Best Crystals for Sacral Chakra Activation

  1. Sacral Chakra Explained 
  2. How Can Crystals Help Unblock the Sacral Chakra? 12 Charging Techniques 
  3. 12 Best Sacral Chakra Crystals for  Enhancing Your Inner Power
  4. Carnelian for Sacral Opening 
  5. Amber for Sacral Chakra Benefits 
  6. Snowflake Obsidian for Svadhisthana Chakra Activation 
  7. Orange Aventurine Crystals for Sacral Chakra Balance 
  8. Tiger’s Eye Crystals to Heal the Second Chakra 
  9. Sunstone Crystals for Sacral Chakra Healing 
  10. Red Jasper Stones for Svadhisthana Chakra Opening 
  11. Aragonite Healing Crystals for Sacral Energy Center 
  12. Fire Agate Stones for Svadhisthana Chakra Powers 
  13. Orange Calcite Crystals for Second Chakra Energies 
  14. Cream Moonstone for Svadhisthana Chakra Healing 
  15. Citrine for Opening the Svadhisthana 
  16. Start Wearing Sacral Chakra Crystals TODAY!

The sacral chakra is where your life force rests. That’s why you feel tired or helpless when it’s weak, and powerful when it’s open. What’s the sacral chakra meaning? What are the best sacral chakra crystals? How to use the best crystals for sacral chakra activation?

The meaning of the Sacral chakra is inner power. So, it enhances passion, creativity, confidence, self-esteem, courage, and healing in the body, mind, and soul. 

Carnelian opens the Sacral chakra via fire charging, Amber via soil charging, and Citrine with sun charging. So, the best way to use a Sacral chakra crystal to open the second chakra differs from stone to stone. 

I’ll teach you 12 ways to use the 12 crystals above to clear sacral chakra blockages. 

Let’s decode the secrets of sacral chakra starting with this inspiring quote:

“When we repress our emotions or suppress our emotional content, whatever we are denying accumulates weight, or what I call vibrational density. This heaviness can take on many forms. But in all cases, it impedes your spirit’s natural ability to shine.” – Panache Desai

Sacral Chakra Explained 

Sacral chakra houses our life force energy (called Kundalini in ancient Hindu scriptures) at the perineum, at the same level as the testes or ovaries, or below the navel. That’s why it’s called the Wari (spine in Sanskrit) chakra.

The second chakra represents your personal power. 

When the Sacral chakra opens, it fills you with passion, self-esteem, confidence, sexual energy, willpower, creativity, inspiration, and courage. 

Here are some of the Sacral chakra properties you should know before we learn how to use it:

sacral chakra explained chart

How Can Crystals Help Unblock the Sacral Chakra? 12 Charging Techniques 

Svadhisthana is a Sanskrit word meaning the seat of your soul or self. So, when Svadhisthana opens, the kundalini energy flushes out toxins blocking your second chakra. 

Can stones help aid in activating the Sacral chakra? Yes, Sacral chakra healing stones cleanse and charge the lower body chakra. How to use Svadhisthana chakra crystals? 

1. Water Charging for Sacral Chakra 

Crystals together with glass of water

Because the water element rules the Svadhisthana, you should charge second chakra crystals by rinsing them with tap water. 

While holding the crystal under running water from a stream, lake, or tap is ideal, you can also soak water-safe sacral crystals in a bowl of water. I love this technique because it quickly flushes out your sacral chakra blockage.

2. Sacral Seed Mantra

Because the water element rules the Sacral chakra, its seed mantra is VAM

So, hold your sacral chakra healing stone at your eye level. Finally, chant your intention or positive affirmation into the stone, to cleanse and charge your Svadhisthana. 

It’s even better to chant this beej (seed in Sanskrit) mantra with other rituals like meditation, water charging, music, or yoga to activate the second chakra. 

3. Sacral Chakra Fire Charging Ritual 

Fire charging using candles together with crystals

Because the Sacral chakra represents our inner passion, certain Sacral chakra crystals are ruled by fire, sun, or moon elements. 

That’s why it’s good to charge Citrine, Carnelian, or Orange Calcite for five minutes in the daylight hours. If your crystal isn’t safe under the sun, try a fire-charging ritual with a candle or campfire at a safe distance.

4. Sacral Chakra Crystal Grid

sacral chakra board on a marble platform

Do you know the shape of the sacral chakra is a crescent moon in a circle? Experts say it stands for Goddesses Diana and Goddess Artemis. But geometrically, the Sacral chakra is represented with three circles. 

First, arrange Sacral chakra crystals in either shape to cleanse and charge. Finally, chant the seed mantra of the Svadhisthana to activate the crystal grid. 

5. Sacral Chakra Positive Affirmations 

 i am creative written on a piece of table napkin together with cup of coffee and sticky notes

Besides the seed mantra, you can also chant positive affirmations you’ve written

Primarily, Svadhisthana chakra affirmations target your confidence, self-esteem, self-respect, and thinking skills. So, it’s good to target them with your intention. 

