Blue Calcite

(bloo kal - sahyt)
Main Origins:
Germany, Madagascar, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico.

What is Blue Calcite?

A blue calcite crystal on a black reflective background

Blue Calcite is a calcium carbonate crystal in pale to dark blue and blue-green with white streaks. Also called Blue Ice Calcite, it’s seen in Limestone and Dolomites with Quartz, Pyrite, Wollastonite, and Fluorite as masses, geodes, druzy, cluster, and point crystals. 

Mayans used Blue Calcite to purge the blockages in the spirit and rejuvenate the body. It’s often called the Stone of the Mind and the Stone of Communication.

In the new age, it’s used from astral projection to intuition, creativity, communication, and relationships. 

Did you know the Caribbean Blue Calcite was discovered in 2019? As Blue Calcite was misnamed Celestite or Angelite throughout history, there’s not much about it.

Fun Fact: If your Blue Calcite breaks into two pieces, you should gift one to someone else. 

Blue Calcite Metaphysical Properties and Benefits

Blue Calcite shows a wide array of blue shades, so it is mainly associated with the Throat and Third Eye Chakras, signifying self-expression and intuition.

The color and traits of Blue Calcite link to many Gods, like the Norse God of Knowledge, Odin; the Egyptian God of Writing, Thoth; the Norse God of Sea, Njord; the Yoruba God of Moon and Ocean, Yemaya; and the Hindu God of knowledge, Saraswati

Calcite in blue is associated with two planets, Venus and Mercury, enhancing the wearer’s wisdom, intelligence, luck, and communication skills.

Who can wear Blue Calcite?

People with Pisces and Cancer zodiac signs should wear Blue Calcite to outweigh their horoscopic weaknesses. Sagittarians may also get Blue Calcite benefits, like inner healing, patience, and peace.

Different varieties of this crystal also open the major chakras of the Crown, Heart, and Root. They’ll help you find the truth and awaken your instincts.

Did you know Blue Calcite also opens the Galactic and Earth Star Chakras? These minor chakras are responsible for cosmic connection and psychic protection. 

Blue Ice Calcite is associated with three elements – Air, Water, and Fire – and you can cleanse and charge the crystal with any of them. 

Fun Fact: Mother Mary is popularly linked to Blue Calcite and believed to protect the wearers.

Blue Calcite Healing Properties and Benefits

Letting Go and Healing

  • Blue Calcite clears emotional and physical chakra blockages from within. It teaches self-love, moving on, forgiveness, detox, and pain management. 
  • The best way to charge this crystal for inner and outer healing is with the Earth element. Bury the crystal under three inches of soil for a night and use it after cleaning.

Creativity and Poesy

  • Did you know Blue Calcite is associated with writers, artists, and musicians? Experts say it’s because this healing stone simultaneously simulates communication skills with psychic skills. 
  • Use Blue Ice Calcite for imagination and creativity by meditating with it. Program the crystal with meditation before starting your day or work for the best results.

Calm and Clarity

  • Being a calming stone, Blue Calcite works for aggression, anger issues, rage, anxiety, and obsession. Holding onto a palm stone in the blue color of Calcite clears your mind and helps you find peace.
  • Program your Calcite palm stone by chanting the seed mantra VAM or OM into it before carrying it on you. Or clutch to it and chant the mantra silently in stressful situations.


  • This crystal is often called the friendliest crystal in the spiritual community. It helps with empathy, kindness, understanding, openness, care, respect, love, and passion. 
  • Get two Blue Calcite rings and hold them in front of a lit candle at a safe distance before giving them to your partner to enrich your love life. Make sure to cleanse it at the end of the day.

Communication Skills

  • Did you know Blue Ice Calcite raises auric vibrations? They’re good for motivating you to talk confidently. It’s especially good if you recently shifted schools, colleges, jobs, offices, locality, or neighborhoods.
  • Enhance your communication skills by wearing a Blue Calcite pendant after charging it overnight under the Full Moon.

Blue Calcite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

A zen garden with a pond

Intuition and Clairvoyance

  • Did you know Blue Calcite opens the mind’s eye? It’s also called the mind’s stone because it awakens dormant psychic abilities, including telepathy, foresight, awareness, and telepathy.
  • Activate Blue Ice Calcite properties by gazing into the crystal and exhaling your breath onto the crystal. Do it at sunset for the best effects.

Karmic Healing and Transformation

  • Blue Calcite is a deep healing stone because it guides you in doing penance for karmic debts from the past life. Bond with the crystal to embrace change and walk toward your destiny.
  • Using a Blue Calcite wand, you can set up a crystal grid for angelic help and guidance. Activate the crystal with the healing sounds of singing bowls before you set it for an intention.

Astral Travel

  • Psychics use Blue Ice Calcite to connect to their subtle body above and detach the physical body through advanced meditation techniques. 
  • You can travel through different dimensions and consciousnesses by sleeping with a charged Blue Calcite under your pillow.

Divine Truth

  • Have you heard about Akashic Records? Blue Ice Calcite helps to access the complete history of the universe by tapping into the Akashic Records. 
  • Charge a Blue Ice Calcite crystal pendulum with incense or smudge sticks to connect with nature. After this, you can do the dowsing ritual as usual.

