Peace isn’t the absence of fighting or war; it’s the presence of happiness, hope, balance, and luck. If you’re looking for peace, crystals for love, joy, harmony, prosperity, and calmness can get you there. What are the best crystals for peace? What are tranquility crystals? 

The Best Crystals for Peace are: 

I’ll explain how the different crystals on this list can help you find inner peace, love, positivity, balance, joy, harmony, abundance, and more. 

Ammonite Crystals for Positive Energy and Peace

Ammonite on a white background

Ammonite crystals are one of the less popular healing stones for charging your Chi or life force by drawing on the energies of Mother Gaia. 

Ammonite crystals are about 395 million years old. They have immense wisdom and knowledge of the world inside them

If you charge Ammonite by holding it in your palm at sunrise, you can tap into Ammonite’s wisdom. 

Selenite Crystals for Inner Peace

selenite cube on a white background

Even if you have conquered the world, you may feel empty inside without inner peace. Grab a Selenite tower and candle and meditate for a few minutes by holding the Selenite in your palm the next time you feel aimless or unsatiated in life.

You can charge Selenite under the moonlight to amplify your crystal’s energy. 

Rose Quartz Crystals for Love and Peace

rose quartz chunk on a white background

The ultimate crystal for unconditional love and support can bring calm and quiet to you when life becomes too much. If your plate is always full, get a heart-shaped Rose Quartz. 

Rose Quartz will help you find solutions, gratitude, compassion, and peace in life. Charge this crystal by rinsing it under tap water before wearing or carrying it.

Amazonite Crystals for Emotional Balance 

amazonite slab on a white background

Emotional intelligence is not gained overnight. It works much like studying Mathematics or Violin, which takes time to learn. 

Amazonite can balance your mind and help you find your feet in chaos if you are drained or burnt out.

To harness emotional intelligence, get an Amazonite bracelet and charge it by soaking it in a bowl of water for two minutes before wearing it. 

Lepidolite Crystals for Peace and Happiness

lepidolite chunk on a white background

Do you know psychics call Lepidolite the gentlest high-vibration crystal? It’s surprising how welcoming Lepidolite is for people striving for peace. Lepidolite is a harmonizing stone that helps with mood swings, uneasiness, irritability, and instability when charged with Reiki or through touch. 

Jade Crystals for Peace and Prosperity

polished jade on a white background

Do you know Jade isn’t just one crystal but a mix of three? Jade contains Serpentine, Stichtite, and White Quartz, and it is excellent for health, wealth, and happiness. 

To attract peace and prosperity with Jade crystals, bury the crystal overnight under three feet of soil.

Black Tourmaline Crystals for Peace in Family 

black tourmaline on a white background

As one of the best crystals for protection, Black Tourmaline crystals are perfect for inviting love, support, and care into your family. 

If frequent arguments, fights, or negative comments ruin your home atmosphere, Black Tourmaline can ground the stress for your whole family when charged with water before sunrise and after sunset. 

Aquamarine Crystals for Peace and Tranquility

aquamarine polished stones on a white background

Are you looking for peace and serenity? Aquamarine is a superb tranquilizing stone that makes you feel peaceful with yourself, family, friends, and the world around you. 

I suggest soaking Aquamarine in sea salt or salt water before using it for tranquility and calmness. 

Blue Lace Agate Crystal for Peace and Calm

blue lace agate polished on a white background

As a healing stone to keep close for calmness and patience, Blue Lace Agate is great for finding your truth. Your personal and spiritual truth will set your mind free.

Keeping a Blue Lace Agate close is good for inspiration, guidance, and wisdom to maintain peace despite adversities. To achieve this, charge the crystal with positive affirmations. 

Moldavite Stones for Balance during Chaos 

moldavite on a white background

Peace isn’t just the result of one right thing in your life. It is the grand total of many rights. When things go out of control, it is best to balance your mind, body, spirit, and surroundings with a high-vibration stone like Moldavite. 

