Best Crystals for Heart Chakra Activation

  1. Heart Chakra Explained 
  2. How can Crystals Help Unblock The Heart Chakra? 7 Charging Methods
  3. Rose Quartz for Heart Opening 
  4. Emerald for Heart Chakra 
  5. Ruby Zoisite for Healing The Heart Chakra 
  6. Jade for Anahata Chakra Balance 
  7. Malachite Heart Chakra Crystals for Motherly Love
  8. Green Aventurine for Activating The Anahata Chakra 
  9. Rhodonite Crystals for Healing The Fourth Chakra 
  10. Unakite Stones for Balancing The Heart Chakra 
  11. Prehnite 
  12. Moldavite 
  13. Green Kunzite 
  14. Peridot 
  15. Add Heart Chakra Crystals To Your Daily Life!

The heart chakra represents unconditional love. It also stands for self-love, health, and prosperity. That’s why you feel sick, angry, or lost when your heart chakra is blocked. What are the best crystals for heart chakra activation? How to use them to open the heart chakra?

The heart chakra opens your body to nature and everything in the cosmos. Charging these crystals with unique rituals  meant for the heart chakra opens it.

I’ll teach you how exactly to use heart chakra crystals.

Let’s start with a simple quote that explains the heart chakra well: 

“In the chakras, it’s the heart chakra, Anahata, the central chakra, three above and three below, which symbolizes happiness and love, psychic oneness, spiritual understanding.”  – Frederick Lenz

Heart Chakra Explained 

The meaning of the heart chakra is love, but it also represents harmony, abundance, health, and luck. It’s located in the spine behind your heart, but more towards the center. 

You will feel calm, happy, enthusiastic, empathic, kind, confident, and compassionate towards yourself and others when the heart chakra is active. When the heart chakra is blocked, you’ll feel self-pity, hatred, guilt, rudeness, oversensitivity, or tiredness. 

Heart chakra meaning chart

How can Crystals Help Unblock The Heart Chakra? 7 Charging Methods

The Sanskrit word for the heart chakra is Anahata meaning unhurt, unbeaten, and unstruck. A blocked heart chakra makes you feel lonely, lost, hurt, broken, struck down, and afraid. 

Did you know the heart chakra develops naturally between ages 21 and 28? Those ages are when you understand love in all forms, from friendship to romantic, marital, familial, etc. 

Without activating your heart chakra, you’ll fail in aligning the other chakras in your body.

You can open the heart chakra using any of the below rituals.

1. Heart Chakra Meditation

woman doing meditation outdoor while facing towards the sun

The Anahata chakra is ruled by the air or wind element, and open-air meditation in the evenings or early mornings is excellent for cleansing the fourth chakra. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you can open the Anahata chakra by holding the crystal and meditating while doing Pranayama, a heart chakra breathing exercise. 

Alternatively, you can visualize the green 12-petaled lotus that symbolizes the Anahata chakra in your mind’s eye for a few minutes while doing pranayama breathing exercises.

2. Heart Seed Mantra

The air element rules the heart chakra, and that’s why the best mantra to open it is YAM. 

Pick up your heart chakra crystal, cup it in your palms, and chant YAM for a few minutes with your eyes closed shut. This will fuse your thought, breath, and sound energies into the crystal to open the fourth chakra. 

3. Heart Chakra Crystal Grid

heart chakra crystal grid board on a marble like platform

The heart chakra is better understood by its symbol of the six-legged star or shatkona within a circle on a 12-petaled lotus. The star is a mix of two triangles and stands for the unison of the divine feminine and masculine. 

Each petal on the heart chakra lotus represents an eternal virtue: harmony, empathy, bliss, kindness, love, compassion, forgiveness, unity, peace, understanding, clarity, and purity.

You can arrange the heart chakra healing crystals in the shape of a six-legged star in a circle to purify the Anahata energy center.

4. Heart Chakra Jewelry 

emerald necklace placed on top of a black table

Venus rules the heart chakra. Freya’s Day (The Norse equivalent of Venus) or Friday is the best day of the week to open it. You can wear a pink or green heart chakra necklace, locket, bracelet, or ring to activate the fourth chakra. 

5. Heart Chakra Positive Affirmations 

An excellent way to invoke the heart chakra is through positive affirmations. You can write intentions down and chant them repeatedly while holding a heart chakra crystal.