Prosperity and Zen Gardening

  • Did you know Blue Calcite is also called the Gardener’s Stone? It attracts abundance to everyone, including people, pets, and plants.
  • Set a crystal altar using tumbled stones of Blue Calcspar with green herbs and white candles on a yellow altar in the Southeast corner of your home.

Blue Calcite Side Effects

  • Disturbing Visions: Activating dormant psychic abilities means channeling psychic energies, which may keep you up at night. Hold a Morganite stone in one hand if this is happening to you.

Blue Calcite Meaning: What Does Blue Calcite Symbolize?

The meaning of Blue Calcite is deep unconditional peace. 

Did you know the Greeks and Romans wore Blue Calcite for good luck? This crystal became common to alternative healing and purification ceremonies in the Middle Ages. 

The blue variety of Calcite traditionally represents truth, calm, rest, relief, and intuition. For most people, Blue Calcite equates to emotional balance and peace. 

Have you heard about Icelandic Spar? It’s a clear variety of Calcite, and that’s why Blue Calcite is called Blue Ice Calcite these days. Psychics and Reiki masters also use this Calcite type to purify and unblock energy centers.

Types of Blue Calcite

  • Common Blue Calcite: This light blue crystal is often mistaken for Celestite with white streaks. It shows many shades of blue and works like a charm for tranquility, charm, creativity, truth, intuition, and luck.
  • Caribbean Blue Calcite: A natural variety, this crystal shows brown and white Aragonite in blue-green Calcite. It’s good for confidence and energy.
  • Banded Blue Calcite: Displaying bands of pale to dark blue and white colors, this variety is excellent for deep emotional healing and self-love. 
  • Cubic Blue Calcite: This type of Blue Ice Calcite shows cube-shaped crystals in pale or dark blue hues. They’re good for harmony, peace, and clarity. 
  • Phantom Blue Calcite: If you see a phantom image or crystal within your Blue Calcite, it might show gray, dark blue, and pale blue. Use it for dream recall and karmic healing.
  • Lemurian Blue Calcite: Showing brown and yellow patterns, this is an excellent type of Blue Ice Calcite for connecting with the Earth Star Chakra. It’ll help you find stability in all planes of life.
  • Angel Aura Blue Calcite: A synthetic variety of Blue Ice Calcite with Titanium or Bismuth, this variety helps you connect to the higher powers. Use it for wisdom, truth, and inner healing.
  • Red Calcite with Blue Calcite: This is a variety of Blue Ice Calcite with red veining. Use this healing crystal for passion, self-discovery, and inner fire.
  • Wollastonite in Blue Calcite: Wollastonite shows yellow when it forms with Blue Calcite in the cluster. Use this natural combination for critical thinking and decision-making skills.
  • Blue Calcite with Fluorite: Calcite in blue often develops formations with orange and purple varieties of Fluorite. If you have such a crystal, use it for imagination, knowledge, and mindfulness.
  • Blue Calcite and Diopside: If you come across green-tipped Blue Ice  Calcites, the green comes from Diopside. This natural combination is a good crystal pairing for harmony and good fortune. 
  • Pyrite in Blue Calcite: Naturally seen in shimmering Pyrite with blue, this variety often exists with Blue Fluorite. Use it for mediumship, gardening, and peace.
  •  Blue Calcite on Limestone: Exhibiting two colors with white on one end and dark blue on the other, this variety amplifies and manifests intentions.

How To Cleanse Blue Calcite?

A crescent moon in the sky

  • Seed Mantra: Hold the crystal before your mouth and chant OM into the crystal while visualizing white light washing the crystal. 
  • Singing Bowls: Keep your Blue Ice Calcite a few inches from a Tibetan singing bowl and tap the bowl for a few minutes. This will release the negativity absorbed by your crystal during energy rituals. 
  • Moonlight: Place your crystal on a table in a room with an open window to cleanse it with moonlight energy at night.

Questions and Answers

Is Blue Calcite a gemstone?

Yes, Blue Calcite is a gemstone.

Is Blue Calcite rare?

No, Blue Calcite is not a rare gemstone; it’s widely available worldwide.

Is Blue Calcite the same as Celestite?

No, Blue Calcite and Celestite are two different healing crystals.

Is Blue Calcite safe in the water?

Yes, Blue Calcite is safe to cleanse or charge with water for a short period.

Is it safe to make gem water with Blue Calcite?

Yes, it’s safe, but you should never soak Blue Calcite directly in the water you plan to consume. Always go for indirect infusions when making DIY crystal elixir.

Can Blue Calcite go in the sun?

Yes, Blue Calcite is safe in sunlight, but prolonged or direct exposure to sunlight can fade its color.

How to identify real Blue Calcite?

Real Blue Calcite is cold to the touch and easy to scratch with your nail. You can also do flame, acid, and weight tests to determine a fake from real Blue Calcite.

Does Blue Calcite fluoresce?

Yes, some types of Blue Calcite may fluoresce in white or yellow tones.

What crystals to pair with Blue Calcite?

The best crystals to pair with Blue Calcite are Aquamarine and Moldavite. Aquamarine strengthens the Throat Chakra to manifest intentions, while Moldavite invites universal connection.

Is Blue Calcite expensive?

Blue Calcite may be sold for a few dollars to $50 or $100 per piece instead of the conventional per-carat or per-gram rate.

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