(uh - pof - uh - layt)
Main Origins:
Brazil, Germany, the U.S.A, Iceland, Australia, India, South Africa, the Czech Republic, and Italy.

What is Apophyllite?

A macro shot of an Apophyllite crystal

Did you know Apophyllite balances both the yin and yang? It is a higher consciousness crystal that brings you cosmic awareness and guidance. There are several records of the medicinal uses of Apophyllite in Indian, Nepali, and Tibetan history. 

Apophyllite is a silicate group of minerals with a pearly or waxy coating formed around 68 million years ago. It is commonly seen in white. Did you know Apophyllite exists with several minerals in various colors?

The name Apophyllite comes from the Greek words- apo (ἀπό) and phyllos (φύλλον), meaning flake off or away from the leaf. This is mainly due to Apophyllite flaking and crumbling when heated. 

While Apophyllite usually forms in a pyramidal shape, it can also be seen in druzy, pseudocubic, stalactite, spray, and disco ball shapes.

Apophyllite Metaphysical Properties & Benefits

Astrologers call Apophyllite divine because it connects to all the chakras and the three elements of wind, water, and earth. 

You can activate Apophyllite healing properties in several ways. 

Most of the Apophyllite benefits of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing come from Soul Star, Crown, Third Eye, Heart, and Soma chakras. The Soul Star brings higher powers, the Soma Chakra attracts inner peace, and the seven chakras balance the mind, soul, and body. 

Besides chakra healing, Apophyllite also draws on the Roman Goddess of the future, Antevorta, the Greek Goddess of the Moon, Artemis, the Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite, and the Aztec God of rulers, Xiuhtecuhtli.  

Apophyllite draws on the power of the Moon to clear negativity, empower inner power, and awaken psychic abilities.

Apophyllite Healing Properties and Benefits

Patience and Calmness

  • Apophyllite in purple, white, black, blue, and indigo varieties are great for tolerance, patience, peace, and calmness because they open the Crown and Third Eye chakras
  • The best way to use Apophyllite for patience is by holding it in your palms and meditating with it for a few minutes. 

Energy and Healing

  • Apophyllite in red, yellow, and orange are best for fatigue, energy, malnutrition, and physical healing. They open the Root, Solar Plexus, and Sacral Chakras
  • Hold your Apophyllite in front of a lit fire at a safe distance for activation. You can then carry the crystal on you for physical healing.

Decision-Making Skills

  • Apophyllite improves your decision-making skills by attracting luck and success towards you. 
  • The best way to use Apophyllite to make the right decision is by carrying it on your dominant side. Before that, charge Apophyllite by leaving it overnight under the light of the Full Moon or New Moon. 

Introspection and Self-Love

  • Taking a pause and registering your achievements works better with an Apophyllite by your side. This crystal helps you find ways to love, respect, and care for yourself. 
  • The best way to use Apophyllite for self-love is by making an indirect crystal elixir.

Release Negativity

  • Apophyllite is an excellent stone for clearing mental blocks, negative thoughts, and anxiety. 
  • I love using Apophyllite for my social anxiety by carrying it in my right-side pocket after charging it with positive affirmations.

Apophyllite Spiritual Properties and Benefits

Crystals, candles soap and towel on the bathtub

Karmic Therapy

  • Generations of ancient Hindus used Mirror Apophyllite to learn from the good and bad in their family’s past. This stone will show you ways to do penance for familial karmic cleansing. 
  • You can get a Mirror Apophyllite and gaze into it for a few seconds with full attention and energy. This ritual will charge your crystal and give you psychic visions to follow the path of karmic atonement. 

Divination and Psychic Powers

  • Do you ever want to peek into the future? If yes, Apophyllite can help you gain intuition, insight, and cosmic connection. 
  • The best way to use Apophyllite for harnessing psychic abilities is by smudging it by burning sage. Explore how to use sage for crystals in this post. 

Protection and Aura Cleansing

  • Protection is an added benefit of Apophyllite as it removes the negativity stuck in your chakras, aura, and body. 
  • Charge Apophyllite for aura cleansing by burying an Apophyllite in each of the house’s four corners. 

