10 Best Crystals for Courage, Strength and Bravery

  1. Sunstone
  2. Tiger’s Eye 
  3. Bloodstone
  4. Aquamarine 
  5. Obsidian
  6. Ruby
  7. Hematite
  8. Carnelian
  9. Black Tourmaline
  10. Garnet

Sometimes life can knock you down, and all you need is a bit of determination and bravery to succeed and conquer your fears! That’s where crystals for courage and strength come in handy. Believe it or not, working with specific crystals actually helps to build your confidence.

Crystals for courage and confidence are just what you need when presenting your ideas to the boardroom, or even when going on a blind date. 

Below are the 10 best crystals you need to have the confidence  to face each day with strength.


sunstone chunk on a white background

Sunstone is a stunning red & orange crystal connected to the zodiac signs Libra and Leo. Like how Leo is connected to the Sun and the Greek god Apollo, Sunstone connects you to light, positivity, and happiness. 

Sunstone is a special stone that supercharges all 7 chakras but works mainly with the sacral (orange) and solar plexus (yellow) chakras. These chakras work on your confidence and courage. Having balanced sacral and solar plexus chakras gives you the bravery needed to step into the light when having weak and negative thoughts of insecurity.

Method: Sit and meditate with your Sunstone, holding it close to your sacral and solar plexus chakras. Imagine an illuminating orange light that swirls out of the stone and forms a bright light around you. You can also wear it as jewelry.

Tiger’s Eye 

polished tiger's eye on a white background

Tiger’s Eye is a stunning and luxurious-looking gemstone for courage and confidence. This stone is perfect for Geminis. However, you should know what signs should not wear Tiger’s Eye. Saturn and Venus clash with the Sun and Mars, therefore Capricorn and Aquarius, and Taurus and Libra should avoid wearing Tiger’s Eye.

Tiger’s Eye is a solar plexus stone that raises self-confidence. It balances yin and yang energy, sharpens focus, and keeps you grounded in all situations. In ancient times, people used this magical stone to ward off curses and bad events.

Method: Keep a Tiger’s Eye close by in the office, so that you make the best decisions and be seen as competent and confident. Wear this stone as a ring and place your hand close to your sacral chakra during the day. This way, you can keep it close all day long. 


polished bloodstone on a white background

Bloodstone is a wonderful crystal for bravery. This crystal connects to four chakras – the root, sacral, solar plexus, and heart. It originates from Australia, China, and Brazil, and a few other places. Bloodstone connects to the zodiac sign Aries, which is connected to the planet Mars, and the Greek god of war, Ares, known as one of the most fearless gods.

This stone will ground you in any moment, and offers protection and support through providing loving energy. If someone is bullying or treating you, or you need to confront someone, Bloodstone is the perfect stone to give you all the courage you need.

Method: Use your Bloodstone at home on a crystal altar, or wear it as a pendant, close to your heart. Carry it in your pocket when you need it the most.  


aquamarine polished stones on a white background

Aquamarine is one of the best healing crystals for courage. It connects to Pisces, the zodiac sign connected to Neptune, and the Greek god Poseidon, ruler of the ocean. This stone is a wonderful stone to keep close by when dealing with loss, or getting over a failed relationship. 

This crystal falls into the group of crystals for anxiety and courage that connect to the throat chakra. Both ancient Romans and Greeks called it the “Sailors’ Stone,” as they believed it protected sailors on their voyages at sea.

Method: Aquamarine works well as a choker, where the stone is placed over the throat. You can also wear it as a ring or pendant. Hold it when you’re feeling stressed and need more courage.


obsidian stone on a white background

You may wonder what does Obsidian help with? Obsidian helps with both strength and grounding. This is a stone that comes from volcanoes and has been around since the beginning of time and even the Mayans and Aztecs used it.

