How To Cleanse Blue Calcite Crystal? 10 Ways

  1. Why Should You Cleanse Blue Calcite?
  2. 10 Ways To Cleanse Blue Calcite
  3. What To Keep in Mind When Cleansing Blue Calcite?
  4. Conclusion: Start Cleansing this Crystal for Communication Using Positive Affirmations

Blue Calcite relieves much pain, difficulty, negativity, and imbalance. It has a generally calm, connected, stable vibration, giving this crystal a high resilience before it is energetically imbalanced.

It is important to periodically cleanse this stone, and to do so without inflicting damage, we should properly learn how to cleanse Blue Calcite.

One of the best ways to cleanse Blue Calcite is the powerful technique of positive affirmations. As Blue Calcite is related to the Throat Chakra, which is connected to the power of communication, affirmations are the best way.

Beautiful Blue Calcite has many gentle and effective crystal healing properties. It works to filter energy and return your energy completely purified. As you may have experienced after some time working with Blue Calcite, it will feel less effective, meaning it needs cleansing.

Why Should You Cleanse Blue Calcite?

A blue calcite crystal on a black reflective background

Blue Calcite is known for its ability to purify energy and bring a sense of relief and peace. It is also effective for delving into deep karmic or ancestral healing and releasing creative and communication blockages, all while soothing the nervous system. Blue Calcite offers these benefits and many others. 

As you are purified and healed with the support of Blue Calcite, your crystal is affected by different non-resonant energies over time. Negative energy slowly accumulates within your stone as it helps you heal, which is why you should cleanse it.

As it is physically delicate and slightly more resilient, Blue Calcite doesn’t need cleansing too often. Cleanse this crystal after 2 to 3 intentional healing sessions or at a minimum once a year if you have only been wearing it seldomly, displaying, or storing it. You should also cleanse Blue Calcite when you first purchase it.

After cleansing Blue Calcite, it is a good time to recharge it.

Explore the physical and metaphysical nature of this crystal in our Blue Calcite Crystal Profile.

A custom graphic table for Blue Calcite Metaphysical Properties

10 Ways To Cleanse Blue Calcite

When cleansing any crystal for the first time, you should learn about the most suitable methods. Many crystals have specifications surrounding how to cleanse them in ways that avoid damage.

Blue Calcite doesn’t need to be cleansed too often, but when the time comes to cleanse it, you need to know that it is best kept away from water, sunlight, and salt. Read on to learn how you can still use these elements safely and many other more suitable cleansing methods.

The Best Way To Cleanse Blue Calcite: Positive Affirmations

A woman sitting on a wooden pathway in nature

Because one of the significant traits of Blue Calcite is clarifying all types of communication, it is best that we use the power of seed mantras and affirmations. This method allows us to direct the power of words and cleanse Blue Calcite crystals. 

  • Chant the seed mantras HAM and AUM 8 times each. These align Blue Calcite to the balanced Throat and Third Eye Chakras’ energies.
  • Repeat the following affirmation 8 times: I cleanse this Blue Calcite crystal using the power of my intention and my connection to infinite source energy.
  • You may also write down any cleansing affirmation and place this page under your bloodstone for 80 minutes.

How To Cleanse Blue Calcite with Sounds

different sizes of tibetan singing bowl

A singing bowl, drum, tuning fork, song, mantra, and many more options can be used to cleanse Blue Calcite. Sound vibrations created are preferable for cleansing as opposed to a pre-recorded sound because Blue Calcite is linked to self-expression.

  • Set your intention for crystal cleansing and focus on your stone while singing or chanting.
  • If you choose to use a sound healing tool or instrument, place the crystal close to the source of the sound.
  • Bathe your Blue Calcite in the cleansing sound vibrations for a minimum of 8 minutes.

How To Cleanse Blue Calcite Crystal with Natural Light

The sun shines over the trees

Although sunlight will not instantly damage your crystal, Blue Calcite’s color and structure can be altered by excess exposure to sunlight. For this reason, we suggest avoiding using sunlight for cleansing Blue Calcite, especially because there are other more suited options available.

  • The new moon and full moon are the best natural light to cleanse Blue Calcite, but you can cleanse it at any stage of the moon cycle.
  • Affirm your intention for cleansing Blue Calcite using the power of moonlight.
  • Place the crystal under the night sky on a dry evening or inside next to an open window exposed to the sky.
  • Leave it here overnight.

How To Cleanse Blue Calcite with Earth

A person scooping a handful of soil

Work with the grounding and transformative power of the Earth to restore your Blue Calcite to its original pure vibration.

  • Wrap your Blue Calcite in a thin, natural fiber cloth.
  • Put it in your garden among living plants.
  • You can also place it on grass or soil.
  • Leave your Blue Calcite touching the earth for up to 80 minutes.

How To Cleanse Blue Calcite with Breathing Meditation

A silhouette of a woman meditating near the beach

Since one of the ruling elements of Blue Calcite is Air, you can combine the power of breathwork, meditation, and visualization to cleanse this crystal safely and effectively.