Good Fortune and Abundance

  • Did you know you can attract good fortune into your career, family, and life with Apophyllite? Go for Golden or Honey Yellow Apophyllite varieties to achieve this. 
  • All you need to do is hold the crystal for a few minutes in the early morning light before carrying it with you.

Spirit Communication

  • Blue and Indigo Apophyllite are best for contacting angels, spirits, and ancestral energies.
  • I find it easier to communicate with other worlds by chanting the mantra OHM into the Apophyllite crystal on moonlit nights.

Apophyllite Side Effects

  • Sleep Disturbance: While Apophyllite is an excellent stone for divination, wisdom, and psychic vision, keeping it under your pillow may keep you up at night.

Apophyllite Meaning: What Does Apophyllite Symbolize?

Two stones that are balanced by another stone on the stone

Apophyllite means equilibrium because it balances the yin and yang or masculine and feminine energies

Apophyllite symbolism varies across cultures, religions, and regions.

Psychics consider Apophyllite an amplifying crystal. Healers say it’s best for clearing blockages from the body. Seers say Apophyllite helps you see the future and past. 

Did you know Apophyllite was passed down through generations in ancient India as heirlooms? Mirror Apophyllite was passed down each generation to help them reflect on the past karma of their lineage.

Apophyllite also represents rebirth and renewal and is especially helpful for those experiencing problems with their gender or sexual orientation and gender identity.

Varieties of Apophyllite

  • Fluorapophyllite (KF): The green variety of Apophyllite that rules the Heart Chakra, Fluoroapophyllite is good for health, harmony, and peace. It can be green, white, blue, pink, yellow, or colorless.
  • Hydroxyapophyllite (KOH): This type of Apophyllite crystal occurs in tabular forms and may be clear, yellow, pale brown, light green, violet, or pink. It’s good for aligning all seven chakras at once. 
  • Natroapophyllite: One of the rarest types of Apophyllite, Natroapophyllite may be yellow or brown. This stone is good for abundance, grounding, and good fortune. 
  • Blue Apophyllite: Originating from India, this rare Apophyllite variety is seen in a mix of green and blue colors. Blue Apophyllite opens the throat chakra and helps with communication skills. 
  • Purple Apophyllite: A druzy type of Apophyllite, this is a variety best for wisdom, protection, and psychic powers. Purple Apophyllite is often seen in lilac or pale purple shades. 
  • Gray Apophyllite: This is the grounding variety of Apophyllite that mixes gray and white colors. Use it to eliminate stress, anxiety, and negative self-talk. 
  • Red Apophyllite: Originating from India, this is a type of Apophyllite with red dots and inclusions with white or yellow matrices. Red Apophyllite is excellent for weakness, lethargy, and pain associated with the lower body parts. 
  • Orange Apophyllite: A vibrant variety of Apophyllite with vivid orange hues, it may form disco balls, sprays, clusters, druzy, and double-terminations. Orange Apophyllite works like a charm for kundalini awakening rituals. 
  • Yellow Apophyllite: Called the Calcite Yellow Apophyllite, this Apophyllite variety is usually pale-yellow with colorless or gray crystals surrounding it.
  • Carletonite: A unique variety of Apophyllite, this type mixes indigo with white shades. Carletonite is great for divination and spirit communication.
  • Pink Apophyllite: This stone opens your Heart Chakra, and this type of Apophyllite shows up in crystal clusters. Pink Apophyllite may have a baby pink or pale rosy shade with the special power of aiding introspection and self-awareness. 
  • Brown Apophyllite: Ideal for awakening the Soma and Root Chakras, this Apophyllite variety is good for psychic powers and divination. Brown Apophyllite appears in pale and dark brown shades on a colorless or white matrix. 
  • Aura Apophyllite: A variety of Apophyllite that exists with Quartz, this is a manmade mix of Apophyllite that shows iridescent colors. Aura Apophyllite is excellent for connecting with the Soul Star chakra. 
  • Rainbow Flash Apophyllite: A type of Apophyllite in Quartz, this crystal may be white or colorless. Meditating or gazing into the rainbow flashes of Rainbow Flash Apophyllite helps you communicate with spirits and angels. 
  • Disco Ball Apophyllite: This variety appears in pseudo cube crystals in green and white shades. Disco Ball Apophyllite is an excellent stone for physical healing, success, and good luck. 
  • Blue Kinoite Apophyllite: When Kinoite forms with Apophyllite, you get an indigo-blue druzy crystal on a yellow, white, or beige matrix. Blue Kinoite Apophyllite is great for foresight, intuition, and cosmic awareness. 
  • Stalactite Apophyllite: This is an Apophyllite variety that occurs in linear towers or clusters of towers in white, green, and colorless shades. Use Stalactite Apophyllite for amplifying other crystals on crystal altars and grids. 
  • Stilbite Apophyllite: This is the peach variety of Apophyllite in green, colorless, white, orange, and yellow shades. Stilbite Apophyllite is great for balancing multiple chakras.
  • Apophyllite Bowtie: Another unique formation of Apophyllite, the Apophyllite Bowtie is an Apophyllite variety that naturally forms a pink-green bowtie on Stilbite crystals. 
  • Scolecite Apophyllite: This type of Apophyllite variety shows up with colors that look like green or blue Apophyllite Spray. It has a bunch of stems and pops out in green.
  • Mirror Apophyllite: An Indian variety of Apophyllite that occurs in white or colorless shades, this type of Apophyllite is thus named for its mirror-like reflective abilities. Mirror Apophyllite is excellent for karmic therapy, setting intentions, and spiritual rituals.