Here are a few affirmations for inspiration:

  • I am powerful
  • I am emotionally balanced
  • I am passionate
  • I am creative
  • I respect my body, mind, and spirit 

6. Sacral Chakra Music

Sacral Chakra Tibetan Singing Bowl together with chakra gemstones placed on top of table

As we learned in the other articles on chakra crystals, every chakra resonates naturally at a certain frequency. 

The Sacral chakra resonant frequency is 480 Hz. To open it, listen to music and songs that target the Sacral chakra frequency on YouTube and Spotify. To keep it open, you can also play a singing bowl that resonates with the Sacral chakra. 

7. Sacral Chakra Meditation

woman preparing her crystals for sacral meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to charge any chakra with crystals, especially for beginners. You can simply hold the Sacral chakra crystal in your hand during group or guided meditation sessions.

For focus, visualize the shape of Svadhisthana (three circles) and an orange lotus with 6 petals for Sacral chakra vision.

Here are the negative qualities that each petal in the Sacral chakra helps you overcome:

  • Hatred
  • Anger
  • Lust
  • Envy 
  • Pride
  • Cruelty

8. Sacral Chakra Yoga Pose 

Yoga is an excellent physical exercise that fuses your physical energy with mental and psychic vibrations. 

Do you know there are yoga poses that specifically target the Sacral chakra? If you perform these poses while keeping sacral chakra crystals near you, they’ll help you cleanse and charge the second chakra. 

The best yoga poses for the sacral chakra are the Goddess Pose, Cow Pose, and Butterfly Pose. 

Here’s a sacral chakra yoga sequence you can try right away with crystals: 

9. Sacral Chakra Jewelry 

tiger's eye bracelet placed on top of a tree trunk

Just as Heart chakra pendants and Throat chakra necklaces tune the respective chakras, Sacral chakra jewelry must be worn near the navel or waist. If you can’t find waist chains with sacral chakra crystals, wear them as a ring or bracelet. 

Wearing orange chakra healing stones near its chakra location keeps your Svadhisthana charged throughout the time of wear. 

10. Sacral Chakra Gem Bath 

Another way to open the Sacral chakra with healing stones is soaking for an hour, or in a bath infused with orange gemstones (only if they’re water safe). 

You can also sprinkle a few drops of gem elixir made with second chakra crystals into your bath for the same benefits. A gem bath with sacral chakra crystals enhances your sensuality, energy, virility, and passion. 

11. Sacral Chakra Foods 

You can cleanse the second chakra from within by eating orange-colored foods. But I like to take it a notch higher. So, I circle a sacral chakra wand over my food before consuming it. 

Here’s a quick list of Sacral chakra foods to include in your diet:

Sacral Chakra Food list

12. Sacral Chakra Essential Oils 

orange essential oil in a bottle placed on top of an orange slice

Essential oils, incense, and smudge sticks associated with the Sacral chakra are great for opening it. Aromatherapy clears physical and emotional blockages around your kundalini energy center. 

Moreover, scents of flowers and herbs like orange, neroli, ylang-ylang, patchouli, rose, sweet orange, and sandalwood target the Sacral chakra. 

You can also apply hypoallergenic essential oils around your pelvic area or diffuse them in an aroma oil diffuser. 

12 Best Sacral Chakra Crystals for  Enhancing Your Inner Power

The following describes the best Sacral chakra crystals that enhance your inner power and the how to use them: 

Carnelian for Sacral Opening 

polished carnerlian stones on a white background

Seen in bright red, orange, or a mix of both colors, Carnelian is excellent for courage, confidence, fertility, and creativity. All these and more benefits of Carnelian come mainly from the Sacral chakra. 

To open your second chakra with Carnelian crystals, charge them in front of a candle or campfire for five minutes. You can also dance, walk, jump or do any emotionally cathartic activity while holding the crystal to open the Svadhisthana chakra. 

Amber for Sacral Chakra Benefits 

amber on a white background

Most of us know Amber is a fossilized resin and not a crystal. 

But do you know Amber opens the Solar Plexus and Sacral chakra? By opening the second and third chakras at once, Amber awakens inner power, success, creativity, luck, prosperity, and charisma in the wearer.

To manifest your intentions, you can wear Amber bracelets and rings on your dominant hand. Chanting the seed mantra while holding your Amber jewelry also cleanses your Sacral chakra.

Snowflake Obsidian for Svadhisthana Chakra Activation 

polished snowflake obsidian on a white background

An uncommon crystal for the second chakra, Snowflake Obsidian opens the Root and Earth Star chakras apart from the Sacral chakra.

Using Snowflake Obsidian for the Sacral chakra is best for bringing balance, calmness, creativity, patience, and luck into your workspace

Charge Snowflake Obsidian by rinsing the crystal under tap water. You can also carry it afterward in your pocket or purse for luck in your career. 