As the Air element rules this crystal, Moldavite is best charged with the wind by holding it in your hand outdoors..

Kyanite Crystals for Peace with Friends 

kyanite chunk on a white background

Blue Kyanite is a powerful crystal for finding confidence, courage, love, empathy, and care. This stone is a great crystal you can give to friends or wear when going out with them. 

Blue Kyanite makes your conversations with friends clearer, warmer, and more supportive when charged with square-shaped grids. You can arrange Kyanite crystals or place a single Kyanite in the center of the grid to activate it for finding peace with your friends. 

Larimar Crystals for Infinite Peace 

polished Larimar on a white background

If peace is something that seems impossible to you now, try bonding with a Larimar stone through meditation every evening before sunset. 

Larimar is called a stone that brings you infinite peace with universal connection. Wwear Larimar if many challenges are coming up in your life. 

Clear Quartz Crystals for Manifesting Peace 

clear quartz on a white background

As a high vibration crystal for cleansing and charging, Clear Quartz works to manifest your intentions to achieve peace at home, school, and work. 

Hold Clear Quartz crystals in your palm and visualize the type of peace you’re yearning for. 

Green Aventurine Crystals for Harmony 

aventurine stones isolated on a white background

As one of the best crystals to heal the physical body, Green Aventurine can spread warmth and support around you when programmed correctly. 

You can use Green Aventurine for charm, wisdom, and harmony when charged for a few minutes under the morning sun.

Shungite Crystals for Peace in the Home

shungite chunk on a white background

Most crystal experts know Elite Shungites are great for purifying water, but most don’t know they are a powerhouse of health, happiness, and peace

Shungite cleanses the home to help regenerate positive energies like joy and harmony with Feng Shui when kept in the North or East directions.

Rhodonite Crystals for Peace and Self-Love 

rhodonite stone on a white background

It doesn’t matter if the whole world loves you, but you don’t love yourself. Self-pity is something that most of us battle with every once in a while. 

I’ve found unbelievable relief by keeping Rhodonite under my pillow, especially during the weekend. It helps me wake up and motivates me to do self-care tasks like organizing clothes, reading, and gardening.

Citrine Crystals for Peace in the Office 

citrine chunk on a white background

Whether you work a 9-to-5 job or part-time shifts, peace is nearly-impossible when you’re in a toxic workplace. 

Carrying Citrine crystals can help you fit back into the office after the pandemic and finish your tasks successfully

Charge a Citrine crystal for five minutes at sunrise and carry it in your purse or pocket. 

Pink Calcite Crystals for Peace with Neighbors 

pink calcite chunk on a white background

As a wonderful dreaming crystal, burying or placing a Pink Calcite inside or outside the four corners spreads good vibes around your home. Doing this will make your neighbors feel warm, welcome, and think positively about your house. 

Cacoxenite Crystals for Optimism 

The perfect stone for panic attacks and nervous breakdowns, Cacoxenite has an endless supply of motivation, energy, and hope. You can tap into its powers by meditating with it on your forehead or on the top of your head. 

Angelite Crystals to Protect Peace

angelite stone on a white background

Peace is fragile, and you lose it easily if you don’t fight for it. Instead of worrying about losing your mind over things, get help from guardian angels by carrying an Angelite crystal on you. 

Charge Angelite under the Full Moon or New Moon. 

Blue Tiger’s Eye Crystals for Peace with Colleagues 

blue tigers eye isolated on a white background

Are you searching for a stone to improve your friends’ circle at the office? Blue Tiger’s Eye is an excellent stone that helps you communicate effortlessly, even under distress. 

To charge this crystal, chant mantras or affirmations while holding it. 

Add a Peace Crystal to your Handbag or Purse NOW!

Peace isn’t something you can buy with money, love, or qualifications alone. Certain crystals can heal your mind, body, and spirit to make you, your family, colleagues, neighbors, and friends feel at ease.

Pick your favorite peace crystals by checking the following summary of what we learned:

Which crystal for peace makes sense to you the most? Share it with us!


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