How To Cleanse Apophyllite?

A rudraksha prayer beads on the table

  • Seed Mantra – Chanting the seed mantra of the air (YAM), water (VAM), or earth (LAM) elements cleanses Apophyllite. Hold the crystal in front of your mouth and chant the seed mantra repeatedly into the stone.
  • Water – You can hold an Apophyllite stone under tap water for 10 to 15 seconds to cleanse it thoroughly. 
  • Soil – By burying Apophyllite overnight or for up to a week in soil, you can cleanse the negativity stuck in it. If you don’t have a garden, get a flower pot and bury the crystal in three inches of soil.

Questions and Answers

Is Apophyllite a Quartz?

No, Apophyllite is not a Quartz crystal. Quartz is a silicate, and Apophyllite is a layered phyllosilicate.

Is Apophyllite the same as Zeolite?

No, Apophyllite is not the same as Zeolite, as they have different chemical structures. While Apophyllite is a mineral in the Zeolite group, Zeolites are network silicates, and Apophyllites are phyllosilicates.

Can Apophyllite go in the water?

Yes, Apophyllite is safe for a quick rinse in water. However, soaking Apophyllite for a prolonged time will cause it to dissolve. Remember to pat the stone dry if it comes into contact with water.

Can Apophyllite be in the Sun?

Yes, you can cleanse or charge Apophyllite in the Sun. Leaving Apophyllite in the Sun for too long can change color or make it flaky, crumbly, or brittle.

How to identify a real Apophyllite?

Real Apophyllite sweats out or exfoliates when heated. Moreover, real Apophyllite is never opaque and has a pearly appearance. Due to its low MOHS, real Apophyllite is easily scratched with glass or a knife.

Is Apophyllite radioactive?

Apophyllite crystals have ‘barely-detectable’ radioactivity and are safe for use.

Does Apophyllite fluoresce?

Yes, Apophyllite crystals fluoresce in the colors yellow and green. This is especially common with the Apophyllite variety of Fluorapophyllite.

Where do you put Apophyllite crystals in the house?

The northeast corner is the best place to keep Apophyllite for wisdom, enlightenment, and psychic powers. If you keep Apophyllite in the center of your home or bedroom, it’ll spread loving energy around.

Is Apophyllite expensive?

Apophyllite isn’t used widely in jewelry, so it’s mostly bought by crystal users and collectors. Particularly large Apophyllite crystals or those in red and green are sought after by collectors, and these stones are not too expensive.

How to take care of Apophyllite?

Unlike Amethyst or Clear Quartz, Apophyllite is a fragile crystal with a low Mohs hardness score of 4.5 to 5. So, you should pack it well when traveling. 

Apophyllite crystals also dissolve easily in water and extremely humid places. They are best kept in airtight boxes.

Apophyllite must be cleaned with a soft-bristle brush every few days to remove Quartz dust. Lastly, cleanse and charge it with mantras before and after use to activate the Apophyllite benefits and properties.

Interactions with Apophyllite

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