How To Balance Blocked Chakras with Crystals

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Do you know there are 114 major and minor chakras in (and around) the body? When your chakras are out of balance, you may feel sick, tired, afraid, lost, unlucky, guilty, or powerless. But there are crystals for balancing every chakra. How to balance blocked chakras with crystals?

What are the best crystals for balancing the seven main chakras? How to open chakras with crystals?

The key to balancing chakras with crystals is the charging technique you choose. For example, you can charge crystals by burying them in the soil to unblock the root chakra. 

I’ll teach you 14 techniques for balancing different chakras with crystals. We’ll also learn the signs to identify which chakra is blocked. 

Blocked Chakra Symptoms

Out of the 114 chakras, seven are called major or primary because opening them also aligns the rest of the minor chakras. So, how to clean your chakras with crystals?

Let’s look at the main symptoms of blocked chakras, starting with the root chakra. 

Symptoms of Blocked Root Chakra 

how to balance blocked chakras with crystals: Root Chakra chart

The root chakra is the first chakra that connects us to the ground or Mother Gaia. 

When the root chakra is blocked, you’ll feel obsessed, lost, angry, weak, unstable, tired, constipated, lazy, lonely, insecure, or pessimistic. 

Symptoms of Blocked Sacral Chakra 

how to balance blocked chakras with crystals: Sakral Chakra chart

The sacral chakra houses the life force energy (Kundalini energy) that is part of the seven-chakra system. That’s why you’ll feel powerless, hopeless, afraid, clingy, obsessed, stressed, fatigued, detached, aggressive, lazy, addicted, or in pain when it’s blocked.

Symptoms of Blocked Solar Plexus Chakra

how to balance blocked chakras with crystals: Solar Plexus Chakra chart

Celiac plexus or the solar plexus chakra is the seat of your inner sun. You may feel exhausted, pessimistic, powerless, sick, shameful, guilty, addicted, low, insecure, agony, pain, nausea, heartburn, or have digestive problems when the solar plexus chakra is out of balance. 

Symptoms of Blocked Heart Chakra

how to balance blocked chakras with crystals: Heart Chakra chart

When the heart chakra is balanced, you experience unconditional love. 

That’s why you’ll feel pain, heartbreak, experience fights, rejection, loneliness, suspicion, stress, disrespect, selfishness, anxiety, depression, or over-sensitivity when the heart chakra is out of balance. 

Symptoms of Blocked Throat Chakra 

how to balance blocked chakras with crystals: Throat chart

Considered the most sacred chakra in Vedic scriptures, throat chakra stands for sacred truth. You may experience low self-esteem, be afraid, lost, introverted, lonely, doubtful, angry, or find it hard to express and trust yourself when the throat chakra is not balanced. 

Symptoms of Blocked Third Eye Chakra 

how to balance blocked chakras with crystals: Third Eye chart

Do you know there are real photoreceptor cells exactly where the third eye chakra is located? No wonder the third eye chakra signifies intuition and spiritual truth. 

You may experience cognitive issues, paranoia, concentration issues, bad luck, night terrors, nervous breakdowns, panic attacks, disorientation, vertigo, and self-doubt when it’s closed.

Symptoms of Blocked Crown Chakra

The meaning of the crown chakra is enlightenment. A blocked crown chakra leads to delusions, hallucinations, low self-worth, headaches, sleep problems, hair disorders, mental fog, negativity, pessimism, or a superiority complex.

7 Chakra balancing crystals

Blocked chakras are easy to balance using the right crystals. Before we find out how to heal chakras with crystals, let’s find out which crystals are best for which chakras:

how to balance blocked chakras with crystals: Crystals for Balancing Chakras

How To Use Chakra Balancing Crystals? 14 Ways 

Do you know how do crystals balance chakras? Chakra balancing with crystals is an energy-healing ritual of flushing out toxins that clog the chakra centers. Balancing chakras may also be referred to asopening, cleansing, activating, and programming. 

How to balance chakras with crystals? Here are the 14 best ways to balance chakras with crystals:

1. Reiki

Man taking Reiki session

Reiki practitioners remove chakra blockages by channeling universal energy with the right crystals. For chakra balancing, practitioners place chakra-specific crystals and place them over chakra locations, such as the forehead, throat, eyes, heart, etc. 

2. Crystal Grid 

various crystals arranged on a crystal grid

You can also unblock any chakra by arranging crystals on a grid and activating it with a wand. 

For example, you can arrange Amethyst, Lepidolite, Selenite, or other Crown Chakra crystals on a mandala grid to balance the seventh chakra. 

Do not disturb it for seven days or until your manifestation is realized.