There are different types of Obsidian and this crystal represents courage. It helps to block any negative energies in the solar plexus chakra. Obsidian resonates with the zodiac signs Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Method: Wear Obsidian as a bracelet, so you can have it with you at all times. You can also use it at home when practicing feng shui. Keep it with you in your pocket and close to you when you need extra courage. 


ruby on a white background

This luxurious crystal for perseverance gives you a strong feeling of personal power. Ruby is fit for royalty and is embedded in the crown of the late Queen Elizabeth II, and is the late Black Prince’s Ruby. It connects to the Leo zodiac sign which is linked to the Sun and the heart.

Ruby strengthens the root chakra and should be carried whenever you need to feel more confident. Rubies were used as far back as 200 BC when the noblemen of China wore them all over their armor for protection.

Method: It is recommended to wear Ruby in a gold ring.. While wearing it, your self-confidence will experience a boost and you will feel more passionate about life.


hematite chunk on a white background

Hematite is what you need when wondering what stone symbolizes courage. This stone connects to the root chakra, and it originates from Switzerland, Canada, and Italy, among other places. It resonates with the zodiac sign of Aries, the bravest zodiac sign of all.

It provides willpower, reliability, and confidence. Hematite is known as the “Stone of the Mind,” as it allows you to focus and brings inspirational thoughts. This stone helps you take the actions needed to reach for your dreams.

Method: If you are wanting to lead a healthier lifestyle and need a boost in confidence to start the day right with good nutrition and exercise, meditate with a Hematite stone. Hold it in your non-dominant hand so you can receive its energy while saying affirmations such as, “I am strong,” “I have great willpower,” and “I am in charge of my life.” 


polished carnerlian stones on a white background

This bold stone will motivate and call you to take action. Carnelian is also a stone of endurance. It connects you with your inner power, takes away any form of self-doubt, and combats laziness. This crystal is connected to the sacral chakra.

Carnelian is the stone of Virgo, and it works well for them as Virgos can be so shy, intimidated by others, and anxious at times. It is a gemstone for courage and confidence that goes way back in history, specifically, 4,500 years ago when the Ancient Egyptians and Sumerians wore it as ornaments on their bodies.

Method: Carnelian makes beautiful jewelry and you can wear it as a necklace, pendant, ring, or bracelet. Keep it close when you need extra courage.

Black Tourmaline

black tourmaline on a white background

Black Tourmaline connects to the root chakra and helps you feel both balanced and grounded when the world feels out of place. It gives you the courage, confidence, and strength you need, as this stone provides vitality and helps you work at a more efficient level. 

This stone helps you feel grounded. It resonates most with the zodiac sign Pisces, giving these “Fish” the strength to set healthy boundaries when needed. Black Tourmaline was originally found in Germany.

Method: As it is also a protection stone, use Black Tourmaline at the entryways of your home to ward off negative energy in your living space. It is also beneficial to wear it close to your skin as jewelry. 


garnet chunks on a white background

Garnet is a stone that connects to the Greek tale of Persephone, who was captured by Hades, lord of the underworld, to make her his wife. The story connects to pomegranate seeds, which in turn connects to Red Garnet.

This stone is connected to the zodiac sign Capricorn and the base and heart chakras. It controls anger and gives you the courage to face problems head-on, by taking away emotional disharmony. Garnet dates back to the bronze age (3300 BC to 1200 BC).

Method: Garnet is a beautiful stone that can be worn as a necklace or pendant, and makes an attractive ring as well. Wear it close to you to ease emotional disharmony and feel stronger.


  1. What crystal helps with leadership?

Sapphire is an amazing stone for leadership.

  1. What is an empowering crystal?

Rose Quartz is an empowering heart chakra crystal that helps you spread love both to yourself and others.

  1. What crystals are good for fears?

Amethyst is a wonderful crown chakra stone that helps lessen anxiety and fear.

  1. What crystal boosts luck?

Clear Quartz helps to boost luck when you need it.

  1. Is Tigers Eye Toxic?

Tiger’s eye consists of crocidolite and quartz; however, this poses no harm to you. 

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