Red Jasper

(red jas - per)
Main Origins:
Brazil, Australia, Russia, Egypt, Madagascar, South Africa, India, and the United States.

What is Red Jasper?

different cuts of red jasper crystal on a white background

Red Jasper is a form of Chalcedony, a mineral composed of silicon dioxide. This gemstone is known for its stunning red color, ranging from deep maroon to vibrant orange-red. 

The gemstone is typically opaque or slightly translucent, with a smooth or waxy surface. One of the unique properties of Red Jasper is its energy-boosting properties. It stimulates the Root Chakra, associated with grounding, stability, and survival

Red Jasper Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Red Jasper is a protective stone for those born under the sign of Aries. It helps Scorpios stay grounded and focused during times of transformation and change. It promotes inner peace in Virgos, helping them to find balance and harmony in their lives. It helps Leos tap into their natural strength and leadership qualities. It helps Sagittarians stay grounded and focused on their goals. And it enhances the innate sense of adventure and curiosity in those zodiac signs it connects to.

Mars is associated with the color red, which is also the color of Red Jasper. Working with Red Jasper can activate and balance the energy of Mars, which can promote feelings of confidence, motivation, and personal power.

Red Jasper is associated with the element of Earth, which represents grounding, stability, and nurturing, all qualities associated with Red Jasper. Earth is also associated with the physical body and the energy of the material world. 

This stone also connects the element of Fire, symbolizing strength, passion, and transformation. The red color of Red Jasper is associated with the element of Fire, as is its ability to promote feelings of courage and motivation.

In Hindu mythology, Red Jasper connects to the god Hanuman, known for his strength, courage, and devotion. Wearing Red Jasper can help to increase these qualities in an individual and promote feelings of bravery and determination.

Red Jasper Healing Properties and Benefits

Courage and Growth

  • Red Jasper instills faith in your abilities, giving you the courage to embark on challenges and grow and learn from them.
  • Wear Red Jasper jewelry daily for increased confidence. 

Energy and Health

  • As a stone connected to the Fire element, Red Jasper infuses you with the energy and vitality needed to tackle challenges in life.
  • Meditate with Red Jasper on your Root Chakra to clear energy blockages and restore vitality.

Focus and Clarity

  • Using Red Jasper focuses the mind and invites clarity and renewed perception.
  • Sleep with Red Jasper under your pillow to rid the mind of pointless thoughts and to clear your mind space.


  • Red Jasper invites fire energy into your heart, filling you with endless passion and determination for what you love.
  • Wear a Red Jasper pendant daily to fill your heart space with the fire energy of Red Jasper.

Well Being

  • This stone has grounding and stabilizing properties, helping you feel more centered and balanced. 
  • Carry it in your pocket, wear it as jewelry, or place it on your desk or nightstand.

Red Jasper Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Woman holding crystal and a woman lying down for crystal therapy

Psychic Balance

  • Using Red Jasper gives you the grounding needed to develop your psychic abilities and intuition.
  • Hold Red Jasper in your hand while meditating on attempting to use your psychic abilities or intuition.

Karmic Therapy

  • Red Jasper is associated with the Root Chakra, the center of karmic healing and balance. By working with Red Jasper in karmic therapy, you can help release past negative energies and patterns, and create a more positive karmic balance. 
  • To use Red Jasper for karmic therapy, try meditating with the stone while releasing old patterns and inviting new, positive energies.


  • This stone has powerful protective qualities that can help shield you from negative energy or harm. 
  • To use Red Jasper for protection, try carrying it in your pocket or wearing it as jewelry. You can also place the stone in your home or workspace to help create a protective shield around the area.


  • With a solid connection to the Earth and ancient wisdom, Red Jasper is helpful for those seeking to access more profound levels of knowledge or tap into their intuition.
  • Try meditating with the stone or holding it in your hand during divination practices, such as tarot readings.


  • Red Jasper clears the mind and promotes mental clarity, which can be helpful when setting intentions for manifestation. 
  • By using Red Jasper during meditation or visualization practices, you can focus your thoughts more clearly and bring your intentions into sharper focus.

Red Jasper Side Effects

  • No side effects are associated with wearing or using Red Jasper. It is a safe stone for everyone.

Red Jasper Meaning: What Does Red Jasper symbolize?

women with a candle beside meditating at home

The meaning of Red Jasper is “Spotted Stone.”

The name “Jasper” originates from the Greek word “iaspis,” which means “spotted stone.”

Red Jasper is associated with the element of Fire and embodies strength, courage, and vitality. Its bold, fiery hue stimulates the Root Chakra at the base of the spine and is associated with security, grounding, and survival.

In ancient times, Red Jasper was often used for protection and as a talisman against negative energy. They believed it provides a barrier against evil spirits and warded off harm and danger. Red Jasper was also a stone of courage and perseverance.

Red Jasper promotes feelings of security and stability. It is also a stone of empowerment and self-confidence and is said to help one overcome obstacles and achieve one’s goals.