  • Meditate with a gentle focus on your breath until you feel completely energized and connected.
  • Pick up Your Blue Calcite.
  • Intensify your focus on your breath.
  • As you inhale, imagine pure life-force energy filling you.
  • As you exhale, imagine this life-force energy overflowing from you.
  • Visualize life-force energy as pure light filling your crystal and cleansing it.
  • Repeat this breath cycle and visualization at least 8 times. 

How To Cleanse Blue Calcite with Smoke

A burning white sage smudge stick in the bowl

Though Blue Calcite is linked to the Fire element, smoke is a safer way to work with Fire for its rapid cleansing effect.

  • Light an incense or bundle of tightly dried herbs.
  • Set your intention to connect with the Fire element and cleanse your Blue Calcite crystal.
  • Circle the smoke around your Blue Calcite crystal 8 times in a clockwise direction.
  • Be sure to keep any hot embers away from your stone, as this stone can be physically affected by high heat exposure.

How To Cleanse Blue Calcite with Water

Person using his hand to get water from wooden pipe

It is okay for Blue Calcite to get slightly wet, but as it is a stone that is only a 3 on the Mohs hardness scale, it should not be immersed. 

You can use this element to cleanse your stone, but please do so using an indirect method. Simply being near a natural water source can energetically impact your crystal.

  • Take your Blue Calcite to a source of natural water, such as a river, creek, pond, marsh, lagoon, or the ocean.
  • Place it near the body of water for a minimum of 8 minutes.
  • If you don’t have access to a natural source of water, connect with the Water element using visualization. 
  • Hold your crystal and engage in deep meditation for a minimum of 8 minutes.
  • Enjoy visualizing a refreshing water scene. 
  • You can energetically cleanse your crystal by carrying it to the water source within your vision.

How To Cleanse Blue Calcite with Clear Quartz and Selenite

Clear Quartz crystal in a forest set up

Crystals that permanently maintain a pure vibration can be used to cleanse Blue Calcite. These self-cleansing crystals include Selenite and Clear Quartz. We can direct the energy of these crystals to cleanse any stone.

  • Place your Blue Calcite crystal with a piece of Selenite or a Clear Quartz programmed for crystal cleansing.
  • Place the crystals together so they touch.
  • State your intention to work these crystals for cleansing. 
  • Leave the crystals touching for 8 hours or longer.

Tip: Be aware that Quartz is much harder than Blue Calcite, so be gentle when placing these two together to prevent scratching your stone.

How To Cleanse Blue Calcite with Deities: Goddess Saraswati

a Statue of God Saraswati

Saraswati is a Hindu Goddess associated with Blue Calcite, and she is also a goddess who uses her wisdom and creativity for cohesion, bringing order to chaos and purification. Work with this goddess to energetically cleanse Blue Calcite. 

If you are unfamiliar with Saraswati, you can research further and look at the artist’s depiction of her to attune to her energy.

  • Hold your Blue Calcite and affirm your intention to connect with Saraswati.
  • Ask her to assist you in cleansing this crystal.
  • Enter into meditation while holding your stone. 
  • In your meditation, visualize meeting Saraswati and offering her another crystal within your mind’s eye as a gift, then allowing her to cleanse your Blue Calcite crystal.
  • Another method that you can use to connect with Saraswati is by creating an altar in her honor.
  • Place an offering and your Blue Calcite within the altar when it needs an energetic cleanse.

P.S, You can also work with other deities that are associated with purification, cleaning, or Blue Calcite

How To Cleanse Blue Calcite with Salt

A wooden bowl that is full of salt on a black background

You should avoid exposing your Blue Calcite directly to salt in any form. This method is only safe for cleaning Calcite if you use it indirectly in the following way:

  • Use a big piece of Pink Himalayan salt, a salt lamp, or a small natural fiber bag or cloth filled with salt.
  • Place your salt close to your crystal but not touching the salt directly.
  • Set your intention to cleanse your Blue Calcite.
  • Let your crystal rest near the salt for 8 hours.

What To Keep in Mind When Cleansing Blue Calcite?

  • Do not expose Blue Calcite directly to salt.
  • Do not submerge Blue Calcite in water, especially for prolonged periods.
  • Do not expose your Blue Calcite to direct sun for long periods.
  • Do set clear intentions when using any of the cleansing methods.
  • Do experiment with the different methods to discover what works best for you.
  • Do intuitively combine cleansing methods when suitable. 
  • Don’t cleanse Blue Calcite too often.
  • Do cleanse Blue Calcite after 2 to 3 sessions of intentional healing work.
  • Do cleanse and charge Blue Calcite when you first purchase it.
  • Do cleanse Blue Calcite at least once every year.

Conclusion: Start Cleansing this Crystal for Communication Using Positive Affirmations

Cleansing Blue Calcite crystal using affirmations as well as through the expression of harmonious sound vibrations, using your voice, or sound healing instruments are perfectly suitable methods for cleansing this crystal.

As discussed, there are other options you can use, but these options should be used with consideration of the physical durability of this crystal. 

Blue Calcite should stay out of sunlight, high heat, water, and salt. Always keep these limitations in mind to ensure your crystal maintains its physical appearance and strength while you use any of the following methods to cleanse it.

A custom graphic table for 10 ways to cleanse blue calcite crystal

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