10 Best Crystals for Balancing Emotions and Spirituality

  1. Blue Calcite for Calmer Emotions
  2. Clear Quartz for Clarity and Focus
  3. Obsidian for Protection and Inner Strength
  4. Amethyst to Ease Anxiety
  5. Rose Quartz for Self Love and Awareness
  6. Amazonite for Powerful Intuition
  7. Blue Aventurine for Embracing Life
  8. Tiger's Eye for Spiritual Awareness
  9. Moonstone for Inner Stability 
  10. Blue Kyanite for Easy Communication

Being balanced in life is essential. If you spend too much time on one aspect of life, you neglect the other elements, which can disrupt your life. There’s no good in all work and no play, or all play and no work. 

Just like the Libra scales, you must aim to have a balance of the mind, emotions, and where you put your energy. When the scales aren’t balanced, you cannot be your best self and perform at your best, and manifesting your goals can be much more challenging.

When you are more connected to yourself, you are more spiritually aware. When you are more aware, you can create a balanced life, where you can give time and energy to everything necessary. 

Crystals for balance and clarity alter your energy; through this, you can change your mental state and where your focus goes in life. In addition, using crystals for balance can help you adopt the mindset, motivation, and character traits needed to create a life that makes you happy and that is filled with joy and success.

The following are the 10 best crystals you need to use for balancing emotions and spirituality: 

Blue Calcite for Calmer Emotions

blue calcite for calmer emotions on a white background

Blue Calcite is one of the best stones for emotional balance. Carrying Blue Calcite in your pocket can give you the awareness and mental clarity needed to understand, and healthily process your emotions if you struggle with stress and anxiety. 

By helping you become aware of unhealed elements in your subconscious, Blue Calcite is one of the best crystals for balance and clarity. This crystal can help you see aspects of yourself, your circumstances, and life you might not have considered before.

If you are a Cancer (June 22 – July 22), or Leo (July 23 – August 22), Blue Calcite clarifies the source of cloudy emotions that impact your ability to think logically and rationally. But, at the same time, anyone with a different Zodiac sign will benefit from this crystal. 

Clear Quartz for Clarity and Focus

clear quartz tower isolated for clarity and focus on a white background

There is much more to your stereotypical image of a fortune teller with her crystal ball. If you stare into a Quartz Crystal ball for a while with a question in mind, the answer will naturally come to you. 

Clear Quartz is the best crystal for a balanced mind, as wearing it will give you crystal clear vision, allowing you to have the awareness needed to navigate different situations in life. Being one of the crystals that balance all chakras, using Clear Quartz will bring you into a balanced state that will make navigating life much easier.

If you are an Aries (March 21 – April 19), Clear Quartz will help you understand why you have specific impulsive reactions, and what you need to do to lessen your need to react negatively to things that stir up your emotions. However, this crystal can be used for people of all Zodiac signs.

Obsidian for Protection and Inner Strength

raw obsidian on white background

This stone acts as a powerful shield against negative thoughts and influences. Obsidian is one of the best crystals for happiness and balance, as it wards off the emotions and thoughts that might cause you to make the wrong decisions and focus on the bad things in life.

By removing the blurriness that your negative emotions can cause, Obsidian allows you to find your authentic self and make decisions that align with your strongest desires.

This crystal works for people of all Zodiac signs, however, it works especially well with Scorpios (October 23 – November 21) and Sagittarians (November 22 – December 21). Obsidian can lessen the intensity of your emotions, allowing you to interact with life more lightheartedly.

Amethyst to Ease Anxiety

amethyst for anxiety on a white background

If anxiety prevents you from thinking rationally and focusing on what is essential, using Amethyst can help relieve tense emotions. Using Amethyst can be a natural alternative to manage your feelings if you smoke, drink, or take anxiety medication to ease your inner tension. 

As one of the best crystals for stress and balance, Amethyst helps you make better decisions, leading to you experiencing less anxiety-inducing situations.

If you are an Aquarius (January 20 – February 18), Amethyst gives you the spiritual wisdom needed to make healthy choices in life, allowing you to grow and prosper in all you do. Pisces (February 19-March 20) also resonates to Amethyst well and reaps its benefits. However, Amethyst also provides solace to all people born in different months of the year. 

Rose Quartz for Self Love and Awareness

rose quartz on white background

Your heart rules, and is responsible for, most of your emotions, and having a balanced heart chakra is essential to have balanced emotions. Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals for emotional balance, as it fills your heart space with self-love, allowing you to feel really good and happy in your skin. 

