21 Must-Have Crystals for Meditation

  1. Blue Moonstone
  2. Cacoxenite
  3. Brandberg Amethyst
  4. Howlite
  5. Green Calcite
  6. Black Tourmaline
  7. Smoky Quartz
  8. Chalcopyrite
  9. Kambaba Jasper
  10. Selenite
  11. Apophyllite
  12. Herkimer Diamond
  13. Green Fluorite
  14. Rainbow Labradorite
  15. Ammolite
  16. Iolite
  17. Fire Agate
  18. Indigo Gabbro
  19. Citrine
  20. Scolecite
  21. Angelite
  22. FAQ
  23. Start Meditating with Crystals NOW!

Meditation isn’t an escape but a closer look at reality. Crystals help us focus, manifest, appreciate, realize, recognize, and more. That’s why there are many crystals to meditate with. What do the best meditation crystals do? How to use meditation crystals?

Best crystals for meditation help you focus, remove negativity, manifest intentions, create harmony, attract abundance, eliminate confusion, purify, talk to angels, and more. You can use meditation crystals by holding, gazing at, or placing them on your body.

Join me today to discover how to use meditation crystals, the right way to charge them before meditation, and how to apply them for their metaphysical benefits.

Blue Moonstone

blue moonstone on white background

Meditating with Blue Moonstone helps you discover your most authentic self. It’s a sky-blue crystal with a bluish glow that helps you calm down and look inward.

Did you know Blue Moonstone opens your Crown, Third Eye, and Throat Chakras?

You will love meditating with Blue Moonstone by gazing into it on moonlit nights. You can also meditate with Blue Moonstone by holding it in your palms, closing your eyes, and visualizing its blue energy flowing through you.

How To Charge Blue Moonstone for Meditation?

Before meditating with Blue Moonstone, it’s good to charge it by soaking it overnight in moonlight. If the moon is new or full, it’s even better!


a raw Cacoxenite on a white background
Image Source: Mindat.org | Robert M. Lavinsky

Do you believe in past lives? Interestingly, meditating with Cacoxenite helps you do penance for karmic debts by remembering your past lives. It’s a great crystal for letting go, forgiveness, good fortune, and positivity.

Most people feel meditation with Cacoxenite is overwhelming, especially if they’re new to the crystal. So, it’s recommended to keep a balancing crystal, like Clear Quartz, on or near you when meditating with this crystal.

Cacoxenite opens your Crown, Third Eye, Solar Plexus, and Root Chakras.

How To Charge Cacoxenite for Meditation?

It’s good to charge Cacoxenite for meditation by keeping your fingertips over it and visualizing the intention you want it to help with.

Brandberg Amethyst

A little-known truth about Brandberg Amethyst is it can induce a meditative state by opening your Crown, Third Eye, and Soul Star Chakras.

Brandberg Amethyst is often used for anger management, anxiety, hyperactivity, stress, impatience, and instability. When you meditate with Amethyst, your Crown Chakra connects your physical body to the higher realm. As a result, you will feel enlightened or awakened after the session.

Lie down and place Brandberg Amethyst on your forehead before you start.

How To Charge Amethyst for Meditation?

The best way to charge Amethyst before meditation is by holding it before the flame of a lit candle for a few minutes.


Howlite Crystal on a white background

Did you know Howlite is commonly used for concentration? That’s why meditating with Howlite is perfect for students who find it hard to stay focused. It’s best for peace, patience, intelligence, balance, and inner peace.

Hold the Howlite between your palms to meditate easily with it. You can also hold it at eye level and gaze into it.

Note that Howlite opens your Crown, Third Eye, and Root Chakras.

How To Charge Howlite for Meditation?

Charge your Howlite crystal under running water for 10 to 15 seconds before using it for meditation. This technique will help you bond with the crystal quickly during meditation.

Green Calcite

A piece of green gemstone on white background

Are you tired of feeling aimless? The lack of purpose you’re feeling may be a chakra blockage that’s easy to resolve with Green Calcite meditation. It’s good for anxiety, depression, and backward thoughts because it broadens your mind.

Meditating with Green Calcite also attracts positive changes and the willingness to change.

You can hold the stone in your palms or place it on your chest after lying down. Green Calcite works by opening your Third Eye, Throat, and Heart Chakras.

How To Charge Green Calcite for Meditation?

The best way to charge Green Calcite crystals for meditation is with sound. You can keep it next to a singing bowl you’re playing or chant affirmations into the crystals before meditating.

Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline on a white background

Black Tourmaline protects you against evil eyes, negativity, hexes, and curses. Meditating with it also removes negative beliefs stuck in your mind. Black Tourmaline palm stones are excellent for stopping overthinking, anxiety, fears, and uncertainty.

Because Black Tourmaline opens the Root Chakra, keeping it on the ground while meditating is good. If you can keep the crystal on soil or grass and touch it with your hand, the effects will be even better.

How To Charge Black Tourmaline for Meditation?

As Black Tourmaline connects with Earth easily, you can bury the crystal under the soil overnight or up to seven days before meditation.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Polished Gemstone on a white background

Did you know Smoky Quartz can rewire the brain? It’s a powerful crystal that opens the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras. Meditating with Smoky Quartz will clear your confusion by helping you grow and transform your beliefs.

