What Does Angel Number 11111 Mean?

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Messages and guidance from the nonphysical realms or beings, such as angels, can be communicated to those who are receptive to the language of numbers. Have you been seeing Angel Number 11111 and wondering what it means?

Angel Number 11111 main meanings are intentional gratitude, alignment of thoughts and emotions, manifestation, positive change, and receiving in alignment with the highest good.

Angel Number 11111 may appear to you in many different places or the same place many times. Some of the places that Angel Numbers can appear are when you check the time, on your car registration plates or dashboard, your total on a receipt, or even on signage or posters.

No matter where or how many times you see Angel Number 11111, you should pay attention to your thoughts, emotions, surroundings, and the situation, activity, or people around you in the moments that you see this number.

To connect with the energy of this number, we can speak aloud the best affirmation for Angel Number 11111. You can also recite this affirmation whenever you see this number.

Best Affirmation for Angel Number 11111: I am grateful and receptive in this present moment.

 Angel Number 11111 Numerology and Significance

A small plant striving on a tree stamp

According to numerology, the significance of you seeing the number 11111 repeatedly is because you are along the way on a journey of a new beginning. You are receiving something new and in alignment.

Other numbers related to 11111 are 1,11,111,1111 and 5. The energies of each of these numbers lead up to and contribute to the meaning of the Angel Number 11111.

Angel Number 1 signifies the start or seed of a new beginning, the very start of manifesting something new from the source of love that is oneness. 

Angel number 11 is a master number that signifies new experiences coming your way are affecting spiritual advancement and alignment with your highest self or soul’s purpose

111 Angel Number is a clear reminder to pay attention to what you are manifesting using your thoughts, emotions, or spiritual practices and actions. 

Angel Number 1111 is a divine or angelic message that your desires are in alignment with your highest potential and your soul purpose is being manifested.1111 is a reminder that you are supported and guided energetically.

5 Angel Number, which is a total of 11111, is resonant with growth, change, personal development, personal truth, and personal freedom. The meaning of Angel Number 11111 is reflective of the energies of the numbers within it including its total.

All these numbers lead to 11111 meaning personal alignment before receiving, accepting, or noticing a positive change or manifestation that you have been consciously or subconsciously focusing on for some time.

Angel Number 11111 Meaning in Love

A man kissing the head of a woman

If you have been focusing on improving your love life or something has changed and you are seeking guidance on this, seeing Angel Number 11111 offers a message of the deepening of love and aligned energy that is present in your current situation.

Follow the message you have received from Angel Number 11111 by meditating and practicing Heart Chakra cleansing that will allow you to experience deeply loving emotions and will elevate your energy to manifest your highest state in the experience of your relationships.

If you are single, seeing Angel Number 11111 is a message that your current relationship status is your most aligned situation in each present moment. This is a perspective that will allow you to love yourself and trust the divine timing of meeting a partner.

For those in a relationship, seeing 11111 Angel Number is an angelic reminder to actively be grateful, and to find and notice things to appreciate your relationship.  It is also a message that the changes you are experiencing in your relationship are for the highest good.

You can use crystals that resonate with Angel Number 11111 energy of loving presence and gratitude in relationships to help you amplify this energy.

Crystals to work with when seeing Angel Number 11111 in connection to love:

Rose Quartz 

  • A stone that brings balance to the Heart Chakra, it promotes self-love and deepens the experience of loving emotions and experiences in general.
  • Work with a piece of Rose Quartz while meditating on your Heart Chakra, you can also hold a piece of Rose Quartz while thinking, speaking, or writing about the things you are grateful for about your love life.


  • This stone is also called the marriage stone, as it promotes deeper connection and honesty in your relationships, which can help you to see your partner clearly and appreciate what is or gracefully accept change.
  • Spend time being fully present and focused on appreciating your partner while wearing or holding or wearing Astrophyllite crystal. You can also share a piece of Astrophyllite with your partner and both wear these crystals at the same time.

Angel Number 11111 Meaning in Twin Flame

When you are seeking guidance about your twin flame and you see Angel Number 11111 or when you see this number and quickly think of a twin flame, then it can mean the experience that is currently manifest is for your personal growth and freedom as a soul expressed as two beings.

You can consider the message of Angel Number 11111 to accept and honor whatever stage you are in with your twin flame by practicing breathwork to ground into the present and intentional gratitude for shared experiences as twin flames.

The crystal to work with when seeing Angel Number 11111 in connection to your twin flame is:


  • Unakite’s healing energy is grounding, promoting gratitude, acceptance, and emotional support that can be helpful during the different stages of the twin flame experience.
  • Hold or wear Unakite while practicing metta meditation (loving-kindness meditation), intentionally attuning to the energy of loving kindness and radiating this energy towards yourself, your twin, and your shared soul experience.

Angel Number 11111 Meaning in Twin Flame Reunion

If you see Angel Number 11111 while you have reunited with your twin flame, it means that your soul has achieved a significant level of spiritual growth, and it is a reminder to fully appreciate your present experience.

Practice daily meditation (together with your twin if possible) to help integrate your spiritual growth and to be more natural in the present moment with life, yourself, and each other. 

