10 Best Crystals for Confidence, Anxiety and Courage

  1. Citrine for Confidence 
  2. Rose Quartz for Body Confidence 
  3. Carnelian for Courage 
  4. Lapis Lazuli to Combat Insecurity 
  5. Sunstone for Self-Empowerment 
  6. Rhodonite for Anxiety 
  7. Amazonite for Self-Worth
  8. Red Jasper for Confidence at Work 
  9. Tiger Eye for Leadership
  10. Black Tourmaline for Sense of Self 

We all get disconnected from our inner power and strength from time to time, and this can have a real impact on our well-being. When we feel anxious and lacking confidence, all aspects of our life will suffer, from work to our love life. Thankfully, there are some great crystals we can work with when wanting to enhance our courage and power. 

When working with certain stones, their vibrations will connect with our energy and give us the boost we need! So, what are the best crystals for confidence, anxiety, and courage?

Citrine for Confidence 

citrine chunk isolated on a white background

A firm favorite for many spiritualists who work with crystal healing, citrine is a fantastic crystal that is connected to the energy of the sun. Its bold, energetic vibrations bring a boost to your personal power and confidence. Its energy connects to all aspects of your life, giving you the self-esteem you need to go after your goals. 

When using citrine for confidence, place it on your desk at work or wear it as a necklace when you need a boost. 

Rose Quartz for Body Confidence 

rose quartz chunk on a white background

Known as the stone of unconditional love, rose quartz is a perfect crystal for body confidence. Its soft, gentle vibrations will allow you to care for and connect with your body. 

Rose quartz is linked to the heart chakra, which governs all forms of love and compassion. Wearing a rose quartz crystal as a necklace will allow its energy to connect with the heart chakra, opening it up and enhancing self-love and body confidence. 

Carnelian for Courage 

polished carnerlian stones on a white background

Governed by the element of fire, carnelian is filled with the energy of warmth and passion. This crystal is perfect to work with when wanting to bring courage and conviction into your life. If you feel as if you are disconnected from your inner power, carnelian will restore your motivation. 

Meditating with the stone will connect its energy to your own. As it is linked to the sacral chakra, hold the carnelian stone just below the belly button to allow your energy to flow through the crystal, opening yourself up to courage and confidence. 

Lapis Lazuli to Combat Insecurity 

lapis lazuli on a white background

Lapis lazuli is a protective crystal that is great for confronting and altering insecurity. Its vibrations help you to connect with your inner truth, illuminating all aspects of yourself. With this understanding, you are able to combat your insecurities and bring forth the power of self-acceptance. 

Lapis lazuli is connected to the throat chakra, bringing you the ability to have the confidence to speak your truth. Wear it close to your throat chakra when you need its energy. 

Sunstone for Self-Empowerment 

sunstone chunk on a white background

Sunstone is the perfect crystal for self-empowerment, with its energy allowing you to embrace your inner strength and confidence. If you struggle to set boundaries or speak up for yourself, working with this crystal brings you the courage to do so. 

Sunstone can be used to harmonize all the chakras but is a great crystal to use when wanting to open up the solar plexus chakra. This chakra governs our confidence and self-esteem, so paying attention to it will give you a further boost. Place the sunstone just above the belly button while meditating to connect it with your solar plexus chakra. 

Rhodonite for Anxiety 

polished rhodonite stone on a white background

A stone linked to the heart chakra, rhodonite allows you to clear away negativity in order to embrace a positive view of yourself. It balances your emotions, bringing forth compassion and understanding. Working with this crystal rids you of anxiety, allowing you to go forward with confidence and courage. 

This gentle stone can be worn at all times, with its energy constantly working to balance and center your emotions. Its vibrations create a space of calm and tranquility, so you may also wish to meditate with it when needing that boost. 

The best crystals for

Amazonite for Self-Worth

amazonite slab on a white background

If you are struggling to identify all the good things about yourself, the soothing energy of amazonite will help. This crystal enhances your feelings of self-worth, dispelling negative energy. Amazonite allows you to see your truth and opens up the flow of energy between the heart and throat chakra. 

Hold this stone whilst repeating affirmations of confidence and self-worth, such as “I am strong and capable.”

Red Jasper for Confidence at Work 

red jasper on a white background

Red jasper aligns with the root chakra, allowing you to stay grounded and secure. Its energy connects you with your inner power, revealing your own strength to you. Red jasper inspires leadership and confidence at work and supports your career journey. 

Place red jasper on your desk at work to allow its energy to empower you. 

Tiger Eye for Leadership

polished tiger's eye on a white background

Often used to attract good luck, tiger eye is a protective stone that brings you the confidence you need for leadership. It focuses the mind and brings forth clarity. Tiger eye boosts your self-esteem, allowing you to confidently take the role of a leader in any situation. 

Wear a tiger eye crystal on a bracelet to allow its power to connect with your own. You may also wish to place it around your home or workplace. 

Black Tourmaline for Sense of Self 

black tourmaline on a white background

In order to be confident and courageous, it is important to tap into your sense of self. By knowing who you are, you are able to go out in the world with the passion and drive you need in order to fulfill your hopes and dreams. 

An amazing protective stone, black tourmaline is linked to the element of earth and the root chakra. The root chakra governs your sense of security, with the element of earth bringing forth grounding. Use a black tourmaline when you need to transform anxious negative thinking and understand your sense of self. Its grounding nature will also motivate you to embrace confidence and courage. 

This stone is perfect to wear at all times, as it soaks up any negative energy and gives you the grounding you need. It is important to cleanse it regularly to get rid of the energy it comes in contact with!

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