3. Meditation

woman meditating while sitting on a mountain cliff

Another way to balance the seven chakras is by visualizing the chakra opening. In this method, try to meditate by focusing on your breathwork or thoughts. Meditating with crystals is best for balancing the crown chakra. 

4. Seed Mantra 

Woman reciting seed mantra

Chanting the seed syllable of a chakra (based on the element it’s ruled by) can flush out energies blocking it. Chanting mantras work well to help open thee heart chakra when the chant matches the rhythm of your heart. 

Here are the seed syllables associated with each chakra: 

how to balance blocked chakras with crystals: Chakra Seed Syllables

5. Positive Affirmations 

affirmation written on stone

Apart from seed mantras, you can chant positive affirmations specific to your goals. Positive affirmations are great for balancing all chakras but particularly effective for the throat chakra. Learn here the 50 clear quartz affirmations that you can use to chant for your clear quartz crystal. 

Here are a few positive affirmations to help you get started:

how to balance blocked chakras with crystals: Chakra Affirmations

6. Gemstone Elixir 

crystal elixir on a white table with plants and flowers

By infusing the energies of crystals, you can create gemstone elixirs that are capable of balancing different chakras from the inside

To do so, all you need to do is fill a glass of water and keep your chakra-specific gemstone beside the glass. You can consume the water after 12 to 24 hours to flush out chakra blockages. 

Gemstone elixirs are particularly effective for healing the heart and solar plexus chakras.

7. Gem Bath

woman inside a white bathtub

Another interesting way of using crystal energies to balance chakras is soaking in water-safe crystals. For example, soak in a tub of water with Red Jasper to clear root chakra blockages. 

A gemstone bath is excellent for balancing the sacral chakra with crystals. 

8. Charging with Sound

tibetan singing bowl together with healing stones

One fun way to charge crystals for balancing the throat chakra is with singing bowls. All you need to do is keep the crystal next to a Tibetan singing bowl and play the bowl with the mallet for a few minutes. 

Carry the charged throat chakra crystal with you no matter where you go. 

9. Crystal Wands 

woman holding crystal wands

Another way to balance chakras is with crystal wands. You can get a chakra-specific wand, aim it at the chakra location, and circle it clockwise. This is the simplest, easiest, and fastest way to balance chakras with crystals. 

10. Feng Shui 

Coins for fengshui

You can also pick crystals for the chakra you want to heal and place them around the house with associated colors based on the feng shui directions. It may attract luck, harmony, health, love, and more. 

After placing the crystals in the right direction, you should also charge them by sitting down and meditating with them. 

Select your crystal and place it in the chakra direction for the feng shui benefits below:

how to balance blocked chakras with crystals: Where to place your crystals

11. Fire and Stone 

crystals together with lit candles

You can also balance the solar plexus chakra with fire and the right crystals. As the fire element rules the third chakra, all you need to do is fire-charge the stone before carrying it on you.

To do so, place the crystal next to a candle or a campfire (at a safe distance) for a few minutes.

12. Natural Light

woman bathing her crystal on direct sunlight

Certain crystals can draw in natural energies, such as sunlight, moonlight, supermoons, eclipses, and similar natural events to clear chakra blockages.

Crystals ruled by the Sun are solar plexus chakra stones. They are best charged in the sun to balance  the third chakra. 

Similarly, moonlight is great for balancing the heart and third eye chakras. So, you should charge heart and third eye chakra crystals overnight under the moonlight to open associated chakras.

13. Crystal Jewelry 

gemstone ring on table

Another way to flush out the negativity blocking your chakras is by wearing chakra-specific crystals on you. Doing so keeps your chakra charged and free of negativity while wearing it. 

For example, wearing Rose Quartz balances the heart chakra, and Amethyst opens your crown chakra. 

14. Soil 

polished aventurine on soil

How to heal root chakra with crystals? Burying root chakra crystals in the ground before use is the best way to heal your root chakra. 

First, you can get a root chakra crystal like Red Jasper. Secondly, bury it for two weeks or until the next new moon. Finally, place it at the base of the spine to open the root chakra.

Start Balancing the Seven Chakras with Crystals!

Like every crystal is governed by one or more chakras, every chakra is associated with specific crystals. That’s why we learned how to unblock chakras with crystals. Red Jasper, Carnelian, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Turquoise, Labradorite, Amethyst, and Clear Quartz are the best crystals for balancing chakras.

Super Seven, Clear Quartz and Auralite 23 are crystals that align all chakras. 

The best way to balance chakras with crystals is by charging them. 

Here’s a summary of which crystals to use for balancing the seven chakras and how:

how to balance blocked chakras with crystals: How to Use Chakra Crystals

So, which chakra and crystal will you use first?

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