The crystal to work with when seeing Angel Number 11111 in connection to your twin flame reunion is:

Red Jasper 

  • A stone of increased life force, passion, and courage, which is nurturing and supportive as you experience your Twin flame reunion. Red Jasper will help you ground into the present while still vibrating high and embodying and enjoying the passion
  • Gift a piece of Red Jasper to your twin flame. You can practice meditation daily while focusing this crystal fully to attune to its energy.

Angel Number 11111 Meaning in Twin Flame Separation

Twin flame separation can be a frustrating period that calls for patience, shadow work, healing, and trust. If you see Angel Number 11111 when going through this experience, it is a message that, although it may feel terrible, this is exactly what you need to be experiencing for your evolution.

Step into a full trust of the Divine and the journey you are on with your twin flame. Even if you have physically separated, choose to focus on your inner work and learn the lessons and find things to be grateful for in the present.

The crystal to work with when seeing Angel Number 11111 in connection to your twin flame separation is:


  • Lepidolite can help you to cultivate focus and harmony, patience, and spiritual awakening, which is helpful during the experience of twin flame separation.
  • When you feel that you need support with your twin flame separation, practice a deep focused breathwork session while holding a piece of Lepidolite.

Angel Number 11111 Meaning in Career

people working together inside their office

Seeing Angel Number 11111 when thinking of or seeking guidance on your career means you are exactly where you need to be for the highest path to unfold. What is currently manifest as your career is essential to your experience of life.

When you see this number, look for things to be grateful for about your work. If you are out of work, practice feeling grateful for your time and know that your next step is in alignment. 

Angel Number 111111 is a reminder that even if you are in your dream career or just working to get by, appreciation and gratitude are the energies that will keep you aligned to success in your career.

The crystals to work with when seeing Angel Number 11111 in connection to your career are:


  • This yellow stone increases positivity and success in your workplace. It is a crystal that aligns you with prosperity.
  • Wear or keep a piece of Citrine with you in your workspace or with you while you are seeking work to keep your energy positive in relation to work.


  • Hiddenite encourages both gratitude and abundance. It is also a crystal of expanding potential and success, which is helpful whether you are still seeking or working on your dream carrier 
  • Wear a piece of Hiddenite as you fully focus on your work or search for work with full presence and intentionally cultivating positive emotions and trusting that you are in the right place at the right time 

Angel Number 11111 Meaning in Finance and Money

credit cards on wallet

Angel Number 11111 is a message to trust that you have all that you need in this present moment and you are divinely supported in each new moment. It is a reminder that you also have the power to intentionally manifest, using your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Embodying this perspective on money includes gratitude for what is manifest and dedication to physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental work that will allow you to intentionally and easily manifest the financial situations and money you desire.

The crystals to work with when seeing Angel Number 11111 in connection to your finances and money are:

Green Jade 

  • This stone is known to attract financial success and abundance. Green Jade helps ground your fortune into physical manifestation.
  • Hold or wear a piece of Green Jade and recite these affirmations daily: I am grateful for the wealth that I have, I am worthy of the financial freedom I desire, I am abundant.


  • Also called Fool’s Gold, these crystal benefits include clearing blocks and energizing in the lower chakras, which have a large impact on how you perceive and receive money.
  • Keep a small piece of Pyrite in your purse or wallet and attune to the energy of this stone every time you spend or receive money.

Angel Number 11111 Meaning in Spirituality

man lifting his arms while standing at the top of a rock

In the context of spirituality, Angel Number 11111 is a message that you have achieved a new level of significant spiritual growth. You should, or maybe already have, notice the manifestations or positive changes linked to this.

You can follow the message of Angel Number 11111 by actively appreciating the manifestations and experiences that have come with your spiritual growth and expanded consciousness. Practice daily meditation to integrate your spiritual upgrades.

The crystals to work with when seeing Angel Number 11111 in connection to your spirituality are:


  • A stone that can help you to integrate transformation within your spiritual experience, it is a stone that can clear old thought patterns and make way for the perception and embodiment of the new and improved
  • Stick to a daily meditation practice while holding or wearing a Labradorite to assist with accepting and integrating spiritual upgrades, new mental patterns, and higher vibrational manifestations.


  • Selenite is a high-vibrational stone. It activates the higher chakras, which are all about expanding in love, perception of the nonphysical, clear communication, and easy flow of powerful cleansing and aligning energy 
  • Place Selenite on or above each chakra for a few moments to clear and energize each chakra and your aura allowing for easier channeling, embodiment, and expression of your expanded spiritual experiences.
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What Does Angel Number 11111 Mean Spiritually?

Angel Number 11111’s spiritual meaning is all about the experience of a new or deeper level of spiritual awareness and growth. It is also a reminder to intentionally connect on a spiritual level and cultivate positive energy to easily create what we need and desire.

Does Angel Number 11111 Mean the Same as 1111?

No, these numbers have an intertwined meaning, but they do not mean the same thing. Angel Number 1111 is a message that your highest potential is being manifested through your thoughts and emotions. 11111 builds upon this meaning. It is the next stage of spiritual expansion and presence as you receive new manifestations.

Is Seeing Angel Number 11111 a Good Omen?

Yes, seeing Angel Number 11111 is most definitely a good omen. It is a positive message that all is working out for the best and to be fully present and grateful for the blessings that are manifesting in your life.

What Does 11111 Mean in Love?

11111 in connection to love means that you should take some extra time to conscientize all the things you appreciate about your partner, friend, or yourself. 11111 means that deep love is manifest in your present relationship (with another or yourself).

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