Here are some affirmations to start with: 

  • I am loved.
  • I accept the love around me.
  • I am at peace.
  • I forgive myself and others.
  • I am one with the world. 

6. Heart Chakra Crystal Bowl

handmade tibetan singing bowl placed on wooden table

The natural resting frequency of the heart chakra is 639 Hz. Playing music that is in this frequency activates the heart chakra energies inside your crystal. 

You can also chant the seed mantra while playing a singing bowl tuned to 639 Hz or note F to open any heart chakra crystal. 

7. Heart Chakra Yoga Poses

model doing yoga camel pose

Yoga poses are an excellent way to heal heart chakra blockages with physical and spiritual energies. 

The best poses for balancing the Anahata energy center are Camel Pose (Ustrasana), Cobra Pose (Bhujangasana), Natrajasana (Dancer’s Pose), and Cow Pose (Bitilasana).

Place a heart chakra crystal on your yoga mat and perform any heart chakra pose to charge it with your sound, breath, sweat, and thoughts for heart chakra healing.

8. Heart Chakra Foods 

By consuming pink and green color foods, you energize and unblock the fourth chakra from the inside. Another way to enhance this process is through circling your foods with the heart chakra crystals before consumption.

A list of green chakra foods:

Heart chakra food list

9. Heart Chakra Gem Elixir 

polished rose quartz in a jar of water

A clever way to purify the fourth chakra from the inside is by consuming a glass of water infused with the energy of a heart chakra crystal. 

All you have to do is fill a glass of water and place it next to a heart chakra crystal for four to 6 hours. You can consume the water within two days to cleanse the Anahata power center from the inside.

10. Water for Heart Chakra Healing 

bowl of water placed outside bathed in sunight

Natural water is often good for activating crystals, but heart chakra crystals are purified even more efficiently with running water. You can hold your crystal for five minutes under a tap or stream for a few minutes to charge it with boundless love.

11. Heart Chakra Aromatherapy

Sandalwood essential with white sandalwood

Scents and smells associated with the heart chakra can open blockages in the olfactory system. Include incense, essential oils, or smudge sticks associated with the Anahata, such as jasmine, sandalwood, yarrow, ylang-ylang, frankincense, rose, cypress, and neroli.

Alternatively, you can apply hypoallergenic essential oils on your chest or around the heart chakra location.

12. Heart Chakra Feng Shui 

blurry shot of fengshui compass

If you want to tap into natural energies to balance the heart chakra, keep your heart chakra crystals in the eastern or southwestern corners of your home. 

According to Feng Shui, green heart chakra crystals in the eastern corner attract prosperity and abundance. Your true love gets closer when you keep pink heart chakra crystals in the southwest corner. 

Below are the best crystals for unconditional love in your heart chakra.

Rose Quartz for Heart Opening 

rose quartz chunk on a white background

Rose Quartz is the best crystal for the heart chakra. It can help you love yourself, others, and the universe around you more intensely. Rose Quartz is excellent for physical and emotional balance if you’re going through tough times.

I suggest making a gem elixir with your Rose Quartz and consuming it to tap into inner love and to move on from heartbreaks, breakups, divorces, and loss. Rose Quartz is also one of the higher heart chakra crystals that promotes universal love.

Emerald for Heart Chakra 

several chunks of emerald on a white background

Most people love wearing heart chakra jewelry because it keeps the fourth chakra activated. I suggest wearing an Emerald ring to attract abundance, emotional balance, and luck. 

You can activate Emerald jewelry before wearing it by chanting the seed mantra YAM with an intention. Emerald promotes harmony, stability, and patience in the wearer when activated with the mantras.

Ruby Zoisite for Healing The Heart Chakra 

polished ruby zoisite on a white background

A mix of green and pink, Ruby Zoisite is a stone of growth and vitality. 

Psychics often recommend this stone to people who need order and discipline. Ruby Zoisite cleanses your spirit, clears mental clutter, and helps you grow physically, mentally, and spiritually. 

You can practice Cobra Pose to target the heart chakra while keeping a Ruby Zoisite crystal on your yoga mat to open your Anahata energy center. Meditating on your intention before performing the pose strengthens your yoga session.

Jade for Anahata Chakra Balance 

polished jade on a white background

Jade is a beautiful green gemstone once used by royalty, elites, and merchants to attract wealth. Keeping a Jade crystal in your safe, purse, or wallet is often recommended for financial gains

People also keep a few Jade tumbled stones in the eastern corner of their homes to attract success, good fortune, and abundance. The eastern Feng Shui direction is also associated with good health and harmony in the family. 