Orange Aventurine Crystals for Sacral Chakra Balance 

polished orange aventurine on a white background

If you’re running low on willpower or self-respect, Orange Aventurine is the crystal to keep close. While the color of Orange Aventurine is a dull shade, it also brings strength, creativity, inspiration, courage, passion, and decision-making skills.

It’s best to wear Orange Aventurine as low-hanging pendants after charging them with Sacral chakra frequencies using music, songs, or singing bowls. 

Tiger’s Eye Crystals to Heal the Second Chakra 

polished tiger's eye on a white background

Tiger’s Eye isn’t an uncommon stone, but when worn as bracelets, they can fill you with conviction, faith, power, passion, and dedication to achieve your goals. The best thing is that Tiger’s Eye crystals can accelerate healing in the lower body and alleviate pain.

The best way to charge Tiger’s Eye for Sacral chakra is through sun salutations or sacral chakra yoga poses.

Sunstone Crystals for Sacral Chakra Healing 

sunstone chunk on a white background

Sunstone empowers your life force energy when charged with sunlight. As a result, you gain courage, grounding, positivity, willpower, enthusiasm, and critical thinking skills

You can also set crystal grids with Sacral chakra crystals and activate them with a Sunstone wand. It’s best to set Sacral chakra grids in the mornings when the sun is out. 

Red Jasper Stones for Svadhisthana Chakra Opening 

red jasper on a white background

A Root chakra stone that also awakens the Sacral energy center, I find Red Jasper works best for the second chakra when charged with Feng Shui energies.

For this, keep Red Jasper crystals in the Southern direction of your home for success, luck, awakening, inner power, and physical health. I suggest charging Red Jasper tumbled stones by rinsing, or soaking, them in water for a few minutes before placing them. 

Aragonite Healing Crystals for Sacral Energy Center 

aragonite crystal on a white background

Do you know Aragonite repels toxins from the mind and body? It’s a detox stone believed to revitalize the reproductive organs in men and women. 

Expectant mothers should keep an Aragonite cluster on the bedside table to protect themselves and their babies. It also works for self-confidence, libido, emotional balance, and focus when activated with aromatherapy, smudge sticks, or incense.

Fire Agate Stones for Svadhisthana Chakra Powers 

fire agate chunk on a white background

Ruled by the fire element, Fire Agate crystals can awaken dormant kundalini energies and tether you to Mother Gaia. It’s a great crystal for mental clarity, concentration, creativity, confidence, and decision-making skills.

I suggest charging Fire Agate crystals in front of the fire of a candle at sunrise to activate your Sacral chakra. 

Orange Calcite Crystals for Second Chakra Energies 

raw orange calcite on a white background

Once used voraciously by Vikings for seafaring, Orange Calcite enhances focus, awareness, stability, and joy with Svadhisthana energies. Moreover, Orange Calcite opens the solar plexus and sacral chakras when worn as jewelry. 

I suggest charging your Orange Calcite ring with positive affirmations before wearing it on the right hand to heal the second chakra. 

Cream Moonstone for Svadhisthana Chakra Healing 

polished cream moonstone on a white background

Most of us have heard about Rainbow Moonstones. However, not all Moonstone crystals show rainbow colors. The cream-color Moonstone opens the Sacral chakra, while the Rainbow Moonstone opens higher chakras. 

Moonstone is good for balance, wisdom, health, support, courage, and confidence. I suggest charging Moonstone with a glass of water to make a gem elixir.

Citrine for Opening the Svadhisthana 

citrine chunk on a white background

Lastly, orange Citrine crystals enhance sexual energy, passion, and willpower in the wearer. It’s generally recommended for luck, but Citrine helps you overcome physical and spiritual challenges when worn on the right hand.

I suggest meditating or chanting the seed mantra VAM while holding the crystal to open the Svadhisthana. 

Start Wearing Sacral Chakra Crystals TODAY!

Do you know that the Sacral chakra develops in teens between 14 and 18? That’s because the Sacral chakra is opened with sexual energies that develop during these ages. 

Moreover, your Svadhisthana activation opens other centers in the body, such as creativity, critical thinking skills, and confidence. You can charge Sacral chakra crystals with sunlight, soil, water, affirmations, frequencies, aromas, and mantras. 

Here’s a quick summary of the most powerful Sacral chakra crystals and how to use them:

Name of the CrystalHow to use the crystal for Sacral chakra activation?
CarnelianFire Charging 
Snowflake Obsidian Water Charging 
Orange Aventurine Sacral Chakra Frequencies 
Tiger’s EyeSun Salutation Yoga
Sunstone Sunlight
Red Jasper Feng Shui Placement 
Fire Agate Fire Charging in the Morning
Orange Calcite Positive Affirmations 
Cream Moonstone Gem Elixir 
Citrine Seed Mantra 
Crystals for activating sacral chakra list

Which is your favorite Sacral crystal, and how do you use it? Share with our community! 

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