yellow-orange stone also called Umbalite and Umbaya Garnet. It is a crystal that is energizing and supportive.
  • Appalachian Garnet: This is a type of red Garnet formed in lustrous Mica crystal. The effect of Appalachian Garnet is grounding and protective.
  • Garnet in Calcite: Various colors and types of Garnet can form with Calcite, most commonly White Calcite. This blend of crystals is purifying both physically and energetically.
  • Garnet with Biotite and Hornblende: A combination of Garnet, Biotite, and Hornblende in thin irregular layers, this crystal combination can strengthen understanding and love within relationships.
  • Garnet with Quartz: Garnet crystals can form in various colors and translucency with Quartz crystals. These stones fused together to offer all the revitalizing benefits of Garnet amplified by the Quartz.
  • Black Tourmaline with Garnet: A fusion of Black Tourmaline and Garnets, it is a crystal pairing that is protective and helpful for dealing with negative energy.
  • Garnet in Blue Kyanite: Blue Kyanite with Garnet inclusions is a powerful stone for assisting with communication with relationships.
  • Epidote Garnet: Garnets in formation together with Epidote crystal, which can range from darker greens and browns to black, this crystal is beneficial for detoxing and building immunity and strength 
  • Garnet in Pyroxene: Different varieties of Garnet form with dark green to black Pyroxene crystals. These crystals together have a balancing and energizing effect.
  • Color Change Garnet: Garnets that change color under different lighting can change from green or blue in daylight to purple, pink, or reddish under incandescent light. These stones offer a vibration of freedom, refreshment, and balance.

How To Cleanse Garnet?

sun beams shining through a tree

  • Sunlight – Cleanse Garnets by setting your intention and leaving the crystal in direct sun for an extended period. Be aware that, although Garnet is sun stable, some Garnet combination stones, such as Garnet in Calcite, are not.
  • Smudge – Entering into a state of deep presence and passing your stone through the smoke of a herbal smudge bundle or incense is a great way to cleanse fiery Garnet crystal.
  • Positive Affirmations – Energetically program and cleanse Garnet by holding the crystal while speaking out positive affirmations that align with the revitalizing properties of this stone.

Questions and Answers

What type of stone is Garnet?

Garnet is a family of stones from a silicate mineral that has 6 main species. Garnets have slight differences in chemical composition and color, and this makes up the large variety of Garnet crystals.

Is Garnet rarer than Ruby?

No, Garnet is a stone that is abundant, and although some types of Garnet are quite rare, Rubies are one of the rarest crystals.

What is the rarest color of Garnet?

Green is the rarest color of Garnet. Clear Garnets are also a rare find.

Is Garnet a luck stone?

Yes, this stone is known for increasing luck, abundance, and love. The many benefits of Garnet can bring good luck and vitality into your experience.

Can Garnet go in the water?

Yes, Garnets can be exposed to water for short periods of time. Avoid leaving them submerged for an extended time.

Is Garnet safe in the sun?

Yes, It is generally safe for Garnets to be in the sun for limited time periods. Some varieties of Garnet even exhibit stunning natural color change effects when in sunlight.

How do you identify a real Garnet?

Identify a real Garnet by its vivid coloration according to the specific variety and the stone’s vitreous or resinous luster. Real Garnet is hard and can scratch into a softer metal.

How do you take care of Garnet Stone?

Care for your Garnet stone by cleaning it with warm, gentle soapy water or spring water. Do not expose your stone to salt or bleach. Keep your stone predominantly dry and in the shade.

What crystal to pair with Garnet?

Quartz, Calcite, and Black Tourmaline pair well with Garnet, and they are available as fused formations together. Other crystals to pair with Garnet include Peridot, Carnelian, Emerald, Ruby, Red Jasper, and Citrine.

Is Garnet expensive?

Yes and no. Common varieties of Garnet are affordable and abundant. Rare varieties, cuts, and high-quality stones can be expensive. Garnets can range between $500 to $700 per carat.

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