Varieties of Red Jasper

  • Brecciated Red Jasper: This variety of Red Jasper has a broken or fragmented appearance, resulting from Jasper getting shattered and then reformed by natural geological processes. Brecciated Jasper aids in self-worth and self-confidence.
  • Noreena Jasper or Red Picture Jasper: Named after the Noreena Downs Station in Western Australia, Noreena Jasper promotes inner peace and tranquility.
  • Red Picasso Jasper: Named after its resemblance to the paintings of Pablo Picasso, this stone has distinctive patterns and abstract shapes. Red Picasso Jasper enhances creative expression.
  • Cherry Creek Red Jasper: Found in the Cherry Creek area of Nevada, this variety of Jasper is known for its bright red color and smooth, polished surface. Cherry Creek Red Jasper is a highly energizing stone.
  • Red Calligraphy Jasper: This variety of Red Jasper has fine lines and patterns that resemble calligraphy or writing. Red Calligraphy Jasper works wonders in calming erratic emotions.
  • Red Mookaite Jasper: Found in Western Australia, this variety of Jasper is known for its mix of red, yellow, and brown colors. Red Mookaite Jasper clears the aura of stagnant energy.
  • Red Ocean Jasper: Characterized by its swirling patterns and vibrant colors, this variety can include shades of red, orange, yellow, green, and blue. Red Ocean Jasper invites feelings of joy and happiness.
  • Red Banded Jasper: This variety features distinctive bands or stripes of different colors, including shades of red, brown, and yellow. Red Banded Jasper helps with confidence and self-assertion under challenging situations.
  • Red Leopard Jasper: Red Leopard Jasper has a mottled, leopard-like pattern in shades of red, brown, and cream. It has grounding and stabilizing properties that can help promote a sense of inner peace and balance.
  • Red Creek Jasper: This stone occurs in various earthy shades, including deep reds, browns, and grays. Red Creek Jasper promotes emotional healing, stability, and a connection with nature.
  • Red Sea Jasper: With swirling patterns of red, cream, and black, Red Sea Jasper promotes feelings of emotional stability, courage, and protection.
  • Red Rhyolite Jasper: Red Rhyolite Jasper has a rich deep red color and intricate patterns. It promotes physical healing and emotional balance, and it helps release negative energies.
  • Red Fancy Jasper: This variety has a rich deep red color and a variety of intricate patterns. It promotes emotional stability, grounding, and a connection with nature.
  • Red Morrisonite Jasper: Red Morrisonite Jasper occurs in rich red and brown shades with intricate patterns. It promotes emotional balance, healing, and a connection with the natural world.
  • Red Poppy Seed Jasper: This variety of Jasper has mottled patterns of red and brown with tiny black specks. It promotes grounding, stability, and physical healing.
  • Red Imperial Jasper: Red Imperial Jasper has a rich red color and intricate patterns. It promotes emotional healing, balance, and a sense of inner peace.

How To Cleanse Red Jasper?

incensing around crystals and singing bowls and a flower

  • Singing Bowls – Place the Red Jasper on a table and play the singing bowls for at least 5 minutes to cleanse the stone with sound energy.
  • Incense – Light an incense stick or cone then waft the smoke over your crystal for at least 2 minutes to cleanse it with the incense smoke. Visualize the smoke burning away any negative energy present in your crystal.
  • Sunlight – Place Red Jasper in the sunlight at noon to allow the Sun’s energy to cleanse and charge your stone.

Questions and Answers

Can Red Jasper go in the water?

Yes, Red Jasper can go in the water for short periods of time. Like most crystals, prolonged water exposure can cause damage.

Can you drink Red Jasper water?

Yes, you can place your Red Jasper in water for a few minutes and then consume it to benefit from its healing properties. This is known as a crystal elixir.

Is it safe to put Red Jasper in the Sun?

Red Jasper is safe to go in the Sun for short periods. Like most gemstones, if left in the Sun for too long, it can damage the crystal and cause its color to fade. Learn about the list of crystals that can and can’t go in the Sun here.

Can Red Jasper go in salt water?

No, Red Jasper should not go in salt water. If left in saltwater for too long, it can cause corrosion, discoloration, and damage to your crystal.

Is Red Jasper safe to wear?

Yes, Red Jasper is safe to wear. Red Jasper is not known to be toxic or harmful to the body, and there are no known side effects from wearing it.

How to identify a real Red Jasper from a fake?

Real Jasper has natural imperfections, like cracks, pits, or uneven coloring. Synthetic or imitation Jasper may have a uniform appearance and lack these imperfections. 

Jasper is also heavier than synthetic or imitation Jasper. If the stone feels light, it may be a fake.

Who shouldn’t wear Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is a safe and beneficial stone for most people to wear.

Where to keep Red Jasper in your house?

Red Jasper can be placed in the living room to promote warmth, vitality, and groundedness. You can put it on a coffee table, a bookshelf, or a side table. You can also place it in the bedroom to promote a sense of calm and relaxation by placing it on a nightstand or under your pillow. Read crystals that should not be in your bedroom here.

How to take care of Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is considered a hard stone, so it does not need extra special care. The best way to take care of Red Jasper is to store it away from sunlight and moisture. Placing it on a shelf or display, or wrapping it in a cloth and placing it in a box will work well. 

How much is Red Jasper worth?

Red Jasper costs around $1.5 to $5 per carat, depending on the stone’s quality.

What birth month is Red Jasper?

Red Jasper is an alternative birthstone for March.

Is Red Jasper a worry stone

Yes, Red Jasper has soothing properties and can ease worry and stress.

Can Red Jasper be scratched?

Yes, Red Jasper can be scratched with objects that rate higher than 7 on the Mohs hardness scale.

Interactions with Red Jasper

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