Smoky Quartz meditation is excellent for grounding. If you regularly meditate with this crystal, you’ll create a solid foundation in your life. You can also meditate with Smoky Quartz to activate it against evil vibrations from envy, hatred, and curses.

How To Charge Smoky Quartz for Meditation?

The best way to charge Smoky Quartz before meditation is by burying the crystal under three inches of soil overnight. The more days it stays buried, the higher your auric vibration becomes.


chalcopyrite geode on a white background

Did you know Chalcopyrite was the sole ore of copper for 5,000 years? Popular as yellow copper in earlier times, meditating with Chalcopyrite removes distractions. It’s often recommended for preparing for exams and interviews.

The best way to meditate with Chalcopyrite is by holding it against the chakras it activates. For instance, if your Chalcopyrite opens the Solar Plexus and Root Chakras, you can hold it over the base of the spine for a few minutes before holding it over the stomach.

How To Charge Chalcopyrite for Meditation?

Chalcopyrite, a.k.a Peacocke Ore, is best activated for meditation by smudging with sacred herbs, like sage. Explore how to use sage for crystals here.

Kambaba Jasper

One of the Green Jasper varieties that open the Heart and Root Chakras, Kambaba Jasper heals emotional scars. Meditating with it helps you eradicate feelings of self-pity, revenge, guilt, and anti-social beliefs.

Use Kambaba Jasper for meditation when you’re feeling spiritually weak. Lie down in the Corpse Pose and place the stone in your chest. You can try the same for letting go, especially after traumatic events.

How To Charge Kambaba Jasper for Meditation?

Activate Kambaba Jasper for meditation with touch. Hold the stone between your palms and visualize your intentions before using it for meditation.


selenite tower on a white background

One of the self-cleansing crystals, Selenite guides your path when you meditate with it. Metaphysically, it opens the Crown and Third Eye Chakras.

Massage with a Selenite wand during meditation in circular motions over the seven primary chakras, starting from the Root. Selenite helps your physical body connect to the subtle body and seek spiritual guidance.

How To Charge Selenite for Meditation?

The best way to charge Selenite before meditation is by soaking it overnight under the light of the full or new moon.


apophyllite geode on a white background

Did you know Apophyllite balances the yin and yang? Shamans and seers call Apophyllite the Stone of Truth. Meditating with Apophyllite helps to clear the blockage in your Crown energy center and reveal your spiritual destiny.

Apophyllite opens the Soul Star Chakra located outside the body, so you should meditate by holding the crystal above your head for metaphysical benefits, like patience, health, decision-making, and spirit communication skills.

How To Charge Apophyllite for Meditation?

Moonlight is the best way to charge Apophyllite for meditation.

Herkimer Diamond

herkimer diamond raw on a white background

Most people don’t know this, but Herkimer Diamond is a high-vibration stone. Meditating with a Herkimer Diamond helps you manifest wishes and dreams. Meditating and carrying this crystal in your right side pocket will make you feel emotionally lighter.

If you gaze into Herkimer Diamond while meditating in the morning before signing into work, you will work better and get more done.

Herkimer Diamond opens your Crown, Third Eye, and Heart chakras to improve wisdom, intuition, empathy, and good fortune.

How To Charge Herkimer Diamond for Meditation?

It’s best to charge Herkimer Diamond for meditation by circling with a Selenite or Clear Quartz wand. Before meditating, you can also point the wand toward your Herkimer Diamond for a few minutes.

Green Fluorite

A raw Green Fluorite crystal x no credit needed

Have you heard about Green Fluorite’s ability to enhance focus? It’s an excellent green color gemstone that improves concentration, creativity, and mental clarity when you meditate with it.

Green Fluorite typically enhances discipline and growth, even without meditation. By meditating with it, you’ll be able to tap into universal connection, spiritual guidance, and good fortune by amplifying your natural skills.

How To Charge Green Fluorite for Meditation?

The best way to charge Green Fluorite before meditation is by chanting positive affirmations into it.

Rainbow Labradorite

Polished Labradorite on a white background

You can meditate with all types of Labradorite, but Rainbow Labradorite is considered the best crystal for meditation because it opens all seven chakras.

Lie down and place the crystal over each chakra, one after another. Then hold your dominant hand over the crystal for a few minutes. You can then meditate with the stone to raise the vibrations of the seven chakras.

Explore more about the 7 chakra locations and meanings next.

How To Charge Rainbow Labradorite for Meditation?

The best way to charge Rainbow Labradorite for meditation is with singing bowls. Keep the crystal next to a singing bowl and play the bowl for a few minutes.


Ammolite Fossil on a white background

Ammolite is fossilized Ammonite and doesn’t show any shell-like chambers like the latter organic gem. Meditating with Ammolite is excellent for karmic therapy, as it reveals records of good and bad karma from your past lives.

To meditate with Ammolite, hold it over your head and look up at it for a few minutes to receive divine messages. Ammolite is great for finding guidance on resolving conflicts, bad karma, and negative self-talk.