Malachite Heart Chakra Crystals for Motherly Love

malachite on a white background

A Malachite palm stone is all you need if you’re searching for support, warmth, and love. Activate Malachite heart chakra crystals with a singing bowl or heart chakra music.

Once you activate Malachite with sound vibrations, it’ll calm, guide, and energize you. Chanting mantras and positive affirmations are also helpful for tapping into the love present in Malachite crystals. 

Green Aventurine for Activating The Anahata Chakra 

green aventurine stone on a white background

You can harness the power of deep-heart cleaning present in crystals with a Green Aventurine crystal grid. 

All you need to do is arrange 12 Green Aventurine stones in the shape of the heart chakra. You can activate the healing crystal with a crystal wand or mantra.

I suggest chanting mantras after the grid is set to energize it. Here’s a bonus tip: Keep your Green Aventurine crystal grid in the heart chakra Feng Shui direction for health, abundance, good fortune, and love. 

Rhodonite Crystals for Healing The Fourth Chakra 

polished rhodonite on a white background

Giving you patience, energy, and self-worth are some of the reasons why Rhodonite is the best heart chakra healing crystal for all ages. It balances emotions, soothes the mind, and heals emotional scars with simple meditation.

Activating it with open-air meditation and seed mantra chanting is the best technique. You can hold the crystal at your breath level and chant the mantra YAM repeatedly into the stone to activate it.

Unakite Stones for Balancing The Heart Chakra 

polished unakite stone on a white background

A way to activate the Anahata chakra with heart chakra healing is by charging the crystals with sacred scents and aromas. 

I suggest activating Unakite with sacred herbs associated with the heart chakra using incense, essential oils, or smudge sticks. They’ll enhance the Unakite crystal and allow it to penetrate your Anahata chakra center easily. 

You can activate it with scents associated with its ruling goddess, Venus, such as Jasmine and Rose.


prehnite chunk on a white background

Prehnite is a lime-green crystal that releases us from phobias, fears, and negative beliefs. It is a healer stone that brings harmony, peace, protection, wellness, and courage. You can wear it or carry it in your pocket to uplift your spirits, no matter when.

Prehnite is ruled by the elements earth and water, and charging it under tap water is the best way to go. Running water cleanses and optimizes the crystal for setting intentions of protection.


moldavite on a white background

When our heart energy center is blocked, it also stops other chakras in the body from working effectively. Moldavite can help you get out of such a rut because it melts away the heart chakra blockages and allows multi-chakra alignment. 

Keep in mind Moldavite is a powerful stone. Cleanse it with a Clear Quartz crystal and meditate on the heart chakra vision we discussed to see if Moldavite is a good fit for you. 

Moldavite is also one of the best chakra stones for all chakras, much like using Clear Quartz for heart chakra cleansing. 

Green Kunzite 

green kunzite chunk on a white background
image source: Wikimedia | Robert Lavinsky

A crystal that stops negative self-talk and low self-esteem, Green Kunzite lets you realize your hidden talents and strengths by clearing any heart chakra blockages. It’s an aura-cleansing stone that transmutes curses, hexes, and evil eyes into good fortune.

I suggest getting Green Kunzite raw stones and activating them with positive affirmations based on your core intention for manifestations. After this, you can carry the crystal in your bag or pocket to keep your chakra tuned toward the intention.


peridot chunk on a white background

A darker yellow hue than Prehnite, Peridot is one of the few stones that simultaneously balances your body, mind, and spirit. Some legends say Cleopatra loved Peridot and used it around her to raise positive vibrations. 

Psychics often suggest that people with weak chakras circle Peridot crystals over their foods before consumption. It helps to purify the fourth chakra via diet. 

Add Heart Chakra Crystals To Your Daily Life!

The heart chakra is the center of the body and the chakra system. 

When it’s open, you’ll attract love and love everything around you. Besides unconditional love, the heart chakra also brings prosperity, health, harmony, joy, and confidence.

Have you wondered who should wear heart chakra crystals? Astrology-wise, Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius can easily open their heart energies with pink and green healing crystals. 

Which heart chakra crystals to use and how?

The Top 12 Heart Chakra crystals:

Crystals for Heart Chakra

The heart chakra crystal, Amazonite, is one is also one of the throat and heart chakra crystals that opens all three of these chakras .

Which is your favorite heart chakra crystal? 

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