(ak - wuh - muh - reen)
Main Origins:
Afghanistan, China, Kenya, Pakistan, Russia, Mozambique, USA, Brazil, Nigeria, Madagascar, Tanzania, Zambia, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Myanmar.

What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine on a black background

Aquamarine is a blue-green semi-precious stone that belongs to the beryl family. This crystal naturally occurs in hexagonal shapes. The iron present in this crystal gives it its blue shade, and it becomes even bluer when heated.

Aquamarine comes from the Latin word “Aqua,” which means “water,” and “marine,” which means “sea.” This crystal has a long history and was discovered around 400 BC in ancient Greece.

Aquamarine Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Aquamarine has many metaphysical healing properties and benefits. In feng shui, Aquamarine brings calming energy to a home and provides shielding and protection.

This stone lets you speak directly from the heart by opening the Throat Chakra and creating a channel between the Heart and Throat Chakras. Connected to the water element, Aquamarine cleanses the emotional body and allows you to flow with the cycles of life.

Aquamarine Healing Properties and Benefits

Communication Skills

  • By allowing you to sort and structure your thoughts, Aquamarine makes it easier to express yourself and communicate.
  • Meditate with Aquamarine on your Throat Chakra for 10 minutes to articulate yourself better.

Calmness and Patience

  • Aquamarine makes you more compassionate, giving you the patience to help others.
  • Wear an Aquamarine necklace daily to benefit from its calming effect.

Clearing Negativity at Home

  • Aquamarine protects the home from negativity and instills a sense of joyfulness and playfulness.
  • Place an Aquamarine crystal in the living or entertainment room to positively impact the mood of everyone in the space. 


  • By giving you courage, Aquamarine helps you overcome insecurities associated with expressing yourself.
  • Wear Aquamarine jewelry when expressing yourself and engaging in important communications.

Trauma Healing

  • By helping you find healthy ways to process and express your challenging emotions, Aquamarine lets you find ways to overcome difficult experiences.
  • Sleep with Aquamarine under your pillow to heal the subconscious while you sleep.

Aquamarine Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A polished crystal on a young lady's forehead

Psychic Healing and Protection

  • Aquamarine protects you from dark forces and those with harmful intentions by shielding your aura.
  • Submerge Aquamarine in water for a few hours to activate its protection abilities then carry it in your pocket to protect yourself.

Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming

  • This stone has a powerful connection to the ethereal and allows you to dive fully into the subconscious by increasing the chances of lucid dreaming and astral travel. 
  • Sleep with Aquamarine under your pillow to experience lucid dreams and increase the chances of astral travel.

Empathy and Intuition

  • Aquamarine invites love into your heart, allows you to be compassionate during troubling times, and has the intuition that gives you the necessary answers.
  • Meditate with Aquamarine in your hand for 5 minutes every day for enhanced empathy and intuition.

Spiritual Destiny

  • Aquamarine connects you to a higher state of consciousness and your higher self, making it easier to understand your spiritual path.
  • Carry an aquamarine stone in your pocket every day for increased spiritual awareness. 

Ethereal Connection

  • The ocean is believed to symbolize a real-life astral plane, and Aquamarine’s connection to the sea and water element is a spiritual representation of how it links you to the spiritual realm.
  • Wear an Aquamarine pendant daily to connect with higher planes and spirit guides.

Aquamarine Side Effects

  • Prolonged wearing of Aquamarine makes the wearer uneasy: If Aquamarine is worn daily, without regular cleansing, it can overstimulate the Throat Chakra, causing you to over- or under-express yourself.
  • Overly calming: Wearing an uncleaned Aquamarine can reduce your determination and ambition, causing you to be unmotivated and lazy.

Aquamarine Meaning: What Does Aquamarine Symbolize?

A beach with crystal clear water

The meaning of Aquamarine is “Crystal of The Sea.” 

Aquamarine symbolizes youth and happiness, and it reconnects the user with their inner child. Wearing Aquamarine at battle or sea provides a protective shield. Ancient Greek seamen would throw an Aquamarine into the ocean as an offering to Poseidon to ensure their safety.

This stone was believed to be a mermaid’s treasure in ancient times and brought luck to those who traveled by water. Aquamarine is meant to provide everlasting youth and is a stone used to enhance vitality, fortune, and beauty.