Ammolite gemstone meditation opens the seven primary chakras.

How To Charge Ammolite for Meditation?

The best way to charge Ammolite before meditation is by burying it overnight under three inches of soil.


iolite on white background

One of the higher chakra stones that opens the Crown and Third Eye Chakras, Iolite, is popularly known as the Viking’s Compass.

Meditating with it helps you discover new ideas, belief systems, and solutions for moving forward.

Place Iolite between your brows and focus on it to meditate effortlessly. It will improve brain power, creativity, leadership, divination, and wisdom. Carrying Iolite with you after meditation will detox the negativity in your body, mind, and spirit.

How To Charge Iolite for Meditation?

Smudge Iolite crystal with a lit incense to charge it for meditating easily. Try a sacred incense variety, such as sandalwood, sage, cedarwood, or eucalyptus.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate on a white background

Did you know Fire Agate creates an invincible shield of protection around you? The interesting thing is Fire Agate doesn’t absorb or transmute the negativity but sends it back.

Healers and shamans often meditate with this stone before rituals to activate psychic abilities. It brings creativity, confidence, self-esteem, good luck, and emotional maturity.

How To Charge Fire Agate for Meditation?

The best way to activate Fire Agate before meditating is with fire energy. You can hold it before a candle at a safe distance for a few minutes to do this.

Indigo Gabbro

indigo gabbro on a white background

One of the most powerful crystals that also opens all your chakras at once, Indigo Gabbro is also called Mystic Merlinite. It helps you find solutions to all the problems in your life when you meditate on them.

Start Indigo Gabbro meditation with breathwork or yoga. It will help with grounding. You should follow your intuition to incorporate different crystals while meditating with Indigo Gabbro.

Check out this guided meditation video from Shannon Marie with Indigo Gabbro for the best effects.

How To Charge Indigo Gabbro for Meditation?

Singing bowls are the best way to charge Indigo Gabbro to its maximum potential for meditation.


polished Citrine crystal on a white background

Citrine is a luck magnet. But did you know it helps you concentrate easily with meditation? That’s why it’s a great stone to start the day with, especially for students. Citrine sharpens your wit, brain power, creativity, and decision-making skills.

Hold the Citrine between you and the sun so that you can do sun gazing through the crystal for a powerful meditation session with it. Many experienced crystal users also meditate with this crystal before using it on crystal grids for manifesting wealth.

How To Charge Citrine for Meditation?

You can charge Citrine with sunlight before starting your meditation session. Check out other ways to charge crystals like Citrine here.


Scolecite Crystal on a white background

Another white crystal best for meditation, Scolecite helps you easily relax and achieve a meditative state. It’s often used as a helper crystal for programming new crystals.

Scolecite opens the Crown and Third Eye Chakras by opening your mind’s eye and absorbing spiritual information from the universe.

Hold it over your head, toward the night sky, while meditating to easily receive psychic visions and messages.

How To Charge Scolecite for Meditation

The best way to charge Scolecite for meditation is with herbs. You can use incense, smudge sticks, or essential oils to activate your crystal before meditation.


raw angelite on white background

Did you know shamans use Angelite for mediumship? Because it’s a stone for communicating with angels and spirits, meditating with Angelite also opens your mind to the higher realm.

You can meditate with Angelite to activate psychic abilities, sleep health, divine communication, inner peace, guidance, and communication skills. Angelite opens the Crown, Third Eye, and Heart Chakras.

How To Charge Angelite for Meditation?

The best way to charge Angelite before meditation is by soaking it overnight under the moonlight.


  • How to cleanse crystals before meditation?

The easiest way to cleanse crystals before meditation is with the natural light of the sun or moon.

  • How to Meditate with Crystals?

There aren’t any hard or fast rules about meditating with crystals. You should just be seated comfortably and touching the stone.

Here’s a stepwise guide for meditating with crystals:

  • Choose a safe, quiet space without any interruptions.
  • Sit down comfortably.
  • Pick your crystal up or touch it with your palms.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Visualize what you want to achieve, or let your thoughts run freely.
  • How do you do the chakra meditation with stones?

The best way to do chakra meditation with stones is by placing the stone on the chakra you want and meditating for a few minutes. For seven-chakra meditation with crystals, start from the Root Chakra and move on to the rest.

  • What’s the best crystal for meditation?

The best crystal for meditation is Indigo Gabbro, as it simultaneously opens the seven chakras.

  • Where should I put my crystals after meditation?

You can place crystals in your pocket, purse, desk, bedside table, or close to your body after meditation. Here’s our take on where to keep crystals on the body to take inspiration from.

Start Meditating with Crystals NOW!

I hope the above article helped you understand how to prepare the best meditation crystals and use them without being an expert.

Meditation is traditionally used for spiritual and emotional well-being. By using the right crystals for meditation, you can use them for cleansing, charging, manifestation, health, clarity, confidence, creativity, luck, love, harmony, psychic abilities, and more.

Take a quick look at the top meditation crystals we learned today:

A graphic table for Crystals for Meditations and its benefits

Which is your favorite crystal for meditation? Let us know!

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