By connecting you with others and strengthening your relationships, Rose Quartz helps you form connections with others you can turn to and rely on, to help you find clarity in complex, challenging times.

If you are a Taurus (April 20 – May 20) or Capricorn (December 22 – January 19), Rose Quartz can change feelings of frustration to understanding, allowing you to impact others positively everywhere you go. 

Libra (September 22 – October 23) also connects with Rose Quartz, as it is the crystal of unconditional love. No matter what Zodiac sign you are, carry Rose Quartz with you when you need to attract more love into your life!

Amazonite for Powerful Intuition

amazonite on white background

Amazonite is a powerful protector against harmful emotions that could cause stress and put you into a dark mental space. By allowing you to see the intention of those around you, Amazonite gives you powerful intuition, with the ability to discern between what will help you grow, and what will keep you stuck. 

As one of the best crystals for balance and peace, Amazonite soothes and calms you, giving you mental space to focus on the essential aspects of life.

If you are a Virgo (August 23 – September 22), Amazonite can lessen your tendency to focus on how things can go wrong and help you to relax and enjoy each passing moment. 

As a Gemini (May 21 – June 21), you will also benefit from this crystal, as you are so anxiety-prone. No matter what Zodiac sign you are, carry Amazonite with you when you experience negative thoughts.

Blue Aventurine for Embracing Life

blue aventurine on white background

Blue Aventurine provides balance and restoration physically and spiritually, and is one of the best crystals for hormone balance. In addition, this stone gives you the awareness needed to remain gentle and caring when dealing with others. 

With a powerful ability to heal your throat chakra, Blue Aventurine helps you stay mindful when communicating with others. As one of the best crystals for balance and healing, Blue Aventurine lets you focus on the good that life has to offer, and not give too much mental focus to what drains you.

If you are a Libra (September 22 – October 23), carrying Blue Aventurine in your pocket can lessen the need to rely on others to feel happy, allowing you to be more independent in moments of need.

This crystal also opens up Taurens (20 April – 20 May) to creativity and dreaming. As the world around us can be so rough at times, carrying Blue Aventurine with you, no matter what Zodiac sign you are, will benefit and heal your interactions with others.

Tiger’s Eye for Spiritual Awareness

polished tiger's eye on a white background

This eye-catching crystal opens your eyes and awakens you to your destined spiritual path, making it easier to make decisions that align with your highest good. As one of the best crystals for balance and coordination, Tiger’s Eye gives you inner and outer strength, letting you stand firmly and securely on your feet. 

Tiger’s Eye removes self-destructive thoughts and behaviors, allowing you to act according to your best interest. 

If you are a Gemini (May 21 – June 21), Tiger’s Eye jewelry will lessen any tendency to doubt yourself, giving you total confidence in your abilities and interests. Keep in mind, though, that Tiger’s Eye is a powerful crystal that works for every person, no matter what Zodiac sign they are born with. 

Moonstone for Inner Stability 

moonstone for inner stability on a white background

Life brings many unique experiences, and each experience brings with it a set of unique emotions. Navigating these different emotions can be tricky. Moonstone is one of the best crystals for harmony, as it allows you to accept the ever-changing cycles in life, just like the ever-changing phases of the Moon.  

By making you more emotionally intelligent, Moonstone prevents difficult things from getting you down, making it one of the best crystals for balance in life.

Although Moonstone works for everybody, if you are a Cancer (June 22 – July 22), Moonstone works especially well, and can help you release your negative emotional tendencies, and allow you to build strength to overcome habits that keep you stuck. 

Blue Kyanite for Easy Communication

kyanite chunk on a white background

Blue Kyanite opens the throat chakra, allowing you to express your authentic truth effortlessly. As one of the best crystals to yin and yang (male and female energy), Blue Kyanite enlightens you with intellectual awareness and deep compassion in all you do. 

This crystal is powerful in calming you in moments of stress, making it a great crystal for balance and grounding.

If you are a Pisces (February 19 – March 20), meditating with Blue Kyanite can help you keep your integrity and stick to your values in all your actions, preventing you from making decisions you might regret later. 

As Taurus (April 20 – May 20) rules the throat, Blue Kyanite works especially well for people born with this sign. However, this crystal works well for people of all Zodiac signs.

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