Varieties of Aquamarine

  • Maxixe Beryl: A rare, deep blue variety of Aquamarine that is highly sensitive to sunlight, this variety is an excellent stone for networking. 
  • Santa Maria Afrique: This variety of Aquamarine occurs in a baby blue shade and is a powerful talisman stone that gives the wearer magical abilities. 
  • Madagascar Aquamarine: A greenish-blue variety of Aquamarine that originates from Madagascar. it is meant to make you more comfortable in the sea.
  • DT Aquamarine (Double Terminated Aquamarine): This variety of Aquamarine has two hexagonal shapes on each side and is used to clear stagnantly and blocked energy. 
  • Aquamarine Crystal Spray: A cluster of Aquamarine crystals that originate from a singular point and is best used to ease the overwhelming feeling of having too much responsibility.
  • Green Aquamarine: A green variety of Aquamarine that promotes self-healing.

How To Cleanse Aquamarine?

The moonlight shines over the trees to the body of water

  • Water – Place your Aquamarine crystal in a bowl of water overnight. You can also place your Aquamarine in a river or under a waterfall.
  • Moonlight – Place your Aquamarine on a windowsill, patio, or balcony in the moonlight overnight. The best time to do a moonlight cleanse is during an eclipse or full moon.
  • Soil – Place your Aquamarine in a natural fiber cloth then bury it in the earth for 24 hours to a week for a powerful cleanse.

Questions and Answers

Can Aquamarine go in the water?

Yes, Aquamarine is safe to submerge in water. That’s because Aquamarine is a hard crystal with a value of 8 on the Moh scale.

Can Aquamarine go in the sun?

No, don’t place Aquamarine in the sun as it is sensitive to sunlight and extreme temperatures and can fade quickly.

Why is my Aquamarine changing color?

Heat-treated Aquamarines are much more sensitive to sunlight and can easily change colors. A chemical reaction in the crystal can cause its color to fade when exposed to sunlight.

What's the difference between fake Aquamarine and real Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is often grown in labs. Synthetic Aquamarines are often deep blue with many impurities, whereas genuine Aquamarine is paler in color with no impurities.

Who shouldn't wear Aquamarine?

Because Aquamarine is a low vibrational stone, it’s safe for everyone to wear. Moreover, it spreads calming and soothing effects.

Where to keep Aquamarine in your house?

Place Aquamarine near the north side of your lounge, office, or entertainment area to benefit from its mental calming effects.

Which hand to wear Aquamarine?
  • Which hand to wear Aquamarine?

The best hand to wear Aquamarine jewelry is your dominant hand. And doing so helps increase creativity and productivity.

Which finger to wear Aquamarine?

The best finger to wear an Aquamarine ring is your ring finger for secure and healthy relationships.

Which day to wear Aquamarine?

Saturdays are linked to the planet Saturn, which is where it got its name. Saturday is therefore the best day to wear and charge Aquamarine stones.

What's the cost of Aquamarine? Is Aquamarine expensive?

Aquamarine is an expensive stone. A one-carat Aquamarine can cost roughly $675, while a two- or three-carat Aquamarine costs approximately $1000 to $1500.

What is the Aquamarine stone good for?

The main benefit of Aquamarine is connecting the Heart and Throat Chakras, allowing for clear communication of emotions. Aquamarine is one of the most calming stones out there and works wonders for those who suffer from anxiety and stress.

What month is associated with Aquamarine?

March is the month associated with Aquamarine. 

Is Aquamarine a precious stone?

No,  Aquamarine is classed as a semi-precious stone, and any reference to it being a precious stone is inaccurate. The four precious stones are Diamonds, Sapphires, Rubies, and Emeralds.

Can I wear Aquamarine while swimming or in the shower?

Yes, you can wear Aquamarine while swimming, bathing, or showering.

Aquamarine is a hard mineral with a hardness of 8 Mohs, so it is safe to wear while swimming or showering. Wearing Aquamarine while in water is believed to increase and activate its spiritual and metaphysical properties.

Why does my Aquamarine have dark patches in it?

Discoloration, or light or dark patches, are a sign of impurities, indicating that an Aquamarine was artificially created and is not a naturally formed mineral. Authentic Aquamarine is clear with no impurities.

When to give an Aquamarine crystal as a gift?

It’s best to gift Aquamarine on 9th Wedding Anniversary.

My Aquamarine cracked or broke; what does this mean?

Aquamarine is a tough stone, and it is unlikely to break easily. If it does break, it means that it can no longer serve or heal you, and it has completed its job. When you have healed the root of your anxiety or hostile emotions, Aquamarine can break when it has completed healing you.

I left my Aquamarine outside, and its color faded. Can I get its color back?

Once the color has faded from an Aquamarine, there is no way to get the color back. Avoid placing your Aquamarine crystal in extreme heat or light conditions, as this can alter the appearance of your crystal. Store Aquamarine in a cool, dark place.

How often should you cleanse Aquamarine?

Cleanse and charge your Aquamarine stone at least once a month with soil, water, or moonlight. Failure to regularly cleanse your crystals can cause adverse effects and harm the crystal’s ability to impact you positively.

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